Sometimes Life Imitates Art – Part 2

Before I could move, I heard “What is Nate doing here Mom??!” in my daughter’s voice. I sat bolt upright and gave myself whiplash turning around. Megan was standing in the doorway. And what she was wearing made my jaw drop to the floor. She was in exact matching attire to what my wife was wearing at the beginning of the night.


Story Continues:


Her feet were in three inch stilettos, her legs were sheathed in black stay ups, she wore lace panties and bra in the same plum color, and it was all covered in a see through robe just like Pam’s. This somewhat exposed her breasts and groin to all of us.

I could see her dark brown nipples standing out and pushing at the cups of the bra. She appeared to have her right nipple pierced (which I had no clue about.) I could also see through the fine lace of her panties that just like her mother, she was completely devoid of pubic hair.

Megan was a late bloomer. She had started puberty after most of her friends which caused her to have a very lanky frame. She stood over 5′ 7″ and had legs like a gazelle. Having them accentuated by the nylons both seemed to increase their length and reinforce her young age. She looked like an incredibly sexy woman and a little girl all at the same time. I was speechless.

She stood in the doorway with her feet apart and her hands on her hips. She had a frown on her face. “Don’t worry about Nate sweetheart. Plans change. Why don’t you come over here so we can have a better look at the new outfit we got you today? Megan seemed to relax a little bit and glided towards us.

Her legs looked incredible in her nylons and her robe trailed out behind her as she moved. My daughter’s long light brown hair, which was usually in a ponytail, flowed behind her also. I will never be able to fully describe nor do justice to any description of my daughter that night. Needless to say, a goddess stood before me.

“You look incredible dear,” my wife said. “Why don’t you take your robe off? We don’t want it to rip.”

Megan shrugged it off and let it fall to the floor her gaze staying on her mother.

“Look at her Jim. Doesn’t she look stunning? I knew when we found them that you would approve.”

My eyes continued to travel up and down Megan’s body.

“Megan, I told you that daddy would be impressed. Look at how hard he is.” There was precum oozing out of me and was running down my shaft in a small river. Keep in mind that I had not cum yet this evening and I had witnessed some really erotic sights.

Meg’s head turned slightly and I could tell she was staring at me.

“Do you feel pretty sweetheart, do you feel sexy?” Pam queried.

Megan nodded the affirmative.

“I’ll show you how sexy your father thinks you are.” Pam leaned over and stroked her hand rapidly up and down my shaft. After only three strokes I came and came big. Semen flew everywhere. My mouth opened in a silent scream. Seeing some cum land on my daughter’s nylons caused my balls to contract even more violently.

Both of my kids looked on fascinated as my wife finished milking me. She chuckled and said “See, I told you, you excited daddy. This is because of you Meg” Pam indicating the cum on her hand before giving it a lick.

I was horrified, pissed off and ecstatic. Horrified that I was staring at my child dressed in ‘fuck me’ lingerie, pissed off that my wife had wasted my orgasm in her hand, and ecstatic that I was staring at my child dressed in ‘fuck me’ lingerie.

I think Pam could tell that I was a little disappointed that she made me cum so fast. “Don’t worry Hun, I think we can find a few ways to coax you back to performance strength” she teased me. She then moved Nate from her lap and stood up. Moving behind Megan, she wrapped her arms around her and put her cum covered hand in front of our daughter’s mouth. “Why don’t you have a little taste of a man sweetie? Go on, it’s good.”

My little girl’s tongue tentatively snaked out and lifted a dollop off of the preferred hand.

“Good girl.” My wife ran her hands over Megan’s shoulders and down her arms. “Isn’t she beautiful Jim? I knew this color would set off her skin. You should have seen the store clerk’s face when she came out of the dressing room in it this afternoon. If the staff member hadn’t touched a woman before, she would have today if given the opportunity. You felt sexy today didn’t you baby?”

“Yes mom.”

“So, shall we tell daddy how you got here?”

Megan nodded.

As Pam started to explain this whole crazy situation she kept stroking her hands all over our daughter, and I mean ALL over. “Remember that first family video we rented? Well, I had forgotten about it until the video store called asking for it back. It was already four days late. Well, I panicked of course and started tearing the house apart.”

My wife’s hands cascaded over my little girls breasts encased in her bra. “I couldn’t find it in the usual places before the kids got home so had to stop. Later that day I heard some noise coming from this one’s room.” Pam indicated Meg and ran her hands across her flat stomach causing an intake of breath. “As I reached her door I recognized the dialogue and music from the movie. When I peeked in, here was our girl laid out on her bed making herself feel good. Isn’t that right sweetie?”

Megan nodded again.

“I didn’t have the heart to interrupt her and she looked incredibly sexy so I waited until she was finished. Afterwards Meg and I had a long talk about sex and what she had watched. It seems that she found the tape and was curious. Once she watched it the first time she didn’t want to give it up. I’m surprised she didn’t hurt herself with the amount of masturbating she did in four days.” Pam’s hands grazed over the front of her panty covered mound.

It turns out that the thought of being with daddy was the biggest turn-on in her life. She didn’t want to tell me at first but we worked it out didn’t we Megan?”

Another nod.

Pam drew her hands back and unclipped her daughter’s bra. I was mesmerized. They were still covered loosely by the cups being dangling by the shoulder straps. I was so close to seeing her pert little breasts yet was being denied. Pam slid her hands over Megan’s shoulders and slid the bra off. Her breasts were perfect for her frame. They were only a 32A but that just accentuated both her long frame and age. As I said before, she had a ring dangling from her right nipple. Both nubs stood out from her body.

“Anyway, I renewed the tape and we kept it for another week.” My eyebrows shot up. “Megan and I would find some time to lie on our bed and watch the movie, talk or make ourselves feel good. And that’s when she decided that she wanted to play with us. Considering what we had been talking about lately, I knew you wouldn’t complain. Is it moral? No, but it is exciting.”

All of this time Pam was running her hands all over Megan’s upper body, cupping her breasts, and pulling her nipples. She then knelt down behind our daughter and grasped the top of her panties at the hips. Sliding them down, my wife exposed her to her dad and brother. Megan was completely smooth with the folds of her center visible.

When Pam stood back up she raised Meg’s arms over her head. Sliding her palms from Megan’s wrists all the way down and across her body emphasized my daughter’s willowyness. Finally Pam stopping at the junction of her legs “Look at her. She has fantasized about you. She has told me that she wants to give herself to you. Are you willing to accept her gift?”

Megan looked up into my eyes for the first time. Yes, she had been staring at me but not my face; more my manhood. She had a fearful and pleading look on her face. Not because of the offer her mother articulated but from fear of rejection. Although she had support from Pam, she was running a huge risk that would be hard for any age let alone a sixteen year old.

I hesitated for a second, not being able to find my voice. Megan’s eyes grew wider in fear. I finally spoke “Come here sweetheart.” I indicated that she should come over to me. I stood up in front of her and put my hands on her shoulders. “Is this what you want? Do you want to play with daddy?”

“Oh Yes. Ever since I say that movie all I can think of is being with you.” The last part of the sentence came out in a shy whisper.

“You know that we aren’t supposed to do this.”

“I know. Mom and I talked about it and she told me what would happen if someone found out. We also decided that is why it’s so exciting. We aren’t supposed to but I want to anyway.”

I stepped forward and slid my hands off her shoulders and down her back. As my body made contact with hers my hands cupped her ass cheeks. It felt like lightning was traveling over the skin on the front of my body. I could feel her nipples pressed into my chest, her nylon encased thighs brushing my legs and her head came to rest on my shoulder. As I hugged her she moved her pelvis forward slightly and let out a small groan.

I leaned my head back to look into her face and then moved in to kiss my daughter like no father should. Her tongue tentatively came out to meet mine and our passion deepened. Within seconds we were pressing our groins together and were running our hands up and down each other’s backs.


“Lay down sweetie. Let daddy make you feel special.” I helped her sink down onto the blanket and lay beside her. Starting at her lips I kissed her entire body. She quivered as I traveled over her chest and sucked her nipples, flicking the gold ring. I licked her belly causing it to contract. I worked my way around her most intimate of places, wanting to save that for later, and continued down her thighs.

I kissed and nibbled her legs through the smooth nylon of her stay-ups, not willing to remove them. She giggled as I nipped at her toes calling me ‘silly’. This increased my desire. The way she used the term was so juvenile and childlike yet she was spread out before me completely naked save for the very adult nylons. She had become a contradiction in terms and it fueled my desire.

As I worked my way back up, I concentrated on her inner thighs. Eventually I slid my little girl’s legs over my shoulders and came upon her center. Her lips had become engorged and swollen, forcing her to open like a flower before me. She was completely hairless from front to back. I could even tell that she had no hair surrounding the little ring of her anus which was glistening with her leaking juices.

“Do you want daddy to make you feel good baby?” I asked.

“Ooohhh yes please daddy.”

I leaned forward slightly and ran the flat of my tongue along the entire length of her slit from back to front, starting at her ass and not stopping until I scraped across the hood of her clit. This elicited a moan from her and caused her legs to uncontrollably stiffen on my shoulders. Of course this drove her young pussy up deeper into my mouth.

I proceeded to lick and suck on my little girl alternating between her opening and her button. She tasted magical. The irony was lost on me at the time. I hadn’t had another woman in my mouth for over twenty years and the first one after my wife is my own daughter. All of this was brought on by watching movies to spice up our sex life so we wouldn’t cheat!

I reveled in my daughter’s sex. It was impossible to get enough. I pleasured her for over ten minutes and I think it was more for my benefit that hers. Letting go of something so perfect was inconceivable. But all good things come to an end. After Megan experienced three orgasms she couldn’t take any more. She was so sensitive that she literally had to shove my head away from her with both hands.

As I backed away her black sheathed legs fell off my shoulders onto the floor, knees apart and keeping her completely open. After sitting back on my knees for a moment admiring the wonderful view of my daughter spread before me I heard my wife say “Do it Jim. She has been waiting for this.”

I had forgotten about my wife and son. I looked over to my right to see Nate laying down on his back, small penis sticking up into the air. Pam was lying beside him feeding him her right nipple and slowly stroking him.

I was to the point of not thinking straight. If anyone had entered that room I would have been condemned as a pervert and sicko. I would have been hauled off to jail for the rest of my life. But to me, it was the most natural thing in the world. My daughter was so beautiful and my wife was being so caring with our son.

I moved up Megan’s body until my hard cock was hovering over her little pink pussy. “Are you sure you want this baby?” She nodded yes. “Have you ever done this pumpkin?” I asked. That question is the one that every dad wants to know but dreads. And I was dreading it even more. If she said yes then I wouldn’t hurt her but someone else had been where I belonged. If she said no then I was going to inflict pain and not pleasure.

My wife solved the problem. As my daughter shook her head ‘no’ my wife asked her “Have you been playing with the toy that mommy gave you?”

“Yes mom.”

I looked over at Pam. She explained “I didn’t want my baby’s first time to be uncomfortable. I gave her my blue vibe after our first discussion about her fantasy involving you.” Looking at our daughter with a smile on her face and love in her eyes she continued “The first time we used it together. It hurt a little bit didn’t it sweetie?”

Megan replied “Oh Yah!”

“After that I told her to practice just in case she ever had the opportunity to be with her daddy. Judging by the sounds coming from her room at night my guess would be that she has been practicing every night.” Megan giggled at that.

As I suspended myself naked above my daughter, preparing to penetrate her, I realized that I was completely set up. My wife had planned this for weeks!

She got up from the floor and crawled over to us on all fours. Kneeling on my right she reached out and caressed Megan’s long brown hair. “Do you want to feel daddy inside you sweetheart?” she asked lovingly.

Megan looked up at me and said, “More than anything.”

Pam reached between us and wrapped her hand around my hard shaft. After stroking it a few times to make sure it was hard enough, she pulled me forward until the head made contact with our daughter’s slit. Megan gave off a little whimper.

“That’s it sweetie. You can’t wait for your daddy, can you?”

Megan bit her lower lip and moaned, “Hurry mom. I want to feel him.”

“I know. It will be everything we talked about and imagined together.”

As my wife and daughter had this exchange, Pam was moving my cock head up and down Megan’s slit making my helmet slick. Not that I needed it with all the precum I was leaking.

She finally released me. Leaning in she placed her lips bedside me ear and whispered seductively “Fuck her Jim. Put yourself inside your daughter. You know you want to.”

Pam reached behind me and gently grasped my balls as I hovered over Megan. She then applied a slight forward pressure. It was not anywhere near enough to force me into Meg or cause pain but more a guidance as to what was expected of me.

I slowly pushed forward and entered heaven on earth. Megan was tight but not painfully so. Her previous ‘training’ had opened her enough to make the journey an adventure and not a challenge. I pulled back after sliding half way in, lubricating us before moving into her all the way. I am not huge at seven and a half inches but I was still quite surprised that I fit completely. As I said earlier, Megan is not a very big girl.

As I bottomed out, she let out a huge sigh because she had been holding her breath as I moved into her. Pam’s fingers slid off of my balls and moved to the junction of Megan and me. She slid her fingers around her little girl’s stretched lips feeling where her flesh ended and mine began.

“Megan,” my wife called. “Look at mommy baby.”

She slowly opened her eyes and focused on Pam. She then broke out in a big smile.

Pam giggled. “Congratulations baby, you’re a woman and a daddy’s girl now.”

My daughter moaned and rocked her hips back and forth slightly, feeling me deep in side of her. “MMMmmmmmmmm…”

Turning slightly to me Pam told Megan to look down at there we were joined. I helped by pushing up with my arms. This separated our bellies but forced me into her just a little bit more. “Look Megan. Look at daddy connected to you. See how he looks pushed up against you. Jim, draw back so she can see more of you.” I pulled out of her until just the crown was still lodged inside. Megan lifted her head and looked down between us. “Look at how wet he is baby. That’s you on him. You made him that wet. Isn’t it beautiful?”

Megan could only gasp.

Pam moved behind me. She reached down and grasped our daughter’s nylon covered feet. Lifting them up, she placed a heel on either side of my ass. This caused my girl’s legs to lift and separate more. Her most intimate place looked like it was on display just for me as I looked down.

Pam then placed her hand on my ass and pushed saying “Fuck her Jim. Make your little girl cum.”

I did as I was told. I relaxed my body and sank into Megan a second time. During this penetration my daughter and I looked into each other’s eyes.

“OOhhhhhhhh DAAADDDYYY!”

I smiled down on her as I started to move in and out. My wife continued to push on my ass with every in stroke. My daughter also helped by digging her heels into me, letting me know that she wanted this as much as I.

My cock was surrounded by a silken glove. Feeling my daughter wrapped around me was the ultimate turn-on. My innocent little baby was laid out underneath me with her stocking clad legs spread, encouraging me to penetrate her over and over again.

As we worked into a steady rhythm I leaned down and kissed my own flesh and blood with a passion and fire I had never felt before. Our tongues dueled back and forth with sporadic moans and grunts intermingled. Having her scent filling my nostrils as I felt such wonderful sensations in my member was indescribable.

After several minutes of a steady pace, I again propped my self up on my arms to look down at Megan. By now she was totally consumed with the pleasure she was feeling.

“Fuck me daddy. Oh… it feels so good. Fuck me!!”

My daughter started to hunch her pubis up into me, grinding her clit against me. I started to fuck her like I owned her. The thought that it was her first time had gone by the wayside. The only thing that mattered was that the both of us came. It was my mission.

As I was slamming myself repetitively into my daughter’s depths I heard our son squeal. Looking to my left I say my wife sitting astride Nate. She was grinding her own pelvis onto him, his young cock fully enveloped. His toes were pointed straight out and his head was thrown back. My son was cumming inside of his mother again.

Seeing them spurred me on. “Fuck me baby. Fuck daddy.’ My daughter looked into my face with great concentration as she pushed up to meet my thrusts.

“I’m going to cum daddy. I… neeeeeed… t-to… cccuuummmmmmmm.”

She reached out and grasped my ass with her small hands, using them for leverage to force her clit against my pubic bone. Her young and inexperienced muscles started to spasm and dance around my cock.

What did it was the wail. It started deep inside of her and came out in an ever increasing volume. By the time she was fully engulfed in her orgasm she was screaming at the top of her lungs. What man could resist that?

After three or four fast short strokes I exploded. It felt like my very being coursed up my cock and shot out into Megan. I had cum only fifteen minutes earlier yet this was the most earth shattering orgasm of my life.

As volley after volley spewed into her I kept repeating “Oh Meg. Oh Meg. Oh Meg.” I don’t know what happened for the next few minutes. I didn’t black out but to this day I can only remember the intense pleasure. I finally collapsed onto her as the both of us shook and quivered, our sweaty bodies sticking together.

As I came to my senses, I kissed and nuzzled my daughter’s cheek whispering how much I loved her and thanking her for such a gift. It seemed like every time I placed my lips on her I felt her intimate sleeve grasp or twitch around my slowly deflating member.

I eventually rolled off, not wanting to crush her. My wife had done the same on the other side of the blanket with Nate. The whole family was spread out naked and enjoying the bliss of post orgasm.

As we all eventually started to stir my wife took charge. “All right you two. I know we all had a fabulous time but all things must come to an end. It’s off to bed for the both of you. We’ll talk about this tomorrow.” For once neither of them argued.

I couldn’t help but feel a twinge in my genitals as I watched my daughter’s ass and legs as she walked away.

My wife then stood and extending her hand said “Come on; time for bed. I think you might be a little worn out. We can clean up tomorrow.”

Once we had settled in and cuddled up with each other my wife filled in the missing pieces of what led to such a coupling.

As she said earlier, she had caught our daughter enjoying both the movie and herself one day. After all the talk of incest that we had had that weekend, she couldn’t help herself. Instead of reprimanding Megan, she gently helped her orgasm. It was fairly easy to coax Megan into revealing her daddy fantasy. As Pam pointed out before, most girls have some sort of dreams along those lines.

It was at this point that I got the admission of collusion. Pam admitted to talking to Megan on several occasions, helping fuel the flames of desire in our daughter. Pam let her know that it was normal to dream of her father and finally leading her to act on it.

The girls had this whole thing planned for weeks!

I finally asked about Nate. “How did you convince him to play?”

Pam started to laugh. “I didn’t. Meg was supposed to show up at ten o’clock after I warmed you up. That way you wouldn’t say no. I honestly didn’t expect him! But once he was there and I saw him playing with himself, I figured ‘why not?’ Nate was a complete bonus!”

We both burst out laughing hysterically.

Once we settled down, turned off the lights and cuddled up to sleep I sighed “I guess we’ll have some explaining to do tomorrow.”

My wife’s reply was “Oh, I have a lot of things I want to ‘explain’ to Nate tomorrow. The recuperative powers of youth are amazing.”

As I said, pornography changed my life for the better.


The author does not condone child abuse or incest, this story is meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in real life.

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