Submissive Punished In A Chamber

Damn. I really fucked up this time. My Master seemed to be really pissed at me. OK, sure I dented the car, but it really wasn’t entirely my fault. Alright, ‘Entirely’ in that sentence makes a difference. Yes, I could have done something a tad different and completely avoided the fender-bender.


While it was mostly the other driver’s fault, the fact that I COULD have avoided it if I reacted faster made it partially my fault. Thus, my Master’s irritation. Now, I was being punished for it. I had no clue what he had in store for me. All he said was that he was going to put me in The Chamber.

I had no clue what the chamber was. All I knew was that it was something new that he had just gotten built. I also had the feeling that I was not going to like it very much. I already didn’t like it, and I hadn’t even been put in it yet. Currently, I was tied up in the trunk of Master’s limo. My arms were bound behind my back, with my hands touching the opposite elbow. I was also wearing a sleep mask to blindfold me. Obviously, I had no idea where we were going. Finally, I felt the limo slow down, turn, and proceed slowly for a short distance. Then, it stopped, but kept running. A moment later, it moved ahead a bit, then stopped again and shut off.

I got very nervous when the trunk lid opened, and I could hear other voices. Master pulled me out of the trunk and helped me stand. The voices stopped. I felt like I was being stared at. That wasn’t very surprising, as I was completely naked except for my high heels, sleep mask, and the ropes binding my arms. I felt my unfettered 38DD tits bobble and sway as Master grabbed my elbow and began leading me across the floor. I could hear a large overhead door being closed as over the ‘CLACK, CLACK’ of my heels on concrete. We walked about 20-feet, then I was pushed down over a metal table. Master prodded my feet until they were spread out wide. I felt a cool wetness on his two fingers as they were trust into my ass. It hurt a bit, since he didn’t go slowly. He added a bit more lube, then began inserting a metallic phallus in my ass. It wasn’t exactly small and the farther in it went, the larger it got. Soon, I felt my ass slip over the widest part and clench down on the smaller shank. When he let go, I felt something like strings or wires swing down and tap against my thigh.

Having inserted the plug in my ass, he straightened me up and slipped an assortment of connected straps over my head. It felt like leather, It took a minute for him to buckle the straps and adjust them so they fit tight on my head. There was one strap that began on my forehead and went over my head to connect to another strap. That strap went around my head, over my chin, and back to connect to the strap over my head. Another strap went around my forehead to connect at the back of my head. There were also two straps from the chin strap up to the forehead strap on each side of my face. I also felt like there were four loose metal connectors on the strap assembly, one on each temple, and one on each side of my lower jaw.

The last piece was a large O-ring gag. Master had me open my mouth as wide as I could, then placed the metal ring in my mouth. After securing it in my teeth properly, she buckled it on tightly. There was no possible way for me to close my mouth in the slightest. I began to get a bad feeling about this.

Once that was completed, I was led about 10-feet away from the table. I heard a ‘click’, then pushed into something. It felt like some sort of small broom closet, but not quite. I was pushed face-first against a wall. The wall felt odd. It was very smooth and kind of cold. My tits felt it first. Then I was positioned and felt like there were openings for my tits. Once I was positioned where he wanted me, he spread my feet about three feet apart, then buckled ankle cuffs to connectors on the wall. After my ankles were secure, he buckled a leather belt around my waist to hold me firmly to the wall. Next, there was another belt that he threaded between my elbows and my torso. Then he pulled that tight and buckled it, it forced my ginormous tits through the cut-outs in the wall. Last, he pushed my face to the wall. I could feel a padded cut-out for my mouth and nose. Those loose metal connectors were used to connect to something on the wall. That left my face immobile and secured to the wall.

“Perfect.” Master said. “Just like I imagined. They did an excellent job with the measurements.”

Finally, I felt the back of the sleep mask being untied. The strings from the mask were pulled through the leather straps, and the mask was removed. What I saw horrified me. I couldn’t move my head to look around, but I could move my eyes and see what was in front of me and a bit to the side. I was in a plexiglass chamber. My head was buckled to the wall keeping it securely in place. My tits were indeed in cut-out holes and open for anyone to touch them. There were also a couple dozen men standing around watching. What really horrified me was that there was a wooden platform with stairs right in the front. The height of the platform as well as the ring gag I was wearing left little doubt what was about to happen.

Being Master’s PA and submissive sex slave for the last 5 years, I recognized the location as one of Master’s empty warehouses. He was in the process of remodeling it and then renting space in it. Master has quite a large portfolio of real estate and commercial buildings. This one was in one of the worst parts of town, and, judging by the looks of the men standing around, they were local to this area. This was not going to be good.

As I was pondering current events, I could sense Master right behind me and doing something underneath me. I heard a sound like telescoping metal poles. Half a second later, I felt something bulbous pressing against my cunt. I was not overly surprised to feel the slickness as the bulbous metal head as it rubbed against my labia. Being naked in a room full of men did that to me. Master barely paused. Once he had it properly aligned, he proceeded to push the metallic dildo up and fully embed it in my cunt.

Once that was complete, he moved back. I heard a click and felt the wall of the chamber jolt as he closed the back door, locking me inside. I finally saw him again as he moved in front of me. He climbed the stairs onto the platform and knelt down. Looking me in the eyes, he held up his hands to show me the alligator grip nipple clamps. They were attached by thin wires. There was also a small box connected to the wires, centered between the clamps. I didn’t know what the box was for, but I certainly knew that the clamps were going to be really painful by themselves.

I cried out in pain as the serrated teeth of the clamps bit into the sensitive flesh of my delicate nipples. I barely registered him plugging two other wires into the black box between my tits. There was another jolt of pain as he released his hold on the box and the additional weight was taken by my nipples.

“OK, gentlemen.” My Master said to the awaiting crowd. “The slut is ready. As you know, it is $20 per time. Feel free to get back in line after you finish for as many times as you want — or can. You can feel her tits as well, but we have a lot of guys to get through so be quick. There’s a plastic box on the side. Put your money in there before you stick you dick in her mouth.”

So that is his plan. He was whoring me out to pay for the deductible on fixing his car. Some information that I should probably give you. I do love giving blowjobs. I love taking a hard cock in my mouth and giving it all the oral love I can. I love sliding my lips up and down the shaft. I love wrapping my tongue around it. I love coaxing all the cum out of it, swirling it around inside my mouth, then swallowing it. I do not like being face-fucked. I don’t like guys jamming their cocks down my throat and just using my mouth as a glorified masturbation tool. I hate being choked on a dick that is jammed down my throat and not being able to breath. I don’t like it when they ejaculate straight into my throat, and I am forced to swallow to keep from choking on it. This was to be my punishment.

“Oh, and for an additional entertainment, press that black button just after you cum down the slut’s throat.”

Apparently, there was a button somewhere above me that my eyes couldn’t move enough to see. I was soon to find out what hell that button would unleash.

He kneeled down and whispered to me. “Be a good girl and give those money makers a good shake when they press the button.”

I had no idea what he meant. I didn’t know how I would know when they pressed the button. I needn’t have worried about either; it was to become blatantly obvious when the button was pushed, and I would have no choice but for my titties to shake, dance, and wobble around.

I had no time to ponder my Master’s words. No sooner had he left the platform than a skinny bald-headed man was in front of me. He gave my tits a quick squeeze, then stood up and dropped his pants. His pants had not even hit the floor before he was plunging his 4-inch dick in and out of my mouth. It was disgusting. I doubt that he had showered in the last three days. It tasted like sweat and piss. Thank got that he didn’t last long. Five pumps and his rancid semen was sliding down my throat as fast as I could swallow it. After the first hint of the nasty taste, I couldn’t get it out of my mouth and down my throat fast enough.

He pulled his deflating dick out of my mouth and pulled up his pants. Just before he turned, I saw him reach up and press something. I was bound in place pretty tightly, but that didn’t stop me from squirming and wiggling around. It was purely involuntary. Bolts of lightning traveled between my tits as well as deep inside my cunt and ass. The sudden agony threw my body into convulsions. Yes, my ‘Moneymakers’ flopped all over. My hips were trusting as far as my tight bonds would allow. It only lasted a second, but it felt like days. So, that’s what the wires on my nipple clamps and butt plug were for. Apparently, the dildo in my cunt had them as well.

I just had time to regain my senses when I saw a large black man just beginning to move his 8-inch cock towards my mouth. I barely had time to take a big breath before it hit the back of my mouth and began pushing into my throat. After a gag or two, I managed to relax my throat and take it in. Fuck, don’t people in this part of town know anything about hygiene? Maybe take a wet washcloth to their dicks occasionally? Hey, bathe once in a while and maybe you would get laid occasionally. That way, you wouldn’t be so hard up as to have to pay to basically masturbate in a living sex toy. Gulp, gulp, gulp and dance as he pressed the button.

It was the fifth guy that I began to notice an odd change. Oh, the guys were still nasty, dirty, and tasted awful. I still hated being face fucked. What I noticed was that I was beginning to anticipate the button being pushed and electrical shocks to me. Instead of the lightning bolts just going between my tits, they seemed to collide and shote straight to my cunt. The shocks deep in my cunt and ass sent zings of pleasure up and down my spine. Instead of random convulsions throughout my body, I was thrusting up and down on the dildo sticking in my cunt. As the fifth guy was stepping off the platform, I made eye contact with Master. I saw a weird smirk on his face. He had noticed me trying to fuck the dildo and realized what was happening.

“Holy shit! Did she just orgasm?” The short fat man with a slim 4-inch dick said just after he pushed the button. He had managed to last about 5-minutes. That’s mainly because he was so fat that he had a hard time keeping any significant amount of his tiny dick inside my mouth. I finally managed to get him off by sticking my tongue out as far as I could and just licking the head. It was kind of like licking a large clit. Thank God for all the practice licking clits that Mistress (Master’s wife. Yes, I am submissive to both of them) gives me.

I don’t know how many men were actually there. I kind of lost count after twenty, and a lot of them came back for a second time. Master never told me how much money he made off of me that night. I don’t even know how long I was locked in the Chamber. After that first orgasm, it was ‘Katie, bar the door’. Every two or three times, I had another orgasm from those electrical shocks. By the time the last guy left the building, I was covered in sweat and drool. There was a little semen that escaped from my mouth due to the ring gag not allowing me to seal it in, but the vast majority was in my stomach.

Master and four very large men, I found out later that he had brought them as bodyguards, finally released my from the Chamber. Two of his bodyguards had to carry me back to the limo. This time, they put me in the back seat. Master knew that I had figured out where we were, so there was no need to hide it from me. I fell asleep before we even left the parking lot. I woke up when they began pulling me back out of the car.

“Take her to the Master Bath.” I vaguely heard Mistress say. “I already have the tub ready for her, and I will bathe her before I put her in bed.”

The I felt the soothing hot water enveloping me as I was gently lowered into the tub. I began relaxing as Mistress gently began caressing my sore body.

“Just relax, Little One. Mistress will take care of you.” She cooed in my ear.

I faded in and out as she luxuriously shampooed my hair and gently washed my body. Eventually, I was cleaned, and the bath water was beginning to get cool. Master helped me out of the tub and held me up as Mistress dried me. Once dried, Master picked me up and carried me to their bed. Normally, I had my own bedroom, but I was far from unfamiliar with being in their bed. They settled in with me between them. The love and affection that they showed as they cuddled with me after a hard day made everything worthwhile. Just before I faded into unconsciousness, I heard Mistress whisper in my ear.

“Rest up, Little One. Tomorrow night, I have my own Chamber to put you in.”

“I can’t wait.” I replied just as everything faded to black.