Santa Cums At Party

Like the countless Friday afternoons of the past three semesters Wes arrived at Abby’s apartment at mid afternoon. As with almost every other time, nobody was home. After kicking off his work boots he headed to the fridge and retrieved a bottle of beer before returning to the living room, making himself comfortable, and turning on the TV.


The following story does have a holiday theme. Please note that all characters are fictitious but none are under the age of 18. Enjoy.


He took a long pull on the beer as he surfed from channel to channel hoping to find something worth watching. He wasn’t up for watching the news and a mindless game show didn’t appeal either. He was about to press “up channel” on the remote again when his girlfriend, Abby, came in.

“Hey, look what the cat brought in,” she said teasingly.

“Hey, Ab, yeah I love you, too.”

“Oh, don’t be such a grump. Besides Christmas is almost here. Carla, Barb and I have a great idea. You’re going to play Santa and the three of us will be your elves at the Nursing School’s Christmas Party. It sounds like so much fun.”


“You heard me. You’re going to play Santa.”

“You’ve got to be kidding. I’m going to have to practice my ‘ho, ho, hos,” for a bunch of your fellow students who are such a fun crowd. What was it this week? Enemas, rectal temps, or vasectomies?”

“Oh, come on. Lighten up. Look we even got everyone costumes,” said Abby retrieving the boxes of costumes just as Barb and Carla got home.

“So what does Wes think about playing Santa?” asked Barb.

“He looks underwhelmed if you ask me,” noted Carla.

“He’ll come around,” said Abby. “He just needs some time to think about it.”

“Maybe trying on our costumes will hopefully put everyone in the right frame of mind,” said Barb taking one of the boxes and heading for the stairs. Abby and Carla thought this was a good idea and did likewise. Still Wes didn’t budge and his butt was still firmly planted on the couch in front of the TV.

Wes didn’t like whatever he saw on the TV, but the idea of playing Santa was not very appealing either. He took a couple of more sips of his beer and emptied the bottle. A quick trip to the kitchen and Wes disposed of the empty and took another from the fridge. He took another sip as his mind kept repeating, “I’m going to play Santa and I’ll have three elves for helpers!” The thought had him conflicted as he conjured up images of the three girls, but then thought of himself in a Santa suit.

Upon returning to the living room he again plopped himself on the couch and no sooner picked up the remote when Barb came downstairs in her elf costume. Wes’s jaw dropped as he surveyed Barb in the white faux fur trimmed green velvet short dress with matching hat and black fishnet stockings held up with a black garter belt.

“So, what do you think, Wes? Can I be your helper?”

Wes was about to give a very naughty response when boobalicious Carla appeared with the same costume but being far better endowed than Barb had a lot more to show and a lot more by which to capture Wes’s imagination. The costume certainly held Barb’s modest A-cup boobs in a flattering manner, but Carla’s D-cup girls were just barely restrained, her cleavage clearly on display. Wes was about to make yet another comment but was interrupted by Abby’s arrival. All three women did justice to the costume in their own special ways.

“So I guess it’s up to me, isn’t it?” he said to himself. “I just can’t disappoint these women!” At that he took the Santa costume upstairs intent on changing and hopefully wowing his three favorite women.

Several weeks later

The time passed quickly and three weeks later the four dressed in their costumes and headed out the door. After a short drive to the house made their way to the festivities. Upon entering Wes went into character and gave a couple of bold “ho, ho, hos” to which everyone gave a round of applause. After a drink or two Wes was really getting into playing Santa and sat down in a straight chair off in a quiet corner close to the crackling fireplace.

He was just getting comfortable when a cute blond in a sexy low cut party dress came up to him and sat on his lap. “Santa, can I tell you what I want for Christmas?” she asked.

Wes looked her over for a minute but did not hesitate to say “Yes, but a new Mercedes probably will not fit on my sleigh.”

The blond had a good laugh over Wes’s comment and then introduced herself as Jenn. “No, seriously,” she began, “I’ve been studying much too hard this semester and haven’t made any time for my social life.”

From Wes’s vantage point he had a wonderful view down the front of her dress and surmised that she also had one nice set of boobs, not too large nor too small but just right. He could feel some twitching in his pants and knew that an erection would not be long in arriving. “So how can Santa help?” he asked.

“It’s been so long since I’ve done anything with a guy, I was hoping that maybe you’d be able to help out a needy girl such as myself.”

Wes practically lost it with this reply and thought he’d choke on his words. “Are you OK?” she asked as she shifted her weight on his lap but in doing so managed to touch Wes’s groin as she did so and could not help but feel the erection growing in his pants.

“No, I’m good,” Wes responded although still choking.

Wes’s face was red from coughing and said that what he needed was something to drink. “C’mon with me, I know where I can get you something,” and at that she led him to the back of the house where she looked around initially for something to drink, but then spied a darkened room—it was the butler’s pantry. She took Wes by the hand and the two disappeared. Seeing a bottle of Perrier on the counter, Jenn twisted off the cap and offered it to Wes. After downing half the bottle he felt sufficiently composed and thanked her.

“Now I know that Christmas is over a week away, but I don’t want to wait for my gift,” said Jenn, returning to the earlier conversation about her social life and sexual dry spell, slipped her hand between Wes’s legs and felt what had now become his raging hard-on.

Despite living almost every weekend with three hot women, Wes knew that he was going to get lucky and reached under Jenn’s dress only discover that she wasn’t wearing any panties to guard her treasure. “What the . . .?” he began.

“Yeah, I know,” she explained, “I thought that panties would only get in the way. Don’t you think?”

He nodded agreement as he felt around her well-trimmed bush in search of what he eventually discovered was her warm and already moist pussy. He slipped in a middle finger and was able to tease her clit with his thumb. Jenn started by kissing his neck and while he was suitably distracted unzipped the pants to the Santa suit and reaching inside Wes’s briefs.

“Now what do we have here?” she asked.

“Santa brought it especially for you,” he quipped.

“That’s so sweet. And it seems to be just my size, too,” said Jenn who then reached into the left cup of her bra and pulled out a foil wrapped rubber.

“What the . . .?”

“Yes, you have to wear a rubber. That’s because it’s going to be pretty wet where you’re going. So hurry up and put it on! Please don’t keep me waiting,” she asked in a very soft sexy voice that was almost a whisper.

Wes cracked up at the way Jenn explained things, tore open the packet, removed the rubber and rolled it down over his shaft. “There!” he exclaimed.

“Perfect!” replied Jenn as she bent over and raised the hem of her dress above her waist. “Doing it this way will allow you to get inside nice and deep.”

Wasting no time Wes entered Jenn, who not surprisingly was amply wet and well-lubricated. She was right about the rear entry position as he felt that he was especially deep inside of her.

Jenn loved the feeling and moved her pussy in and out enjoying every last inch of Wes’s member. “You do feel so good,” said Wes reaching around and grasping her boobs.

“Oh, you feel a lot better than just good. I haven’t been laid in such a long time and to think that tonight I find someone like you at this party has to be that my fondest wish has been answered.”

As Wes continued with the in and out motion he could feel that things were progressing to that point where he knew that he’d need to cum. “I hope you’re ready for this,” he said knowing that he could not hold back any longer.

“I am, I am. Go ahead. I’m ready! Hurry! Hurry!” she now begged.

Wes thrust himself into Jenn and a nanosecond later he literally exploded with a load of cum. That was soon followed by several smaller spasms and he was convinced that despite the reservoir tip on the rubber that the copious amount of semen was likely backing up.

“I just adore it when a guy cums. I can never get enough of it and just like Santa, you certainly know how to deliver.”

Feeling his erection slowly starting to fade, Wes grasped the base of the rubber and withdrew himself from Jenn. He looked down and even in the darkened butler’s pantry he could see that he had completely filled the rubber and perhaps more so. He slid it off, knotted it and put it in the nearby trash can.

“My pussy is unbelievably wet. Is there anything that we can use to dry it so I don’t get pussy stains on my dress? That would really be embarrassing to have anyone notice,” Jenn said demurely. Wes looked around and the only thing visible was a white dinner napkin that had been covering a champagne bottle chilling in an ice bucket. “Not the best choice, but it would have to do,” he thought to himself as he handed it to Jenn.

She took the napkin and proceeded to clean her nether region only to exclaim, “Wow, but that is cold.”

“It’s all I could find. Sorry.”

“After your performance no apologies are necessary. I suppose that what we should do is get back to the party before anyone decides that they might decide to come looking for us,” said Jenn, satisfied that she had sufficiently dried off her pussy lips and straightened her dress. They decided to not leave the pantry together so Wes left first with Jenn following some minutes later.

Wes returned to his seat by the fireplace, punctuated his presence with more “ho, ho, hos,” and got himself another beer. A couple more women came by to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas, but compared to Jenn’s wish, these were all quite tame.

Some 20 minutes later Abby came by after having circulated through the party and chatting with many of her colleagues. “And what do you want for Christmas, little girl?” Wes asked her in all seriousness.

“I think my fun meter is running down. Barb wasn’t feeling that great and has already headed home. Carla had some guy fixated on her chest so I’m not sure what her plans are, but I’m ready to leave whenever you are.”

“Sounds good to me,” said Wes as he went to find Abby’s coat. The party was clearly winding down and as he and Abby walked to the car Abby noted, “I saw you talking to Jenn. She’s a real book worm and has the highest GPA in the class. She’s attractive enough but from what I have seen doesn’t have much of a social life if she has any at all.”

“Yeah, she seemed like a nice enough person,” said Wes making certain that Abby could not see the broad grin on his face.

When they got home, both were tired from the long day and headed up to bed. They got undressed and Abby put on a festive short red flannel nightshirt. Moments after they got into bed, Abby says, “I don’t think I’m so tired that I do not want to have sex with you. So what do you say Santa, I need to find out if it’s true that you only cum once a year.”

“I think that that is nothing but a myth,” he told her.

“Well, then we’ll just have to find out,” said Abby reaching for his crotch and getting a firm grip on his manhood.

“She might be my second fucking of the evening, but in the sex department she really is a very talented lady,” he thought to himself as he quickly got in the mood and was instantly ready to mount her.

Abby, who only wore panties with a nightshirt when it was that time of the month, was already prepared with the shirt pulled up to her chest and her legs spread.

“You’re not too ready are you?” Wes asked.

She just giggled.

Without giving the blow by blow details it’s safe to say that Abby enjoyed receiving a good load and they went to sleep in one another’s arms while still carnally coupled. Overnight Wes went limp and when he slipped out of her it was like removing a cork from a bottle meaning that Abby leaked his prodigious load leaving a huge wet spot that they only discovered in the morning.

Upon awakening she got up and went to the bathroom but when she came back to bed with a huge naughty smile and said, “Well, that was one for Santa. How about doing it again?”

To answer the burning questions, “No, Santa does not cum just once a year. Actually he might cum twice or even three times in a single day but who’s counting? Ho, ho, ho