Susan Makes Ann Feel Better

My boyfriend is a dickhead, which is why he cheated on me. I’m certain. I mean, I KNOW he cheated and am CERTAIN he did so because he’s a dickhead. And with Beth Myers, to boot. That blonde cunt.

Wait. I’m starting this story oddly. Let me start over: Beth Myers is a bitch. Wait, let me start again. Actually, let me switch to third-person narrator, so I can avoid ruining this story with my own personal feelings


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Wife Takes Me Out

My wife had called, she told me she didn’t want to stay home tonight and I should meet her at the bar. I couldn’t figure out why she wanted to meet across the city.

So here I sit waiting in traffic. She told me to meet her as soon as I could. I was looking forward to going out too. My wife was a looker, amazing long brown hair and haunting blue eyes.


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Wife Out Of Town On A Trip

My wife had to go out of town on a conference. She was excited, she always loved going to this sort of thing. It was winter but this hotel she chose had a swimming pool, so she went shopping and bought a new suit before her trip. It was a modest white one piece. She said the white helped make her look more tanned than she was.


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First Time Fucking Away From Work

After my divorce and finding out my coworker was unhappy in her marriage, we were flirting and having discussions all the time at work. We had had a few trysts at work, but they were always rushed and stressful because it was at work. We could be easily caught at anytime with her legs spread and stuffed with my thick cock.


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Huge Titty Milf Teacher

Today I am going to narrate a most extraordinary tale. There used to be a woman named Sneha. The mere mention of the name of that beautiful specimen of female human flesh gives me a raging boner. She used to be my teacher. She was 43 and mother of an nineteen year old perverted boy who leaked her mother’s pictures to us, her students, for minimal amounts of money.


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Busty Divorcee Comforts Young Man Alone

John Donne has returned early from his sexual circumnavigation of the globe, only to be dumped by his girlfriend Melissa. Melissa’s sexy mother, Dolores, takes up the challenge.

Dear old Walter keeps falling asleep in front of the TV screen after dinner. It isn’t as if he’s had a busy day, and he certainly didn’t have a busy night last night — I would know! Maybe it’s all that staring at invoices, trying to decide whether St Emilion or Medoc is more profitable, sweating over the Beaujolais nouveau.


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That night we fucked properly

Today, every day and any day, I can enjoy exciting, adventurous, affirming sex. And meaningful too: you know, when you feel connected to yourself, your body and your lover.

It wasn’t always like this. I couldn’t even look at myself naked in the mirror, never mind let anyone else see me without my clothes on. Health-checks were a nightmare in case I was asked to stand on a scale.


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My Devotion To A Princess Ass

Dear precious, beautiful, royal ass,

I truly know now that you are my holiest of shrines where I must come to worship, where I must pledge my faith and my life to your service.

If you permit, I would be honored to be able to explain to you how I would demonstrate my love, my subjugation and my devotion to you.


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Turning Slut Beauty Into A Human

“I’m going to gape this bitches ass tonight!” I said to myself aggressively.

I had hot date planned with Vanessa, Mr’s Anderson’s friend who was in her mid mid to late ’40s.

Since I’d been hanging out with older women, I found they were far less prudish than their younger counterparts and not only that but for some reason, I never felt as awkward around them when it came to such acts of expression.


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