Second Date At Motel

Story Line: Couple savors hot motel sex.

We went out for some good Italian food. We had a great meal, we talked about how we were only going to be friends, and she said she didn’t know whether she would ever have sex with me.


I told her without hesitation that she would.

She looked at me and asked, “You think so?”

I said, “Absolutely!” She asked me how I could be so sure.

I told her that I knew because the chemistry was so strong and whenever we were in each other’s presence we always needed to touch each other. She agreed. After all, our connection was a spiritually-sexual one. It’s one of those things where the connection transcends all boundaries. When two people are driven together by fate and chemistry, they will stop at nothing to be together.

After about an hour of talking, drinking wine and in general, enjoying each other’s company, I said, “Let’s go!”

She said, “Yea, ok.” I paid the bill and we left.

No sooner than we hit the parking lot, we began to kiss. Those kisses were enough to make me lose all sense of time and space. There was some kind of magic when our lips met and it was so fantastic that neither of us could resist their power. We got into my car and continued to make out – all the while, groping each other, rubbing each other and hungrily trying to eat each other whole.

She said, “I want you!”

I said, “I want you too!” “What should we do?”

She said, “Let’s go someplace where we can be alone.”

I said, “Ok, I know a motel nearby.” and so, I drove us to the motel and got us a room.

As soon as we got into the room, we turned the lights down and started kissing again. We kissed all the while, trying to take each other’s clothes off without breaking the kiss. We clumsily and impatiently yanked at our clothing while trying to continue kissing. I got frustrated and stood up and took my pants down. I got them down around my ankles and tried to get them off with no hands. She pulled me closer and began sucking my erect cock while my pants were still around my ankles. I succumbed to the pleasure of her warm, moist mouth engulfing my already sensitive cock. I held her head as if to express my intense feelings for her – feelings that were intensifying by the minute. I finally gave up, broke the kiss and tried to simply step out of my pants but they were stuck on my shoes and tangled in my underwear.

I sat down on the edge of the bed and kicked my shoes off and then muscled my pants and underwear off and at last… I was free. Then, I reached over and pulled her top off and then her bra. I pushed her down onto the bed, grabbed her pants and pulled them off with little trouble. I left her panties on and began to stroke her moist slit through her panties. I spread her legs further apart and began stroking her smooth tanned thighs. I turned her over and stroked her ass and ran my finger down the crease of her cheeks – just enough to titillate her and she let out a moan of approval. I grabbed her by the hips and began to pull her closer and dry hump her ass with my stiff and ready member. I ran it right down the crease of her ass – just as I’d done with my finger. I reached under with my right hand and began to rub her clit while I humped her rear end.

I pulled her up close and then pulled her panties off, twirled them over my head and let them fly to I didn’t care where. She laughed at my boyishness – I was so energized that I could have fucked all night. As much as I wanted her, that’s exactly what I was thinking. I turned her over and spread her legs, stroking their length and feeling their smoothness. She has the smoothest skin and perfect legs and butt. In fact, whenever I would see her in those tight fitting pants she wears, I always get sprung. I was so ready to take her but I didn’t. I leaned back so that my cock stuck way up and told her to suck me again. She eagerly complied and I just lost myself in that perfect moment. She grabbed my cock, began to stroke it, and started licking my balls. That drove me insane and I let her know it by saying Oh… that feels so fucking good!

I sat up, pushed her onto her back and started working my cock slowly into her – not inserting the whole thing yet but just inserting it about an inch or two, pulling it out and rubbing her clit with it and then sticking it in a little deeper – working it in circular motions and putting in a little deeper. By now, she was sopping wet and I wanted to ram it home and really fuck her good. I got on top and started fucking her and kissing her as if my mouth was fucking her mouth. We both enjoyed kissing each other so much that most of the time while we were fucking; we continued to kiss.

I reached down under her ass and cupped both of her cheeks, pulled her closer as I worked my throbbing cock in and out of her wet pussy. We fucked and fucked harder, fucked faster and fucked faster. We were at such a fever pitch now that we both got so hot that we had to stop and open the window. We did and then I wanted to get right back inside of her. I knelt between her legs, grabbed a pillow and placed under her ass. I pinned her legs up over her head and spread her legs wide. Now, I had her exactly where I wanted her. I inserted my cock back into her pussy and began to drive my creamy cock as deep as it would go. I love this position because you can really get the cock in deep. I drove it to the hilt and kept a smooth and consistent rhythm – fucking her harder.

As I fucked her, her pussy began to make these sloshing sounds and that drove me crazy! I started fucking her in a way that would make more of those noises – as I did; she just got wetter and wetter. We slowed down for a minute – allowing our heart rates to come down a bit but we continued kissing and stroking each other. I wanted to taste her wet snatch so I pushed her down and began to suck her clit and massage her G-spot. She moaned and squealed and I took her to orgasm. I loved the feeling of her juicing in my mouth and cumming all over my face. Her lips were spread apart and wet – she grabbed my head and began to rub my face in the center of them as if she were trying to get my head inside of her. Damn! I loved it when she did that! I could have almost cum at that instant.

When she was finished cumming, I gave her a big wet kiss and we kissed like that for at least a couple of minutes. I love the feeling of kissing when my face is all soggy with pussy juice. I think she loved tasting it on my mouth too. We stopped for a minute but my cock was still throbbing and creaming. I needed to cum now. So, I bent her over, held her by the hips and began kissing her ass.

As I did, she said, “I have been having a fantasy of you doing that to me.”

I said, “Really?” Then continued kissing her ass. I grabbed her by the hips, had her grab the headboard of the bed and began to fuck her from behind.

She responded immediately and started moaning and squealing – saying, “Yes!” “Oh, yes!” “

I said, “Do you like that?”

She said, “Yes… I love it!”

She arched her back and started cumming again and I fucked her with one thing on my mind. I didn’t want her to ever forget this moment or me. I drove her to another orgasm. This one was even more intense than the first one and I watched her hands on the headboard go limp. I was ready to cum and I knew that it wouldn’t take me long at all. So, I fucked her as if I may never fuck again and just as I was about to cum… I pulled out and pumped my load in a stream that shot all the way up her back! I pumped streams of white milky semen all over her back and some landed in her hair. I pumped my cock until it was bone dry! And I do mean bone dry. After all, I was still hard as a rock. I fell limp beside her and we both just lie there making quiet moaning sounds for a few minutes. I thought to myself that this was the perfect way to end our second date.