She Knows What She Wants

I can feel his eyes on me again. He thinks he’s being subtle, that his furtive glances my direction go unnoticed, but I feel his gaze stroke my back, caress my hips. Since being assigned as my TA three months ago, his eyes are on me whenever he thinks I’m not looking.


 He wants to tear off this white button down blouse, pull down my black pencil skirt and take me on my desk. He’s not the first, but he is the most silent one. Never an attempt to flirt, everything strictly professional. It was Professor Tompkins who told me at first, jealous that the cutest graduate student seemed to have the hots for me.

As long as he kept everything professional I had no problem with it. Brandon was the best TA I’d had in years, being a professor of Medieval Literature, good TA’s were hard to find. So if he wanted to reward himself with a couple innocent glances of my cleavage when I bent over my desk or my ass when I wrote on the marker board, that’s the price I’d gladly pay.

It was a bit gratifying too. I’m 37, have a thirteen year old daughter, and been single since my husband left twelve years ago. The idea that I could turn the head of at least one young man, well, that was something. I wasn’t exactly a fully cloistered nun at this point, but for the last several years my only bedroom companions were a bottle of merlot and a powerful magic wand I called Charles Martel. So if this fit young man, he used to be on the university swim team, with wavy black hair and chestnut eyes, wants to look at me, well it just stoked the embers till I could get a private moment at home.

Or at least, that was it till my best friend Susan managed to get pregnant. Her and her husband had thought they were past any risk of that but biology had a different idea. Watching her belly swell these last nine months, then seeing her hold that wonderful little baby, it triggered a renewed maternal desire in me. I tried channeling it into focusing on my own daughter but she’s at that age where she’s starting to pull away, not get closer. And combine all that with my dry spell and I was ready to be soundly fucked and wanting my womb full. Don’t need a husband or father figure, just an eager and willing participant.

“Ms. Ohara, can you come here for a moment, I’m having a hard time with this passage.” Brandon called from his desk. I walked over to him, my heels clicking on the floor echoing in the empty lecture hall. I came over to his left side and bent over to get a look at the screen, resting my left hand on the desk for support. It also had the effect of pushing my cleavage up to be displayed more prominently thanks to the first three buttons on my blouse having been left unfastened. How forgetful of me.

I saw his quick peek down my blouse before he turned to the matter at hand. It was a passage from a story of the Fabliaux called in English: The Knight of the Red Robe. I pushed my black framed glasses up on my nose to see the indicated passage better. “Amis, bien soiez vos venuz! Les moi vos coucherez touz nuz por avoir plus plesant deliz.”

I smirked as I read that to him out loud, my thoughts exactly lady. “What’s so difficult?”

“My French isn’t as good as yours.”

“Old French, Brandon. I’m useless with the modern stuff. Let’s see, well she says to her lover, ‘Welcome my love, I ask that you lay near me as naked as I, so we can best enjoy each other.’ Saucy little tart, don’t you think?”

The poor boy’s face is crimson and the way he’s squirming tells me that my translation has given him an erection. I place a hand on his shoulder, “Everyone has this view of the middle ages that they were pious, dour, and boring. Furthest thing from the truth. You don’t have families with five or more living children when infant mortality was that high without some serious fu…um…love making. The church tried to stop it all as much as they could but you could tell how unsuccessful they were from all the rules increasing till some sensible reformers scaled it back. No sex on Sundays, or during lent. If your wife was pregnant you were on complete lockdown, not just during the pregnancy but while she was lactating as well! Just imagine…” My hand worked down his shoulder to stroke his shoulder blades and then come up his neck. It was so hot watching this young man squirm as I stroked him.

“Then there was only one position allowed. I like missionary as much as the next girl, but can you imagine if that was all? And of course nothing was allowed that couldn’t make a woman pregnant, so no anal or oral sex. Fortunately we know these rules were never really followed by the populace from the more secular sources. I’d like to think some women actually got off during those centuries.”

Brandon seemed to struggle for breath and he had started to sweat. “Are you aroused right now Brandon? Just talking about history and my fingers lightly feeling along your neck and you must be so hard right now. I see how you’ve been squirming. It’s cute, but while I like medieval history, I’m not one to follow its rules. Do you want to fuck me Brandon?”

“YES!” He shouted and then clapped a hand over his mouth. His exclamation echoed through the room.

“I’ve always appreciated the acoustics in this room. Maybe you can help me test them out. Tell me honestly Brandon, how close are you to cumming? Don’t be shy, I know you’ve had a crush on me for awhile. You thought I didn’t notice your eyes as I spoke during the lectures. Memorizing every facet of my face, caressing my breasts, gripping my ass. You have a very active stare Brandon. I know the power a crush can have. You must be fixing to cum, right?”

He just nodded his head quickly.

“Move your chair back and open your pants.” I ordered. He complied quickly with the first part, but in his excitement he struggled with his pants. I wasn’t going to help with this part, he needed to know to follow orders. He finally managed and an almost painfully erect cock sprang into view. Not bad Brandon.

I moved around to stand in front of him and unbuttoned another button on my blouse, then leaned over slowly. His eyes left my face to become transfixed on the cleavage on display. He was so mesmerized by my breasts he nearly jumped when my hand wrapped around his shaft. He looked down at my hand then up to my eyes. I gave him a smile and began to pump him hard.

I wanted this part over quick and it didn’t take long before I felt that tell-tale surge up his column and then he began shooting his load. I pointed him back toward himself, causing his mess to get on his own clothes. Some managed to get on my fingers and as I stood back up I brought it to my mouth. A little too salty for my taste, but fortunately I didn’t need him to cum in my mouth today.

He looked shocked and maybe even embarrassed as I stared down at him. Guess he liked the idea of being able to last, well I don’t need any of that male bravado crap. I need someone I know will lose control and cum in me and worry about the consequences later. Underneath my gaze I can already see new life twitching back into that lovely cock. I can’t help the smile that crosses my lips.

I walk over to my desk, which just so happens to be completely clear of its usual clutter, making sure to put some sway in my step. My genetics were good to me, my Japanese father gave me my dark hair and almond shaped eyes. My northern European mother gave me my height, hour glass shape, full breasts and a rounded ass that this skirt hugged just right. I could feel his eyes start at my tiny waist and then caress down the swell of me, gripping me hard. I was so wet right now. When I got to my desk I hiked up my skirt, letting him see the black lace that accentuated all it covered, then sat atop the desk. I locked eyes with Brandon as I propped my right leg on the desk as well, then slowly extended my right arm down to slowly roll the damp fabric off to the side. His eyes left mine as the hair of my bush started to come into view, followed by the reddish pink of my hungry pussy. You could hear the wet fabric peel from me as I moved it aside.

“Eat me.”

He was out of his chair and shot across the room. I let out a yelp as his hands found my inner thighs and spread me apart wider. I expected him to just plough in eagerly, but instead he buried his nose in my bush and inhaled deeply, then began kissing me through the thick fur. Unexpected, but I welcomed the sensations it sent coursing through my body as he nuzzled against my mound. His hands messaged my inner thighs as he teased with his kisses so close but so far from where I needed him. Still, it was nice to lose myself there for a bit and just have this young man play there, hearing him breathe me in deep, feeling his exhalation on my skin and hair. Slowly, Brandon kissed his way down to my hood. Just before he touched it he moved down to his right, kissing along my labia. I gasped as his lips kissed the sensitive flesh. When he reached the top he again stopped just before he reached my hood.

“Ms. Ohara, I just want to say that I love your pussy. Just being able to put my mouth here has me so hard. I hope you enjoy getting eaten as much as I enjoy having my mouth on you.” He spoke close enough that his breath tickled my clit. Then he went back down, this time counter clockwise and sucking instead of licking. He did this over and over again, up one side and down the other, alternating sucking and licking, drawing out deep and low moans from me.

“FUCK YES!” I cried out as his tongue dived into my core and I ground into his face in earnest as he fucked me with his tongue. I nearly passed out when he rose up suddenly and claimed my clit with his mouth. It was all I could do to hang on as he kept up this relentless pressure, using his swim training to great effect to stay on me, it was like he didn’t need to breathe. My orgasm steadily built to a creshindo and when it hit I lost all control. My body quaked as I shrieked my pleasure to the heavens.

I didn’t have time to recover before he was on me, claiming my mouth, making me taste my passion on his lips. His hands quickly undid the remaining buttons on my blouse and he practically tore my bra from me before reaching down to claim my left nipple in his mouth and began kneading my right breast. I couldn’t even think as he claimed my sensitive breasts, almost mauling them in his passion. All the while I could feel his hard cock pressed against my thigh.

Suddenly he was gone, relief flooding my body as the pleasant pain in my sensitive nipples subsided. I hadn’t even realized my eyes were closed till I felt his hands on my hips, pulling me off the desk till my feet touched the floor, then he rolled me onto my stomach and tore my skirt from me. His hands caressed the outline of my wide hips before I felt his fingers really digging into the meat of my ass cheeks.

“Give me that hard cock Brandon!” I encouraged. I felt the head of his penis against my labia as he got in position, then released a moan as he easily slid his full length into my hungry cunt.

I can’t even describe the sensations that coursed through me as the first real cock in what felt like a lifetime filled my pussy. All the dildos, cucumbers and even my own fingers couldn’t recreate the feeling of just having your walls stretched out by a warm, twitching and eager young dick filling you completely before starting to pound the life out of you.

The whole desk began to move as he would withdraw all the way to the tip and then slam his entire length back home in long delightful strokes. Feeling my ass ripple as it was spanked by his thrusting pelvis and my breasts shake from the body blow added to the sensation. His animalistic grunts as he moved rang in my ears as I lost myself to the joys of being claimed by this young man.

His hands left my hips and I felt his chest press against my back as his thrusts became shorter but deeper as he pressed against me. He worked his right hand under my body to rub my clit.

“I want you to cum for me again Ms. Ohara. I need you to cum on my hard cock! I’ve wanted this from the moment I set eyes on you. It’s cliché but I’ve been so hot for teacher. I can’t count the number of times I’ve dreamed of this moment while lying in bed. Hoping to one day have you on the end of my dick, moaning in pleasure. Am I a good student Ms. Ohara?”

I lost it. His words stimulating my brain with his fantasy, his fingers fanning my clit, his dick pumping in and out of me, I came harder than I can remember. My kegels clamped on him so hard he couldn’t move, my body trembled beneath his and my vision clouded over with stars. He whispered words of encouragement to me as he kept working my clit and I screamed out as my second orgasm rolled into a third, then a fourth. I lost count after that, just gone in a haze of orgasmic bliss.

Feeling him kiss from my right shoulder up to my neck is the next thing I remember. That and feeling this big, stupid grin on my face and still full of his wonderful cock. As he felt me stir back to life he lifted off of me and pulled out. He had to help steady me as my knees were literally weak and my thighs were on fire in the best way possible. I was going to feel this for awhile.

“Ms. Ohara, could I please have your permission to cum now?”

Oh fuck, that’s hot! I could hear him ask me that the rest of my life. I reached out and put a hand on his shoulder and he let me guide him to the desk. He sat down and let my gaze run to and fro over his body like he had done to me so many times before.

“And where does my star student want to cum?” I asked as I reached forward and began lightly stroking his cock. “Do you want to cum on my face? Just glaze me like a donut, glue my glasses to my head with your hot load? Or maybe in my mouth? These sexy red lips just around your shaft as you convulse and send strand after strand of hot baby batter into my warm mouth. I can be like those girls you watch in the dark on your computer, show you your load in my mouth before swallowing it down.”

It was his turn to quiver. I pushed him further back on the desk and laid him down, still lightly stroking that increasingly twitchy cock. I knew he must be close. I climbed up there with him and got on top, straddling his thighs. I pressed his shaft into my bush and rubbed him into my soft carpet.

“Or maybe I should take you between my tits? Would you like to fuck this magnificent chest and give your professor a pearl necklace? Maybe I should turn around and see if my twerking skills are up to those young girls out there. You want me to grind my ass into your cock and then you can blow all over this great ass? Is that what you want?”

He was straining to hold back, his eyes pleading with me as he couldn’t even utter a word without losing all control. Just where I wanted him.

“I know what I want Brandon.” I say simply and then I raise myself up and come down on him, sheathing his sword in one smooth movement. I ride him hard, the desk creaking as I crash against him, my breasts flapping about as I just claim my goal.

“I want that cum Brandon! Give it to me! Fill up this tight little pussy baby!”

He reaches up and grabs my hips and thrusts up as he pulls me down and just yells as he finally loses control and empties his balls into my waiting womb. I’m shouting yes again and again as I can feel each shot surge through him and into me till he’s completely spent.

I give him a peck on the cheek and dismount. Leaving him on my desk just completely drained and dress quickly. He came so deep nothing has even started to drip out yet.

“Finish grading those papers and have them in my office by 7:30 tomorrow morning. Oh and drink plenty of fluids tonight and get some rest. I’m really going to work you tomorrow.”




The author does not condone child abuse or incest, this story is meant as an erotic fantasy not depicting anything in real life.

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