Seduced And Fucked By Neighbor

I love aunties a lot and had many encounters. This is all about how my neighborhood lady, of age 27 years seduced me and finally ended up in bed.


I lived in a five-storied apartment consisting of 20 flats, with each floor having four flats. Most of the people are job holders, so during the daytime, very few people will be at home.

My neighbour there is a lady with two children. Her husband works in the police department in another district. Due to the school for children, they are staying in our native place while her husband comes once in a month.

She is a sexy bomb with huge tits and fat woman. Her boobs would be 42 in size. She is close with my family and often comes to our house to speak to my mother.

Her relatives stay nearby and show often visit them. She used to see me and knows about me from my mother. During this summer vacation, our neighbours in other flats went on vacation, and most of the times she used to be alone with her kids and my mother.

Once her mother came and took the children to her place. She stayed back alone at home as her husband was expected after a few days. So on our floor, once my father and I left for work, she came to my house and sat with my mother. They were chatting, watching TV and cutting vegetables and some other stuff.

I used to see her often and stare at her huge melons. I had a crush on her and used to masturbate many times thinking of her.

Finally, I got a chance. My parents had to attend a marriage in Vijayawada and would be back only after two days. As I had work, I stayed back alone.

So my mother asked me to take care of her, my dream lady, and help her if she needs anything. Also, my mother asked me to eat food at home, which my sexy lady Latha (name changed) will be preparing for me.

Finally, on that day I came early from office and opened the door with a spare key as my parents had left already. While opening the door, my Latha darling saw me and she came in her nighty itself. She said that my parents had left for the marriage and asked to have dinner at her place. I declined and said that I will have food outside.

She forced me to freshen up and come to her home for dinner as needs some help with household stuff.

I agreed, and I went to her home after freshening myself. To my surprise, she has changed to sexy saree where her blouse is unable to hold huge boobs.

She welcomed me inside and said that from morning she is alone and happy to have me at her home.

She kept dinner for us. We both had it, but I observed a lot of change while serving me food. Her cleavage was completely visible, and I could see her dark nipples.

After completing dinner, we started chit-chatting, and in between, she suddenly asked me if I want to touch her boobs, as I am staring them like eating.

I told that I will leave now for home, thinking that she might tell my mother. She stood at the door, closed it and locked it, not allowing me to go. She slowly dropped her pallu and asked me if I still wish to go now.

I was dumbstruck seeing those huge melons. I was in heaven seeing the boobs of my sexy lady so close. I was unable to control and slowly kept my right hand on her boob. She closed her eyes.

Such huge, like balloons, soft and round like a sponge, I had never touched. She told me that she had watched me many times seeing her boobs. She had not had sex for the past six months and she badly needs it. She told me that she didn’t go to her relative’s place for this chance and want to utilize this completely.

I went close to my darling and gave her a lip lock. We smooched for almost 15 minutes. I was playing with her boobs while doing this.

She was cooperating a lot and we were exchanging our saliva. I made her stand against the wall and kneel down before her, seeing her sexy navel. She was wearing her saree below her navel.

I started to lick her navel and making circles with my tongue. She was moaning loudly and pushing my head more towards her holding my hair. I pulled her saree knot with my mouth and keep on pressing her boobs with my hands.

I started opening her blouse and she was cooperating in that. Finally, her balloon size boobs were released from the blouse, but her bra could hardly bear them.

Without wasting time, I kept my face between those boobs now and started pressing hard and biting her nipples in between. Then I stood up and hugging her tightly, removed the bra knot. And finally, those huge watermelons were released and free. Seeing those melons, I got tempted and started licking those big black nipples.

Now she was only in her petticoat. She was biting her lips and moaning loudly. She asked me to take her to the bedroom as she can’t control anymore.

Guys, I will share later how my encounter continued in the next part. Those two days I fucked her both at her home and mine in different styles. She told that she never had such satisfaction in her life.