Taboo Daddy And daughter

One Hot Summer Night

Being your loving Daddy….. I look deep into your sweet innocent eyes, admiring how much you have grown since you came back from college….then I see the questioning of my being so close to your soft warm supple body….”why are you looking at me so intently daddy” you giggle.


But then you feel the warmth of my deep hazel brown eyes….slowly releasing the tension inside of you…you see the kindness and warmth in them, and as I whisper just how beautiful you are…you begin to relax and open up to me. you know you have desired this moment ever since you saw me making love to your mommy….and now your heart is beating like a drum as you realize it is finally your turn.

You love the manly scent that exudes from me as I myself am intoxicated by your radiant feminine smell coupled with the sensual heat that I know is growing in-between your tightly clenched thighs.

You start to protest meekly…”I’m not sure daddy…” as I cup your soft cheeks in my warm big hands, but it feels good…to have my skin against yours and I whisper again how heavenly you are…how being beside you makes me feel so complete.

My lips graze against yours…..and you realize that your breath it getting deeper as your heart starts racing faster…you don’t want this but your body is taking on a life of its my lips start to nuzzle against your soft creamy neck…and then your soft sensitive ears…..Mmmmm you taste soo wonderful honey.

You put your hands on mine and I start to gently feel your bosom swell underneath your tight tee…you can’t hide how your glorious nipples are standing soo hard and erect aching to be touched…I pull your tee off as your soft luxurious hair billows in the air…draping your gorgeous breasts…teasing me to flick them away from your tits…you feel the heat of my breath on your nipples and your back involuntarily arches back to bring your nipples closer to my mouth….I hunger for them as much as you need them to be sucked now!!

“Ooooo daddyyy….”, you moan as my hot wet tongue starts kissing licking and sucking them all overrrrrrrrrrrr…your nipples taste like heaven darling!!!

as I squeeze and fondle your amazing tits…you fumble at my pants to get them off…you need me inside you now!!

I take one hand and trace the outlines of your pussy already soaking the crotch of your shorts….I rip them off…and before you can protest…I bury my face in-between your soft silky thighs….reveling in the slippery wet essence that is overflowing from your hot molten core of lust and desire…..your mind is swirling now delirious with the pleasure that makes you feel soooo gooodddd…I pause to inhale your sweet musky sex charged pussy and dive deeper into your irresistible cunny….my face soon covered in your hot juicy sex cum…your moaning and panting turns me on to no end as my cock throbs for its turn to pleasure you…my finger goes in and you start to buck on it…. your hips squirming as I rub your engorged g spot…

You are groaning now…begging me to fuck you…”fuck meee daddyyyy nowwwww!!!”…my mouth locks onto your pulsating clit…and I suck it as if my life depended on it…it pushes you over the edge..and I feel your vagina contract and spasm on your first orgasm…OOoooooOooo… you start to squeal with the pleasure of it all…I rise up…and lift your sexy legs up and hook your calves over my shoulders…Mmmmm your pussy is overflowing and defenseless in this position….and before you can settle down from your orgasm…I make you gasp as I push my hot hard staff that can no longer be denied your inner heaven.

My senses go into overdrive feeling your hot tight hole as I stroke deeper and faster into your amazing pussy…. you grip the sheets with one hand and my ass with the other as I start to thrust into you harder and harder…we are like animals now…lust crazed and delirious with the fucking that is rocking and shaking the bed…

this is not sex anymore…it is much more primal and deeper….we are now one entity connected and vibrating with a red hot fire that consumes us till we both explode….you feel my hot spurts of creamy cum pumping inside I keep driving into your cunny making you even more slippery than before and you convulse with an orgasm like no other before!!!!!

…Our mouths are locked onto each other…our tongues intertwined as we pant and groan with the pleasure that has suffused us completely.

Our kissing and stroking slows…you look at me innocently and whisper sweetly…”thank you Daddy”, and we gently slip into a blissful sleep wrapped up in each others arms…knowing that when we wake…we can start again ;o)