sexually repressed mother seeks comfort Part – 1

I could tell my mom was still upset by her recent breakup, but couldn’t think of anything to say to cheer her up. I’m not sure of the details, but mom had come home early from a supposed romantic weekend with her now ex-boyfriend.

She was upset but wouldn’t talk about it and just said they were through. I had done my best to cheer her up and see her through this but she remained subdued and depressed. This was killing me. My mom was usually such a happy and bubbly woman that this new change in attitude had me really worried.

We were currently eating dinner and I was still failing to bring her out of her funk. She was just eating as she stared down at her plate and only answered my questions with basic replies. Finishing dinner and cleaning up had also been in silence, but I had now convinced her to join me on the couch for some tv before bed. I had her sitting between my legs with her back to me while I gently massaged her neck and shoulders.

Neither of us was talking but I could feel the tension in the air. We have always been so comfortable around each other and this new tension wasn’t anything either of us had experienced before.

Finally, mom shifted on the couch and turned her body to lay against my chest as she buried her face into the crook of my neck. I immediately wrapped my arms around her as she did the same to me. I gently stroked her back and whispered soothing words to her as she finally seemed to relax into me. Without moving, I heard mom whisper, “Thank you for taking care of me these last few weeks, honey. I needed this.”

Hoping that she was finally turning the corner, I replied, “It’s ok, mom. You’ve been going through a tough time and I’m here for you. Everything is going to be fine. We’ll get through this. You’ll feel like yourself again and find someone better.”

Mom made a dismissive snort against my neck and subtly shook her head, as she whispered, “That’s not the problem, honey.”

Confused, I asked, “Then tell me what the problem is so I can fix it.”

Mom lifted her head and stared into my eyes with a sad look on her face like she was searching for an answer. She then offered me a sad smile before finally answering, “I just need to work through this on my own. I’ll be fine. Thanks, honey.”

She then placed her face back into my neck and sighed softly. I continued to hold her in my arms as we stayed quiet the rest of the evening. When we both began to drift to sleep I finally suggested that we go to bed. Mom silently nodded her head and stood up slowly like she was reluctant to separate herself from me. I led us upstairs and we parted for the night with our customary hug.

After I had completed my before-bed routine and stripped down to my boxers, I heard mom quietly calling me. I walked into her bedroom and saw her sitting quietly on the side of her bed with her head lowered as she stared at the floor.

She was wearing a white silk slip that showed off her figure beautifully and I had to focus on her sad face to avoid openly admiring her body. Without looking up, mom asked, “Honey, can you sleep in here tonight? I just don’t want to be alone right now.”

Nodding my head I answered, “Sure, mom. Whatever you need.”

Mom nodded her head sadly before sliding into bed. I slid into her bed on the other side and switched off the light. Mom slowly snuggled against my side, draped her leg over my lower body, wrapped her arm around my waist, and lay her head on my chest, as she asked, “Is this ok, honey?”

I wrapped my arms around her body as I placed a kiss on her head, as answered, “It’s fine, mom. Whatever you need.”

Mom sighed sadly again as she pulled herself closer to me. We then stayed quiet as we drifted off to sleep. Sometime during the night, I felt an amazingly warm feeling on my now rock-hard cock. I moaned softly as I began to stir.

I was laying on my back and I felt a weight on my hips like someone was straddling my lap. I recognized that someone was sitting on my lap with my hard cock buried in their wet pussy. I moaned again as I tried to remember where I was and how I ended up having sex.

Instinctively I brought my hands to grip the woman’s ass and felt the bottom of a silk slip. Still not remembering where I was or how these events transpired, I decided to just go with it and enjoy myself. I then heard a familiar feminine sigh of relief above me. My eyes shot open as I realized that my mother was now fucking herself on my very hard cock.

Not knowing what else to say, I quietly asked, “Mom?”

Mom gently placed a finger to my lips to silence me as she whispered, “Shhh, honey. No talking. Just ignore everything else. Just be here with me, right now. Don’t worry about anything else, just us. Please, honey, I need this so bad. I need you.”

Still trying to wrap my sleep-addled brain around what was going on, I was silent as I listened to her words. Feeling mom roll her hips forward and back to work my hard cock in and out of her wet pussy, I sighed in pleasure as I gripped her ass cheeks in my hands. Finally deciding to just give my mom what she needed and was asking for, I nodded my head silently but knew she could feel my reply with her finger still pressed against my lips. Silently she removed her finger from my lips and sat back up as she moaned softly and continued to slowly roll her hips.

With the little light coming around the window curtains, I could see mom’s outline above me. I watched as she began to slowly run her hands up and down her body in a sensual fashion. Feeling my lust begin to grow, I grabbed the bottom of her silk slip and raised it over her head leaving her completely naked.

Realizing that mom had already removed my boxers, I felt no compunction with stripping her naked as well. Deciding to go all in, I began to slowly trail my hands up her body as she continued her slow pace of fucking herself on me.

Reaching her breasts, I gently massaged them with my hands, causing mom to moan deeply. I began to rub my thumbs along the undersides of her breasts, causing mom to gasp in pleasure at the sensation.

We both moaned as we began moving together in sync. Neither of us seemed to want to speed up our movements, so we simply enjoyed ourselves. I began to gently tweak her nipples between my fingers, making mom moan deeply at the feeling.

She began to grind her pussy harder on my hard cock. I gently pulled her down to me by her breasts as I slowly raised my head to capture a nipple in my mouth. I slowly sucked her nipple and began flicking my tongue across her hard nub. Mom moaned again and placed her hand behind my head to hold my mouth to her breast, as I continued to massage her other breast with my hand.

I heard a whispered sigh above me that sounded like “Oh fuck,” from mom, but I couldn’t be sure as I continued to suck her nipple. I then switched my mouth from one nipple to the other and continued to suck greedily as I heard mom sighing in pleasure.

Letting her nipple finally fall from my mouth I made a decision that changed the whole dynamic of our incestuous encounter, as I reached beside the bed and flipped on the bedside lamp. Mom went completely still and her eyes went wide in shock as she realized what I had done.

I looked up into her fearful eyes as I said, “If we’re going to do this, let’s do it right, mom. I want to see the look in your eyes as you fuck your own son. You’re going to have to look at my face and know that you’re fucking your son.”

Mom tried to squeak out a reply but I cut her off as I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face towards mine so I could capture her lips in a passionate kiss. Mom let out a surprised cry as our lips locked together and her now open mouth provided me the opportunity to slide m tongue into her mouth. Mom quickly melted into the kiss with a moan of pleasure and began twisting her tongue against mine.

I brought my hands back to her ass cheeks and began to pull them into me, signaling my desire for her to continue fucking herself on my cock. Mom began to move her hips again as she fucked herself on my hard cock. Around the kiss, I moaned out, “Go ahead, mom, fuck your wet pussy on your son’s hard cock.

I want to feel your pussy orgasm around my cock. You wanted this and made it happen, now I’m going to see it through until the end. When I’m finished seeding your hot and wet pussy with my cum, you’re going to know that you’ve been fucked to satisfaction by your own son.”

Mom moaned louder and smashed our faces together again, as she began to add more speed and force to her hips needing to fuck herself harder on my hard cock. My dirty talk had affected her so much that she was practically in heat.

She needed my hard cock inside her. She wanted to feel herself orgasm with her son’s hard cock in her pussy. She wanted to feel her son’s hot cum spraying deep inside her needy pussy. She moaned deeply into the kiss as she worked her wet pussy up and down my hard cock. She clung desperately to my body as she battered her pussy on my cock.

Breaking the kiss and sitting up on my hard cock, mom closed her eyes as she panted and moaned louder and continued to fuck herself on my hard cock. Her moans became more desperate as she worked herself up to a fevered pitch of skewering her pussy on my hard cock. I smirked up at her as I watched her begin to lose herself in her ecstasy.

Considering how my dirty talk had spurred her on, I wanted to further goad and taunt her, as I said, “Look at me, mom. I want you to look me in the eyes as you cum on my hard cock. You’re so close to orgasming. You know you want to cum on my hard cock.

This feels so much dirtier and more depraved knowing that you’re going to reach orgasm ducking your son, doesn’t it? Do you want to cum for me, mom? Do you want to feel your wet pussy explode on your son’s hard cock? I bet you’re going to cum harder than you ever have before. Tell me what you want, mom.”

Mom was beside herself with lust and need as my dirty talk sent her pleasure skyrocketing. No longer able to deny her incestuous urges and desires, she moaned out, “Yes, baby, I want to cum on your hard cock. I want to feel your big cock spray my insides with your hot cum. I’m going to cum so hard, baby. I can feel my pussy trembling around your hard cock. Knowing you’re my son makes this so much more depraved and dirty. I don’t care. I want this so bad. I need you to own your mother’s body. I’m going to cum, baby! Yes! Yes! YES!”

Mom then slammed her wet pussy down on my hard cock as her whole body shook in pleasure and she cried out in sheer incestuous delight. Feeling her orgasm crash over her body left her panting and barely able to hold herself upright. With one last deep moan, she collapsed forward and had to brace her arms against my chest to keep from falling on top of me. She looked down at me with a shy smile on her face as she felt her post-orgasm high send tingles throughout her body.

Suddenly feeling the gravity of what she had done forced her to hang her head in shame at her own depravity. She looked down at me in shame at having forced an incestuous escapade upon her own son, all to satisfy her own perverse desires.

I watched as she seemed to attempt to find the words to explain herself to me, but was unable to force any words to justify her actions. Deciding that I needed to take action, I gripped her tightly in my arms and swiftly rolled us over. I kept my still-hard cock buried in her pussy as I settled us into the missionary position. Mom gasped at the sudden movement and looked up at me in surprise at my actions. Without speaking she wrapped her legs around my waist in an attempt to hold me close like she was afraid I would climb off of her. I smirked as I began to slowly thrust my hips, driving my hard cock in and out of her wet pussy.

Mom bit her lower lip and stared up at me with wide eyes as she felt my hard cock thrusting into her pussy. She was unsure of what to think or say at the turn of events that had her son steadily fucking her pussy.

She clung to me with her hands gripping my back as she let out a quiet moan of pleasure. I could tell that she was scared to voice her desire for me to fuck her harder or to say anything that might upset me. She couldn’t understand if I was enjoying myself or just going through the motions because I was now worked up and horny. The last thing she wanted was for me to suddenly stop fucking her, but she couldn’t decide whether she should beg for more or stay quiet.

She longed to moan in pleasure, egg me on to pound her pussy with all my might, and hear me taunt and talk dirty to her. She seemed to be begging me with her eyes to tell her what I was thinking. Deciding not to clue her in on my own incestuous desires, I continued my silent and steady fucking of her needy pussy.

Still not saying anything I continued my slow and steady thrusts into my mother’s pussy. I wanted this to be a long build-up to an explosive orgasm. Knowing that if I played this right, my mother would come unglued and experience an overwhelming orgasm. I could tell that mom was unsure how to proceed, what to say, or how to act. She was clearly enjoying herself and clung to me with all her might, but she couldn’t tell how I felt and this unsettled her. Knowing that her conflicting emotions and fear of my reaction to this, once it was over, would drive mom wild and cause her to reach greater heights of pleasure, I continued to stay quiet and keep a stern and determined expression on my face as I fucked her.

Mom was sighing quietly below me and I could see a blush forming over her body as her pleasure increased slowly. Feeling her hands and legs holding my body to hers, told me all I needed to know about how she felt. The fear and desire in her eyes testified to her conflicting emotions. Slowly I felt her hands begin to tentatively stroke my back as she tested the waters of showing me more affection.

I continued to show no emotions on my face or deviate from the slow and steady fucking that I was giving my mom. With eyes brimming with fear and desperate desire, mom slowly let one hand trail up to the back of my head. She then gently began pulling my face down to her. Without showing any emotion or slowing my pace, I allowed my mom to pull my face down to hers. Finally, as I felt her warm breath on my face and with a pleading expression on her face, mom begged, “Please kiss me, honey.”

Allowing her to place our lips together, I began a deep but slow kiss. My tongue slowly swept into my mother’s mouth and began twisting against hers. I kept the kiss in sync with my slow and steady fucking of her pussy. I wanted this kiss to show her a great deal of emotional comfort but also keep her confused as to how I felt. Keeping the kiss as slow and steady as my thrusts into her pussy, would intensify mom’s pleasure and needed comfort, but still not show her my intentions.

Mom was beside herself in desire and lust for her son. His amazingly hard cock was slowly bringing her to heights of pleasure that she had never experienced. Feeling his tightly muscled body against her skin made her want to lick every inch of his skin in depraved desire.

The deep kiss slowly turning her insides to mush as she felt her entire body melt into her son’s kiss. But the fear of the unknown threatened to break her heart. Mom had no idea how her son actually felt about this situation. Her son’s cock was hard as a rock and he was fucking and kissing her incredibly well, but this could all be a result of his young teenage body’s constant state of arousal.

When her son had fallen asleep in her bed, she had felt his cock begin to harden under her thigh and just hadn’t been able to resist. She had slowly climbed onto her son’s lap and eased his amazingly big hard cock into her wet pussy. She had known her son would wake up eventually, but she had hoped his teenage lust would force him to continue, and it had.

She had wanted to keep the lights off so they could cling to the last shreds of their dignity and not face the fact that they were both committing incest, but when her son had turned on the light and forced them both to accept the truth of the situation, her own depraved desires and lust had skyrocketed. Hearing her son’s taunts and dirty talk had made her pussy tingle and glisten with need.

After she had orgasmed, her son had flipped them both over and continued to fuck her. He had even allowed her to pull him in for a continuous deep kiss. But she couldn’t tell what he was thinking or what he wanted and it was killing her. She was deathly afraid that after her son reached orgasm, the full weight of their incestuous behavior would crush him.

She feared he might climb out of bed and never speak to her again. She desperately clung to her son’s naked body and intended to continue to hold him close no matter what. She would use all of her strength to hold onto her son and wasn’t above crying and begging him to stay if he tried to leave.

Trying her best not to think of this likely outcome, mom simply let herself melt further into the deep kiss and continue to gently stroke his naked body, as her son steadily fucked her pussy.

Hearing mom’s soft moans into the kiss, I had to hold back my own moans of pleasure. Feeling her hands stroking my back and her legs holding me to her naked body made me want to increase the speed and force of my thrusts into her pussy, but I kept my slow pace knowing that the slow build-up would cause both of our orgasms to be mind-blowing.

Trying to send all of her love, desire, and need into the kiss, mom moaned as she continued to cling desperately to my naked body. It had been years since she had sex and now that her son was fucking her, she could feel her pussy dripping her juices down her legs and coating her son’s hard cock. She took depraved delight in the knowledge that her pussy juices were all over her son’s hard cock like she was marking her territory. She only hoped that she could hold onto her son after the sex was over and we were both spent.

Wishing she had planned this incestuous escapade beforehand and not simply taken advantage of the situation when she was presented with my hard cock. She began wondering if she should try seducing and enticing her son for further sex in the future.

She imagined wearing revealing clothing around the house, clothing malfunctions, teasing comments, and innuendos weaved into normal conversations. She knew that all of her shame was gone for now, but could she actually attempt to seduce her own son into more incest after tonight?

She could only hope her need and desire for her son would overpower her embarrassment and normal shyness. She had never actually attempted to seduce anyone or acted like a slut that wanted sex, but for her son, she was willing to try.

Feeling her pussy spasming around her son’s hard cock, mom moaned deeply into the kiss as she gripped her son tighter. Wishing her son would taunt her and talk dirty to her more often as it had a serious effect of making her lust skyrocket.

Mom also wished she had the capacity to talk dirty to her son or at least wished she knew if it would have the same effect on her son as it had on her. Mom again despaired her own shyness and lack of knowledge on how to act like a slut, as she desperately desired to entice her son into more intimate incest. Just thinking of what they were doing as “incest” made mom’s pussy tingle and her lust increase.

I was still steadily fucking my mother as we continued our lazy kissing. I felt her hands and legs squeezing me tighter and wondered if mom was approaching her next orgasm or just desperate to hold me close. I was still unsure how to handle our mother/son relationship after tonight.

Clearly, our relationship has changed, but to what extent? Should I treat her as I normally would, and not speak about tonight’s activities? Should we have a serious conversation and work through tonight’s events? Should I treat her as a lover as I flirted and teased her to entice her into more sex? I could certainly see all three scenarios having merit, but what does she want?

She was usually so shy and nervous in speaking about sex or anything remotely intimate. Should I just take the lead if I think she wants more sex, but is too shy to admit it? I could imagine myself suddenly kissing her against the wall as I rubbed her pussy, breasts, and ass through her clothes.

I imagined whispering seductive comments into her ear and telling her the dirty things I wanted to do to her. Would she like for me to take charge? Would she respond to a stronger personality and attitude by me as she was now, by practically begging me to fuck her again? I needed more information…

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