Striping While Playing Poker Part -1

Story Line: An instructional game of strip poker leads to new adventures.

Each year I attend a conference in my field of work that is held at a college or university campus somewhere in the U.S. These are usually good continuing education opportunities conducted in a relaxed atmosphere.


Striping While Playing Poker

The conference is inexpensive as all attendees stay in the college dorms, eat in the dining hall and generally spend 3 days on a relatively empty campus. The only negative is that mine is a male-dominated profession. The number of females attending the conference is very small and, usually, uninspiring. Few hot women enter male-dominated professions, I guess.

One year at one conference session, I found myself sitting next to a woman named Rebecca. I always strike up a conversation with a woman, especially one at least 10 years younger than me. Rebecca was a bit size-challenged and may have weighed a few pounds more than she would like, but, and I truly mean this, she had a great personality. She was comfortable with her size and it didn’t interfere with her out-going personality. We commented to each other frequently during the presentation and I spent the between-session break talking to her over coffee. Rebecca was a wonderful young woman in her mid-20’s.

Later that day, we met again at the evening cocktail reception. Each evening we have a cocktail reception with complimentary cocktails – the conference needs to spend the registration money someplace as the inexpensive college dorm rooms and dining hall meals do not eat up large sums of money. By dinner, therefore, all participants are very friendly, Rebecca and I included.

After dinner, most of the “men” break away into various poker games. Not being a good or even adequate poker player, I opt not to participate in these games. There is also a group that ventures out to the local strip club, but I had done that the previous night, so tonight was open. This year we were on a 200+ year old campus in New England and I wanted to walk around to see some of the very old, historic buildings. Architecture is one of my favorite subjects.

Rebecca asked me if I was playing poker or going to the strip club. Told her I did the strip club last night and told her about my historic building tour planned for that evening. She asked if she could come along. I didn’t see why not.

We set out walking around the large campus and she eventually asked if I enjoyed the strip club last night. I welcomed the turn in the conversation from architecture and professional matters to naked women – also one of my favorite subjects. And, since she brought it up, I admit, I was intrigued with her interest.

She asked what the girls were like at the strip club and were they completely nude. She asked if all of us who attended got laid. Obviously, Rebecca knew little about strip clubs and assumed much more went on there than I have ever experienced.

I assured her that her idea of a strip club was substantially incorrect. While this club was more liberal than many with the girls being totally nude on stage and the lap-dance booths being fairly private although only topless, to my knowledge there was no fucking going on. I told Rebecca I was able to have a lap-dance with a very pretty girl with nice B-cup tits who let me suck her nipples for the entire duration of the dance. The stripper, Crystal, even kissed me on the mouth (unusual behavior for a stripper) and told me she would love to “feel my mouth on her bottom”.

I am pretty bold when talking about sex with a woman – perhaps so I can see what her reaction is and if this might be the beginning of verbal foreplay. So, yes, I did refer to the stripper’s breasts as “tits” and didn’t hesitate to tell Rebecca of the stripper’s comment on my oral abilities that I demonstrated on Crystal’s mouth and nipples. Rebecca asked if I accepted the invitation to “pleasure the girl’s bottom”. It seems Rebecca might be as bold as me…hmmm.

I explained to Rebecca that sadly I did not orally pleasure Crystal’s bottom as she indicated that such an activity could not take place in the lap-dance booths. It could only happen in the Champagne booth area which is more private and costs $150 for 15-minutes. Although I told Crystal I would be happy to satisfy her desires if she waived the Champagne fee, she declined this offer and we parted company. Trying to act humble, I told Rebecca I thought Crystal was a good marketing person and probably less of a truly horny young woman who longed for my mouth on her bottom. Rebecca laughed.

We looked at more architecture and soon it was dark and 9 PM so we headed back to the conference area and our dorms. As we got close to Rebecca’s dorm room (we all had private rooms) Rebecca asked if I knew how to play poker. I said I kept a card in my wallet that explained what hands were better than others, but that I was not good at trying to decipher what sort of hand other players might have based on their actions during the game. So, I would have to classify my poker abilities as less than novice

She asked if I would teach her what I knew. I said sure, if we had a deck of cards. She said she had one with her and opened the door to her dorm suite and invited me in.

The suite had a sitting area and four bedrooms off the sitting area. I sat on the sofa in the sitting area. There were no other residents in the suite but Rebecca. With so few women participants at this conference, the women get nice and very private accommodations. She got the cards and sat on the floor on the side of the coffee table that was in front of me.

I told her we would play 5-card draw which meant that each of us would get 5 cards and then you could choose to toss up to 3 cards and draw up to 3 new ones from the deck. I put the card that was in my wallet that explained that two pair is better than one pair, what a full house was, a straight, etc. on the table. I said we would have a practice hand and gave us each 5 cards.

I turned mine over for her to see and she did the same. I pointed out that I had two 5s but that the other 3 cards were useless, so I would likely draw three trying to get something better to add to the pair of 5s. Rebecca had no pairs but did have 3 clubs although not in order. We consulted the explanation card and I thought she should probably draw 2 cards, hoping that the 2 she drew would either be both clubs or would make a pair or two-pairs with the 3 cards she was going to keep. She said she understood so I drew 3 and she drew 2 cards and I got nothing to improve my hand, but she ended up with a pair of 7s.

I told her she would have won, and I would have had to take off my shirt. She asked what I meant.

“Well, you have to play for something meaningful like money or the challenge is gone from the game, so we should play strip-poker.”

She looked at me for a long while and finally said OK – “go ahead and deal”.

“First, before each hand we have to say what we are betting. On this first hand, I will bet my shoes.”

She had already removed her shoes and reached to put them back on.

“Unfair”, I said, “girls already have more clothing than guys” – but I let her put her shoes on anyway. So, we were both playing the first hand for our shoes.

I dealt myself three 4s and a 7 and 10. I definitely didn’t want to win the first hand as I was afraid it would frighten Rebecca away. Away to where? We were in her room! Anyway, I tossed two of the 4’s and was relieved to draw a King and ace. So, I had nothing of value and she did win the first hand. Off with my shoes.

I did the same thing on the second hand and lost my shirt. I was down to my belt, my shorts and my briefs. She was completely dressed in what I estimated was 5 items of clothing since she was not wearing a belt.

I won the next two hands and she lost her shoes and top. She had on a large bra holding a lot of breast meat. Rebecca was definitely larger than any girl I had ever been with before. I was getting excited – blood was filling my cock. I lost the next hand and while Rebecca had a look of anticipation on her face, it was dashed when I took off my belt. She immediately looked and noted that she did not have a belt in her wardrobe.

I won the next hand and Rebecca took off her slacks leaving her in her panties and bra. We were even – two pieces of clothing each, but her next loss would be more revealing than mine. I successfully tired to lose the next hand reducing me to my tidy whities, which did little to hide my raging hard-on.

“You better be careful on this next hand”, Rebecca noted.

“I think the same might apply to you.”

I won the next hand and Rebecca unclasped her bra and somehow was able to remove it and capture her ponderous breasts in her arms without revealing anything. Shy?

“I don’t think you are complying with the spirit of the game,” I said.

“We are both down to our last item of clothing; do you want to stop? She asked.

I gave us each 5 new cards. I drew one and she got wide-eyed as she drew 3 cards. Yes, I won and she had to let go of her breasts to remove her panties, but she did this while still sitting on the floor and managing to again reveal little of what mattered.

I gave us each 5 cards and she looked at me with wonder.

“I have nothing to bet with this hand,” she said.

“Well, if I should lose, we would be even – equally naked; but if I win, I will tell you what you have lost at that time.”

“Sounds risky, but go ahead” as she picked up her cards.

Her face brightened and she drew only one card. I had nothing, drew three and actually ended up with a worse hand after that. I stood and removed my briefs, freeing my cock which was pointing up at my chin and sat back down on the edge of the sofa with my legs open and facing her, my balls hanging off the sofa and my cock not more than 3 feet from Rebecca’s face. I am a bit of a flasher and this was wonderful excitement for me – being totally naked in front of a younger girl and totally exposing myself to her. She could not look at me without looking at my naked cock and balls. The position itself made my cock harder and some pre-cum was oozing out of my cock-slit.

Rebecca looked at my cock and licked her lips and smiled at me. This girl was super sexy! “What’s next?”

“Obviously, I don’t know how to hide my assets like you do, but if you would like to sit where I am, I would love to eat your pussy for you.” Yes, I am bold and eating pussy is one of my favorite pass times.

“Sounds better than another night of masturbation” she said as she stood up from her position on the floor.

She was no longer as protective of her body and kept her arms by her side allowing me a clear view of her large, naked body. I have never been with a woman her size and her nakedness was a surprising turn-on for me. There was plenty to kiss, lick and love on that body.

Rebecca’s breasts were the largest I have ever seen but they sat up high on her chest just as any D-cup would on a 23-year-old girl. Her nipples were the BIG surprise. They were long and hard, sticking out from her breasts by at least a ½ inch. My mouth was watering. Yes, there were a few folds in her mid-section and I could not see any of her pussy but what I had seen so far, I really liked.

I stood to give her my space on the sofa and as we got closer to each other, I took her into my arms and we immediately started kissing. Rebecca’s body was soft and her mouth was also soft and sensuous. Even her tongue was soft and my hard cock was very comfortable nestled into whatever it was nestled into in her mid-section.

Our kisses grew more and more passionate; our tongues dueled; she licked my teeth and the roof of my mouth; I sucked her lips into my mouth. We stood there naked, making out like teenagers for more than a half hour.

“You do have a nice mouth” she said “but you promised me more than kisses” as she moved to sit on the sofa.

I moved the coffee table away from where she was going to sit and when I turned around Rebecca was sitting on the edge of the sofa, leaning back with her legs spread as wide as possible and presenting me with the most beautiful pussy I had seen in real life. It was shaved with a perfect triangle of hair pointing to the top. Rebecca was slowly running a finger around her clit.

“I thought you were looking forward to not having to masturbate tonight” I said as I watched her play with her pussy.

“I’m just going to start and rely on you to finish. I love playing with my pussy.”

“It is a very beautiful pussy – and you certainly take good care of it. I can see why you love to play with it.”

“Thanks for noticing,” she said as she moved her hand away and offered her naked pussy to me once again. “I like men who love pussy, so I try hard to have an attractive pussy ready for them.”

I kissed her again on the way down to my knees. I wanted to stop and suck on those delicious looking nipples but her pussy was calling me. I started by kissing the inside of her thighs while resting my hand on the patch of hair above her clit. There was plenty of skin to kiss on her thighs and I covered most of it. The smell of her pussy was intoxicating and I could see the moisture pooling at the bottom of it, below her hole. I never had a woman display her pussy so proudly – it was very sensuous. I could tell that she liked being naked as much as I did.

I licked my right index finger and touched her clit and ran my finger along her inner lips at the top of her pussy. Like other parts of her body, her pussy was super soft and her inner and outer pussy-lips were full and fat. I knew I was going to enjoy sucking on those, but I did not want to move too fast. When my finger again touched her clit, her body gave a small involuntary jump.

“Mmmm, my cunt likes your touch.” I stopped momentarily, and she sensed it. “Does my language offend you?”

“Oh no, on the contrary, I love dirty talk. Great sex is about involving all the senses – the sense of smell, the sense of touch, the sense of sight – which is why I am glad you did not move to turn the light off,- and of course the sense of hearing. So, please continue to speak whenever you like and however you like. My cock likes the sound of your voice.”

“And I hope you will do the same.”

I took hold of the skin on either side of her clit and held it between my thumb and index finger and slowly, but rhythmically squeezed her clit between her own skin. I massaged her clit from the tip to deep inside her body.

“Ohhhh, that feels so good. Where did you learn to do that?”

“That’s my secret,” I responded. “Pussies like to be played with” and I then started to massage the bottom of her pussy with my other hand. Her pussy was very wet.

“I love pussy. Massaging pussy is very satisfying, especially as the pussy responds to my touch and gives forth its juices. Every pussy is different; each one is like a flower waiting to be explored. And your pussy, Miss Rebecca, is one of the nicest I have ever held in my hand.”

“So, you like a wet pussy?” she said as I opened her hole with my fingers. “Absolutely, especially if I am the one making it wet.”

“I love what you are doing, but I want to feel your mouth on my cunt NOW.” And so, I licked the juices flowing out of her hole and licked the moisture around both her inner and outer lips. When I reached her clit, Rebecca had a strong orgasm, pushing my head into her pussy with such force I had to stop licking her clit and suck it into my mouth. I tried to look up and make eye contact with her by I could just barely see her pulling on one of her nipples with her free hand.

When her orgasm finally subsided, I licked her entire pussy clean.

“I love that you masturbate so regularly, because frequent masturbation results in a nice and very sensitive pussy that is joy to bring to its climax. Rebecca, your pussy is very, very nice.”

“That was certainly one of my more intense peaks.”

“I will make sure it is not the last one you have,” I said as I again squeezed her clit between my finger and thumb, this time using my other hand to push my middle finger into her cunt.