Sex Education By Hot Wife

My wife, Julie, likes to take classes, lots of classes; some at the local community college, some on-line, some at the nearby university. She has two degrees and I’m certain will earn more. What can I say? She likes school.

Anyway, sometimes there are definite benefits; like the time she took a “Human Sexuality” course from the Psychology department at the local university. The class met on two evenings per week and Julie would be so horny when she got home that she would practically attack me. Sometimes we made it up to the bedroom, often not.

I think the best was when the class viewed a film about male ejaculation. Nothing, and I mean nothing, turns Julie on like observing big ropes of sperm shooting out of a penis. (I remember one time soon after we were married, she wanted to watch me masturbate. I obliged and when the jets of cum spurted from my dick I thought she was going to go crazy.

She wanted to fuck so badly, but my flaccid cock was spent and would not cooperate. She then huffed off to the bedroom to finish with her vibrator.)

I was right there when she came in the front door after seeing the ejaculation film, she just dropped all her clothes on the floor in front of the door, knelt in front of me, whipped out my cock, and gave me a blow job of such intensity that I erupted in less than a minute. Damn! That meant she was off to the bedroom and the vibrator.

That evening, as we were talking in bed before going to sleep, Julie mentioned that there was a young man in the class who was a virgin and intensely shy. She wanted my permission to bring him home for some one-on-one tutoring.

I asked her how she knew he was a virgin and she just said it came out in one of those “small group sharing” episodes that have become a big part of training and education these days. In this case the “small group” was just her and this intensely shy young man named Victor.

Julie also told me that because he was so shy, it might be best if I kept to the home office when they arrived and not meet him until she was certain he would be comfortable.

Two days later, she arrived home with Victor. I was in the home office when I heard the key turn in the front door lock, open, and Julie’s voice invite him in and direct him to the sofa. She offered him a drink and went to the kitchen to fix it.

Our house was designed so that you entered a foyer with a staircase on the left that led to a landing spanning the length of the house. There was a bathroom at the left end of the landing and a guest bedroom next to the bathroom.

In the middle was another bedroom that we used as our home office. The door to the home office was directly in line with the front door. On the right was the master bedroom. To the immediate right of the foyer, on the ground floor, was a step down into the living room.

There was also a 6-foot wooden railing on the right side and our sofa was against that railing. The key to this arrangement was that I could stand on the landing in front of the office and look directly down onto the sofa below.

When I stealthily edged out of the office onto the landing and peeked downstairs, Victor was sitting on the sofa looking around at his surroundings. His demeaner exuded a painful shyness and almost a complete lack of confidence.

Julie entered the room with a small tray holding a bottle of wine and two wine glasses. She placed the tray on the coffee table, poured wine in each of the glasses, and handed one to Victor.

Taking the other glass for herself she said, “Doesn’t the class get you a little, how shall we say, ‘worked up?’ Do you have someone to help you out, I mean other than Rosey Palm?”

Even though he was shy, Victor seemed to have a good sense of humor. “No. Rosey Palm has been my steady companion since puberty,” he said with a slight laugh.

“Really?” Julie responded. “You’re a good-looking young man. I’ll bet there are girls fawning all over you.”

“Yeah. Some of the girls seem to want to go out with me, but I know it will all come to nothing.”

“Why do you say that?”

His response was inaudible to me because he lowered his head and his voice as he responded.

“Bull!” I heard Julie say. “You’ve been looking at too much porn. This class should have permanently dissolved any notion you have that a cock has to be 9 inches long to please a woman. I understand how you feel, though. It’s similar for women.

Society would have every woman believe that she must have big tits to get a man to notice her. Well, I get plenty of attention and these babies are really quite small.” Julie removed her sun dress as she said this last sentence, revealing her pert 34A breasts and her light blue ‘granny’ panties.

Apparently, she either had not worn a bra to class or she removed it when she went to fix the drinks. Either way, Victor’s jaw visibly dropped, and he stared intently at Julie’s chest. “Now, I’ve let you see my breasts. Let me see your penis.” She gently commanded.

Slowly Victor unzipped his jeans and pulled his hard penis out. It stood about four inches fully erect, was average in girth and had a pronounced mushroom head. “Victor,” Julie said looking him straight in the eyes, “you have nothing…absolutely nothing…to be ashamed of.

You have a very nice penis.” With that she lowered herself to her knees, took him in her mouth, and proceeded to give him a masterful blowjob.

Victor leaned his head back and moaned as Julie bobbed her head up and down on his cock. After just a couple of minutes I saw Julie falter briefly as a little bit of sperm leaked out from the corners of her mouth. Victor’s hips were jerking as he spasmed.

Julie quickly recovered and swallowed hard and fast to keep more from spilling out. When Victor visibly relaxed, Julie raised her head and used her fingers to wipe the excess cum from her chin and then clean her fingers in her mouth. “You know,” she said, “it’s customary to warn a girl that you’re about to cum. It’s just good courtesy.”

“I’m so sorry, Julie,” He said. “It happened before I knew what was happening.”

“That’s okay,” Julie replied. “As you experience more, you will learn all the signs of impending ejaculation. By the way, if you drink pineapple or cranberry juice a few hours before you have sex, your sperm won’t have as much of a chlorine taste.

Now, I’m going to go and get a couple of towels. I’d like it if you would go ahead and take off your clothes and sit back down on the couch. I’ll be right back.”

I backed into the office as Julie bounded up the stairs. I heard the door to the linen closet open, then close. Then she suddenly popped her head around the door, grinning from ear to ear. “Are you watching the show?” She whispered.

“Of course,” I whispered back. “Can’t you tell?” I asked as I looked down at the bulge in my pants.

“Ahh. I’ll take care of that later…when you reclaim me,” she said as she handed me a towel. Then she went bounding back down the stairs.

“Now,” Julie said as she handed Victor a towel, “normally it would take a while for a man to be ready for another ejaculation, but you’re young and inexperienced, so I imagine you may recover quicker than most men. So, let’s continue with a little cunnilingus, what do you say?”

“Okay,” was Victor’s monosyllabic response. He seemed to be in a daze as Julie spread a towel out on the couch, removed her panties (which had a huge wet spot clearly visible), and positioned herself on the towel with her head on one of the sofa arms, her left leg on the top of the couch and railing behind Victor’s head, and her right leg dangling down to the floor.

Looking down from the landing, I had a perfectly clear view of her pussy. Her labia emerged from her dirty blond pubic hair and laid wide open. I could easily see the glistening juices in and around her pussy.

“Come on down,” Julie coaxed, “put your fingers here and feel the moistness.” Julie was guiding his hand. “This is the clitoris, as you know from class. Mmmm. Yeah. That’s it. Small circles. Oooooohhhhh. Very good. Now lower your head and get a closer look. Inhale the aroma.

My husband loves the smell. He’ll sniff his finger for hours after fingering me. Now just insert your tongue at the base and lick upward toward the clitoris. Mmmmm. There you go. Nice. Oh wow! Mmmmm.” This went on for a few minutes, while Julie held Victor’s head in her hands so he couldn’t pull away.

Then she let out a loud moan, “Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, FUCK!!” and thrashed around as she orgasmed.

She released Victor’s head, came down from her orgasmic high, and said, “Well done young man. Your first girlfriend will be quite pleased with your oral skills. Let me see your cock.” Victor simply sat upright at Julie’s feet and his erection was quite obviously back at full staff. “Yes,” Julie said, “you’re ready for the finale.

Come here and stick that cock right in here.” He positioned himself over her body holding his weight on his hands, located on either side of her chest, and rubbed his cock over her pubic hairs. Julie reached down with her right hand and guided his cock to her entrance.

He pushed firmly and slid right up to the hilt. “Oh YES!!” Julie cried out. “Give it to me. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.” She was being much more vocal than usual, probably for his benefit; to build his confidence.

This went on for several minutes. Victor maintained a regular in and out thrust. His stamina was incredible. Julie continued to talk to him, egging him on. “Normally…umph…I would insist…aaahhh…that you wear…oooohhhh…a condom.

Oh fuck. Since I’m your first…oh yeah…I’m going to let you…ooooo…cum in me.” At that moment she grabbed his hips and pulled him hard into her as she orgasmed a second time. “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!” I think the neighbor’s dog started howling.

Neighbors six doors down must have heard. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating…a little.

Julie put her hands on his ass and pulled him deep into her. “Keep fucking me,” she said. “Fuck me hard. Cum in me.” So, he did. His ass tightened as he drove in as deep as he could, and he grunted as he unloaded in Julie’s pussy.

After he had completely emptied his balls into my wife, he collapsed on top of her with his head resting above her right shoulder. Julie cupped the back of his head in her left hand and gave me a “thumbs up” signal with her right, before she rested it on the small of his back. She looked me in the eye and smiled, then winked.

It seemed an eternity before Victor raised himself up and pulled his flaccid cock out of my wife’s sticky pussy. Julie didn’t move. I couldn’t make out what Victor said to her, but she raised herself partway up on her elbows and whispered something to him.

Then she pointed up to me. I thought Victor was going to hyperventilate as he jumped to his feet. “It’s okay,” Julie calmly said to him, “he’s been watching the whole time. If it weren’t alright, he would have come down here and beat your ass to a pulp before you even got your dick out of your zipper. Relax.”

That was my que to come on downstairs. “Hi Victor,” I said when I reached the bottom of the stairs. I offered my hand to him as I approached and added, “nice to meet you.” We shook hands, but I could tell he was still in shock.

The fact that I had long ago removed my clothes and stood naked before him with a still raging hard-on probably did little to bring an air of normalcy to this first meeting.

“Uh, hello,” was all he managed to mumble.

“If you don’t mind, I would like to reclaim my wife. It’s just a small ritual we have after she fucks someone else or lets them fuck her.” With that, I climbed between my wife’s still open legs and plunged my cock to the hilt in her sopping pussy.

Julie’s cunt was so slippery from their combined juices, I was able to last quite a while before adding my load to Victor’s. Julie came twice more. I think the first of these latest orgasms was mostly because she was watching Victor, who was sitting in a chair facing us and stroking his cock as we fucked.

He came a third time, and his first spurt went about six feet straight up in the air and landed on his left leg. About a millisecond later, Julie cried out with an orgasm. Then she focused on pulling my hips as hard as she could, helping me dig as deep as I could.

The lust in her eyes, the loud moans and pleas to fuck her harder, and the sensation of her cum filled pussy finally sent me over the edge and my cum soon mingled with Victor’s. Then I collapsed onto my wife’s body and into her arms.

There’s not much left to relate about that evening. We talked. We had dinner. Victor went home. He did, however, return after each class until the end of the term.

Julie allowed Victor to experiment with different positions. Sometimes I participated, sometimes not. Victor observed as I reclaimed her after each playtime and he always came as he watched; hence, Julie always orgasmed when she saw him shoot.

Over the course of that term, we observed Victor transition from a shy guy to a confident sexual dynamo. He had a few girlfriends and eventually settled down to marry a beautiful young woman.

We attended the wedding, and we remain close friends with the couple to this very day. Yes, we have had many trysts with Victor AND his wife.

Those are for other stories…