Smoking After Sex – Part 1

Lisa Swanson finished running a brush through her shoulder-length, brunette hair and stared at her reflection in the mirror. At 47, she knew her curvy body wasn’t in the best shape, but she also knew men enjoyed her sweet smile, full lips made for kissing, and semi-nerdy Kate Spade glasses — it always was a bit of surprise to her, realizing how much her innocent, almost-librarian look appealed to men.


And since she and her husband Tom had opened their marriage to other people during the past year, she’d managed to have several very erotic encounters with and without her husband that had spiced up their marriage and increased her desire for more experiences.

Lisa ran a well-manicured finger over the blush under her right eye, making sure everything was in place and allowing herself a content pleased smile. As the summer was fading, she chose to wear a dark blue summer slip-on dress with a hem just above her knees. The v-neck neckline showed the perfect amount of cleavage, and the asymmetrical design accentuated her shapely shoulders and collarbone. The natural waistline design followed the natural curves of her body to create a form-flattering shape.

Her reverie was interrupted by the ringing doorbell. With one last look in the mirror, she turned, left the master bedroom bathroom, and walked to the front door. Opening it, she saw her neighbor and husband’s best friend Matt on the step. Standing nearly six feet tall, with broad shoulders and a slight middle-age paunch offset by his regular workouts, Matt was clean shaven, his big smile was accented by short salt and pepper hair cut short, nearly a buzz cut, and a tiny scar on his forehead from a minor surgical procedure. He wore a well fitted dust-streaked plaid shirt and faded Levis.

“Hey, Lisa!” he intoned with his baritone voice. Lisa smiled, noting his glance as he quickly looked up and down her figure. She couldn’t help but think of their encounter last month, where she, Matt, Tom, and Lisa’s work colleague Mallory had engaged in a very hot foursome in Tom and Lisa’s bedroom. She also recalled his final words about how much he enjoyed her cock sucking skills and she wondered if further encounters, given the friendship between the couples, were truly wise.

“Hey Matt,” she smiled in return, “what’s shaking? Tom went into the office today in case you wanted to see him.” He shook his head.

“I wanted to borrow his Dremel tool, need to polish off some cabinet trim I’ve been working on,” he replied. Lisa waved him in.

“Of course, I think you know where it is in the workshop,” she said, “time for a beer?” He grinned in return.

“Always! The cabinet work will still be thereafter,” he replied, following her into the kitchen, eyes focused on her full, round ass. His mind wandered to their encounter from last month…mmm, he thought, so hot. Lisa grabbed a bottle of Heineken, opened it, and poured herself a full glass of red wine from an open bottle. Handing Matt his drink, she motioned him to the patio door

“Let’s enjoy on the patio, while we still can,” she said. He nodded.

“For sure, soon enough it will be snowing,” he replied, moving out the spacious brick patio. Lisa pulled up a chair, laid her drink on the table, and Matt sat off to her side. They sipped their drinks and made small talk for a few moments before Matt reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a packet of Newports. Holding it up, he arched an eyebrow in a question. She smiled.

“I haven’t had one in a while,” she smiled, “Tom isn’t a huge fan, but he indulges me.”

“Well, he’s a fool, then,” he said, returning the smile, “I think it’s hot when you smoke. That’s why I always encourage you.”

“Well, since you put it that way, how can a lady resist then?” Leaning forward, Matt placed the white cylinder slowly between her lips. Raising her head slightly, the cigarette suspended between her delicate, full lips, her eyes met his. Flicking the lighter, Matt brought the flame to the end and watched her suck in her cheeks, sucking in the first inhale and closing her eyes. He saw her lips purse around the filter, and he felt his cock twinge, thinking about how good they had felt around his hard cock.

“Mmm,” she murmured, lifting her head, and framing the fresh cigarette with the index and middle fingers of her left hand while coaxing the first drag into her mouth. Lisa opened her eyes as she finished her first inhale, meeting his gaze as he lit his own. Seeing him inhale and the cherry glow at the end of his cigarette, Lisa felt the sudden urge to taste the nicotine on his lips, swirl her tongue around his mouth and suck the smoke right from his lungs. She shuddered inwardly and exhaled a stream of pale white smoke forcefully past his head. Exhaling right after her, their smoke flumes passed alongside each other.

“Ah, that felt good,” she said, “I was overdue.” Matt smiled and took another slow drag, glancing at how Lisa held the cigarette between her two fingers, impeccably manicured with perfectly painted red nails. The smoke from her cigarette rose slowly into the air and the filter had a nice red stain from her matching lipstick. Exhaling into the air, he replied:

“Glad you enjoy. Because I certainly enjoy you.” She blushed unexpectedly, memories of their last encounter pouring into her thoughts.

“It really turns you on to see me smoke?” she asked, curious. He nodded in response, eyes focused on her cigarette and slightly parted lips. Lisa slowly brought the filter to her lips and pulled another drag into her mouth, popping the smoke into her lungs. She took a cheek-hollowing drag and opened her mouth to reveal a ball of creamy smoke beyond her bright white teeth. Matt immediately felt a twinge in his crotch, feeling his cock jump. Leaning forward, she pursed her red, moist lips, and slowly exhaled a perfect plume.

Finishing the exhale, Lisa lowered her cigarette hand, and trailed her fingers along the strap of her dress, over the skin of her left breast, teasing. She leaned forward, raised her right hand with a pointed index finger, and beckoned him closer. Complying, Matt lowered his cigarette and rested his hand on the table, bringing his face within a foot of hers. Lisa stared into his eyes, raising the cigarette to her lips again and taking a deep, cheek-hollowing drag — Matt could feel the heat from the cherry and heard the crackling burn of the tobacco as she sucked the smoke into her lungs.

Pulling the cigarette slowly from her mouth, Lisa pursed provocatively to begin to blow. She began to expel her smoke through the slight opening between her lips. The white expanding stream slowly traversed the short space between them, eventually jetting directly against Matt’s face. Its volume blew into his lips and mouth, and then quickly spread across the rest of his face. Some of the smoke parted, billowing back around both sides of his head. Because of the closeness of their faces, the force of the stream also mushroomed some of the smoke back into her face. She closed her eyes and smiled as she continued to blow.

Matt groaned and closed his eyes, and Lisa’s soft lips, still exhaling, found his. Her tongue slowly emerged and ran along his lower lip. She raised her cigarette hand and placed it along the side of his face, pulling his face closer as the kiss grew deeper. Matt responded, his tongue dueling with hers, and he moaned into her mouth. They kissed passionately, Matt feeling the filter edge of her cigarette brush along his cheek. Lisa broke the kiss, bringing her mouth to his cheek, then his ear.

“Pull out your cock,” she whispered. Dropping his cigarette, he leaned back, unbuckled his pants, and pulled out his cock. Glancing down as smoke rose between them, Lisa saw his six-inch, very thick, circumcised cock, mushroom head gripped in his hand. He was already so hard. Smiling, she slowly wrapped her cigarette hand around the bloated girth of Matt’s erection. She began stroking him slowly.

As her fist leisurely pumped, the cigarette filter scraped along the blood-engorged, vein-covered surface. It also was scraping over the sensitive head on the upstroke. Sticky pre-cum seepage leaking steadily through Matt’s cock began to coat the end of Lisa’s cigarette as it slowly scraped over the hole. He moaned in pleasure every time her hand and the cigarette filter passed over the sensitive tip. Lisa increased her tempo, gripping and pumping Matt’s shaft as if she was polishing one of the balusters on a mahogany banister. She lowered her head and licked the head, tasting the salty pre-cum and sending a shiver down to her pussy.

Matt moaned aloud at the touch of her tongue and began thrusting towards her face. He watched with rapt attention as Lisa raised the cigarette to her lips and took another drag. She pulled another drag into her mouth and popped the smoke into her lungs while moving her gripping fingers up the length of Matt’s hard shaft. She pursed her lips and slowly exhaled over his cock head.

“Lisa, ahhhh,” he exhaled in a low moan. He put his hands on the back of her head, pushing it down. Lisa opened her mouth and took him deep. After a few deep sucks, she resumed stroking with her right hand, her left hand clutching the cigarette. Ashes flew over his balls as she continued to stroke and smoke. Lisa felt his cock tremble and knew it was about to explode. Seconds later, the first spurt sailed perfectly through the space left between her open lips during a smoke-filled gasp without so much as touching them. The cum spurt hit her tongue and before she could react, his dick surged again, this time sending another spurt directly into Lisa’s sweet face. With the speed of a knife slash, it instantly cut a jagged line of sperm across her features, starting from her left eye, moving down her face, and crossing over her mouth. The line of cum didn’t break as it crossed her mouth. Instead, it formed a string bridge, connecting her parted lips.

Matt’s cock kept spurting and Lisa could barely react. The spurts came fast and furious, finally declining in the last eruption that spilled over his cock head and her smoking hand. Lisa watched as the cum poured over her wedding ring and the filter of her half-smoked cigarette. She slowed her stroking and Matt threw his head back with a final moan.

“God, yessssss,” he intoned, removing his hands from her head and allowing her to raise her cum soaked face and mouth. Lisa smiled through the cum and slowly raised the cigarette to her lips. Matt saw her take the cum soaked filter, put it between those full lips, and inhale deeply. Her cheeks hollowed as she filled her lungs again, burning the cigarette down to one-quarter. Matt watched her tease him, seemingly ignoring the streaks of cum on her cheeks, mouth, and even on her Kate Spade glasses. Finishing her deep drag, she raised her index finger and beckoned him close.

Matt leaned in and Lisa slowly exhaled, smoke rising between them as she poured her smoke into his mouth. Matt felt her tongue aggressively slide into his mouth, smoke, cum, and saliva merging in a sensual mix that sent shivers into his still quivering cock. Overcoming his initial shock at feeling his cum on in their shared kiss, he returned her eagerness with his desire. Placing his right hand on her knee, he began sliding it up her leg as their tongues continued to fight passionately.

Lisa put her hand over his and softly gripped it. Breaking the kiss, she whispered breathlessly,

“Wait, let me clean up.” Matt persisted.

“No, I want you like this. Smoke for me again,” he replied forcefully, longing in his voice. Lisa pulled back slightly more, glancing at the nearly finished cigarette. She brought her fingers back two her lips, grasping the filter near the base again, and inhaled deeply. As her lips grasped the cum moistened filter, she felt the paper crackle and the first smoke enter her mouth.

“Deeper,” Matt urged, “let the smoke fill those lungs, feel the nicotine hit.” Lisa paused, never having really deeply inhaled before wanting to, and being encouraged by his desire. She pumped on the cigarette and brought the smoke as deep into her waiting lungs as she could, pumped again, and doubled the amount of smoke in her lungs. Matt moaned and slid his hand further to find her damp pussy. Lisa spread her legs as she drew the cigarette from her lips, looked into his eyes, and began a long exhale of white smoke into his waiting face.

Matt closed his eyes as the smoke enveloped him, pushed her bikini panties aside, and found her moistness. He slid his index finger in, and his thumb waved over her engorged clit. Lisa shifted in her chair, spread her legs to give him better access, and finished her exhale. Matt opened his eyes to see her stub out the finished cigarette in the waiting ashtray. He took in her cum stained face, streaks of sperm now beginning to dry on her lips and glasses, and felt his cock begin to grow again.

“Again,” he growled, with a head nod to the pack of cigarettes. Lisa squirmed in delight as his fingers delicately but insistently pleasured her pussy. Her mind drifted momentarily to her husband and she felt a passing pang of guilt. He’s a bit vanilla, she thought, while Matt hits certain buttons Tom never could. She didn’t want to be an addicted smoker, was only playing and barely inhaling, but Matt wanted to see her smoke like a veteran. The thought scared and excited her.

Matt watches his best friend’s librarian-like wife reach for the pack. While he had always thought certain women smoking was sexy, he was a bit surprised at just how turned-on Lisa made him. Perhaps it was because his wife completely frowned upon smoking or Lisa just never looked the type to even consider it. Maybe it was that he could arouse Lisa in perhaps in a way his best friend couldn’t…or perhaps all the above. He pushed the reasoning aside as he saw Lisa take another cigarette and place it between her lips. She looked expectantly at him.

“No, you do it, babe,” he said, now pressing two fingers into her eager pussy, and passing her the lighter with his other hand. Lisa sparked the flame to the end of her new cigarette and drew steadily, but not harshly for several seconds, then as the smoke entered deep inside her, her breasts perked up an inch or so, she held it for 5 or 6 more seconds, and then she slowly exhaled long and blue. She enjoyed the wonderful feeling of her smoking, both the effect on Matt but also the thrill of being a bad girl, and her inhalation, coupled with Matt’s fingers, drove her to higher bliss.

Suddenly, Matt withdrew his hand and grabbed Lisa’s wrists, helping her rise from the chair. She looked confused at first, until he spun her around, held her from behind, hands grasping her 36C breasts in each hand.

“Ah, do you want to go inside?” she asked, her cig hand reaching up to caress his cheek as he nuzzled her neck. Matt raised his hand to her cig hand, turned it, and placed his lips on the filter. Taking a deep drag, he released it quickly into her neck.


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