Seducing My Friend’s Beautiful Sister Part – 1

This is a story about how I seduced my friend’s sister, the beautiful Yasmin. Everything I’ve mentioned actually happened, however for privacy reasons, I have changed the names of those involved.

My name is Vishal, a software professional in India’s software hub Bangalore.


I have a weakness for burqa-wearing Muslim women, and find it real hard to contain myself when I see a beautiful burqa babe, which has eventually led to me getting married to one as well (please see the Seducing Muslim Beauty Rubina story). But this story is from a couple of years prior to that, when I was in Lucknow on work.


I lay in my hotel bed thinking about my reason to be in Lucknow. I had been in Lucknow for a week, recruiting new employees for my company’s upcoming office in Lucknow. It was my third time in the city and this visit had been just as boring as the previous two. Working with three of my colleagues from Bangalore and my friend and colleague Ahmad from the Delhi office, we had interviewed dozens of candidates. To help us remember who was who, Ahmad had brought his camera and had taken a photo of each candidate.

The process was now complete and my colleagues had returned home. As the team leader, I had some additional formalities to complete, and had stayed on to finish the paperwork.

It had been a successful trip on the work front, but a complete disaster in terms of entertainment and socialising. Other than gorging on the famous Lucknowi biryani and trips to historical sites, it had been quite a boring business trip. There had been nothing to do socially. I was disappointed because I had not had the opportunity to meet any women. I loved Lucknow, and had heard a lot about the beauty of the woman there, and had hoped for the chance to meet some and maybe even get to fuck one.

I had fucked a young Muslim woman once earlier in Hyderabad four years earlier, after which I’d gotten hooked to Muslim women. That young woman had been married, and had been really wild in bed, even allowing me to cum inside her multiple times. Because she was married, we had not kept in touch after my return to Bangalore, because it would have caused issues in her marriage. But after about a year, I’d received an email with a photo from her, of her with a baby, who I assumed was mine. There was nothing else in the email, not a single word, and she had blocked my phone number after that.

Having had a married Muslim woman, now I wanted a Muslim virgin. I loved a tight, young pussy and there were none tighter than a virgin.

As my mind wandered from work to virgins my cock hardened. It was frustrating being in a city full of Muslim beauties and not have the opportunity to meet any of them.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. As it was 11 am, I assumed that it would be housekeeping wanting to clean my room.

When I opened the door, I was surprised to see a young woman wearing a burkha, with the niqab (face covering) pulled up to reveal her pretty face.

“Can I help you?” I asked, smiling warmly.

“I am Yasmin Khan, Ahmad’s sister,” replied the woman.

“Please, come in,” I said, standing aside to admit her.

“Ahmad told me he forgot to take his camera with him. He’s asked me to collect it from you before you return to Bangalore,” explained Yasmin, in a sweet voice.

“Oh, did he? No problem, I’ll find it for you. Why don’t you take a seat, in the meanwhile?” I said gesturing towards the only sofa in the room.

“Would you like some tea, coffee or a cold drink?” I knew that Muslims did not drink alcohol.

“Thank you,” replied Yasmin. “I’ll take some coffee.”

I lifted the phone and ordered coffee from room service.

Yasmin removed her burkha and sat in the sofa. I was transfixed. The young woman was breathtakingly beautiful. She had lovely, full lips, deep, coal-black eyes and her lustrous black hair reached almost to her ass. As we talked, I couldn’t take my eyes off her and felt my cock start to harden as my desire for her welled up inside me. Here was an attractive, sexy young Muslim virgin in my hotel room — just what I had been wishing for. But I could not take advantage of her. She was the sister of my good friend and colleague Ahmad.

The coffee arrived and we talked some more.

“So which of you is older, you or Ahmad?” I asked her.

“Ahmad, he is three years older to me.”

“I see.”

“When do you return?” asked Yasmin.

“I have a flight booked for tomorrow” replied Vishal.

“That is a shame,” said Yasmin. “It would have been nice if you could have spent a few days with my family.”

The thought of spending more time with this ravishing beauty made my cock even harder and it tried to push out of my shorts. I thought I saw Yasmin blushing, and then I realised that she probably had never seen a man other than her brother, in shorts before. I became conscious that Yasmin averted her eyes from mine, but her gaze seemed to fall on my lap where my rampant cock had created a large tent in the shorts.

“I’d better get that camera for you,” I said, standing up.

Yasmin’s eyes never left my shorts. I found the camera in one of the office bags and handed it to her. She took it and rose to her feet.

We were just inches apart and I wanted to reach out and take her in my arms. I wanted to feel her warm, young body pressed against mine. But, for Ahmad’s sake, I resisted the temptation.

As she turned to leave, I saw her from behind for the first time. She had a firm, round ass and I wanted to reach out and touch it. God, how I wanted this young woman! I guessed that she was about 19 or 20 and almost certainly a virgin.

Yasmin wore her burkha and I opened the door for her. As she left, she smiled and said, “I hope to see you again soon.”

As soon as she had gone, I closed the door and whispered, “Wow.”

I wondered if it was a coincidence or divine intervention that a gorgeous, young, Muslim virgin had turned up at my hotel door just when I’d been fantasizing about the exact same thing. I kicked myself for having missed the opportunity to seduce her. But then I thought, all is not lost. I thought about her invitation to spend some time with her family and suddenly remembered that Ahmad had also offered the same invitation. Immediately my mind was made up. I phoned Ahmad.

“I’ve been thinking about your invitation,” I said. “I could do with some rest, so I’d like to take you up on it”.

Ahmad sounded genuinely pleased. “That’s wonderful, Vishal. My parents would love to have you stay with them. Unfortunately, I can’t join you because of work, but I know that they will look after you well”.

“I’m sorry that you can’t be there,” I said, and then added “What about Yasmin? Will she be there?”

“Of course,” replied Ahmad, “She lives there too. Listen, I’ll call my parents now and make the arrangements”.

I immediately e-mailed my boss in Bangalore to explain that I would be taking a few days of leave — I knew that it would not be a problem, as I hadn’t taken any time off in six months.

And so it was that I arrived at Yasmin’s family home at about 6 pm the next evening. It was an old traditional two-storied house, with a big courtyard all around, located in a posh suburb of Lucknow. There was no guest room, so I was given Ahmad’s room that, I soon found out, was right next to Yasmin’s.

I was disappointed that other than when I’d first arrived, Yasmin did not come out of her room, so I did not get to see her at all that evening.

The next day was Sunday and I woke up a bit late at about 8 am. I heard the sound of the shower and I knew that I couldn’t use the bathroom, so I lay in bed for another half hour.

At about 9 am I got up, pulled on my shorts (I always slept naked), and went outside to the garden to sit in the sun. The first thing I saw was Yasmin. It must have been her in the shower because her hair was wet.

She was sitting in a garden chair, leaning forward, allowing her beautiful, long hair to dry in the sun. As she moved her fingers through her hair it would sometimes part, and I could see down the front of her blouse and clearly see her full, young breasts. Immediately my cock rose.

Suddenly, Yasmin became aware of my presence. She became embarrassed and quickly covered herself with her dupatta and hurried inside.

Her parents were very warm people and looked after me all day. Occasionally, I would catch Yasmin’s eye and she would look away, as if afraid that her parents might catch her looking at this forbidden man. I felt sure that she was attracted to me, but couldn’t see any way that I could get her alone. The day seemed to drag past.

The next day, I woke early and went up onto the roof to sit in the sun. As I looked over the edge of the roof, I saw a couple of dogs in the garden. I watched as the dog licked the bitch’s ass. Then the dog mounted the bitch and tried to fuck it. After a couple of attempts, the dogs coupled. I heard a rustle and, leaning further forward, looked down and saw Yasmin on the balcony below. She, too, was watching the dog as it pounded into the bitch. Watching the dogs fuck and seeing Yasmin below made my cock spring to life. I wished that I was coupled with Yasmin, with my cock deep inside her tight virgin pussy, and pounding her towards her first orgasm, while she moaned in ecstacy under me.

Suddenly Yasmin looked up and our eyes met briefly, before she looked away. I wondered if she was as hot and turned on as I was.

I decided to find out and headed down to the balcony where Yasmin was.

Silently, I went and stood a few feet behind her, on the balcony. When she looked back up, she realised I had gone. But when she turned, to her surprise, I was there right behind her. I smiled at her and gave her a wink. Yasmin blushed and hurried past me to the kitchen.

I followed and watched as she prepared breakfast. Her young body was firm and I took in the sight of her tight ass. Her full hips swayed as she moved elegantly around the room. I wanted to grab her and run my hands over every inch of her body. My cock was hard and I wanted to thrust it into her tight, young pussy and shoot my seed into her. I was almost on the point of reaching out for her when her parents came into the room. The rest of the day was spent like the others, being so close to Yasmin but still unable to make my move.

The next morning, I went into the bathroom just after Yasmin had finished her bath. In a corner was a laundry basket containing Yasmin’s clothes. I rummaged through them and found two pairs of her panties. I quickly showered and, hiding the panties in my towel, returned to my room. I took out the panties and lifted them to my face. I could smell the pungent aroma of Yasmin’s pussy. I quickly took off my shorts and replaced them with a pair of panties. My hard cock was now rubbing against the same panties that had been next to Yasmin’s pussy. I brought the other pair up to my face and smelt them. Then I pushed out my tongue and licked at it, tasting Yasmin’s juice. As I did so, I rubbed my hard cock and it wasn’t long before I climaxed, coating the panties in my cum. When I had finished, I pushed both pairs under my pillow.

That evening, I was in the drawing-room talking to Yasmin’s parents, who told me that they needed to leave for Raipur urgently. Yasmin’s grandmother’s health had taken a turn for the worse, necessitating their urgent departure.

“Ah! Yasmin,” I said, spotting her passing through the corridor. “It seems that you have to look after me for a few days. Your parents have just been telling me that they have to go to your Grandmother’s in Raipur.”

Yasmin stared at her parents. She was shocked that, as a conservative family, they were leaving her alone with me. “When are you leaving?” she asked.

Her father replied, “We are going tomorrow morning, for one week. Mr. Vishal has promised to stay here until we return to ensure that no harm comes to you.”

“You can trust me to look after her well,” I said. I knew that my chance to seduce her had come. I would ‘look after’ her very well indeed!

The next morning, I helped Yasmin’s parents load their luggage into the car, after which she and I saw them off as they got into the car and left for Raipur.

As we turned to go back into the house I whispered in her ear, “Yasmin, I promise that for the next week I will take very good care of you.”

Yasmin blushed and ran to her room. At lunchtime, she emerged, went to the kitchen, and prepared some food. We ate together and as we talked, my eyes never left hers. I could see Yasmin held eye contact and had a slight expectant smile on her face.

When we had finished eating, I started to clear away the dishes. When I turned, I saw that Yasmin had gone. I didn’t see her again until the evening when she again came to the kitchen to prepare the meal.

As we ate, I said, “Yasmin. Are you scared to be alone with me? I’ve hardly seen you all day!”

Yasmin avoided my eyes and said, “I will do what is correct. My parents will expect me to cook for you, but it is not right that I should spend too much time alone with you.” With that, she stood and started to clear away the dishes.

I watched her for a while. She was not wearing her dupatta and her long hair cascaded down her back to her firm ass. I could see the outline of her full, firm breasts beneath her kameez. I stood up and moved close behind her.

“Please,” I said. “Let me do that for you.”

In her house, it was unheard of for a man to help with housework, and Yasmin seemed surprised that this man wanted to do things for her. I think she was also aware that I desired her, but, coming from such a conservative family, she was not sure how to handle the situation. She left the kitchen and went to her room.

I didn’t see Yasmin again that evening. I lay awake in bed, wondering how I was going to get through the week if Yasmin wasn’t going to let me seduce her.

The next morning, I woke early. Yasmin was already in the kitchen preparing breakfast. She was wearing a light blue shalwar kameez but this one seemed to fit a little tighter than those she had worn previously. I could clearly see the outline of her breasts and I was filled with an urge to take them in my hands. However, I knew that I would have to take things slowly if I was to seduce her.

“Why don’t we go for a walk today?” I asked. “You can show me what there is to see.”

When we had cleared away the breakfast things, we set off. We walked into the countryside where we were alone together. As we walked, I casually took her hand and held it, my thumb making little circles on her hand.

“It’s very beautiful here,” I said. “But nothing is as beautiful as you!”

Yasmin blushed. She was not accustomed to receiving compliments.

As we walked back to the house, I kept her hand in mine. But as we got nearer, Yasmin broke the hold, concerned that someone might see us like that. When we got inside Yasmin went straight to her room and I did not see her again until the evening when she again came to the kitchen. She had changed into a white shalwar kameez and now I could see her bra through it. My longing for her built inside me again. I could barely contain myself.

After the meal, I again cleared the dishes, and Yasmin went to her room. At about 11 pm I knocked on her door gently.

“What is it?” she called out.

“Yasmin,” I replied. “It’s such a lovely night. Won’t you come up to the roof and spend some time with me?”

There was no response for some time, and I wondered if she had decided to ignore my offer. After some time, Yasmin opened the door. When I saw her, I felt like grabbing her, pushing her back to the bed, and jumping on top of her.

Instead, I took her hand and led her upstairs to the roof. We didn’t speak and just stood gazing at the stars.

I broke the silence. “The sky reminds me of your eyes,” I whispered. “So deep and yet sparkling with tiny lights.”

Slowly I reached out, lifted her chin gently towards me, and kissed her softly on the lips.

“I meant what I said earlier,” I continued. “You really are very beautiful,” and kissed her again.

At that moment Yasmin seemed to have admitted to herself what she had tried to deny all along, that she too was attracted to me, and would give herself to me. I would be the first to take her and enjoy her. She would give me the greatest of gifts, her virginity.

I pulled her gently towards myself and took her in my arms. For the first time, I felt the warmth of her body next to mine. I felt the firmness of her breasts pressing against me through my thin shirt. My fingers slipped through her thick hair. Yasmin raised her face and I kissed her again, this time harder and more passionately. My tongue probed her lips and forced its way into her mouth.

Finally, I felt Yasmin responding. Her tongue found mine, and we tasted each other. Then she was kissing me as passionately as I was kissing her. I knew I finally had her.

I pulled back gently. “I think we should go inside now.”

Holding her hand, I led her back downstairs to her room. Once inside I turned towards her and gently kissed her again. I noticed a salty taste and realised that Yasmin was crying softly.

“It’s okay, Yasmin. You are the most beautiful woman in the world, and I love you. Let yourself go!”

As we kissed again, Yasmin finally let go and her kisses became more passionate and urgent.

I slid my hand up her body and did what I had wanted to do for so long — feel her magnificent breasts through her kameez. Through the thin material of her kameez and bra, I felt her nipples harden and her breathing deepen. I reached down and lifted her kameez upwards, revealing the bra-covered orbs. Roughly, I pushed the bra aside, dropped my head, and started to suck on her engorged nipples. My tongue ran over them and my teeth nibbled at them.

Yasmin brought her hands to my head and whispered, “Vishal.”

I tried to remove her kameez but realised that I had no idea how it fastened. Yasmin came to my rescue and quickly pulled it over her head, dropping it to the floor. I reached behind her, unfastened her bra and that too fell to the floor. Yasmin felt shy. No man had ever seen her like this and she tried to cover herself with her arms.

“Don’t hide yourself, Yasmin,” I whispered as I gently pulled her arms aside. “They are so beautiful and I want to suck on them like a baby.”

My lips closed over one of her dark, hard nipples and I sucked at it eagerly. My hands massaged the firm young globes as I kissed first one, then the other.

Yasmin felt the warmth rising inside her and a wetness between her legs.

As I sucked and nibbled at her breasts, I dropped my hands and cupped her full ass cheeks, pulling her body hard against mine.

For the first time, Yasmin became aware of my hard cock pushing against her.

I brought my hand down to her front and cupped her mound. I could feel the heat of her pussy on my hand, even through her shalwar.

I teased her pussy, sliding my fingers up and down.

Yasmin had never known such a feeling and closed her eyes, her breath becoming deeper and faster.

I wanted to get at her naked pussy and tried to undo the knot of her shalwar.

Inspite of her arousal, Yasmin seemed unsure of whether she wanted to go on — and she placed her hands over mine.

Vishal moaned. “Yasmin, baby, please don’t stop now.”

With my other hand, I continued to rub her pussy and her juices soaked through the shalwar.

Slowly Yasmin relaxed her grip and I undid the knot and the shalwar fell to the floor.

Yasmin gasped as she felt my hand on her naked pussy.

With my other hand, I pulled roughly at my shirt, almost ripping it off my body. Then I pulled Yasmin against myself, and feeling her soft breasts crush against my chest. Her body felt like it was on fire, and it seemed like her nipples were burning into me.

Realising that Yasmin would not know how to remove my trousers, I quickly unzipped them and pushed them down to the floor, along with my underwear. I shuffled them off my feet and pulled Yasmin back towards myself.



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