Scientist Makes His Mom’s Valentine’s Day Part 3

By the time he reached his car, he was almost functioning normally. He turned the key in the ignition and did a wheelspin in the staff parking lot, his mind whirling as he tried to imagine what Joe must be thinking.

The most likely scenario was that Joe had just woken up with his cock buried inside a strange Chinese woman… who just happened to be Haoran’s mother.

Haoran called his Mom’s phone frantically as he drove.

His blood ran cold on the third attempt when his Mom’s phone went straight to voicemail…

She turned it off… he thought.

Oh no!

Oh fuck no!

Having run multiple red lights, he pulled up to his house 10 minutes later.

With no idea how to handle this beyond-bizarre situation, Haoran decided it best to proceed cautiously, so he turned the key in his front door as quietly as possible.

When he stepped into the hallway beyond, he immediately heard them clearly.

Two adults. Mid coitus.

Fucking each other’s brains out.

With a feeling of intense dread, Haoran climbed the stairs as softly as he could.

When he reached the top, he heard his mother moaning loudly and the slapping sound of skin on skin.

His mouth completely dry, Haoran peered through the gap in his Mom’s bedroom door.

Inside, his Chinese mother was on her hands and knees on her bed, her face buried in a pillow while behind her the powerful white giant Joe was railing her pussy with long, deep strokes. His hand was twisted around her hair, and he would periodically yank it while slapping her ass. She moaned like a whore, loving every second of it.


Behind her back, Joe grinned, increasing the tempo at which he was plowing her.

Haoran watched his mother’s eyes cross as she came, her toes curling and abs tensing. It was easily the most erotic sight Haoran had ever seen, and he immediately felt blood navigating its way to his cock.

“OHGODOHGODOHGOD!” his Mom squealed.

“Oh you like that, don’t you whore?” Joe leered down at her.


Haoran’s hand crept silently towards his hard cock, slowly gripping it through his trousers.

“Say it in Chinese, bitch!”

Qing began to talk dirty in her mother tongue.


Haoran’s hand was pumping now.

With another tug of his hand, Joe pulled Qing’s hair, forcing her to turn around and kiss him. Instinctively, her hand wrapped around his dick and stroked it while their tongues intertwined.

He pushed her on to her back, mounting her, her legs resting on his shoulders. The sight of his mother being dominated and positioned by a towering alpha male burned itself into Haoran’s memory. Joe gripped his massive tool, lined it up with Qing’s obviously wet cunt, and smoothly pushed himself inside her.

She called out again, the joyous cry of the newly converted.

Haoran watched his mother get rammed hard by the dominant white man, Joe giving her the best fucking of her life.

Instinctively, they all knew she would belong to Joe after this.

The sound of Joe’s balls slapping against Qing’s pussy filled the room, accompanied by her whimpers and gasps. Haoran’s hand was tugging furiously now, a powerful orgasm approaching.

His mother came again, begging in Chinese for Joe to cum inside her.

Instead, Joe pulled his cock out, straddled Qing’s chest and pointed his giant dick at her face, point blank.

Haoran expected her to object.

Instead, she simply closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and stuck her tongue out, ready for delivery of a hot sticky load.

Haoran came then, the sight of his mother acting like a pornstar too much for his mind to take. He seemed to cum in unison with Joe, Haoran’s load spraying against his boxer shorts, Joe’s load firing all over Qing’s face and tongue. Again and again Joe’s dick seemed to shoot ropes of cum. Haoran stifled a groan as he watched the hot, thick jizz drip from his Mom’s beautiful face onto her giant tits. Joe guided his cock to her mouth, and she sucked the remaining cum directly from the head of his dick. He groaned deeply.

Haoran silently crept back downstairs and opened the front door. Spotting the Valentine’s Day card, he quickly stuffed the evidence into his pocket before using his key to silently close the door behind him. He walked hurriedly to his car, trying as best as possible to shield the wet patch in his trousers from any passers-by. A neighbor waved to him, and he gave a curt nod in response.

As he drove away, he knew he couldn’t go back to the house until the evening at the earliest. With a few words, Joe could easily ruin Haoran’s relationship with his mother forever.

Haoran would just have to wait until they were finished…

Joe had all the power, Haoran realized.

He drove for a while before stopping at a derelict factory on the other side of town. In the carpark, he took out his phone and tried calling his mother again.

“Hi, you’re through to Qing’s voicema…”

He pressed the red button to hang up.

As he sat there, he thought of what the two of them were probably doing at that moment.

Maybe they were having a shower together. Or a bath.

Maybe his Mom was licking the cum off her tits for the second time that day.

Or maybe she was between the cheeks of Joe’s ass, licking him, striving to please the powerful white stud.

Haoran felt his cock begin to stiffen once more.

Suddenly, his phone began to vibrate. He picked it up looking at the screen.


“Hello?” he said, nervously.

“Hi honey! Are you ok? I have a few missed calls…” She sounded extremely chirpy.

“Oh yeah, all good. Just wanted to… see if Joe was there.”

“Oh… Yeah, he’s here.” she said in a low voice. “I was thinking… maybe the three of us could have dinner together later?”

“Sure… I guess.” Haoran had no choice.

“Oh! He wants to talk to you.”

Before Haoran could object, he heard Joe’s voice.

“Hey Doc, how ya doin’?”

“Hi Joe…”

From the way Joe’s tone changed, Haoran guessed he had moved out of earshot of his Mom.

“I ain’t a scientist… but I’m guessing today’s particular test was something of a failure!” Joe chuckled. “Listen… we need to have a little chat about this whole situation.”

“I’m sorry Joe. It wasn’t meant to happen that way.” I admitted.

“Sorry?…” Joe asked, nonplussed. “For what!?! I wake up to one of the hottest women I ever seen bouncing on my dick, and you think I’d be pissed!?!”

Haoran had to hold the phone away from his ear as Joe’s booming laugh echoed down the line.

“Don’t worry, Doc! I understand. She’s your Mom, but… I guess technically it wasn’t you fucking her, was it?…” Joe laughed. “And with tits like those, who could fuckin’ blame ya?”

Haoran breathed a deep sigh of relief.

“Thanks Joe.”

“By the way… what’s your Mom’s name? I can’t really just keep calling her ‘slut’ and ‘bitch’…” Joe chuckled.

“It’s Qing.”

“Gotcha. Oh yeah… I was thinking… that machine you got. I heard one of the scientists say two people can share one body… that right?”

Where was he going with this? Haoran wondered.

“Well… Yeah, one person is ‘in control’, but both people experience the sensations…”

“No shit! In that case… how about… YOU get the university to pay me a salary… let’s say $100k… and I’LL just keep pumping your Mom!?! That way, I get paid, and you have a golden ticket, front row every night for the main event!”

Haoran was equally shocked at the audacity and shrewdness of Joe’s offer. Apparently he had underestimated the older man’s intelligence.

It appeared Joe had all the power in the situation.

He could choose to tell Qing everything, destroying her relationship with Haoran forever.

Equally, Haoran having to come home every night and listen to Joe pound his Mom in the next room would be hellish.

Running through all of the variables, Haoran couldn’t think of any other way out of the mess he had created.

At least this way, his mother would be none the wiser…

“And who knows?… Maybe Daddy will lend you the keys, once in a while.” Joe said lecherously.

Haoran was instantly brought back to the moment his mother had lowered herself onto Joe’s big cock. Recalling her expression of undiluted bliss, he remembered how good it felt to fill a warm, wet pussy completely.

He imagined what it would have been like to cum inside his mother’s eager cunt.

Christ, he thought… what could be better?

Slowly mulling over Joe’s Faustian offer, Haoran licked his lips unconsciously before he finally spoke.


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