Susan Makes Ann Feel Better

My boyfriend is a dickhead, which is why he cheated on me. I’m certain. I mean, I KNOW he cheated and am CERTAIN he did so because he’s a dickhead. And with Beth Myers, to boot. That blonde cunt.

Wait. I’m starting this story oddly. Let me start over: Beth Myers is a bitch. Wait, let me start again. Actually, let me switch to third-person narrator, so I can avoid ruining this story with my own personal feelings


Ann’s boyfriend… Dick was a serial cheater, only Ann didn’t know it. His latest conquest was a twit named Beth, who he was dumb enough to fuck in his dorm room, despite the fact that Ann liked to pop in, randomly, between classes.

Ann knew she was hotter than Beth, which doesn’t really matter in this story, but it made her feel better, in general. Guys would regularly tell her she looked like Emma Stone, and not just because they both had red hair. Ann was smart, too. Not that it matters, she’d always say, because guys only care about how big your tits are.

After she caught Dick cheating, she called a bunch of her friends and they took her out to get her hammered. She had free drinks all night, and more than one opportunity to go home with a guy. But she had made her friends promise to not to let that happen. She didn’t want to replace one Dick with another.

Susan was a friend of a friend who, previous to that night, Ann really didn’t know. The duo had a couple of classes together that year, because they were both biology majors — and Ann had almost rushed Alpha Phi her sophomore year, so she had hung out with Susan some during the process — but they were certainly not close friends.

Ann unleashed her anger towards Dick in a cacophony of booze, which sent her world spinning, mainly due to the three Long Island ice teas and four shots of marshmallow-flavored vodka. The girls she had come with — the ones that were left — all lived on campus, and Susan was the only one who lived in her direction, so they grabbed an Uber and headed home.

Ann fell asleep almost immediately and woke up 15 minutes later when the car stopped, sort of passed out on Susan’s shoulder.

“I don’t feel right about sending you home. How will you get up to your apartment? Why don’t you just stay here tonight. My roommate is visiting her boyfriend, anyway.”

Ann agreed, and Susan helped her up the stairs and into her apartment. Ann was feeling slightly less drunk — at least, which she recounted the night the following morning, she remembered from this point on more clearly, so she assumed she was more sober at this point — but she was still all giggly and huggy, which is what she did when she was drunk.

Susan sat Ann on the couch and then excused herself, coming back a few minutes later with her hair down and wearing an over-sized t-shirt and a pair of black boy shorts. Ann had always been jealous of Susan, the athlete, who had used her height and athletic build to earn a volleyball scholarship. But more than that, Susan was just pretty. Not hot. Not slutty. Classically pretty. One of those girls who doesn’t wear makeup and puts her hair in a hat and still looks better than the rest of the planet does on its best day.

The two got comfortable on the couch, the light of the TV flickering, making their faces glow. Talk shifted from topic to topic, with one reoccurring thread — “Fuck Dick! I hate men!” They settled in on Cinemax, giggling as they watched one of those porn-y shows with bad acting and people fake fucking.

“Have you ever made out with a girl?” Susan asked.

“I’m in college and in a sorority,” Ann said. “Of course!”

“Have you gone further than making out?”

“Not really.”

Ann considered herself straight, although she did find women sexy, definitely, and liked to masturbate to girl-on-girl porn, but she wasn’t sure she actually wanted to “be” with a girl.

Still, she had had her heart broken by someone she thought loved her more than anything. And she wanted to do something completely reckless and so unlike herself, just to prove that she could do it, too.

The two smiled at each other, and Ann sort of looked away. Susan made the first move, leaning over to kiss Ann. Her lips were soft. She tasted a bit like orange juice and mint-flavored gum. Susan was pansexual and had been with a lot of people, but she loved kissing girls the most. They were always so tender and sensual and sexy. Being an athlete, she liked the way they made her feel stronger.

“Do you want to come to my bed?” Susan asked. She was raised in Great Britain until she was 13, so she had a slight English accent, and Ann was a sucker for English accents.

Ann nodded, and Susan grabbed her hand, leading to the bedroom. The lights were on, but Susan dimmed them and lit a candle. Ann was wearing a sweater that buttoned in the front and a pair of jeans.

Susan sat down beside Ann on the bed and kissed her again, but more aggressively. Her hand touched Ann’s face, softly, running through her red hair. Susan’s tongue was gentle — not pushy like Dick’s — but teasing, lightly licking her lips and playing with Ann’s mouth.

She felt Susan’s hand slowly unbuttoning her sweater. Susan’s mouth was on her neck — Ann’s sweet spot — nibbling gently. She got to the fourth button and Ann grabbed her wrist.


“You OK?”

“Yeah, I’m just… not sure.”

“We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”


Susan nibbled on her neck. “Is it OK if I do this?”

“Mmmm hmmm.”

Her hand slid under Ann’s sweater. She felt Susan’s hand cupping her breast through her bra, squeezing her hard nipple through the thin material.

“How about this?”


She kissed down Ann’s neck, letting her tongue trace down, pushing the material of her sweater off her shoulders. Susan gently slid the bra straps down, the think black lace slipping off Ann’s shoulders.

Ann felt Susan’s breath warm on her skin, and her mouth lightly kissing her breasts. Ann felt Susan taking her nipple into her mouth and sucking hard, reflexively moving her hands to Susan’s hair, lightly stroking it as she enjoyed the sensation. Susan was patient, lightly licking and sucking each nipple, letting her soft hands tease Ann’s body.

Ann’s panties were soaked and her jeans were uncomfortable. She knew, deep down, she was past the point of stopping. She needed this experience. Courage mounting, she slipped away from Susan’s tender kiss and stood up.

Ann slowly and shyly unbuttoned her sweater, letting it fall to the ground. She unhooked her bra and let it fall, too, covering herself with her arm. Susan slid her t-shirt over her head and off, and Ann could see her cute B cups in the candle light.

Ann tried to unbutton her jeans and cover herself but knew modesty would get her nowhere. She moved her hand away, letting Susan see her full breasts and curves. She had a Chinese symbol tattooed on her lower left hip, right around her bikini line, which Susan thought was adorable.

Ann unbuttoned her tight jeans and slipped them off, leaving her black knee high socks on. She purposefully wore the less sexy white panties with tiny blue flowers — further protection to keep her out of a man’s bed — but now wished she had worn something else.

Susan grabbed her hand and laid her back down on the bed. She kissed her again, letting their mouths lick and suck each other, enjoying the sensation of soft lips on soft lips. Susan tucked her long blonde hair behind her ear so Ann could see her face and licked back down her body, kissing her neck and shoulders, breasts and nipples. She traced down her stomach and kissed and licked her cute tattoo.

Ann felt Susan’s hands on her hips, tugging her panties down and off. She took a deep breath as Susan spread her legs, sliding her head between Ann’s thighs.

Susan had been gentle and deliberate so far, but her urgency increased. Her hands returned to Ann’s hips, raising her up so her tongue could slide all the way down. She licked hard and deep, sliding her tongue deep inside Ann, tasting all of her. This was a barrier for Ann — one she never thought she’d cross — but she was too far gone to care. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation.

Susan fucked Ann gently with her tongue, happy to see how drenched her friend was. She licked all the way up, finding her clit and lapping at it, gentle licks that made Anne moan and suck in deep. Susan responded with a finger inside Ann, fucking her slowly and deeply as Ann raised her hips, thrusting up to meet Susan’s tongue.

Ann’s hands moved over her own tits, tugging the nipples hard. Teasing them. Ann bit her lip, as electricity shot through her. She ground her hips against Susan’s mouth, which made Susan lick harder and faster, a glorious rhythm that shook the bed away from the wall.

Dick never ate her out like this.

In fact, a man had never made her cum by using his tongue, but Ann knew that streak would end. Susan fucked her friend harder, faster. Curling her finger as she thrust to tease Ann’s g spot. Her tongue darting out, flicking her hard clit.

Ann’s hands went down to Susan’s head, running her fingers through her hair. She pulled lightly, grinding her sopping pussy against her friend’s face. “Fuck, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum.”

Ann’s body tensed, her ass raised up. Susan’s finger pressed hard against her G spot, her lips and tongue sucked Ann’s clit as she rode her orgasm. Ann tightened her thighs, and her eyes saw stars. She hadn’t cum that hard… ever.

Susan slid up, her legs tangled in Ann’s. She rest her head on her hand, above Ann. Looking down, eyes quietly staring. Ann smiled, shyly, still reeling from her orgasm.

“Hi,” Susan said.


She leaned down, kissing Ann, sharing the taste of Ann’s cum. They kissed gently for a few minutes, enjoying the sensation. Lightly. Teasing.

“I want to make you cum,” said Ann. “Show me how?”

Susan smiled.