Young Woman Seduces Office Crush

I do love the internet. I love having a venue to express myself and my experiences and my desires. I only wish I had more time to devote to it. I especially wish I had more time to write of some of my experiences. More patience too, since I often start writing something only to reach a point where I’d rather attend to the arousal the writing creates than finish the writing!


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Remember This Samantha

Samantha and Sue took the boat to the lake for a day of water fun and culminating with an evening cruise on the lake. Tubing, sunning and swimming, they just had fun on the lake today. Having been on the water all day they decided to have an evening meal on the lake and a romantic lake cruise.


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The Bikini Girl Next Door

I sat drinking a morning cup of coffee on my balcony when I heard my neighbor’s back door open. It was almost natural to lean over to look into their yard. It was her. Layla. It means “dark beauty” and, if there was any definition for her, that would be it. She stepped out into her yard and began watering her vegetable garden before, maybe, going for a swim. That conclusion derived from the fact that she wore a see-through bikini cover and vibrant pink thong bikini under.


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Losing Virginity With Virgin Maid

Collin is a spoiled kid, who got very rich parents. He was 20 at the time, when he got into some action with a real pussy. It was his maid Mani, who was around his age at the time. She nurses Collin’s grandmother and sleeps 2 rooms away from Collin’s bedroom.


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Sex At A Halloween Party

Terry had just recently turned twenty-one, and was invited to an adult Halloween party. It was October and kind of chilly, so she finds her best pair of jeans and a tight flannel shirt; pulls her long dark hair into a ponytail; puts on a little makeup, not much, just some blue eyeshadow and some pale pink lipstick; grabs her keys and heads for the door.


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Girlfriend Cheats With Her Friend

Tom feels his phone buzz in his pocket and reaches to see what it was. He looks and sees a text message from his girlfriend, Beth. Upon opening the text, he is greeted by a full frontal nude picture of Beth’s sexy body.


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