Some Siblings With Common Interests

I admit it, I love it, when stuff goes up my ass. I love toying my little fuck hole. I love it, when my little fuck hole gets fucked by another person. It is and was that way since I can remember. I have always had the urge to stuff things up my ass when being horny. And I accepted it.

I got my hands on some toys as soon as I could. I experimented a lot, read a lot about it and one day the magic happened. I had my first anal only orgasm.

Since then I am addicted to it. I need it. As often as I can. Something that might get tricky due the fact that I am still living at home, with my parents, with my older sister. Reason for it, despite the fact that I was already 19 years old and having a job, rents are just insane.

But luckily I never ever got caught. At least up to that point in time. Okay, I was careful. I tried to stay as quiet as possible. I never ever watched porn with sound. I normally fucked myself on the floor, to prevent person moving on a bed noises disturbing the rest of my family.

I always did it when I was home alone or when the others were already in night mode. And yes, I always locked the door behind me.

After years of nothing happening, it was back then that 19 year old me finally got caught doing something suspicious. No, no one caught me having a blast while shoving toys up my ass.

My sister just ran into me, after I was done fucking myself, while I was cleaning my toys in the bathroom. Stupid me just forgot to lock the bathroom door. My sister just entered the room. Not realizing that I was in there.

And you can imagine the surprised look on her face when she caught her brother washing some not to small dildos in the bathroom sink. No she didn’t freak out. She didn’t left the room. She just closed the door behind her. Locked it. Came closer to take a closer look on what I was doing.

Trying to cover it up, trying to hide anything, totally pointless. I just got caught. Finally, after some time filled with awkward silence, she began to ask question: “You fuck yourself, up the ass? Are you gay, brother?”

My face turned red like a tomato after she asked those questions, it took some while to grasp my breath and getting out an answer: “No sis, I am not gay. Just a little bit bi. And yes, I love it up my ass.”

She went on: “Totally okay for me. I don’t kink shame. You already done it with some other person?”

Still not comfortable with the conversation at all: “No, just playing with myself.”

“What a pity.”

Then she just left the room. Probably wishing me a good night while doing so. I had no clue what to make out of it. I got caught by my sister, we had a short, at least for me very awkward conversation and then she left.

I just shrugged my shoulders and finished cleaning my toys, took them to my room and stashed them in my usual hiding place and went to sleep. Well, my brain was hard at work before I fell asleep, but I finally made it into dreamland.

The next day, when I ran into my sister after I came home from work, she just smiled at me. Otherwise she acted as if nothing had happened in the night before. I somehow knew that my secret, back then it still was one, was save with here.

Later, while having family dinner together, just the usual chit chat about our days. Somehow, despite the fact nothing really bad had happened, I was glad that everything was back to normal again.

A week passed by. Another one. Months passed by. I was back to business as usual. Fucking myself up the ass as often as possible. Again, without being caught. Without any incidents. But things were to change. It was a casual Friday night.

My parents where out of town, visiting some friends and weren’t supposed to come back until Sunday. Sis was out dating someone, she normally stayed out fucking at least until Saturday high noon.

So I clearly was home alone. And what does someone do when he is home alone and into toying his ass? You got it, I cleaned out the dirty hole, choose some toys, threw on some nice femdom pegging porn without muting the sound, grabbed some lube and began to fuck myself.

Without forcing myself to be quiet. Without locking or even closing the door of my room. Really enjoying myself. Taking my time while fucking my cute little whole. And while doing so, I forget everything around me.

So I wasn’t realizing at all that sis came home early. Her date just went far beyond well. So she came home early. It was the first time that that happened. Or at least the first time I remember. She probably just was walking over to her room when she heard some noises coming out of my room.

Naturally, she got curious and found my door unlocked and open. So she risked to take a view. She probably couldn’t believe her eyes. Her brother having a blast fucking his ass, riding his toys while not touching his dick while having some porn running in the background.

Again, sis didn’t freak out. She just was curious. She somehow liked what she was seeing. So she stayed in the door frame. Kept on watching. Until her brother finished himself off. Again, anal only.

She watched his body building up tension. She watched his legs trembling while riding his dildo. She watched his body collapsing while a heavy orgasm hit. It just turned her on. It put a smile on her face.

And I, when I finished for the first time this night, and regained myself, couldn’t believe my eyes when I found out that my sister was standing in the door frame, watching me. Watching me fucking myself. At first, embarrassment hit in heavy. And desperation. And yes anxiety. A lot of anxiety.

That much of the last mentioned, that my body froze. I wasn’t able to move. And to think. So covering my naked body with the blanket next to me, no option at all. All I could think about was: “Fuck, I got caught. By my own sister. Fuck.”

Sis on her side, just kept smiling at me. She stayed totally calm. And no, this time she didn’t leave. She came closer. She closed the door behind her. She sat down on the bed next to me. Then she began to talk. In a very calm, not judging voice: “Damn it bro, you really know how to fuck yourself. Hot to watch.”

I took me a few moments to process her words. To come up with a suitable answer and to get it out of my mouth: “Thank you. It took me years to get to that point.”

Sis went on: “You really cum that way? I am asking out of curiosity, because I love getting fucked up my ass, but I never ever had an orgasm because of it.”

“Yes, I cum from anal only. But it took me a long time to figure out who to do it. I takes a lot of practice.”

“I envy you for that, bro. Can you share some tips?”

I still was thinking what to hell is going on? What to fuck is just happening? But after a few seconds, or minutes thinking about it, I just came up with the conclusion: She caught me in action. I am fucked up anyways if. So why not telling her everything I knew?

She listened, she absorbed every damn word that came out of my mouth. In the end, she came to one conclusion: You need practice. You need to figure stuff out on your own before involving someone else. So she asked me to borrow her one of my toys and some lube.

I showed her all I had. Her mouth was watering while she watched at my toys. She choose one, took some lube, lubed it up, pulled up her skirt, got in a comfortable position, put some lube on her asshole and began toying herself. She even let out a few moans when penetrating her dirty whole for the first time.

With me still in the room. Sitting next to her. Watching. Seeing everything. And yes, I liked what I saw. It turned me on. Made my dick hard. And sister, she just smiled at me. Gave me a view that it everything was okay.

And she encouraged me to go along with her. So I took one of my toys, lubed it and stuck it up my ass. In a way that she could see what I was doing. We kept on going for a while. Toying our holes while watching the other one doing the same. Our moaning’s filled the room.

After a while, it was time for a change. Time to go a step further. Sis completely undressed herself. She offered me a perfect view on her beautiful tits. She exposed her rock hard nipples.

Her tasty, mouth watering nipples. But for now, I resisted the urge to suck on them. We just went into a 69 position. Toying each others assholes without touching our genitals. Anal only. For both of us.

Fuck it, it was the hottest thing I had done so far in my life. It just was a mater of time until some orgasm began to build up inside my tingly asshole. Sis wasn’t as fortunate as I was. She had to stimulate her clit to climb to the top. And then it happened.

We somehow managed to cum close to each other. I was first, my body trembling, dopamine floating my body, I collapsed next to my sister. Whit a smile on my face. Somehow still able to keep on toying her asshole. She came next. Her body trembling too. She collapsed next to me. Wearing nothing but a big happy face.

After coming to our senses again, we both began to clean up the mess we made. While smiling at each other. We both knew, that this wasn’t our last adventure together.

For those who made it through that long text to the bottom, thanks for reading. And as always with my work, nothing but a made up story. Fiction. Happy wanking.