I had to do it.

I showered, cleaning the last of the evidence of my infidelity both off and out of my body. And believe me, even with my husband’s unknowing help, there was still plenty to clean out. They had cum twice inside my pussy, and both of their big loads were still left inside of me. So, even though my husband ate my pussy that was full of another man’s spunk. My smile of conquest couldn’t be blown off my face with dynamite as I stepped out of the shower and onto the small shower rug. I took my towel and finished drying myself off, thinking that my husband always loved catching me nude when I was coming out of the shower. I wonder if he would still want to see me this way if he found out what I had just done to him?


Why was I in such a wonderful mood?

Well, I guess you could say I got even with my husband. Or really, I got ahead, way ahead.

You see, we had gone out to a party with friends. Ryan, (my husband) started drinking quite a bit. Then he started to get really friendly with one of the women there.

I kept an eye on him fairly close. But almost as if I was set up, one of his friends distracted me, causing me to lose track of him. When I had found him again, he had his tongue down Jennette Pound’s throat. Then as if it wasn’t enough, watching my husband play tonsil hocky with Jenn the slut, his hand was also up her shirt, obviously, playing with her titts.

I was sort of proud of how I handled it. I simply walked up to him and gave him the bird. Then I walked out without looking back.

It took weeks to win me back. His main excuse was he had too much to drink. I still think this was BULL SHIT. But I loved the cheating scum, and didn’t really want to give him up.

It took time. More than I thought it would. But slowly and very methodically, I had found a way to get even with him. So, I started plotting, planning and setting him up for the KILL!! Ok, it wasn’t a kill so much as a blistering revenge.

My plan was to make my husband, unknowingly eat my pussy, but with a friends creampie in it. I wanted him to eat me after I had sex with another man. I didn’t want him to know that I had been fucked right before. He may ask why the difference in the taste than all the time’s before? but I would have to come up with something.

It had not started innocently. Oh know, it started with one of my ex’s that I knew Ryan didn’t like. David, had tried to pursue me, even after Ryan and I had hooked up and became an item.

Well, then Ryan had answered the phone when David called. He wanted to hook up with me at my friend Layla’s house. Even though Ryan didn’t know about him trying to hookup with me right then, we had only been together for a short time. So, he didn’t know what to say about it.

Layla, called me about twenty minutes later, saying that her husband Geno was out getting drunk and needed my help getting him out of the bar.

I don’t really think that Ryan liked the idea of me going out like that, but he didn’t say anything. Well until I got home anyway. We had sex then, and he took a lot of time eating my pussy, and looking at it as if it might be full of another man’s cum. But it wasn’t, I didn’t fuck him that night. In fact, according to our president, Bill C. I did nothing wrong what so ever. But Dave loved the blowjob I had given him.

And he really loved something that Ryan taught me. Ryan had taught me to take a cock into my throat. Something that Dave had been begging me to do again and again ever since that night. But I have to say, Dave’s cock is a bit thicker than Rayan’s and it was a lot more uncomfortable than having Ryan’s cock so deeply down my throat, and especially when he came straight into my belly, holding his thicker cock as far down my throat as it would go. So, I couldn’t breathe nearly as well, and felt like I was going to suffocate. So, that is why I had been so hesitant to repeat that night.

Anyway. I knew David wouldn’t turn me down for a quick fuck. But I needed to be sure that Ryan would want to eat me right after. So, my main objective was to get Ryan to eat my pussy more often.

I started by telling him how much it turned me on. I also told him that, I would be brought into the mood more often if he used his tongue first.

I knew it was working when we were setting on the sofa watching television. Then he turned to me and asked. “Mellissa, would you be up for a tongue lashing?”

Really, I wasn’t. In fact, not at all. But I needed him to want to eat my pussy. So, I told him, “Yes, I am always in the mood for your tongue.”

Well, he ate me for about ten minutes. Then I let him fuck me to completion.

Now, I did come pretty good that night. But it wasn’t what he did that got me off so well. It was my mind saying that he would eat me anytime I wanted him too.

A couple of weeks passed after that. I had to fuck him several times during that time, as he thought he had found a key to ‘Sex anytime’. So, I had to make him believe he did.

I called Dave a few times, he was all for a romp in the hay with me. But I told him it had to be a one-time thing. And mostly, I just needed to know why I had always come with him, But not Ryan.

It was a bold face lie of course. Ryan was an amazing lover. He lasted longer, fucked me with more authority and passion. And though Dave’s cock is thicker than Ryan’s, Ryan’s is nearly three times as long. And I love him driving his cock into me where the head comes and pushes up against my cervix. Something that David’s cock could never even come close too.

So, I only needed a guarantee that Ryan would eat me, and everything else would be in place.


I had been having sex with Ryan every day for several weeks by then. I had come into my period, and I knew even if he wanted me, he would never eat me then. So, I was able to cut him off. And guess what, my period lasted a few days longer than normal. Almost a full week. Ok, it didn’t really last that long. I just told Ryan that it did, knowing it would make Ryan frustrated and really horny.

I called Ryan from work and told him that I had to work late. As a matter of fact, yes. I have finally got over my period, and if you eat me to get me in the mood tonight, I will fuck you anyway you want.”

I thought Ryan was going to have a stroke. He literally choked out while he was on the phone with me. He finally assured me that, he would be more than willing to get me in the mood by using his tongue, and anything else I wanted.

So, it was set. I always got off two hours before Ryan, so this day. I called Dave and told him I would meet him at his apartment.

But Dave told me that he had to be somewhere that particular day. However, he could borrow a friend’s custom van, and we could have a lot of fun inside.

I felt a little funny about it, but I thought it didn’t matter about the sex with David, it was all about the tongue I was going to get with Ryan. So, I told him. “What the hell, sounds like fun.” Then I called Ryan and reminded him that I had to work late, but he really needed to get his tongue warmed up for me. it seemed to excite him so much that he didn’t question me about working late.


After work, I changed into a short skirt and blouse. I didn’t need stockings, but I wore thigh highs anyway, as I wanted to ware my pumps for Dave. I also put on a pair of panties that would hopefully help keep Dave’s cum inside of me.

As I adjusted my panties, I noted that my pussy had never been wetter. I had moisture coming down my thighs. And I knew that I was looking forward to being fucked by Dave as well as getting eaten by Ryan. And right then, I couldn’t tell you which one I wanted more.

I came out of the employee’s bathroom looking somewhat like a street-whore. But right then, I didn’t care. I told a couple of girls I knew that I was meeting my husband after work, and I was going to tease him mercilessly. They seemed to buy my Bull shit quite well.

It was Friday, and we met at a car show. His friend had the custom van on display.

There were people walking around it looking inside to check out the bed amongst other things. Dave had already talked to his friend Mark. But when he took me to him to introduce us, Mark said that we would have to wait until dark, so that there wouldn’t be so many people around.

I couldn’t wait that long. If I told Ryan that I had to work that late, he would pick me up from work, and take me out for dinner. I knew my husband that well. So, becoming desperate, I said something really stupid.

“Ok, Mark, what will it take! To let me and Dave fool around for ten minutes in your van?”

It wasn’t the smile that should have made me feel creepy. It was the way he slowly looked over my body. He took his time gazing at the way my breasts were packed into my blouse. He also took a lot of time looking at my legs. Then he gave me the answer. “I can let you two have ten minutes, if I can have the same amount of time doing the same thing, but first.”

I wasn’t as surprised so much as I felt more like I would have cum right then if I was only touched.

I looked Mark over about the same as he did me. He was hot, maybe even hotter than Dave, But not Ryan. Now, to this day, I am not sure why I accepted his offer. Rather it was because I wanted to get even with Ryan so much. Or, Because I just couldn’t say ‘NO’ right then.

I looked over to Dave and raised an eyebrow.

He chortled and said, “It’s your pussy girl, none of my business who you fuck.”

I turned back to Mark; Dave already knew that I wanted him to cum inside my pussy. “Mark, I only have one requirement.”

“What’s that?” He asked excitedly, obviously becoming excited to be getting laid right then.

As excited as he seemed, I believed that I could have asked him for the title to the van right then. He probably wouldn’t have accepted my proposal. But I knew he would have thought about it for some time. But instead, I asked, “I need you both to cum inside me.”

“You wanna get knocked up?”

“Oh, no, nothing like that,” I reached into my purse and pulled out my pills, showing him that I had been taking them daily.

“Ok, I can do that.” Mark concluded.

Dave looked on to me and said, “I will let them know that the Van is a rockin’, so there is no knockin’ allowed.

I smiled at Dave, then I took Marks hand leading me into the van.

The first thing he did when the door was shut and nobody could see in was, he took my shoulder and spun me around. Then he put his lips on mine and kissed me.

I wasn’t expecting this, I just wanted to take my panties off an let him at it. I knew Dave would be more that way, but I didn’t know Mark at all.

This isn’t the first time I had not known the man I fucked. I had several one-night stands before I married Ryan. But this was a bit different. This was adultery for one. And not to mention, I was in love with the man I was married too. I just wanted him to pay for the pain I had to deal with. And if I had a chance to cum a few times in the process, it would be lagniappe.

I had always loved sex. And I have to say, getting naked with a hot man I had only just met made me very wet. My nipples were painfully hard, and I really hoped someone would start sucking on them soon.

It didn’t take Mark long before I felt his hands on my blouse working on the buttons. But he was taking too long, so I moved my hands to my blouse helping him open it, allowing him access to my small but verry sensitive and needy titts.

He finally broke the kiss he was giving me, allowing me to speak for the first time in a while. “We have to hurry; my husband will be getting home and I have to be there.”

“Your married?” he asked and backed away for a moment.

“Yes, happily most of the time. I just need to do this. Please, it’s a long story and I don’t have time to explain.”

“He cheated on you first? Or… Shit, he gives you permission?” he asked me very judgmentally.

“No, he doesn’t know anything about it. But yes, I guess you could say I am getting even. But that isn’t the only reason. Really, I just really want this, so please, just fuck my pussy and cum inside of me. Then if you do, maybe, Dave can bring me buy again, then we can do it till our hearts content.”

He seemed to understand my urgency. So, he bent me over, ignoring my incredibly needy breasts and put my knees on the edge of the bed, I then put my hands palms down in front of me.

The bed was at just the right height for him to enter me from behind. I have to say, I came the second he drove his cock into my very wanting cunt. I really didn’t take a good look at his cock. So, I had no way to compare it to anything. But I will say, I came great, and it seemed to fill me wonderfully.

Then I continued calling out my orgasms with loud guttural moans. It was so fucking hot being fucked like this with a stranger. But he just kept fucking me. His strokes were powerful, ramming into my cunt with forceful thrusts. I lowered my head, causing his cock to reach deeper inside my pussy. This caused me to almost scream out in orgasm. But then I heard him making low guttural moans at the same time I felt hot liquid being pumped into my womb. And gawd did I come some more.

Mark was outstanding. And I really wanted to fuck him again.

Soon, I brought my thoughts back to what I was doing, and remembering that Ryan eating me out was more important than the great orgasm a stranger gave me.

I was happy when he hurriedly dressed and left the van. But I was exposed with my blouse open and my skirt up around my waist, and he had left the side door open for all to see.

Thankfully, Dave quickly came in and took one look at me. I was on my back with my legs spread, my top was open showing him my small yet very sensitive titts. My skirt was up around my waist, my recently fucked pussy was agape with jizz setting right at the entrance.

“Oh, my Gawd, I really didn’t think you would do it.” he said as he stood glaring at my just fucked pussy. “Just what are you planning?”

“None of your business.” I looked him strait in his eyes, “None of your business, all I need… or want from you is your cum in my pussy. And now that your friend fucked me, I really don’t need it now. So, take me if you want, and come in me. Else, I will dress and be done with this.”

He didn’t take much time to decide, but truth was, it didn’t matter who’s cum Ryan ate out of me. just the fact that it was a man’s cum was enough. But Dave quickly impaled me with his cock and started fucking me.

I couldn’t believe how quick he came. I suppose, it is true, sloppy seconds are like pussy on steroids to a man. as he came in me in only a matter of seconds. So quickly, I didn’t have a chance to come again.

I held him in place with my legs wrapped around his middle, my pussy milking him for every drop he had for me… make that for Ryan. Before I let him go, got up and put my panties back on. Then I straitened my clothes and walked out of the van.

I couldn’t believe how many men were there asking questions. But they weren’t asking about the van so much, as they were wanting to see me. The woman that had the van rockin’ with two different men.

I really think they all were hoping that I would want one or two more men to fuck me. And in truth, if I had the time, I could have gone for it. This whole thing was causing my pussy to drip. I could only hope that I didn’t leak out Mark and Dave’s cum with my own juices.

I had to argue with myself, needing to get my recently fucked pussy home. Rather than getting it verry well fucked by a train of van and car lovers.

It was one of the hardest decisions I had ever made.

End of part one.

I hurried home, feeling the cum at the entrance of my wonderfully fucked pussy. After ten years of being a faithful and good wife. I felt really strange knowing I was filled with an ex-boyfriend and his friend that I didn’t even knows cum.

But what shocked me the most, I wanted more. All the men hoping I wanted them too. all the hard cocks, just wanting me. Wanting me to fuck them too.

And just how close to agreeing to this I was. Too close actually. Way too close.

Damn, I had no idea I was so much of a slut. And how just thinking this, made me want to go back to the van. But Ryan!! Damn it. Ryan, I needed my vengeance. My wright, my justice. I deserved it, needed it.

This was the, ONLY!! Thing that kept me from going back to the van. And as I drove home, I wandered how soon it would be before I called Dave again. Only this time, I would make sure Mark was with him. And maybe a couple more?

DAMN, when did I become such a slut. But nothing could be as good as how my pussy felt right then. It felt dirty, hot, tingly, wantonly, wanted. Gawd, it felt fucking wonderful. Used and a bit abused. And all wanted was MORE. Much more. And just why did I think ‘how many men might want me that were there at the car show?’ Gawd, why would I even care. But I sure as hell did.

Pulling into my driveway, I noticed that Ryan’s pickup was there.

I pulled up beside him, and sat in the driver’s seat, trying to come up with a sane thought.

But none would come. I put my hands between my legs, pulling my skirt up and then touching my cheating pussy threw my panties. Putting my index finger to the top of my slit, where my clit hid itself under my pussy’s hood.

I touched it and felt pleasure, a lot of pleasure. I played with it for only a moment before I came. I let out an amazing moan as I felt my little button. And again, my thoughts were ‘just how many men wanted and would have taken me today. Gawd, did I want to be a slut.

But then, my thoughts came back to my husband. So I got out of the car and walked to the front door. opened it, and stepped inside.

I could smell dinner cooking. So I walked to the kitchen to find my Ryan working over the stove.

Trying to hold back my way too bright smile, I asked him “what’s for dinner Hun.”

“Baked chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans.” He answered, then asked, “how did it go, what happened after work that you had to stay late? Margret, got home at her regular time?”

Margret was a lady that worked with me and lived just across the street. I had forgotten about her, and worried that she may have spread the word about how I had left today.

I told Ryan, “Charly asked me to run some Aarons for him. I picked up some invoices.”

“Well, you look awfully hot today, did you ware this to work?” pointing to my slutty clothes.

“Aw, no, aw, you see, I had spilled some coffee on my clothes. I borrowed some from Susie, I know they are a bit provocative, but I thought you might like them. and maybe, I could let you take them off me?”

I watched his face change from upset, to a more controlled and loving look. The offer of taking the clothes off me, may have made up for my gaff of not changing back into my work clothes. What happened next, told me that I did well.

Ryan picked me up and put me on the counter. Kissing me as he did. Then he quickly opened my blouse with expert hands, opening it exposing my verry needy small yet very sensitive titts.

No more than a second later, his mouth was giving my nipples the attention they had been craving, yet were neglected.

My feet were tingling with him nursing my nipples like he was. Then, I felt it in my pussy. The tingling sensations drove themselves right through my body and caused me to call out in orgasmic bliss.

Ryan didn’t stop then, he didn’t even slow down. He wanted to take me.

As much as I worried about him eating my cream pied pussy, I realized it would be ok if he just fucked me. So, I resigned to the fact that, he was just going to fuck my used pussy today.

Then a fleeting, after thought came to me. ‘I could have the train before he ate me?’

Just as the thought came, he raised my skirt and lowered his hands to my pussy. He put his fingers in my panties and lowered them to my ankles.

I quickly kicked them off.

He then spread my legs and lowered his head to my nasty cum filled cunt.

I watched his tongue come out of his mouth and lick at my used cum filled nasty cunt.

And I came all over his face.

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