Siblings’ long hot summer of love

Ahh, summertime, what a magical time of the year, scorching hot weather fun in the sun, and all that kind of stuff, right? Summers are supposed to be fun times filled with happy memories that you cherish forever and ever, and dangerous severe summer storms certainly should never be a part of that, right?

Yet that is precisely what happened one year when we as a family had to run from a Cat 4 hurricane that was ironically named (Sabrina) which is also my older sister’s name.

As things turned out we were forced to live in a small motel room for what turned out to be an undetermined amount of time.

It had been a bad couple of years already due to the dreaded Wu-Flu virus that swept us all off our feet and the small family business we ran was just barely holding on as it was, so money was a bit tighter than usual as we set out on our very unexpected mini vacation and as a result, my older sister and I had to share a bed in the same motel room with my parents until it was safe for us to return home again.

With me a fresh eighteen-year-old and Sabrina just barely a year older if we had ever slept in the same bed together, we were so young at the time, and it was so long ago that I certainly could not remember it.

The first night was awkward in the small motel room with the four of us all trying to stay out of each other’s way, but somehow, we all managed to get showered and into bed without too much fuss.

As I lay there in the pitch black dark and inhaled the strong fragrance of strawberry shampoo emanating from Sabrina’s long golden blond curls I soon heard her mumble something about being too hot and I suddenly felt her kick the covers off of herself just before she sat up in the bed and pulled her long nightshirt up over her head throwing it to a heaping pile on the floor beside her before reaching and pulling the cover back up over her exposed breast.

When I awoke early the next morning before anyone else had arisen I quickly but quietly lowered my head beneath the covers and received my very first dim and somewhat hazy view of my sister’s beautiful pert tits and swollen pink puffy nipples.

When she suddenly stirred softly, I quickly snatched my head from beneath the cover, and our eyes automatically locked to one another’s in the dim pre-dawn light that was beginning to seep into the room from the edges of the windowsill.

She didn’t immediately respond as I expected, but rather scolded me harshly with a silent stern gaze for a brief moment or two before her sleepy blue eyes slowly lowered and then quickly widened.

She suddenly sucked in her breath loudly and quickly put her hand over her mouth as she quietly giggled into it for a brief moment when her eyes found and carefully began inspecting the huge tent that had formed beneath the thin cover over my midsection.

After a good long look, she slowly lowered her hand from her mouth and carefully and quietly formed and ever so slightly mouthed the words, “Why you sick little pervert” in my direction while just barely moving her tightly pressed lips.

She then quickly flung the covers back, jumped up, scooped her nightshirt up from the floor, and still giggling softly made a mad dash for the bathroom.

The rest of the day she tried her very best to appear slightly offended at my very presence but try as she might I could tell she was also a bit flattered by what she had witnessed earlier that morning.

Early the following morning I was awoken just before daybreak by Sabrina giggling quietly under her breath as she reached and carefully pulled the covers up over our heads.

She had once again removed the nightshirt sometime in the night and was now intentionally showing me her sweet, lovely pink protruding nipples beneath the sheer cover in the dim poorly lit room as our eyes suddenly locked again and we shyly peered into one another’s nervous gaze.

I quickly stiffened hard as a rock upon suddenly realizing that my beautiful sister who had always been a very private person and was usually quite shy wanted to show me her bare exposed tits again!

The following morning when Sabrina awoke just moments after me and quickly lowered her head beneath the cover her sleepy blue eyes suddenly burst open wide as she suddenly realized that at some point in her sleep, I had removed my boxers and her gaze quickly found my hand moving slightly ever so slowly stroking my rock-hard cock while gazing at her swollen mouthwatering nipples.

A little later that morning after everyone had awoken and was up and moving around Sabrina quietly asked with a sexy little grin, “Were you trying to jerk off to me this morning my dear sweet little brother?”

Before I had a chance to answer her one way or the other our mom suddenly popped into the room, so I just shot her a quick embarrassingly glance.

Later that day we learned that our house had been demolished in the storm and was quite unlivable at the moment. We would be moving to a motel room back home closer to the family business until insurance matters could be settled and the house could be rebuilt.

On the long quiet ride back home as we all rode silently and reflected on the fact that after the virus had stolen the last two summers from us a bloody hurricane had just wrecked this one as well.

After a while, Dad spoke up a bit and told us that times would be a little tuff for a spell but assured us that we would all be just fine in the end.

Sabrina suddenly sat up with a big grin on her face and began fishing around in her purse and soon came out with a pen and a small piece of paper and began scrawling away at it.

A few seconds later she passed the small, folded piece of paper to me and I opened it and read, “You can you know if you want to.”

The stiff erection that suddenly grew beneath my shorts was quite obvious to Sabrina for the remaining duration of our ride back home. My shy sweet sister had just offered to let me jerk off over the sight of her heavenly tits while she openly exposed them to me, and I was now bursting with excitement to get started.

The rooms at the new motel were slightly cheaper so dad managed to get two separate rooms for now but there was still only one king-size bed per room.

“Sorry guys but this is the best I can do for now,” dad said.

Sabrina poked me in the ribs before I could answer and said, “That’s ok daddy we understand, and we will just make do as best as we can for as long as we have to.”

“That’s my girl,” dad replied.

Later that night after we were sure our parents were fast asleep in the next room; I quickly pumped several hot sticky ropes of hot jism all across Sabrinas, tits, and stomach while she held the cover up high above us with one hand and pinched at her swollen nipples roughly with the other all while she watched me very closely as I beat off to her bare-naked tits beneath the thin bedspread.

“Umm that was nice,” she mumbled as she rubbed my warm seed into her tits and soft belly and then slowly drifted off to sleep.

When I opened the clear glass door and stepped from the shower stall the next morning Sabrina was standing just outside holding her shirt up with one hand and pulling the other from her panties and she was still shaking and trembling violently.

As I reached for a towel, she brought her wet fingers to her lips, and mumbled shakily around them, “Tha…thanks for the shower show little brother I needed that…that after last night.”

The motel we were staying at was adjacent to the beach, so we spent most of the day helping some of the other locals clean up tree limbs and other debris that had either blown down onto the beach or had been washed up there and left by the tide.

Later that night Sabrina removed her panties as well as the long night shirt and she was soon masturbating with me after she slid herself down the bed to assume a lower position so that when I came on her my thick wad would plaster her beautiful face.

Moments later I watched as Sabrina quickly licked and sucked my hot sticky load from her now dripping nose and lips.

As the long summer days and nights progressed our passion for one another grew quickly and we were soon kissing and hugging passionately whenever no one else was around to see us.

Late at night when we were certain we were alone and would not be disturbed we kissed deeply and fondled one another very passionately into the wee hours of the morning bringing each other off to mind-shattering orgasms with our hands, fingers, mouths, and tongues all through the long hot sultry summer nights.

One long hot night towards the end of the summer in the throes of our uncontrollable passion for one another Sabrina suddenly spread her legs wide and slowly drew me down deep inside of her as she thrust her hips upwards to meet mine.

We each squealed in delight as we crossed over into a new world that there was no turning back from, and we had no regrets.

We were not alone that summer in the sense of our loss and despair for there were many others along the coast during that harsh storm season that also lost everything except their lives.

Many of those people are still around here today and they still look back on that long hot summer as one of the worst that they have ever lived, but I cannot say the same.

I currently have it ranked as my best!

The End

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