Striping While Playing Poker Part -2

“Yes, finger fuck me for a while. I have to say however, that I am surprised at the ample size of your cock since your fingers are so normal in size.”

“Do you need two fingers?” I asked as I slid my index finger into her pussy to work alongside my middle finger.


“No, no, one finger is fine, but two are even better,” as Rebecca held my wrist so that I could not remove either of the two fingers working the inside of her cunt.

I stopped massaging her clit and bent down to suck it into my mouth. It was soft yet hard at the same time, bigger than any I had previously had the pleasure to suck on. Two fingers in her hole and her clit inside my mouth resulted in her second orgasm faster than I thought she would be capable of producing. My whole hand was soaked from the juices that flowed out of her cunt hole and the feeling of her clit twitching in my mouth was marvelous.

“Oh my God, I need a rest. Give me your cock.”

Since Rebecca was laying with her head on the back of the sofa, I straddled her body and presented my cock and balls to her face. She stared at my member and stuck her tongue out and I rested my balls on her outstretched tongue. She licked up to the tip of my cock but could not take it into her mouth since my cock was pointing to the ceiling as was her face.

“Let’s go to bed,” she said.

We walked into her bedroom and she told me to lay down. I did with my legs open, giving her complete access to my bottom. She bent over and kissed me for about 10 minutes and I felt her warm breasts laying on my chest like a blanket. I wanted to start feeling them, but didn’t know where to begin so I just let her have her way with me.

In one motion, she went from kissing my lips to licking the head of my cock. It was loaded with pre-cum.

“I hope you are not going to cum too soon,” she said.

She would lick and kiss my cock and then take it into her mouth – a little more each time. Soon she was putting the entire shaft into her mouth.

“I love having cock in my mouth, but I have never felt one so far back in my throat. It is wonderful feeling your mushroom head back there.”

And, she again put the entire shaft into her mouth as she held and caressed my balls.

I could tell she was really enjoying my cock and it is such a turn-on to have a girl enjoying your cock so much. Too many women suck cock out of some feeling that it is required of them and you can tell when a girl is not in love with the feeling of cock in her mouth. Rebecca was an expert cock sucker and she could tell that I was close to blowing my load, so I didn’t bother to warn her.

“God, Rebecca, your fucking mouth feels sooooo great on my cock – you can suck on it all night if you want.”

Just then I started to cum.

Rebecca let a couple of ropes of cum go right down her throat and then pulled my cock out just a couple of inches so that the next two ropes of cum filled her mouth which she then lovingly swallowed and repeated. When I finished cumming she licked the slit of my cock for the last drops and looked at me.

“What a nice cock you have.”

“I want to eat your pussy again, but could I play with your tits and nipples for a while first?”

“I would like nothing better,” she said and moved to feed one of her nipples to my waiting mouth.

It was all that I anticipated and then some. Big and warm and very sensitive because as I sucked on each nipple, Rebecca got noticeably more excited. I could smell the dampness returning to her pussy and she began to play with her clit. You can always tell when someone is very sexually excited, as they can’t resist pleasuring themselves if their partner happens to not be doing it for them at that moment.

“As much as I could suck on these tits all night, I promised that you did not have to pleasure yourself tonight, so come up here and feed my your nice, fucking wet pussy.”

Rebecca got on her hands and knees and swung a leg over me and moved up so that her pussy was right over my face. I could still reach of her swinging tits up and away over my head and her feet were down near my cock. I put my two hands on her ass and moved my mouth to devour her cunt. I sucked on her clit, her inner and outer lips and her hole. Everything was so warm and soft and her reaction to my tongue was most inspiring. My cock was rock hard again, but I didn’t want to remove my hands from her ass as I was using them to move her pussy around my mouth. I was truly pleasuring her bottom.

Every once in a while, one of my fingers would brush against her asshole and Rebecca seemed to enjoy that as well. I have been with very horny women who believe their assholes are off limits, so I am reluctant to go there without a clear signal.

“Mmmmmm, you mouth is fantastic. The only thing that would make this better would be a nice cock in my ass while you eat my cunt.”

That was certainly a clear signal.

“You like taking cock in the ass?”

“Oh yea. My husband fucks my ass at least once a month.”

“Have you had two cocks at once – some double penetration?”

“No, but he brought me a nice dildo to use on my pussy while he fucks my ass. I would love two cocks but I don’t think he is ready for that.”

I stopped talking and sucked her clit into my mouth once again and put my middle finger into her cunt hole. When my finger was good and wet, I moved it from her cunt to her asshole and pushed it into her in one slow, steady motion. Rebecca responded by starting another orgasm and dripping her pussy juices all over my face while I continued to suck on her clit.

After she calmed down, she moved off of me and rested her head on my stomach and licked and sucked on the tip of my cock while I played with her nipples and tits with both hands.

About a half-hour later, she said “I want you to fuck me now.”

“In your ass or in your cunt?”

“Your choice.”

I put her on her back. She opened her legs very wide once again, raised her pussy to offer it to me and I positioned my cock at the entrance to her cunt and buried my face in her voluptuous tit meat. She was so wet, I slipped right in and we fucked for 20 minutes before I filled her cunt with my seed. She had another orgasm while I was pounding away at her.

“Have I told you want a great cock you have?”

“Yes, a few times.”

“Well, it is a wonderful cock. But dangle your balls over my mouth again and let me clean my cum off of them for you.”

When I got up off her pussy, I noticed the large wet spot on the bed. I think she squirted while my cock was inside her. I put my feet on either side of her head and lowered my wet balls onto her waiting lips. Pure joy. She licked and kissed my balls like they were the best things in the world.

When she finished, we started kissing like we did hours ago to start the evening. It was now almost 2 AM and we had been sucking and fucking since about 10:30. While we were kissing, I started to finger her pussy, at one point having 3 fingers moving around inside of her. She climaxed once again. We were both exhausted. I had cum twice and I lost track of her orgasms.

“I think I should be heading back to my room.”

“No. Fuck my cunt one more time, but pull out and let me eat your cum.”

I did, and she did, and I limped back to my dorm. I can’t recall cumming 3 times in one evening.

I slept in and skipped breakfast and lunch. Around 12:45 PM there was a knock on my door. I opened it and there was Rebecca. She came into my room, closed the door and asked how I was doing. I told her I slept in and was recharging my batteries.

“I want to suck your cock before the afternoon sessions,” she said as she started loosening my belt.

I didn’t complain and in a few seconds, I was watching the utter enjoyment she displayed with my cock in her mouth and my balls in her hand. Once I filled her mouth with cum and she swallowed and cleaned my cock of all residue, she got up and went to class.

That night, after dinner, we had even more fun and more time as we did not need to start with strip poker! We continued this every year thereafter at the same conference.