Sister’s Love Crosses All Limits – Part 1

It’d been five years since we’d been to the movies, restaurants or amusement parks… five long years since our last act of tomfoolery that horrified kids and grannies alike; my little sister — Alice.

“I need you to go out- get into trouble… study, date, party and live your own life.” I’d said to her at the airport, hoping she’d learn to make it on her own.


“I can’t.” She wailed and pulled me in a tight hug.

“Alice…” I patted her back comfortingly, struggling to remain composed.

Alice had always had trouble making friends. And dating? The poor thing could hardly talk to boys without turning red like a tomato. I’m not saying she wasn’t a fun person. She’s the most fun person I know. It’s just that she has social anxiety and doesn’t open up to new people easily.

From the time she was born to this moment of my departure, her only true friend had been I. ‘Two peas in a pod’, they’d call us.

Such unconventional sibling love however, didn’t sit well with everyone. We were made fun of, bullied and even boycotted from social circles because we were ‘weird’. Even though I’d lost a bunch of ‘friends’ and ‘girlfriends’ along the way, I couldn’t care less. Alice and I had each other.

Life moves fast though. When I turned eighteen, I had to move abroad for five years to study medicine. Moving away from my beloved baby sister was tough… akin to being split in half. But for years I’d mentally prepared myself for this inevitable moment when we’d have to part ways.

I wiped the tears from her moist cheeks and kissed her forehead for the last time. The mischief in her hazel eyes was replaced with tears of longing.

“We’ll celebrate Christmas together.” I smiled. “Be a good girl, a’ight?”

“Yes… yes, I will.” She smiled, granting me the strength I needed to bid farewell.

Destiny had other plans, however…

Soon after I left, her grades fell and she got into fights, stabbing a bully in the eyes on one occasion. Such a blow to her credentials meant she had to be transferred to a sketchy boarding school for troubled youth hundreds of miles from home, which enforced strict rules and did not offer vacations.

Christmas for the next four years was a far cry from what I had planned.

The gift of reunion presented itself five years later though, with me graduating from medical school and Alice graduating from high school. I was almost turning twenty four, and Alice nineteen, older than I was when I’d left. The flight home was a restless ordeal, you can guess why.

Amidst the enormous crowd at the airport, my eyes searched for…

“Alice!” I waved and rushed towards the petite figure sprinting towards me. Dodging people and carts, I wrapped her in a tight hug.

Flowing hair, plump lips and a slim face marked by acne… that was my Alice.

“Leo… you’re back!” she squealed.

“How’ve you been, young lady?”

“Get in the car. We have tons to catch up on.”


Alice drove, keeping me at the edge of my seat.

“How was boarding school?” I asked.

“Horrible. How was med-school?” She said, eyes trained on the road.

“Med-school ain’t no picnic either.”

“Figured. Dating? How many girls did you ruin?” She chuckled.

“I’m an old player. But I’ve settled on one- Stephanie. What ’bout you, kiddo?”

“Um, yeah…” She hesitated. “…about that…”

“I totally understand if-“

“Derek.” She said, “His name is Derek.”

“Whoa, that’s- I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks.” She blushed.

Our neighborhood had been dressed up for Christmas with trees, lights and decorations. For the first time in the last five years, the holiday actually felt alive, and my smile wasn’t faked.

Back home, we wasted no time and started on fun that was long overdue.


There certainly was something different about Alice. She didn’t rely on me but instead took charge most of the times, coming up with plans for movies, dinners, bars and hanging out. No longer was she confined to her bedroom in a hoodie, curled up with blankets and books. She was a confident young woman now, eager to mingle.

Apart from that, I was a bit alarmed by her eagerness to express fondness for me through physical advances. Caressing my hands in the dark theater, insisting on sharing a straw and snuggling in a blanket was just the tip of the iceberg compared to what was about to come. I could’ve stopped her back then, yet I didn’t. Why? I had no idea how far things would escalate. Or maybe… somewhere deep inside, I too was enjoying this newfound intimacy my lovely Alice was showering me with.

On New Year’s Eve, Brenda- a girl in our neighborhood hosted a teens and young adult’s party that we were invited to. While I did expect familiar faces, a lot of new people had moved into the area since I had left. Nonetheless, I agreed to go when Alice insisted.


“Wow…” I stared in disbelief as she walked out dressed in a stunning black satin gown which contrasted against her rosy skin. The dark eyeliner highlighted her big hazel eyes while the lipstick accentuated her ruby lips. She wore minimal jewelry- a pair of matching earrings and a necklace that rested over the tip of cleavage peeking out of the gown. The amount of skin was certainly teasing, but it was by no means vulgar.

“Shall we?” Her heels clicked as she approached me, adjusted my bowtie and straightened my coat.

“Yes, yes…” I cleared my throat as I broke out of my trance. We locked arms and walked outside. I felt Alice shivering as the chilly winter air blew across the busy street.

“You sure you’re willing to freeze to death?”

“Depends.” She looked at me coyly, “How do I look?”


“Then it’s worth it.”

Brenda’s house was huge, with a lawn and fountain illuminated by fancy lights. Young couples in suits and gowns hung outside, sipping their drinks and chitchatting in groups. Faint music emanated from inside the house. I peered across the lawn for any familiar faces. But there wasn’t anybody I knew.

“Any of these guys your friends?” I asked.

“Nope.” She shook her head. “Let’s make them our friends.”

“You sure you’re up for this?” I cocked an eyebrow.

She nodded.

I grabbed us two glasses of champagne and we headed for a group of about ten people chatting and laughing in a circle.

A few of them took notice, smiled and greeted us.

A couple introductions later we had eased into the conversation about internet trends and celebrity gossip, until…

“Are you guys dating?” A guy asked.

“Actually, we-” I started.

“Yes, we just got together a month ago.” Alice spoke. Alarm bells went off inside my head. I was stunned. She grasped my hand, squeezing tightly.

“Well, to Leo and Alice!” They toasted. I plastered a smile and clinked glasses.

After chatting for a couple minutes, we finished our drinks and excused ourselves from the group.

“Why’d you do that?” I whispered furiously.

“Most of the people here have brought dates… so I thought-“

“Thought that it’d be okay for you to pretend we’re dating? I’m your brother for fuck’s sake.”

“None of these people know us!”

“Does that make it okay?”

“I-I’m sorry.” She hung her head. “I didn’t think this through.”

“It’s alright… I just need to clear my head… wanna refill?”

“Yes, please.”

Another drink later, we headed inside. The music was actually quite loud inside, and it took a while for my eardrums to get accustomed to the assault.

Alice said she’d be okay on her own and we headed separate ways. I met a couple of more people, mostly late teens and a few who were still in college. I thought I was the oldest until I met a resident surgeon who had come with his wife. He turned out to be someone I could relate to, and we drank and ate, chatting about developments in medicine and surgery.

A couple of drinking games later, the night was almost drawing to a close when a chubby girl, presumably Brenda drew everyone’s attention. It was announced that the night would conclude with a couple’s dance.

I was reluctant… but when Alice looked at me with her pleading eyes, I thought fuck it… no one knew we were siblings. And maybe I did want to dance with her.

One hand on her bare shoulder, I locked my fingers with hers and we gently glided across the smooth marble floor. Her eyes sparkled with the mischief I knew too well, our bodies moving harmoniously with the flow of music. These mystic moments were surreal, and the happiness on her face gave life to my movements.

I twirled her around and caught the small of her back. The surroundings soon blurred into oblivion and the music faded, as all my attention was focused on the rhythm of our movements and the lone jewel of sweat trickling down her cheek. She caught my hand, placing it lower. I was a bit surprised, but I went with the flow. As we gained momentum, we swirled in circles, eyes locked… and then followed with a graceful dip. Her ruby lips were curved into a smile, inches away from mine.

This moment right here… was the spark that changed our relationship forever.

She grabbed my face, locking her lips with mine. I was stunned as she kissed me passionately, exploring my mouth with urgency, dizzying me with her strong scent. I shut my eyes… shivering as her plump lips brushed against my skin and her taste trickled into my mouth. She smiled coyly as she pulled back, leaving me flushed and gasping for air.

Sudden cheers and claps from around us drew my attention. We were the last ones left on the floor, while others cheered and clapped at our public display of passion. My cheeks burned with embarrassment as I cast my gaze at the floor.

“Leo… Alice?” I froze in horror recognizing the familiar voice.

Sarah, a girl I’d gone to school with stepped towards us from the crowd. “What a performance…” she smiled wickedly. “What an illustration of sibling love, am I right?”

Confused murmuring and whispering erupted all around us. This wasn’t Alabama… I could sense people whispering, pointing fingers and laughing at us as we stood exposed. The dream like trance had turned into a nightmare in a matter of minutes. I held Alice’s hand firmly and shut my eyes, hoping people would simply disperse and leave us alone.

“I’m sorry!” Alice yelled and freed her hand. Amidst the murmurings that grew louder, I heard her heels clicking against the marble floor and fading in the distance as she ran outside.


“Alice!” I desperately called out as I sprinted home. I blinked away the tears from my teary eyes, squinting and peering to catch any sight of her near decorated shops and gatherings. Please be at home… I pleaded.

Indeed, I found her heels discarded at our doorstep and heaved a sigh of relief. Mom and dad were still out, and so the house was dimly lit and quiet.

I headed to her room and knocked on the door.

“Alice? You alright?”


Shaking my head, I pushed the door and walked in.

She sat on her bed, hugging her knees in a gray T-shirt and shorts. Her face was a red swollen mess from crying, with streaks of eyeliner that had washed down her cheeks.

“You hate me, right?” She whimpered.

“No, why would I?” I placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“I don’t know what came over me… and I- I- crossed a limit and-” she started sobbing and buried her face in her hands.

“Kiddo…” I cooed and pulled her into a hug, rubbing her back as she sobbed. “What you did was certainly unexpected but… it’s nothing I’d hate you for.”

“Sarah’s gonna tell this… to everyone and… mom and dad…” she sobbed louder.

She’d taken the words right out of my mouth. Sarah telling on us to everyone we knew, including our parents was also a concern for me. It wasn’t public humiliation but us being separated permanently that scared me. But at this moment with my little kiddo in such a fragile emotional state, I couldn’t afford to worry her more.

“I don’t give a fuck about what others think, Sarah.” I said.

“You don’t?” She pulled back, eyes glistening with hope.

“Yes. In fact…” I wiped a tear from her cheek. “I’m willing to forsake the entire world for you.”

Tears of love filled her round eyes as she pulled me into her warm embrace. I held her back, patting her head and comforting her quivering body.

“I- I- thanks, Leo. I don’t know-“

“Shhh…” I blinked away my tears, trying to be strong for her. “Everything’s gonna be alright, kiddo.”

Seconds passed… minutes passed as we sat entangled in each other’s embraces. Gradually, her sobs turned into sniffles and then there was silence.

“That was my first kiss.” It took me a while to register the weight of what she’d just said.

“First kiss? I thought you were dating Derek.”

“I lied.” She said unwaveringly. “I asked him out and he rejected me. I never tried again.”

I didn’t know how to respond. Anything I said could comfort her or break her completely. I chose silence.

“I don’t have friends, either…” she continued. “Unless jerks that let you hang out with them in exchange for chores and humiliate you after are considered friends.”

“I wish I was there for you,” was all I could say.

“You still can.” She held my hand and looked into my eyes. “Stay right here with me.”

“I am. I’m right here.” I squeezed her soft hand.

“Kiss me.”

“What? I don’t think we should…” I shook my head weakly.

“Why not, Leo? You said you’d be here for me.”

“That’s not what I meant, kiddo. This isn’t right.”

“Why not? What’s holding you back? Don’t you love me?”

“I do… but not like this.”

“Like this? Will the world tell us how to express our love?”

“No… I mean there are certain boundaries that-“

“Boundaries? There are boundaries in love?”

“I don’t know what to say… I-“

She placed my hand on her chest, her heart thumping against her warm skin in quick, strong strokes. I felt breathless, as I looked into her pleading eyes, the sound of my own quickening heartbeat pounding against my eardrums.

“This heart… desires nothing but you.” She leaned forward and closed her eyes, her rosy lips inviting me to clasp them with mine. This is so wrong. I need to stop right now. Her lips drew closer. We will be boycotted. Our lips were inches apart. But who else do I need to please? I had my answer.


I took her soft juicy lips into mine, nibbling and sucking like there was no tomorrow. I embraced the smooth wetness she was offering me, and acknowledged my own latent thirst for her.

With my eyes closed, I pulled her head closer to explore the inside of her mouth. Our wet tongues were sliding and slipping around each other, exploring what each of us had to offer. My senses were set ablaze by her fruity aroma, the flavor of alcohol in her mouth, the sounds of our pounding hearts and the wet slurping as we devoured each other.

When we pulled back, she was just as flushed as I was. Her hazel eyes were twinkling with satisfaction and desire, her lips and mouth coated with my saliva. Her breasts rose and fell with her breathless gasps, inviting me for more. I knew there was no going back now.

“Change out of your tux…” she said breathlessly.

I took off my bowtie and coat while she stared hungrily, licking her lips as my shirt came off. I unbuckled my belt and soon my pants were on the floor, standing before my little sister in a tank top and boxers.

She got up from bed and approached me, admiring me like a masterpiece. She slid her hands under my tank, caressing my back in slow circles.

“Alice… We- we shouldn’t.”

“Not this again…” She growled huskily and dug her nails into my back. “I need you.”

She guided my hand under her T-shirt, resting it on the hot creamy skin of her belly. I moaned and rubbed her smooth skin, filling me with desire, hesitation, and shame.

“Are you… sure?” I mumbled weakly one last time.

“Take me.”

All inhibitions and societal expectations annihilated, I pulled her in for another passionate kiss while my hands hungrily explored every inch of her soft belly and fingered her belly button.

“Leo…” she moaned and caressed my abs as we continued to kiss. I gave her T-shirt a tug.

She smiled coyly and winked. I yanked the T-shirt off her body and threw it in a corner, enchanted by her beauty.

She stood before me in a white bra, flaunting her prominent collarbones, lean arms and perky breasts with a confident smile.

“You’re beautiful.” I mumbled.

“And?” She grabbed my hand and placed it on her bra.

“And…” I squeezed gently. “…soft.”

Alice turned her around and pulled down her shorts. Bent over, seductively presenting her ass wrapped in white panties for my eyes to feast on. Her crack peeked outside the thin fabric much like her cleavage, leading into a valley of wetness covered by cotton. I grabbed her ass cheek and kneaded the doughy flesh through the fabric. She moaned.

As she stood upright, my hands wandered across her arms while I sniffed the strong scent of her moist underarms. My penis grew stiff as a rod under my boxers and pressed against her ass. I nibbled her earlobes, caressing the upper swell of her soft breasts as I did so.

“Can I?” I whispered, tugging the strap of her bra.

“You have to… strip me naked.”

The hook came off and I pulled it off her arms, dropping it on the floor. As she raised her arms, I grabbed her breasts from behind and squeezed the spongy twins from beneath, playing with her breasts like clay, always stopping short of her nipples.

“Leo…” she panted. “…play with my nipples. Please…”

More turned on than ever, I was happy to oblige. My hands wandered to the tip of her soft, creamy breasts, reaching the rubbery skin of her areolae. Her proud nipples stood hard and hot. I pulled her spongy, erect nipples. She gasped.

Alice grabbed my hands, aiding me in pulling and tweaking her nipples. I turned her around, admiring the puffy, pink areolae and perky boobs which had reddened from all my exploits.

Alice got on her knees and pulled down my boxers in an instant. My rock hard penis pointed at her face, oozing droplets of arousal. When she grabbed my hard shaft with her soft hand, I knew heaven was coming my way. She smiled coyly and winked. Is she gonna?

She did… in a flash she engulfed my length in her mouth. Alice started to rock back and forth, sucking my penis while studying my expressions. She seemed to enjoy that I couldn’t keep a straight face, moaning and groaning like a wild animal. Her juicy lips that I had kissed thrice tonight were firmly wrapped around my veiny shaft, pleasuring my nerves and carrying me steadily towards an orgasm. As I got closer, I grabbed her hair and started pumping to and fro into her mouth.

Just as I was about to peak, she pulled back and my throbbing penis popped out of her mouth, stiff and red, glistening with precum and her saliva. She smirked teasingly. Oh, c’mon!

Hornier than ever now, I grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled it all the way down to her ankles and glanced up between her legs. The sight of the red, swollen folds of her labia dripping with love juices almost pushed me to the edge, but I wouldn’t succumb so easily.

“Like what you see?” She cooed.

I reached for the fleshy folds of her labia and pulled them apart. She shivered. I licked my finger and ran it along the glistening hood of her clit, rubbing up and down. Alice purred. Her little wet clit protruded outwards, begging to be touched. But I had other plans.

She threw back her head and squealed when I took her little organ of pleasure between my lips and squeezed it, sweet and sour drops of her love juice entering my mouth. Before she could recover, I inserted a middle finger into the opening of her vagina. Her eyeballs disappeared in her head from the pleasure, and she started pinching her puffy nipples.


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