Smoking After Sex – Part 2

“No, I want you out here…from behind,” he replied, hand sliding down her back to bend her over the table. He watched as she slowly complied, spreading her legs and splayed herself over the table, her right hand still clutching the new cigarette between her well-manicured red fingernails. Matt felt himself grow harder.

Matt slid up her knee-length dress, saw the dark blue bikini panties, and roughly slid them down over her knees and flat sandals. Placing his hands on each side of her full hips, he slid his now engorged cock up her ass crack and pressed. He saw her look to the side and raise her cigarette to her lips once again. Closing her eyes, she hollowed her cheeks and sucked deeply.

“Ah, yes, take it, deep baby, bring that smoke in,” he urged, one hand grabbing his cock and positioning at the entrance to her soaked pussy. Lisa’s mouth watered slightly as she drew steadily and cleanly, opening her mouth slightly and swallowing the smoke. Them slowly and casually she turned her head slightly to the side and let out her smoke. She didn’t force it out, nor did it slide out. She used just the right touch and blew it casually off to the side. Watching her, Matt slowly slid his thick cock in her tight pussy and began to fuck his best friend’s wife. Lisa moaned with pleasure, not able to return the thrusts as she was firmly held against the table edge.

Unable to fully respond to his thrusts, Lisa sighed and contented herself with enjoying the penetration. While she certainly enjoyed Tom’s length, Matt was thicker and somewhat more satisfying. She looked at her cigarette, carefully gripped between her index and middle finger, and wondered what was so wonderfully erotic about smoking and sex. Smiling and moaning, she deliberately brought the cigarette to her lips again, ensuring Matt had a full view of her deep drag.

Lisa’s teasing drags made Matt’s cock harder, and he thrusted faster. God, I don’t know if I have any left, he thought idly but then immersed himself in her tight pussy. He watched her absorb his steady thrusts, her eyes closed, as she continued to deliberately smoke. Her drags were intentionally deeper, and he could tell from her exhales she was drawing as much smoke into her lungs, then letting it out in a forced or easy stream, clearly enjoying the process and how it made her feel.

“Fuck me, Matt,” Lisa urged, a stream of smoke punctuating her words during an exhale. He increased the tempo and she groaned louder. As she took another drag, Matt saw her exhale through her nose, clearly having absorbed that last drag deep in her lungs. The smoke wafted about her face and mingled casually with her hair as she exhaled slowly. He felt the rising pressure in his balls, and he exploded in several convulsing spurts, much less volume than earlier but with no less intensity.

“God, yes, Lisa,” he moaned hoarsely. As his tremors subsided, Lisa took the final drag, exhaled forcefully, and stubbed out the cigarette. Matt slowly withdrew and sat back in Lisa’s chair. Lisa turned and leaned against the table edge, smiling.

“Surely we aren’t done yet,” she said, with a smile, reaching for the pack of Newports. He looked at her as she lit another cigarette and exhaled a cone directly into the sky. She lifted the edge of her ass on the table, hiked up her dress, and deliberately placed her two feet on the arms of his chair. She motioned to her soaked pussy with her cigarette, her hand landing on her inner thigh.

“You made a mess, you need to clean it up,” she said, grinning. As Matt smiled and leaned forward, Lisa brought her cigarette to his lips. He mouthed the filter, took a drag, then moved to her pussy as she spread her legs. He exhaled slowly, watching the smoke hit her wet lips and flow over her stomach and thighs. While Matt wasn’t a huge fan of tasting his cum, he couldn’t resist her sultry tone and smoking — it was simply too erotic. He licked slowly at first and Lisa moaned, enjoying his teasing ministrations.

“That’s it, baby,” she moaned with pleasure, closing her eyes to the sunshine and feeling his tongue attack her swollen clit. She raised her hand to her lips, took another powerful drag, and held it for a moment. Opening her eyes, she felt the swell of the smoke in her lungs and looked down, gently exhaling a plume to the top of his head and face. Matt felt the smoke swirl around his face and eagerly licked her clit faster.

“Eat my cum filled pussy, baby, it feels so good,” she urged. Matt complied and seconds later, Lisa exploded, both her hands, gripping his head and forcing his mouth hard on her pussy. She uttered several guttural moans and peaked, tremors slowly subsiding. Matt slowed his pace and eventually raised his head. She still gripped his head, one hand still holding the nearly finished cigarette. He sat back, plucked the cigarette from her fingers, and took a slow drag. Standing, he wrapped one hand around her neck, leaned in, and kissed her deeply, smoke emerging from the mouths as he exhaled.

Lisa returned the deep kiss with passion, involuntarily inhaling his smoke but enjoying the thrill and pleasure. Their tongues dueled momentarily, and Lisa pulled him closer. When they finally broke the kiss, Matt stubbed out the cigarette and sat back with a sigh of gratification.

“Well, now, we’ve both made a proper mess,” she said with a smile, “shall we take advantage of the shower?”

Matt grinned in return and nodded. The cabinet project could certainly wait.