Taboo Daddy And daughter

One Hot Summer Night

Being your loving Daddy….. I look deep into your sweet innocent eyes, admiring how much you have grown since you came back from college….then I see the questioning of my being so close to your soft warm supple body….”why are you looking at me so intently daddy” you giggle.


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A Young Woman Bags Her Prey Part – 2

Carla eased herself onto the bed, straddling me; she reached down, taking my cock in her hand. She stroked me a few times, our eyes locked together. She lowered herself down as I cupped her ass. My dick felt like it was entering heaven. She didn’t take it all in at once.

Instead, she’d go down, then back up, lowering further herself with each movement.


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Turn Hot Blonde Into Foot Slave

In a crowded workshop, a petite brunette woman bent over a shining metal helmet. Sparks and smoke drifted through the room. The woman was dressed in a ridiculous white lab coat and a fluffy white wig. This was Mira, eccentric scientist, closeted lesbian foot fetishist, and woefully unethical inventor extraordinaire.


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Daddy’s Girl Gets Punishment Part – 1

“There you go. Arch your back and stick your tits out for me. You know how I like you to stand, Lexi.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I answered, thrusting my chest out again. Every time he touched the ice cube to my hard nipples, I had to fight the urge to recoil away. As the ice melted, the rivulets trickled down the curve of my breasts, down my ribs, and then over my tummy, spreading tiny fingers of icy cold through me and making me shiver.


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Daddy’s Girl Gets Punishment Part – 2

He was carrying the folding massage table we sometimes use. Pushing the door closed behind him, he set the table down and slipped out of his jacket. He gave me a hug and a deep kiss, and then got right down to business. He told me to get my Hitachi wand and then to come back and do a striptease for him.


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Daddy’s Girl Gets Punishment Part – 3

He told me to turn around now, and get up for a minute. I heard him spreading a blanket or towel on the couch, and then he made me sit again.

“Sit back and spread your legs for me. Knees up. There, that’s a good girl. Now, masturbate for me.” I hesitated, wondering how I could be expected to masturbate while I was hurting so badly! “Lexi! I’m not asking.


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Intimate Christmas party

We were driving east on Hwy 120 approaching Blanchard where we’d catch the interstate north. Through the fog I saw what looked like the Star of Bethlehem low on the horizon. It was almost magical until I realized with disappointment that it was a lighted cross on a hill across the freeway.


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New Slaveboy Gets A Tryout

There are four street lights in the parking lot of the abandoned Kmart store on the east side of town. You are to stand underneath the southwest most street light. You will be wearing blue jeans, a white shirt, sunglasses and a baseball cap pulled low over your eyes.


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