Step Brother And Step Sister Meet For The First Time

“Curtis! It’s time to get up! You’re going to be late for your flight!” My mother’s voice called from downstairs. I could hear the sadness in it, although she was doing her best to be okay and stay calm. It was enough to get me to bounce up from my bed, and toss on a white t-shirt, along with my favorite green hoodie and some black Vans cargo shorts.


Grabbing my black with OD green logo backpack, that had clothes 2 pairs of shoes, my sketchbook, my ear pods and some drumsticks in it, and my Laptop, I ran out of my bedroom, slipping on my shoes as I fell down the steps.

“Ow.” I pick my 5 foot 9 inch 155-pound lean body off the floor getting up, I could hear my mother laughing as I tied my shoes. “You shouldn’t have tried hoping down while getting them on.” I could hear the worry in her voice, wanting to make sure I was okay, but I just let out a small chuckle. “Yeah yeah, I know. I’m just excited. I finally get to see my real dad after ten years!” I knew this upset her, as she didn’t care much for my dad at all. “And I also get to meet my little sis! You know how amazing that is?!”

“But you have a sister here. And you don’t spend any time with her.” My mom always tried to make me want to stay and do things I didn’t want to.”I try but you know she hates me. If you ever find out why please let me know.” My voice cracked a bit. I always wanted a sister who cared for me and wanted to spend time with me, but as she grew up, she wanted nothing to do with me. The only time she wanted to spend time with me, is when she wanted something from me usually money for pills or beer. “I know, son. It’s just,” she paused and shook her head, her long blonde hair swinging back and forth.

“I get it, mom. I’ll give you a call when I get to the airport, when the flight leaves, and when I land.” This broke her. She started balling and pulled me into a tight hug, keeping my lean and athletic body pressed against her rather full breasts. “I’ll miss you. You know I love you and I always will. You better call me every day.” try not to worry about me so much, please. “I am your mother that’s my job to worry about you, ”okay, but ill be fine” I smile and she smiles back ‘okay I will try not to worry so much but no promises.”

No holding back tears anymore. I never really knew my real dad, and to be leaving my mom, the only caring person I have ever known broke my heart. “I know. I love you, mom. I’ll be back soon to visit. You have my word.”

As I pulled away and walked out of the house, the tears finally started pouring. “Tell your dad if he doesn’t take care of you, I will fly out there myself and kick his ass!”

Wilmington North Carolina to Austin Texas should be a 2 to 3-hour flight right but no The plane got diverted and delayed twice so I arrived just outside of Austin, Texas two days later. The two days were hell. Had to wait the first day and overnight in Little Rock, Arkansas, and with no place to stay except the airport, kinda felt like I was back in the marines sleeping on the floor, but a day later I was finally here.

My Dad Steve and his wife Hannah picked me up from the airport. The memories were eating me alive. You see, a few months back I was overseas, on a sniper patrol, and yes at only 22 years old, this is where shit got bad, we got spotted the cause of some kid working for the enemy. they shot an RPG rocket at the building we were using as a sniper’s nest. I was the only one who survived but not without injuries and problems…..

When the doctor first saw me he thought I would never walk again due to the blast but actually, my spine was normal and healthy. I did have a broken ankle, fucked up shoulder requiring surgery but it’s okay now other than the multiple scars on it and I get bad headaches occasionally from it all.

Ever since that day, I have had nightmares. It gave me panic attacks and bad anxiety traveling for too long, so I was glad when we finally reached my new home.

It only took me fifteen minutes to unpack my stuff, since I only had my backpack. When I was done unpacking, I walked out to the living room to see my dad, and his wife my new stepmom, walking out the door, to take off and go do their own thing. They were heading to Vegas for a week, which is why I got here when I did. I didn’t mind, however, as it gave me time to meet and get to know my half-sister, Olivia she was born in South Carolina and moved to Texas when she was 16 when her mom married my Dad.

“Olivia?” I wondered where she was since I didn’t get an answer. First I knocked on the room to her door but got no response. So my next place to look would be outside.

Opening the back door, I spotted a blue light coming from the building outback near the pool. “she gotta be in hear right.” It was the only logical place I came up with since she wasn’t inside the house.

Opening the sliding glass door, I walked in and peeked into the room where the blue light was coming from, and sure enough, she was in there. But…I didn’t expect to see what I did I looked through the crack in the wooden door you know the kind of doors that fold in like an accordion.

The 5-foot 5-inch slim brown-haired girl who’s cute and wild was in there, metal music blaring sounded like it was slipknot playing on her blue tooth speaker from her phone. Her greenish-brown eyes were shut, her nice little 34c perky boobs were on full display showing off her little pink nipples, Her teal blue thong panties were down at her ankles and her legs were spread. the rest of her clothes a flannel shirt, a white nirvana t-shirt, a black bra, light color blue jean shorts, and a pair of black and white vans shoes were spread out all over the floor of the room just randomly laying everywhere. I could see everything. How she pumped her fingers in and out of her tight, dripping wet, smooth pussy, rubbing her palm against her clit, the bottom of her tan-lined white butt cheeks looked so good too, “Holy shit…” I wanted to look away, I knew it was wrong to watch my step sister fuck herself with her hand, but I couldn’t. It didn’t take long before I heard her let out a moan, her breath shaky, and juices flying into the air, hitting the floor.

Not only was the sight to behold, but the smell that then hit me in the face, made me let out a deep exhale of satisfaction. There was only one substance in the world that had that smell………weed. I could smell two great things weed and pussy……..

Knocking on the door, I moved from the crack and stood behind it. “Olivia? Are you in there?” I could hear rummaging and shifting. “Yeah. Come on in.”

Nodding, to myself, I opened the door, to see her only covered by her flannel shirt which was buttoned near the middle but not buttoned all the way near the top or bottom. “Hey, sis.” Her eyes widened, and I swear she forgot about being naked under that flannel, as she got up, I was embraced in such a tight hug, I was amazed at how she didn’t know I saw her fingering herself just a minute before. Her thong undies were still wrapped around only her right foot, but she quickly kicked them off and slid them under the couch with her cute little right foot showing her teal-painted toenails, I totally acted like I didn’t see her do it.

“Bro!” I could tell she was happy to see me, excited to finally meet me, after years of not knowing I existed. she had an amazing Smile all I could do was smile too and return the hug that she didn’t release. “It’s nice to meet you,” I whispered softly, rubbing her lower back gently.

“You too!” After what felt like forever of having her small but really nice frame, and breasts pressed against me her arms folded together around my neck, she released the hug, sitting in the chair in front of me. “Sit! Oh, my bad what a terrible host I am! Do you smoke?”

Smiling, I sat down across from her, trying to keep my eyes from looking under the table at her crotch. “I usually only do edibles but if you have some to smoke I am down? I could smell it from outside.”

After spending the whole evening smoking from the small black and teal colored pipe, eating a frozen pizza she had baked in the oven for us, talking, laughing, and throwing pillows and food playfully, at one another, the sun finally fell. And she finally realized that if I wanted to, I could have looked at her cleavage or her pussy at any time, then she buttoned up her flannel around her waist to make sure to cover it. Maybe She figured I didn’t steal a few peeks, which I did, but wouldn’t tell her. Time for bed I guess, “yes I’ll show you to your room so we both can get some sleep and get to know each other even more tomorrow.”

I scream and sit up straight, sweat pouring down my face and my body, the light of the moon was shining into my room. Olivia was sitting next to me, worry in her eyes. “It’s okay, bro. You’re okay. It was just a nightmare.”

Shaking my head, I sigh softly, my chest and abs visible as I sleep completely naked. “Were you dreaming about your accident or just being back over there?” Nodding softly, I felt her hand on my shoulder and looked at her. “Curtis you can trust me I am your stepsister, you’re my stepbrother it’s okay you can tell me, I’ve always wanted a big brother, I could tell stuff to that I could never tell anyone else, stuff I couldn’t even tell my parents, and I wanted a brother who would tell me stuff he couldn’t tell anyone else except me too.” Wait you trust me we just met yes but you are my stepbrother and I am your stepsister even tho we’re not blood who cares I certainly don’t.

“Okay fine your right, I trust you, okay I dream about it every night okay more like I have nightmares of living it over again and again. I see it whenever I close my eyes, whenever I’m riding in a vehicle for too long if there’s a movie with war in it.” She smiled softly, pressing on my chest gently laying me on my back, and laid beside me, cuddling up to me, her head on my chest. “It’s okay bro. If you ever need to talk, I am a good listener, anything you tell me I will take to my grave, if you need someone to comfort you, I’m here for that too.”

As I nodded softly, I looked down at her, feeling a little better, but weird as I was completely naked under the covers, and my half-sister was cuddled up to me. Slowly, I felt Olivia’s fingers tracing some of the scars on my shoulder my tricep, and my forearm.

“Are all of these from the accident or just from being in combat?” Her voice had a hint of sadness in it, but also a hint of curiosity. “most of them are, yeah this one on my shoulder the accident these small scars on my forearm just from combat. but this big scar across my tricep is from my stepfather he threw a beer bottle at the wall as I was standing in a doorway and it exploded with shards of glass going in every direction. He was peace of shit we fought what seemed like every day he was with my mom…”

“Well, that’s one thing we have in common. Before my mom married your Dad she had this boyfriend…he was very abusive to me. and I have never met my real dad ” She closed her eyes, shifting her head on my chest, her brown hair became a messy pillow on my chest, the heat from her body emanating on mine. “I know, Dad told me about what he did to you and how your dad left when you were a newborn…Dad also said how happy he was that you wanted to meet him and then move in here too.”

She smiled softly, wrapping her arms around me, placing one of her legs over one of mine, her leg resting on my member. I don’t normally like men…so you really are lucky. I don’t get close to them and won’t let my guard down when around them..”

I smiled softly, feeling her lean leg moving up and down, rubbing against my now thickening member, getting hard. Her fingers now rubbed down my Hard chest and then to my abs slowly down to my happy trail softly pulling on the hairs. “I-I um, I’m gonna go take a shower okay?” Seeing her pout, I let a soft sigh escape my mouth and rolled over, and wrapped my arms around her tight little waist, holding her close. “I’ll stay here for a bit longer..”

Smiling, Olivia nodded, before flicking my nose and then sitting on my back, pinning me to the bed, as she laid down on me. “H-hey! What is that for?!”

“What? Curtis, you’ve never wrestled with a girl before?” she asked teasingly, rubbing the back of my head, “Oh…so you want to wrestle? Fine.” I rolled her over onto her back, laying on top of her, hearing her laugh, and struggle. “No! Get off!”

Rolling over, I pinned her to the bed, covers barely hiding my body anymore, pinning her hands above her head I kiss her on the forehead. “Whatcha going to do about it? Huh?”

She struggled, wiggling underneath me, giggling a bit. “I will…” she wrapped her legs around my waist, and flipped me onto my back. She was now sitting on my stomach, looking down at me, holding my wrists together, above my head, with her hands, her face just mere inches from mine. ‘Shit…this isn’t good…I…I like this…too much..’

She smirked as her greenish-brown eyes looked into my ocean greenish-blue eyes. “Looks like I win” I couldn’t help but blush deeply and smile. “That’s what you think.” Pumping my hips and stomach up, my plan failed, throwing her into the air her ass landed on my chest and her pussy on my face.

I couldn’t speak, and when I tried I could feel her squirm and let out a soft, muffled, and cute moan. “H-hey! Naughty boy! You aren’t supposed to” she let out another moan, biting her lip as she squirmed, when I opened my mouth, to try and say something.

“Mm…b-bro…s-stop…” She tried to say, but moved her hips, rubbing her panty-covered pussy against my face. At this point, I could tell she liked being like this, so I slowly licked her pussy through her panties, feeling her thighs squeeze around my head a bit, her moans becoming more prominent, her resistance was no longer there, her grip on my wrists tightened as we gripped the headboard of my bed.

“B-bro…I…oooohhh…” she released my wrists, covering her mouth with her hand. Taking this as a sign that she really wanted me to continue, I lifted her up a tiny bit, just enough to roll her over onto her back, pull her panties off, from under her long shirt, and buried my face back in between her legs, licking her from her crack to her belly button then licking her near her hips then her inner thighs then back to her clit, flicking it with my tongue, enjoying her squirming and wrapping her legs around my head.

Hearing her moans grow louder and louder, I buried my tongue inside her tasty soaked cunt, swirling it around before pulling it out, and holding myself above her, watching her breathing heavily, her face as red as a cherry. “You’re naughty sis… enjoying your brother’s tongue on your pussy… ” I chuckled softly as she diverted her half-closed eyes. “Sh-shut up…I was so close…”

Smirking, I rubbed her clit teasingly with my palm as I slid my middle and ring finger into her, slowly pulling them out, then putting them back in, over and her, feeling her arch her back, pushing her body into mine. “F-fuck me It’s so good…”

“Mm…not yet…” I smiled, kissing her neck, fingering her faster and harder, feeling her walls tightening around my fingers as if she was about to destroy them. Then, I heard her scream, feeling her pussy tightening and loosening, tightening and loosening, as she came hard, coating my hand, and the bed in her juices.

When I lay beside her my 20-year-old step-sister, I could hear her panting softly. “You enjoyed that, didn’t you?”

“YES Isn’t it obvious…?” she asked between her inhales and exhales. She did enjoy it, and I knew it. ” Good uh oh… I have never done anything like that before… I’m still a virgin” (at 22..) I added under my breath. I laughed nervously, awkwardly, feeling her roll over and sit on my lap, her pussy pressed against my thick 6-inch erect cock you could see and feel my pulse through it while rubbing her.

“That’s okay no worries I am on the pill, allow me your little step-sister to take your virginity” she slowly lifted herself up, then sat back down as she felt the head of my cock enter her tight opening. “Oh fuck…So tight…” my balls touching the bottom of her perfectly round tight little perky white butt…..

Olivia smiled, leaning down and kissing me deeply, passionately, as she rubbed against me, my cock deep inside her. I couldn’t help but kiss back, letting out a soft moan into her mouth, feeling her rubbing a bit faster and harder now, changing to bouncing after a few more grinds.

With her bouncing on me now, the faster and the harder she bounced, the more violent she did, and the more the bed rocked, slamming into the wall.

Slowly, she broke the kiss, pulling away a few inches, a strand of saliva connecting our lips. “You like your little sister’s tight pussy?” As I nodded softly, I gripped her hips, then grabbed her ass, pumping my cock into her every time she flung down, her perky little fine white ass slapping against my balls, my cock slamming against her tight warm wet insides. This made her speed up, biting her lip as she leaned back, placing her hands on the bed, slamming down on me as hard and fast as she could, screaming each time my cock slammed into her. “I-I’m close…” we said simultaneously, but we’re both wrong about how close we were as I shot my hot load into her, filling her pussy to the brim, and she came, squirting all over me.

“Fuck!” she fell down onto my chest, panting heavily, my cock still inside her, shooting the last little bit of my semen into her, both our juices pouring out around my cock. “D-damn…that felt…amazing…” She nodded in agreement, falling asleep on my chest. Thanks, Olivia I needed that “no problem Curtis and yes we both needed that. I am glad I could make my big bro happy and make you feel better after your nightmare and make you feel welcomed and safe here. ” And make you cum after you made me cum”.

Thanks little sis which I like calling you now, she smiled her playful and real smile that you love seeing, you can’t help but grin back at her. “Let’s lay here for a while then we’ll go clean up in the shower together then I’ll make us something to eat, after that performance you’re probably starving, I know I am.” Yeah sounds good, I could definitely eat.



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