Seducing My Friend’s Beautiful Sister Part – 2

Now Yasmin felt another wetness, this time on her stomach. It was my cock, leaking precum, pushing against her.

I pulled away and led her towards the bed as she stepped away from her discarded shalwar. Gently, I laid her back on the bed and saw her tiny, hairless opening, glistening with her juices. I knelt beside her and kissed her stomach gently, making little circles with my tongue.


She moaned softly, and I felt her body shudder.

My hand slipped over her moist mound and slowly I slid a finger inside her.

Yasmin was beside herself. No man had ever been inside her body before.

Another of my fingers touched her clit and she gasped again.

I leaned down and kissed her hard. As I did, I rolled over her and she felt my hard cock against her pussy lips. I moved my body up and down a little and my cock slid along her wet slit. Then, slowly, I eased the head of my cock between her pussy lips.

Yasmin’s body shook as I entered her.

I pushed further, feeling a little pain as the tight, virgin cunt tried to stretch to accommodate me. Then I felt myself come up against her maidenhead and Yasmin, too, now felt some pain.

I eased backwards and forwards, each time pushing a little further.

Instinctively Yasmin grabbed my ass with both hands and started to pull me into her.

Suddenly I broke through her hymen and she shouted out in pain. But it quickly subsided and was replaced with a deep sigh, as I slowly entered deeper and deeper.

Now that I had broken her, I started to thrust into her.

Yasmin’s breath came in short bursts with soft whimpers, and I sensed that she was close to an orgasm. I felt her pussy muscles tighten around my engorged cock and her body convulsed in orgasm. Yasmin cried out and her fingernails dug into my back.

Concentrated on pleasuring Yasmin to the maximum, I continued thrusting into her as she orgasmed, and after her breath eased. Soon, I felt her nails dig into my back once again, as she orgasmed for a second time.

I wanted to cum but I was afraid to fill this young virgin with my juice for fear of making her pregnant. Yasmin moaned gently and I picked up my fucking rhythm again and when I was close, I started to pull out of her, intent on cumming over her tummy.

“Please! Cum inside me!” Yasmin almost screamed. “There’s no danger — I’m in my safe time”.

I needed no second asking. I thrust in deep, as deep as I could go, and released great spurts of my seed into her, filling her womb with my baby-making juice. My orgasm seemed to go on and on. As the feeling subsided I collapsed onto her, my mouth seeking hers.

“Oh, Yasmin!” I whispered. “That was so wonderful. I’ll love you forever”.

We lay in each other’s arms for a while, and then Yasmin rose and went to the shower. I heard her turn the tap, and As the warm water cascaded over her beautiful young body she felt the guilt of what she had done. She felt so much emotion — guilt for having performed such a lewd act and also pleasure from the warmth deep inside her body.

After a while, I opened the shower door and entered. I saw her crying softly.

My hands encircled her tiny waist and pulled her to myself. She turned and could see the pleasure in my eyes as I took in her breathtaking beauty.

“We have done wrong” sobbed Yasmin, but I put a finger to her lips.

“No!” I replied. “We have done what is natural and it was wonderful,” I said and kissed her on the lips and my tongue entered her mouth.

Despite her misgivings, Yasmin’s body responded to me again. She could also feel my hardness pushing against her.

I grasped her ass cheeks and lifted her as I bent slightly.

Yasmin felt my cock against her slit and cried out as I entered her again. This time there was no pain, only extreme pleasure as my hard cock stimulated her clitoris.

We fucked hard against the wall of the shower as the warm water ran over our joined bodies. Yasmin moaned as her orgasm washed over her and I grunted loudly as I too came, once more filling her tight, young, unprotected pussy with my fertile seed.

We pulled apart and each leaned against a wall.

I could see my cum leaking from her ravaged pussy as the water washed it down her thighs and away. I took the soap and gently started to wash Yasmin, my hands paying attention to every part of her body. Yasmin was lost in ecstasy as she melted to my touch.

Then she washed me, unable to believe that her own hands were moving across my forbidden parts. A few hours ago she had been an innocent virgin, now she was behaving like a whore.

We finished the shower and returned to Yasmin’s bed, where we slept in each other’s arms.

When I woke, it was just getting light. I took in the sight of Yasmin sleeping next to me. She was breathing lightly and seemed to be smiling. I gently rolled her over until she was facing away from me and put my arms around her to cup her breasts. Even though she was sleeping her body seemed to respond and I felt her nipples harden. My cock grew and started to push between the cheeks of her ass. I had cum inside her young pussy twice earlier and now I was ready again. It had been a long time since I had wanted a woman so much. I smiled to myself as I thought how I had turned this young virgin into womanhood.

I buried my face in her lovely, long black hair. I looked down as my hands ran over her smooth flesh. Her soft cream coloured skin contrasted nicely with my light coffee colour. My cock slid between her legs and rubbed against her pussy. I could feel the wetness there and I knew she was ready to take me inside her again.

Yasmin gradually came out of her sleep as she felt my cock pushing against her cunt lips. She had given herself to this man and had twice let him fill her pussy with his fluid. Now she wanted him again.

I knelt up and pulled Yasmin up so that she, too, was kneeling, her face buried in the pillow. Kneeling behind her, I entered her like a dog. This time, as I thrust into her, I could see her beautiful body as I impaled her on my cock. I put my hands around her waist and pulled her back, increasing the penetration. I rammed into her and she squealed in time with my thrusts. I grabbed at her hair as I watched my cock pounding into her beneath her lovely heart-shaped ass.

Yasmin turned her head and looked back at the man who was invading her young body. She realised that she and I were fucking like the dogs that they had watched together. My face was consumed with lust and Yasmin’s innocence also turned to lust.

Yasmin screamed “Do it, Vishal. Do it now! Fill my pussy!”

When I heard these obscenities coming from Yasmin’s innocent lips I shuddered and came. Spurt after spurt of hot sperm flooded into her womb. Yasmin felt the warmth shoot inside her and her own orgasm caused her to cry out.

We both collapsed onto the bed as our bodies were spent. I caressed her gently, my hand moving over her ravaged pussy, feeling the thick cum leaking out of her. She had started the night as an innocent Muslim virgin. Now she might be carrying my child!

For the next four days until Yasmin’s parents returned, we fucked like rabbits at every opportunity. In her bed, in my bed, in the sitting room sofa, on the sitting room floor, in the shower, on the dining table and the kitchen counter. We even made love on the terrace, under the stars with all the lights switched off so no one could see us. She moaned so loudly that I was sure the neighbours could hear. It was like I couldn’t get enough of cumming inside her soft velvet pussy and she couldn’t get enough of my rock hard cock spurting my seed deep inside her.

Once her parents were back, we had to return to our formal selves, maintaining a distance and avoiding eye contact when they were around.

A couple of days later was my flight back to Bangalore, and with a heavy heart, I bid Yasmin farewell. I didn’t know whether I would be meeting her again. She had told me very clearly that her parents would never let her marry anyone except a Muslim boy, and if she tried to do so, it would have severe consequences for her.

We kept in touch for a while, but once her wedding was fixed a few months later, she stopped calling and messaging. I was sad that we could not be together, but got over it after a few months when I got assigned to a new project in an East European country for a year. The new environment, and the stunning blond East European women helped.