Morning At Mom’s Place

Growing up, my mother was my best friend. She was a hippie, during the high years of hippies, in the land famous for hippies. That probably told you everything about her. And she was everything one would expect from a hippie–that’s what her friends told me–but she put her hippie years on pause when she got pregnant with me at sixteen. Yes, I said ‘pause’, and not ‘stop’.


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My Wife And I Are Interested

My wife is the best person I know and I love her with every breath I take. She also is one of the most beautiful women I know. At 5′ tall and 128 lbs, her 34c cup breasts are as nearly perfect as they could be. I have openly told her I would be proud for every man to see them bare.


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Love Father And Stepson Part -2

He lifted me and placed me on my bed. I crawled under the covers and invited him in. He was now next to me and holding me in his strong arms. His physique resembled his dad’s but he was in good shape. I knew Jon worked out daily.


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Brides First Time

Story Line: Newly married couple decides to honeymoon in Florida

It was perfect weather for the first day of their honeymoon in Florida. They were the only people on the beach so far but they knew it would soon be filled.


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First Time Threesome Part -1

Kate was one of Mary’s best friends. They went to the same schools, had the same friends and played the same sports all through their lives. Basically, everything they did growing up was together.


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First Time Anal Experiences

First anal sex…not quite sure… did it to please my new lover and put on a brave face even though it stung. Painful yes, because he spit in my asshole instead of using lube and fucked too fast Not giving…

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