Sex With Wife’s Twin Sis

Hi friends, my wife has an identical twin sister. She is very sexy. Natural strawberry blonde, 5’7″, 115 pounds, and very athletic.

The twin came to stay with us for a few weeks out of state. I loved watching her move through our house dressed in skimpy clothes. She looked just like my wife, but those subtle differences were alluring. A man can’t help but wonder how intimate those differences are.


One night, we lounged around in our pool having margaritas.

The twin wore a tiny and very tight white bikini, which on her tan skin looked amazing. The bikini was smaller than the one my wife would wear. It was like getting to watch my wife be very slutty. Because normally she is much more reserved than her twin.

As the twin sat across from me with her feet dangling in the water, she leaned back and supported herself with her arms on the ground behind her. She opened and closed her legs repeatedly for a moment on something of a playful exercise the way a child would swing their legs.

Her bikini seemed skin-tight up against her pussy and I tried to imagine how she trimmed her hair. Or if she had any. My wife maintains a very, very short strip and that’s it. Her twin’s bikini was so tight I figured that if she had any hair, I would have been able to see it outlined in the fabric. Especially soaking wet the way it was.

I got hard as a rock. I must have started too long. The twin play-kicked a splash of water at me. I looked at her and she raised her eyebrows, then lowered them as if to challenge me.

“What are you going to do about it, buddy”” I imagined her saying.

Either that or “stop staring at my pussy you pervert.”

About a year or two earlier, when my wife and I visited her, my wife and her twin were sharing the bathroom as they got ready for dinner. I walked in to speak with my wife as she did her hair. Her twin was there in a towel, having just edited the shower. She didn’t mind me.

The twin turned and retrieved a hair dryer for my wife. When she bent over, the towel wasn’t long enough. I caught a beautiful glimpse of her pussy from behind, between her legs.

I suppose I expected it to look just like my wife’s. But I suppose no two are alike. Her labia were maybe much smaller and more tanned and pink.

That night, I fucked the hell out of my wife. I couldn’t resist the urge to flip my wife over and get her doggy style. I hit her so hard for so long, imagining it was her twin that my wife had to struggle against me to get me to change positions.

I lifted her off the bed and stood in the air.

Facing me, I held her hips while she hung onto my shoulders and I ravaged her that way. As she moaned and winced in my face, my mind’s eye imagined her twin as the one in front of me with me inside her. They look exactly alike, so it wasn’t difficult to imagine.

Now, staring at the twin’s pussy in that soaking wet, white bikini, I knew my wife was in for another twin treatment that night.

At some point in the night, the Twin and I went inside to make more margaritas. She squeezed between me and the countertop to get to the blender.

As she did, her ass pressed against me and I could feel her shake it a little, almost on purpose, just to tease me. For a split second, my half-a-chub nestled between her ass cheeks.

Oh yeah, my wife is getting it rough tonight, I thought.

The evening ended with my wife and her twin slurred, coaxing me into taking a tequila shot or two with them. Drunk and tired, twin, we called it a night.

The twin wandered into our bedroom behind my wife, and about I snuggled into our bed. My wife went into the master bathroom. I went over to wake up the twin and kick her out of the guest bedroom we had arranged for her. I had unfinished business with my wife!

My wife came out of the master bathroom and saw me trying to rattle her twin awake.

My wife jostled her. “No…. I want to sleep next to my sister,” she protested in her slurred, drunk speech.

We all climbed into bed together, still in our bathing suits. I could imagine some kind of threesome scenario, but I knew that wouldn’t fly. Plus, we were all too tired and drunk.

We were all asleep by 9 pm.

I woke up in the night and checked my phone. It was 1:30 am. I could see in the phone light the Twin must have scurried off.

I heard the Jacuzzi tub begin to fill in the master bathroom. I remembered the twin telling us how much she wanted to try it.

I put my phone down and imagined the twin getting into the Jacuzzi tub. I imagined her masturbating herself with the detachable jet massage. I thought about the twin opening and closing her legs down at the pool. I was hard as a rock.

I realized I had the opportunity to take out this frustrated fantasy about my wife. My wife gets turned on when she wakes up to me touching her.

So I slid over next to her to warm her up. I began caressing her stomach and snuggling up next to her. My throbbing wand waved in the air over her. I felt her nestle up to me.

I slid my hand down her stomach. She inevitably opened one leg by raising it, gripped her pussy hard through her bikini bottoms, then released my grip into a soft massage.

It was a way to say “This Is My Now!… but don’t worry, I will treat this little kitten well.”

She melted in my hands and gyrated her hips along with my massage.

I kissed and sucked around her neck while her aroused slumber turned into an active, sweaty, wakeful heat. I smelled her hair, but could only smell the pool on her.

I slid my hand down the front of her bikini. I pushed four fingers down on top of her wet hole and ran them up to her clit. I was sliding them up past her clit to her pubic hair so I could lift my hand out of her bikini bottoms so I could pull the string and untie them. She was so wet. Wetter than I had made her in a long time.

Only it was a strange feeling. As I rubbed up from her clit – where I expected to find pubic hair, there was none.

Smooth pussy was there, the fingers back to her pussy hole and entered her with my middle and ring finger.

Licking her neck, I ran my tongue from her neck to her jaw and began kissing her. We swirled our tongues together frantically, and my finger worked its way up to her clit.

She gasped in pleasure and hydrated her hips. Our intense kiss pulled away, but we left our tongues touching.

I felt her pussy all over and she not only had zero pussy hair – but it must have been waxed. Because there was no stubble, either.

My wife would never wax. She had done it once, and it was not an enjoyable experience for her. But I already knew the truth. I knew it from the taste of her kiss and the smell of her pussy.

She was my wife’s twin.

It was dark, but my eyes were used to it. There was light coming from beneath the master bedroom door. Enough for some illumination.

We broke our kiss and stared at each other for a moment as I continued to fondle her pussy. I was searching in the dark for the details of her face, so I could tell myself I was crazy. But I knew.

Our kiss was far too hungry and intense. It was a long-aged desire that could ferment.

I realized that I had just woken the Twin up from her slumber and she was seconds away from completely coming to and realizing what was happening. I had to ask myself what kind of man I was.

I’m a dog.

I caressed her pussy some more and continued our frantic kiss. I figured I could always blame it on the alcohol and the dark. I could always say I didn’t know what I was doing. I thought she was my wife.

As we kissed, face, she began rolling me over so she could be on top. But she didn’t follow me over. She laid me flat on my back and lay on her side next to me. She reached into my trunk and began stroking my throbbing cock. She was undoubtedly completely awake. And she wasn’t interested in stopping.

I pulled my trunks off, and the entire mouth the twain immediately went down on me. She sealed me completely in her mouth and used her entire mouth to move up and down my shaft.

As she pumped, I could feel her tongue and her mouth massaging my muscles. She wasn’t simply sucking me. She was savoring the experience and hypnotizing herself in cock lust. She was soaking her mouth into every detail of my shaft in the greediest way possible. She was immersing herself in the naughtiness of the whole situation.

I began fingering her, but it wasn’t enough. I pulled her hips over the top of me and put her in a 69 position. I drenched her pussy all over. Inside and out. I wanted her so greedily that I ran my entire mouth across her pussy, so much more than just tonguing her clit. The smell of her pussy was clean and fleshy. Her folding skin tasted like peaches.

The Jacuzzi tub suddenly stopped filling. The Twin quickly jumped off of me.

We laid there for a moment, completely still. Waiting to see what would happen. The Sound of the jets turning on erupted. We could hear my wife stepping into the water. I got on top of the Twin between her legs. She grabbed my muscle and guided it in like a master pulling a dog by the leash.

I felt my head touch her hole. I wanted to thrust into her badly. But I also wanted to savor the moment. I pushed my mushroom head just inside her hole and we kissed slowly; swirling our tongues. We stared into each other’s eyes. The way I slid my shaft into her was glacial. I nearly came when I realized she was much tighter than my wife.

I began pumping into her. I could feel her squeeze her muscles down around me. She started gyrating her hips. I began thrusting harder and harder. Soon we were fucking so hard the bed was shaking. I felt her orgasm hard in my muscles. Squeezing me like a flower begging for pollen.

I came into her hard, which made her orgasm more. We squeezed against each other with sweaty face and rode the earthquake down into a steady shaking. We kissed and kissed as I pumped into her.

When our sex broke apart, I realized we filled the air with our aroma. I sprayed some air freshener and turned on the fan.

We laid next to each other, caressing our sexes and flicking our tongues. We heard the tub drain. We quickly put our clothes back on and moved to opposite sides of the bed. Soon my wife returned. We all went to sleep.

The next morning, I came downstairs and heard the sisters talking. I didn’t know what to expect. I expected to be confronted, but nothing happened.

When I saw my wife, I could see in her eyes that she did not know. My sister-in-law and I locked eyes many times, sharing an intimate stare that acknowledged our intimate moment. But we never said a word about it that day.

Next night we again made my wife drank and had sex again.

And we had sex until she left our home.

Love you and thank you.