Sex At A Halloween Party

Terry had just recently turned twenty-one, and was invited to an adult Halloween party. It was October and kind of chilly, so she finds her best pair of jeans and a tight flannel shirt; pulls her long dark hair into a ponytail; puts on a little makeup, not much, just some blue eyeshadow and some pale pink lipstick; grabs her keys and heads for the door.


She drives about ten minutes, and arrives at Sally’s and Bob’s farm, where she is greeted at the gate, told to go to the cabin, and get her ticket; the party is in the backyard.

While there, she sees two hot cowboys; one is a big guy, jeans and boots, and a beard. His friend is dressed like a country singer-type, with blue jeans, cowboy boots, and a Stetson. She is thinking how she would like to have one, or both of them. She gets the ticket and heads on to the party.

Soon she sees Sally, dressed like a witch, who yells at Terry, “Nice outfit!” They sit on a hay bale and start talking about Terry turning twenty-one, and the first adult party she has been to. Bob sees them talking, brings them both a beer, and asks Terry if she likes the party so far. After exchanging pleasantries, Bob walks off, and Sally tells Terry she should go talk to some guys, and have some fun.

So, she goes to the two guys she saw before, and asks if they’re with anyone. Seeing her beautiful blue eyes, dark hair, and curvy figure, they both say, “No,” at the same time. They ask if she wants some punch, and get her a glass; she drinks it and starts feeling pretty good.

She looks at the big country boy and says, “I don’t know what is in that punch, but I’m feeling pretty good. Is there a place we can go that’s a little darker and less wet?”

He takes one hand, his brother the other, and they go to a dark, secluded area. She’s drunk and feeling pretty good. She looks at them, and starts smiling as she drops to her knees. She takes out the big guy’s cock first, then goes to the other and takes his cock out. The cowboys just stand there, looking at her on her knees, as grabs the singer-looking guy’s cock in her hand, and the bigger guy in her mouth.

Terry starts sucking, and he starts getting hard in her mouth, and she sucks even harder, while she gives his brother a hand job. After he shoots in her mouth, she swallows and moves to his brother. He’s smaller, but she swears his cock looks like a horse cock; she takes it in her mouth and starts sucking, while giving big brother a hand job; country singer also cums in her mouth.

She gets up, takes off her hoodie, walks over to a Halloween skeleton, and drapes it on its arm; then, she sees a vampire statue and takes off her shirt. Looking at each other, the guys can’t believe what she is doing. She puts the shirt on the vampire and turns around. She doesn’t have on a bra, and her tits are staring directly at them. She sees a hay bale, and takes off her jeans, her panties along with them; she throws them on the ground and sits on the hay.

“Hey guys, see anything you like?”

They both say, “You’re beautiful!”

She opens a legs just a little, giving them a peek at her freshly shaved pussy, then closes them and asks, “You want it?”


She opens her legs wider this time, her pussy lips open like it’s inviting them in. So, the bigger cowboy walks over, leans down and sticks his tongue in her pussy and starts eating. She moans and squirms, as he licks, sucks, and sticks his tongue up in that inviting hole. Between moans, she asks him to fuck her, so he gets up and sticks his nine inch cock inside her and starts riding and going deeper and deeper inside her. While he’s inside her fucking away, his brother is jerking off watching them, thinking how damn hot that is, and wanting it real bad.

Country singer tells his brother to hurry up, as he wants his turn. She is moaning, begging, and telling him to fuck her harder; he is going deeper and deeper, riding her as hard as he can.

To his surprise, she yells, “Cum inside me! Oh please, cum inside me!” and she starts cumming, just as he shoots his load inside of her. Big brother pulls out, and his ‘little’ brother walks over and shoves his ten-and-a-half inch cock into her young, yet, loose pussy.

She screams, “Oh my god, yes! Oh my god, what a cock! Fuck me now!” This time, she is getting loud and they’re not that far from the party. He tries kissing her to keep her quiet; but she screams so loud, “Oh god! Oh yes, fuuuuuck me!”

Bob hears her scream, and walks to where the three are. It’s dark, but he sees Terry getting fucked by the two cowboys, and starts watching.

She is screaming, “Oh please, oh please, don’t stop!”

He shoots her full and pulls out and before she can get up from off the hay bale, she feels someone else inside her. She opens her eyes and Bob is rammed inside her pussy, balls deep.

She says, “I can’t! You’re my best friend’s husband!”

Bob says, “Shhh,” and tells the two brothers to go back to the yard and keep Sally occupied. He keeps riding and pumping Terry; then he pulls out, flips her, bending her over the hay bale, and proceeds to fuck her hard and deep from behind. She is moaning, and trying not to be loud; but his cock is so deep, she thinks his balls are actually going to go inside her. He finally cums inside her, and heads back to the party.

Noticing Terry has been gone for over an hour, Sally sees Bob by the punch bowl and asks if he has seen her.

He says, “No, last time I saw her, she was going behind the fence with Burt and Aaron.”

Sally says, “She couldn’t have, they were just talking to me.”

Bob immediately replies, “Maybe they got done and came back.”

“Hmmm,” says Sally, then seeing Terry coming through the yard; her hair a mess, the look of a whore after a gangbang, yells for her asking if she’s okay.

Not being able to look in her in the eye after fucking her husband, Terry says, “Yeah, I’m okay; but I am tired, I think I need to go home. Sally tells her that in her condition, she is too drunk to drive, and to stay there the night; or, she will have Bob take her home.

At first, she says, “No, but thanks for the offer,” and starts towards her car staggering. Sally tells Bob to take Terry home, that they can take her car back in the morning.

Initially, Bob says, “No, you can take her.” But then offers, “Since you’re the hostess, I’ll take her home. I’ll be back in about twenty minutes,” and leaves.

Ten minutes later, they’re back at Terry’s house. He helps her inside; helps her get undressed; and helps her into bed–where he fucks her again–and leaves.

Terry says, “Thanks for the best night of my life and falls asleep.