sexually repressed mother seeks comfort Part – 2

I could already tell that we were nearing our orgasms. I felt my hard cock begin to throb as I neared my explosive climax. Mom’s moans around our kiss had taken on a more desperate tone and her body began to shake beneath me.

I wanted her to cum first or for us to cum together, but I had no way of knowing how long it would take her to reach her next orgasm. I would have to pay attention if we ever had sex after tonight, in order to judge her body’s signature signs of an approaching orgasm. For now, I simply continued my slow and steady pace building us both toward our next orgasms.

Mom could feel her body begin to tingle as her pussy started to tremble at her approaching orgasm. The slow and steady pace that her son had set was quickly nearing her next orgasm. She desperately clung to her son and wanted to orgasm as we kissed.

She wanted to feel the warmth of her son’s hot cum exploding inside her pussy, claiming her completely. The thought of her son’s cum flowing into her pussy sent shivers up and down her spine and triggered her monumental orgasm.

She cried out into the kiss and went completely rigid as her pussy exploded in pleasure around her son’s hard cock. She briefly felt a sense of shame and degradation at the sheer overwhelming pleasure she had received from her son’s hard cock, but the sudden twitch of the hard cock inside her brought those emotions to a close.

She felt her son’s hard cock release a torrent of hot cum directly into her pussy, coating her insides and claiming her. She moaned again into the kiss as another mini-orgasm shot through her triggered by her son’s breeding of her wet pussy.

Gasping for breath we both broke the kiss and clung to each other as our orgasms rolled through us. Worrying about collapsing onto my mom, I quickly wrapped my arms around her body and rolled us back over so that I was once again on my back as she lay on my chest.

Mom nestled her face into the crook of my neck as she relaxed into me. I could feel her warm breath against my skin as she tried to settle herself after her orgasms.

Mom was overcome and overwhelmed by her two orgasms in such quick succession. She had never experienced anything like that and had never actually orgasmed more than once during any past sexual encounter.

Now she had experienced three orgasms in under an hour and the preceding two orgasms had been less than a minute apart. She had never experienced this level of contentment and bliss in her life and the fact that this pleasure had come from her own son was a greater feeling than she could have ever imagined.

Trying her best to relax and calm herself down, she suddenly stiffened when she realized that not only was her son’s cock still inside her but it was still rock hard. She had to use all of her self-control not to moan in pleasure at the knowledge that they could keep going if only her son allowed it.

Now that her son had finally orgasmed, he might stop and leave. Mom didn’t know what to do and wished she knew what her son thought of this situation. Clearly, her son was still horny and ready to have more sex, but was he willing to engage in more incest with his own mother?

She yearned for her son to make her his own and tell her that he wanted her. Still unsure as to her son’s motives and desires toward her and sex with her, she simply hoped that she could somehow entice and seduce her son into more sex in the future.

Mom had never engaged in the usual sexual practices that she knew other couples enjoyed. She had read about them and heard other couples talking about them, but had never experienced them herself. She and her former husband were from such conservative families that their sex lives had been pretty boring. Mom was always too shy to request or initiate anything other than basic missionary sex.

She even felt shy and embarrassed about masturbating by herself, how could she possibly work up the courage to ask for more adventurous sex? Even though she desperately wanted more and had often fantasized about not only the sex that normal couples engaged in but also kinky sex, she had never imagined she could actually engage in any of it. She had never even given or received oral sex.

Now her own son had given her so much more pleasure than she had ever received or imagined possible. Could her son give her more? Would he even want to? Silently wishing she had a more sexual experience that she could draw on to seduce her son, she could only hope that she had what it would take to entice her son to initiate more sex.

Feeling my cock was still hard and knowing that I was still too worked up to go back to sleep, I wondered what I should do. Should I disentangle myself from my mother and get out of her bed? I would have to tend to my hard-on before I could go back to sleep in my own bed.

Should I initiate more sex with mom? I could certainly go again, but could she? Finally deciding to find out, I gently brought my hands to mom’s arms and slowly guided her into a seated position on my lap. Mom understood what I was doing and sat up as she braced her hands on my chest.

She kept her face down and seemed to be refusing to meet my gaze. Did she regret our incest? Even though she had started this whole situation, she could be having second thoughts now. Without looking me in the eyes, mom quietly pleaded, “Please don’t go, honey. Stay with me tonight.”

Still unsure as to her actual meaning and her thoughts on the future, I simply replied, “I can stay if you need me to stay with you tonight, mom.”

Mom sighed in relief but was still unsure how to proceed. Knowing my hard cock was still needing another release, she mustered her courage and began to slowly roll her hips forward and back to fuck herself on my cock.

Still, without speaking or looking me in the eye, mom slowly trailed her hands down my arms and laced our fingers together. She held onto me and seemed to gain some extra courage from this as she began to moan in pleasure and rock her hips from side to side adding more stimulation to both of us.

I sighed in pleasure as I watched my mother slowly fuck herself on my hard cock. She wasn’t as desperate this time and seemed content to take her time and enjoy the moment. I was happy to watch her work herself in pleasure as I enjoyed her stimulating movements.

Her eyes were closed and her movements took on a more sensual appearance. She was biting her lower lip as she moaned in pleasure. Her hips were working both of us wonderfully.

Though I still was not sure what her thoughts and intentions were after tonight, right now I could tell she was only interested in our incestuous coupling. I began to wonder if she was enjoying herself so much in spite of our incest or because of our incest. No matter what her feelings were, she was a sight to behold.

Mom loved the feeling of her son’s big hard cock buried deep inside her pussy. She tried to put all thoughts of the future to the side and simply enjoy herself and her son. Feeling his strong hands in hers gave her the emotional stability she needed to fuck herself on her son’s hard cock again. Knowing that this would likely be our last orgasms of the night, she wanted to savor every second, for fear of us never experiencing this ecstasy again.

Mom longed for the courage and determination to admit her feelings and desires to her son, but her fear of rejection and heartbreak held her back. Knowing that her son probably wouldn’t want her as completely as she wanted him, was like a blade in her heart that threatened to rip her in two. Her natural shyness and ease of embarrassment had always kept her quiet and composed, despite her yearning for a more adventurous and kinky sex life. She sighed as she couldn’t imagine a better sexual and emotional partner than her own son.

Mom’s emotional rollercoaster had threatened to overwhelm her several times during their incestuous escapade and had even made her hesitant to even begin. Now that she had experienced the thrill and ecstasy of incest with her son, she couldn’t imagine anyone else stacking up against her son. The feeling of her son’s hard cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy filled her with a desperate desire to give herself to him completely without reservation. Her own fears of a negative response from her son continued to plague her. She continued to tell herself that her son had never told her to stop or tried to leave, so maybe there was a chance.

She decided to read up on seduction methods and techniques tomorrow on the internet. Surely there must be other women who preferred younger men, even if the men were not their own sons. She should be able to find something to help her seduce and entice her son. She had no plans for the next day and since it was now the weekend, she had plenty of time for research on the subject.

Maybe she could even learn how to perform other sexual acts on her son somewhere on the internet. Surely she wasn’t the only sexually repressed woman who yearned for a more adventurous sex life. She was willing to try. The thought of sucking cock, swallowing cum, and other “normal” sex acts had both disgusted and intrigued her, but now she felt her pussy tremble at the thought of performing them on her son.

She moaned softly wondering what it would feel like to have her pussy licked and if her son would ever be willing to do that to her. The sheer taboo and depravity of engaging in these incestuous acts with her son sent shivers up and down her spine. But she was unsure if she would ever find the courage to attempt anything like that with her son.

Mom freely acknowledged that their current state of incestuous intimacy had more to do with their arousal at that moment than any thought-out plans of seduction, but she held onto a sliver of hope that she had what it took to lead her son willingly into a life of incest with her. She wished she knew what turned her son on and what he was attracted to.

She couldn’t remember ever having any intimate conversations on that subject and any sexual encounters her son had been always held somewhere else or at least without her knowledge. For the first time, she wished she had met any of her son’s former sexual partners or possibly snooped to find out her son’s sexual preferences toward women. Was it possible that he preferred older women?

Looking up at my mom as she steadily fucked herself on my hard cock made me want to trail my hands up and down her body, groping her large breasts, tweaking her nipples, and gripping her luscious ass cheeks.

I wanted to feel her breasts on my lips, suck her nipples, run my tongue over every inch of her body, suck her pussy lips clean of her juices, hear her moan as I plunged my tongue deep inside her wet pussy, make her orgasm with my lips wrapped around her clit as I licked and sucked her sensitive nub, and hear her gasp of surprise as I plunged my tongue into her puckered asshole.

I wish I knew what she was thinking and feeling about our future together. After briefly considering seducing or teasing her with sexual advances, I had finally come to the decision to just watch her and let her actions decide how to proceed.

I wanted my mother sexually, that much I knew. But what did she want? Was this incestuous encounter just her blowing off steam and needing an outlet for whatever had been troubling her? I was fine with having her use me in this way, but I wanted more. I wanted to be able to slowly push her onto the couch to fuck ourselves senseless after a long day.

I want to push her against the wall and then drop to my knees to bury my face in her wet pussy until she cried out in orgasm. I wanted her to pull me into the bedroom after whispering her arousal to me. But I wondered if my shy and easily embarrassed mother could or would ever do any of these things.

I sighed again in frustration as I focused on my beautiful naked mother as she continued her sensual movements of riding my hard cock. I still didn’t trust that she wouldn’t get upset or grossed out if I admitted my feelings and desires for her.

Sure, we were currently engaged in our third round of incestuous sex tonight, but that could be chalked up to our sudden state of intimacy and arousal. This could have been just two people who were overcome with their own desires and need for emotional support.

I sighed again and tried to focus my thoughts on our current pleasure and enjoyment. Tomorrow would decide where we went from here and I resolved to follow her lead whatever that may be.

Mom was barely thinking at this point. All of her actions were practically instinctual. She had never experienced sex while on top, but her body seemed more than capable of learning as she went. She briefly wondered if her instincts would carry her through the other sexual practices that she had never experienced before. She longed to be the only woman in her son’s life. Maybe she could accomplish this after all.

A sudden explosion from her pussy jolted her back to the present as another mini-orgasm shot through her body causing a cute squeak of surprise to escape her lips. She had never experienced mini-orgasms before and the orgasms she had experienced before her son were nothing compared to these mini-orgasms, much less the sheer mind-blowing orgasms that her son had fucked her into.

Using all her willpower to continue fucking herself on her son’s big hard cock was an exercise in her desire to exhaust herself on her son’s cock. She refused to allow herself to stop until she felt another amazing blast of her son’s hot cum explode inside her pussy.

She didn’t care if she orgasmed again or not, but she needed to feel her son fill her pussy with his seed before she would allow herself to stop. Feeling her son’s hot cum filling her pussy was such an amazing feeling that she could already feel herself craving it.

I had watched mom’s mini-orgasm and heard her adorable squeak of surprise with a feeling of accomplishment that I was able to bring her such pleasure. I could tell this had not been a big orgasm like her other two that had clearly shaken her to her core but did notice that this was like when I had cum inside her. She had taken so much pleasure from me cumming inside her pussy that it had triggered another smaller orgasm to rock her body.

Now I had witnessed another mini-orgasm that had caught her by surprise. The determination that I now saw on her face proved to me that she was desperate for another more powerful orgasm, but I also wondered if she was also wanting me to cum inside her again. Considering how much pleasure she seemed to experience the first time I orgasmed, this was certainly a possibility.

But it made me wonder if my usually shy and abashed mother took pleasure in having me cum inside her pussy. I wanted to ask her but worried that I might spoil the mood and embarrass her. Seeing my prim and proper mother lose herself in her own lust and desire made me refuse to do anything that might spoil this for her. I had heard of sexually repressed women suddenly discovering their own sexual desires and wondered if this might be the case with my own mother.

Feeling her body begin to betray her desire of making her son cum before she reached the orgasm, mom couldn’t contain her moans of pleasure as they grew louder as her lust and pleasure increased. Trying and failing to control her own body’s escalating euphoria, mom could only ride out her own buildup toward gratification.

Then with an amazing shock to her system, she heard her son moan in pleasure just before she felt the wonderful feeling of hot cum pumping into her pussy. This tremendous feeling of her pussy being filled with her son’s hot cum caused her own overwhelming orgasm to crash through her. With a cry of sheer bliss, her whole body went completely rigid and then shook uncontrollably. She then collapsed onto her son’s chest as aftershocks rocked her exhausted body.

Seeing mom’s mind-blowing orgasm shake her to the core right after I had filled her pussy with my cum was an amazing sight to witness. After she had collapsed onto my chest, I held her shaking body and gently stroked her shaking form.

Mom was too far gone and exhausted to speak at this point, so with as little movement as possible so as not to disturb her obvious contentment, I carefully covered our naked bodies with the sheet and comforter before switching off the bedside lamp.

Feeling mom relaxes further against my body, I placed a tender kiss on her forehead before closing my eyes to sleep.

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