Scientist Makes His Mom’s Valentine’s Day Part 2

Again he knocked upon the door of his own house.

When it opened, this time his mother was wearing a royal blue ladies business suit, complete with pearl earrings and necklace. As usual, her ample cleavage seemed to draw the eye.

“Oh Joe! So nice to see you again!” she said happily.

“And you Qing!” Haoran replied with a grin.

“Come in, come in!”

Once inside, Haoran left the case in the same place as the previous day.

“Thank you so, so much for your help yesterday!” Qing said. “It would have taken me a full day to tidy all of that!”

“No problem at all.”

“Haoran’s at work AGAIN! Honestly, what kind of young man works seven days a week? It would be different if he AT LEAST had a girlfriend!” she bemoaned as Haoran smiled shyly. “Why don’t you sit down and have a bowl of noodles Joe?” she offered.

Haoran was about to refuse, but no one knew better than him that his mother’s cooking was too good to pass up.

“Sure thing. Haoran has told me all about your cooking.” His Mom blushed visibly at the compliment as he sat down at the kitchen table.

“Oh that boy!” She scooped enough steaming noodles to feed three men into a large bowl before placing it in front of Haoran. “He’s all work, work, work! But he has a good heart.”

Haoran took a big bite of the noodles and moaned appreciatively.

“Wow!” he said. “These are delicious!”

“Any time Joe!” she said, a little delighted to receive a compliment from someone other than her son. “Really. If you ever want home cooked food, let me know.”

Haoran nodded as he ate.

He decided he would tell her who he really was once he had finished the meal.

“To be honest… ” Qing said quietly, “… it can get a bit lonely here. It’s nice to have a visitor.”

Haoran stopped chewing and looked at his mother. He had no idea she felt that way.

“Oh… I’m sorry to hear that.”

“That’s ok.” Qing continued. “Haoran has his work and from what I can guess, he’s doing really important stuff…”

“But?” Haoran offered.

“… but…” Qing repeated. “… I don’t know. I guess I had just expected my life to be… different.”

Haoran wondered if she would ever tell him that in person, or if it was easier to tell a stranger.

“I see.” Haoran said. “And… what would you like to be different?”

“Gosh… I don’t even know! I had hoped Haoran would have kids, but he’s still a young man! He could take another 20 years and he would still be in his 40s. I think I’m just bored… and lonely.”

Haoran put down his cutlery to listen. For the first time he looked at his mother in a different way, not just his Mom but a flesh and blood woman with her own needs and dreams.

“I’m sorry to hear that Qing.” he said simply.

With his mother being so vulnerable, Haoran realized it would be an awful moment to tell her the truth. Once more he decided to delay his revelation.

“… Are you married, Joe?” his Mom asked, abruptly.

“Uhh…” Haoran said. He had no idea if Joe was married. “No… I’m not.”

“That’s a surprise…” his Mom said, her brown eyes meeting his. There was something behind her gaze that he couldn’t place.

“Honestly… I’m not great… talking to women.”

“Maybe you should talk less… and stack boxes more.” Qing said playfully, her eyes flicking down to look appreciatively at Joe’s big biceps and forearms.

Oh my God, Haoran thought.

Jesus Christ…

Is my Mom… FLIRTING with me!?!

He opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out. His mind was racing.

Even simple words seemed elusive.

Qing began to laugh.

“Oh my, you really AREN’T great talking to women, huh?” she teased.

Blushing, Haoran shook his head shyly. “I told you!” he smiled.

The clock on the kitchen wall struck 3pm, and Haoran surged to his feet.

“Oh crap! I need to get going.”

“Oh that’s a shame.” his Mom said, looking downcast. “Maybe some evening, I can make dinner for you… and Haoran, of course.”

“Umm… yeah, maybe.” Haoran replied, becoming faintly desperate to flee his own house.

As he picked up the case, he turned to his mother. She leaned in to him, and he felt her arms wrap around his chest. With one hand, he pulled her close to him. The smell of her coconut shampoo flooded his senses.

He felt a dangerous stirring between his legs.

“Bye Joe.” she murmured. “Don’t be a stranger.”

“Bye, Qing.”

As he drove back to MIT, he cursed himself for being such a fool.

What the hell was he going to do now? He had no more money from the budget set aside to pay Joe. Perhaps it had been a myopic plan to begin with…

It seemed more prudent to simply forget the whole thing.


As he lay in bed that night, Haoran thought of his mother’s flirtatious words. And how her arms had wrapped around him.

It wasn’t the way a mother and son embrace…

Again Haoran felt a rush of blood to his groin. His cock stiffened as he recalled the smell of his mother’s shampoo.

God… he thought… what would she have said if I flirted back?

Idly he began to stroke his dick.

He remembered how she had looked at Joe’s muscular arms. No woman had ever looked at Haoran like that. And certainly not his own Mom.

Had he ever fantasized about her before? Sure, on occasion. What boy didn’t have that intrusive, taboo fantasy from time to time?

But to be confronted with a tangible possibility… a real life opportunity… even if it was while controlling the body of another man.

It was dangerous… and incredibly erotic.

He had never seen his mother flirt with anyone before…

Haoran pulled down his boxers, allowing his rigid cock to rub against the fabric of the duvet as he stroked.

He wondered what his mother would like to happen with Joe. Was she just flirting? Perhaps she was looking for a relationship?

Or maybe just a casual fuck?

It was strange to think about her that way… but for some reason, it also seemed to make his dick grow harder.

Soon he was pumping it furiously, thinking about his Mom’s curvy figure, large breasts and gorgeous face. What would it feel like to have such a woman desire you as much, or even more, than you desire her?

Justifying to himself that he would never actually pursue anything with his mother, he allowed himself to fantasize freely about her. Suddenly, instead of a conservative, upright pillar of the community, he pictured his gorgeous Chinese Mom on her knees, pleasing Haoran in Joe’s body.

He felt precum oozing from the tip of his dick and rubbed it around the head of his cock, lubricating it.

If he was ever in that position, could he really fuck her?

Could he lose his virginity to his own sexy Mom?

His tool seemed to answer for him, swelling in his hand.

An image of his mother formed in his mind, her laying on her back, slowly spreading her legs, an ancient, taboo invitation. He felt an electric tingle begin in his balls, before soon spreading out through the rest of his body.

Stifling a groan, Haoran’s cock erupted cum, shooting all over his stomach and duvet. Again and again, he fired ropes of hot jizz all over himself.

He didn’t stop or slow down, stroking until all of his seed had been spent.

Panting for breath, his head fell back onto his pillow. He lay there for some time before getting out of bed and cleaning up the mess.

Some time later, he turned over once more to go to sleep, his breathing gradually deepening.

Just as he felt sleep overcome him, Haoran couldn’t be sure but he thought he heard his mother moaning in the next room.


The next day, Haoran took his Mom to visit his father’s grave.

He wore the only black suit he owned, an ill fitting reminder of a lonely prom night, and a plain white shirt. Qing wore a dark suit jacket and skirt. The jacket covered his mother’s large breasts, but her skirt only seemed to emphasize her curvaceous ass.

Qing placed flowers on the grave and prayed by it for some time, her son watching her thoughtfully.

He felt conflicted about masturbating to his own mother. Especially at that moment, in that place.

He rationalized it as a once-off. He had no plans of bringing ‘Joe’ back into his mother’s life.

After some time, Qing rose and turned to her son.

“Ready to go?” Haoran asked.

She nodded silently.

On the drive home, he noticed she was unusually quiet, even for that sad anniversary.

“You ok, Mom?”

“Me?… Yeah… just thinking.”

“Anything in particular?”

She looked at him, her expression hard to read.

“I guess… thinking about the past. And the future. What it will look like.”

Haoran nodded. “You know Mom… if you ever found another man… I’d be ok with it. I want you to be happy.”

Qing raised her hand to stroke her son’s face.

“You’re a good son. I don’t know. Maybe I do need to… take more risks.” Qing said.

“Hmmm… maybe I do too.” Haoran mused. “I think I could benefit from taking more risks… romantically. Hell, I might even ask someone out for Valentine’s Day!” he joked.

“Ever since your father passed, I’ve hated Valentine’s Day.” his Mom admitted. “Too many lonely days, sad memories.”

“The only real memories I have of Valentine’s Day is of Dad dying… and you writing me those ‘anonymous’ cards every year!” he said with a grin.

She smiled at him then, her face softening. “You knew it was me?”

“Of course, Mom! It didn’t take a boy-genius IQ to figure it out!” Haoran chuckled. “Hell, no girls even knew where I lived.”

“Well… regardless… I hope they made you feel good…” his Mom said.

“They did, Mom.” Haoran squeezed her hand. “You were always there for me. And I only want you to be proud of me… and happy.”

They didn’t speak as he drove, both lost in their own thoughts.

An idea occurred to Haoran as he turned onto their street. It was risky, and would be expensive, but he wanted to give his mother at least one happy Valentine’s Day.

“Maybe… maybe this Valentine’s Day will be different, Mom.” Haoran suggested cryptically.

“Oh yeah?” she replied doubtfully.

“I think it could be. I just have a feeling something good is going to happen.”


That night, Haoran called Joe, asking if he could attend one final test the next day.

Haoran would have to pay Joe from his savings account for this session but he didn’t mind.

On the morning of February 14th, Haoran told his mother that he was going to the lab but would be home for dinner in the evening.

He arrived at MIT at 9am and gave all of the research associates the day off, telling them to ‘spend it with the ones they loved’… as he intended to. Overjoyed, they whooped and joked around as they left the building.

Joe arrived at 10.

Haoran ran through all of the final checks while Joe got changed into the surgical gown.

As he did so, Haoran couldn’t help but notice in his peripheral vision that the huge white man was equipped with a massive, swinging cock. He quickly shook the image from his mind.

“Any plans for Valentine’s Day, Doc?” Joe asked, cheerfully.

“Just this.” Haoran answered flatly, flicking his thumb towards the lab.

“Oh no, don’t say that!!!” Joe replied, aghast. “You’re a young man, you need to get out more! There’s a whole world out there… and it’s full of women!” Joe chuckled.

Haoran laughed and lay on the table beside Joe.

“Well… It’s been a pleasure working with ya, Doc.”

“You too Joe… and you can call me Haoran… ‘Been nice knowing ya!’… as they… saaa…” Haoran mumbled as the sedatives kicked in.

When he awoke in Joe’s body, Haoran allowed himself time to reorient before checking his watch. He would have about four hours.

He dressed quickly, pulling up a chair at the nearest desk, before plucking a Valentine’s Day card from his own backpack.

He wrote on it:

“Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

Hope you don’t mind me,

Playing a trick on you!


The luckiest son in the world!”

Haoran sealed the envelope and scooped up the large bouquet of flowers he had laid on his desk. Finally, he grabbed the communication relay hub and made his way to his car.

When he arrived at his house twenty minutes later, Haoran felt an unusual, nervous energy. He decided it was best to just tell his Mom the truth of the last few days straight away, so that they would have more time to celebrate.

Sure, she might be mildly embarrassed by the conversation she and (who she believed was) ‘Joe’ had had the previous day, but Haoran was confident they would soon be laughing it off.

Standing in front of his door, he once again rapped on it sharply.

His mother opened the door and Haoran felt his breath catch when he saw what she was wearing.

She wore a red silk kimono, tied with a black bow… and nothing else. The hem of the fabric barely covered his Mom’s decency. Her cleavage looked unbelievably sexy in the outfit.

Haoran gulped.

“Well, hello Joe!” Qing said demurely.

“Oh… I’m sorry, did I uhh… catch you at a bad time?” Haoran asked, suddenly unsure of his plan.

“Not at all! Please… come inside.” she said with a flawless smile, stepping back.

Haoran entered the house, dropping the relay hub in its usual spot as his Mom closed the door behind him.

“I uh… just wanted to give you… these.” he said shyly.

“Oh my! Flowers and a card?” she said, chewing slightly on her bottom lip. “Joe… you shouldn’t have.”

There was something about the way she spoke that sent shivers down Haoran’s spine.

“Yeah… you should read the ca-” Haoran began but suddenly his Mom lunged forward, her lips pressing against his.

He felt her body moving against him, pushing him back against the door.

Stunned, he was frozen to the spot as she kissed him, biting his bottom lip, before sliding her tongue in his mouth.

“Qing… please…” he began, but she ignored him.

“I knew you’d be back…” she said triumphantly. “I just knew I’d see you today… Let’s just say… I was thinking about you all morning.”

“… if you’d just open the…”

“That’s why I decided to wear this…” she smirked, gesturing towards her sexy red kimono. “For you.”

Haoran’s eyes followed his mother’s hand, from her elegant neckline, to her ample cleavage, to the outline of her hips.

“Like it?” she murmured in his ear, her lips kissing his neck as he struggled to resist the urge to give in.

“I mean… it’s lovely.” he said nervously.

She grinned then, victoriously.

“Well then… if you like that… how about these?”

With that, she took a step back, untied the kimono, and allowed it to fall to the floor.

Qing stood before her son wearing only a red lacy bra with white trim and a red g-string.

Immediately Haoran noticed his Mom’s tits looked huge.

“Jesus Christ!” he murmured without thinking.

“Mmmmmmm!!!” she purred. “I hoped you’d like these!” She stepped closer to him, one arm encircling his neck so she could pull him towards her for a kiss. Her other hand dropped to his crotch, and Haoran groaned when he felt his mother’s hand close on the head of his now massive cock.

“Oh my God!” Qing exclaimed. “Do you have one more BIG GIFT to give me, Joe?”

“I uhh…” Haoran stuttered, the sensation of a hand on his dick was too pleasurable to facilitate regular brain function.

He watched his mother drop to her knees, open Joe’s belt and take out the largest cock either of them had ever seen.

It must have been at least 10 inches of thick, veiny meat, seemingly instinctively pointing at his Mom’s face.

Qing gasped, her eyes going wide as she beheld a big white cock, up close and personal, just for her.

With one hand she gripped it, her eyes wide with wonder. As she stroked it slowly, Haoran’s resolve seemed to dissipate.

He realized as her head came closer to his cock that this was the last moment to stop her. The last moment to…

It was already too late as her tongue snaked out to lick the head of his cock. He felt his knees grow weak from the indescribable pleasure she was gaving him.

“Oh God!” he cried out, throwing his head back to rest against the door. “Fuck!”

“Mmmmm!” his Mom moaned before taking his cock into her mouth, her eyes wild with lust.

She stared up into her son’s eyes as she blew a white man for the first time.

Dragging her nails over his balls, Qing made Haoran sigh.

“Haoran isn’t home until at least 6 o’clock…” she murmured. “That means… I can suck…” She leaned forward and Haoran felt his cock hit the back of his Mom’s throat. “… or fuck your big white dick all afternoon!”

Oh God, Haoran thought.

I’m going to do it, he realized, I’m actually going to fuck my Mom…

He watched his dick swell in his Mom’s hand.

“Mmmmm!… I think you like that, don’t you, you dirty boy?” she cooed.

Rising slowly, she stood before him with the utter confidence only a woman who has seduced an alpha male can have. She kept one hand wrapped around his cock, leading him without objection upstairs to her bedroom.

Haoran wanted to tell her to stop. Or run out of the house. But the huge cock in his Mom’s hand had other plans.

When she unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor, Haoran saw his Mom’s bare, full, D cup tits.

They looked heavenly.

The edge of her lip curled into a sly smile. “See anything you like?” she asked innocently.

Any resistance remaining in Haoran vanished in that moment.

He stepped forward, grabbing his Mom’s heavy tits with both hands, squeezing and mauling them as he had fantasized about doing for more years than he could remember.

He leaned down, sucking her large brown nipple into his mouth, licking it and flicking his tongue across it. She moaned appreciatively.

When his hand dropped to her g-string, he found she was dripping wet. He yanked down her underwear and began to stroke her labia. Again she moaned.

Their desires reaching fever pitch, they both pulled off Haoran’s remaining clothes. With both mother and son naked, Qing put a hand on Haoran’s chest, pushing him back onto the bed. The large man fell heavily on the mattress, bouncing once, before Qing was on top of him, her big breasts swinging in his face. They kissed while her son groped her tits and ass. When she pulled away, she held his gaze with unparalleled intensity while she lowered her wet pussy onto his thick meat.

They both cried out blissfully as Qing took her son’s virginity… and Haoran filled his Mom’s pussy more than any other man ever had.

Her eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open in the widest, most joyous smile Haoran had ever seen.

She was in heaven.

As she slowly adjusted to his size, she began to rock on top of his big white cock, her tits jiggling as she did so.

Haoran squeezed her tits as she bounced on him, his darkest fantasy suddenly a reality.

Blinking repeatedly, Haoran began to feel vaguely light-headed.

For a second he thought maybe he was close to cumming… but it wasn’t that.

Instead, he felt a violent jerking of his thoughts and sensations, as if he was in two bodies at once. He experienced a most unpleasant sensory overload.

Oh no…

It can’t be! he thought.

Miles away, Haoran opened his eyes wide. Sitting up too quickly, he felt woozy.

Oh no!

What the fuck had happened!?!?

He was back in the lab!

Haoran looked over at the empty bed beside him.


As he gradually regained his coordination, he rose unsteadily and stumbled towards the monitor beside him.

Mobile Communication Hub Battery = 0%


He had forgotten to charge it!

IDIOT! he thought.

Kicking himself for his stupidity, he gathered his clothes. Getting dressed as quickly as his uncoordinated hands would allow, he shuffled along the corridor using the wall for support.

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