Reunion With High School Crush

Story Line: High school crush blossoms.

Brian was in no mood for a high school reunion but his father had urged him to go. His father, every year, gave a sum of money to the school for facilities and last year they couldn’t accept his kindness anymore as they had everything they needed for the children’s rights at education.


He drove through the ten foot gate and found a parking bay at the furthest end where he saw a lovely attraction stepping out of a car. As she turned and he saw her face, he couldn’t believe his eyes. She had changed in so many ways. She wasn’t the walking celery stick that she was back in school days.

She was a natural beauty, voluptuous, sensual, just plain exquisite. That brown hair that was long back then was cut to her shoulder blades, those hazel eyes asking, no, more like pleading for some attention. She hadn’t gotten taller though, she was still five foot and a few inches, didn’t matter; very lovely as she had always been.

He stepped up to her and called her by her name, “Chanelle, oh my heavens, you’re still as lovely. How are you?” She looked stunned but he saw appreciation in her eyes.

Cheeks reddening she replied, “Brian, I’m alright and yourself? Although, I must say, you haven’t changed a bit.” Her voice, angelic he thought. “No complaints.” They stared at each other for a few moments when an old friend of Brian’s came to a halt. “Hey there buddy. I wasn’t sure if you were going to make it tonight. Oh and who is your, uh, friend Brian?” Pete was looking her over and Brian didn’t like the way Pete was looking at her.

“Pete my man how well do you know me, I wouldn’t have come if my father hadn’t bullied me into coming. And my friend here also attended this school and maybe if you weren’t too busy gallivanting and salivating after all the girls you would’ve noticed her.

This is Chanelle Peterson.” Thinking back, Brian was the only one to notice Chanelle, nobody else. Pete nodded and walked away. Brian also saw a hint of jealousy run across those smooth features on his friends face. Did he want Chanelle? He hoped not, she was going to be his, not Pete’s or anyone else’s.

He never told anyone how attracted he was to her and now to see her again after seven years and still feel very much attracted to her, oh yes, she will be his. He looked back at her and saw that a lonely tear was coursing down her cheek, instinctively he reached out and with his thumb wiped the tear away and smiled at her.

Now His breath caught when he read what she mouthed to him. The son of a bitch, how could Pete do this to her. He wrapped his arm securely around her waist and both walked to the entrance of the school hall. Couples dancing, people talking and there he was, Pete flirting up a storm with Alexis, curse this man.

They made their way to the drinks table and offered Chanelle a glass of juice, she accepted and took a sip. Pete joined them and looked at Chanelle with hungry eyes. Brian saw fear wash over her face, her color drained. “Pete, I see you were talking to Alexis a moment ago.

How is she?” Brian asked hoping to draw his attention away from Chanelle. “She is doing, uh, sorry but who are we talking about again?” asked Pete. Brian could tell he wasn’t listening because he was staring at Chanelle and Brian could see she didn’t like one second of being under Pete’s eyes.

“Pete, I think we need to chat, how about we go outside,” said Brian hoping to achieve something and gladly it was gained as one of Chanelle’s own friends came and stood next to her and started talking about whatever came to mind, which gave Brian time to sort Pete out.

An hour later he found her outside sitting on a bench and bent down to see her face. She had been crying, asked her what had happened and told him what Pete said to her before leaving the reunion. He asked her if he could drive her home, she shook her head and instead asked him to follow. They got to her house, parked at the curb and walked to her open front door where she was standing, waiting.

He followed her inside and closed the door behind him. She poured two glasses of wine and passed a glass to him. He actually felt comfortable in her presence and nodded when she invited a tour of the house. They finally reached the master bedroom, her bedroom. The double bed, the thoughts of making love to her came to mind and tried hard to push them out of his mind but with little success.

She must have seen the bulge in his pants because she left the room. Shy as always but he would change that and very soon. He followed her back into the living room and turned her around so that they were facing each other; she tried to get out of his grasp but stopped as he kissed her.

She parted her lips and he slid his tongue into her mouth, soon the kiss grew hungry. She locked her arms around his neck and sighed into his mouth, surrender, he knew it.

And pulled away, took her hand and went back into her bedroom where he started undressing her all the while telling her what an idiot he was for never telling her that he had had a crush on her but peer pressure was on his back which made him the egotistical idiot he was. Screw it,

And he thought, she deserves to know how he felt about her, he still loved her. He told her and she admitted to secretly having a crush on him as well. He quickly undressed and got on the bed next to her.

He pulled her close and kissed her earlobe, neck and throat, moved to her lips but drew back a little to whisper that he loved her so much. He slid his hand down her body, over her tight nipples, down over her stomach and hearing a sigh escape from her while they kissed knew she had her legs open for him, only him.

He slid his hand between her thighs and slid a finger over her already tight sex, silky and slid his finger lower still and felt her wet flesh surround his finger, his thumb rubbing her sensitized flesh, she was going to come soon, no doubt about it. He bent down and licked between her intimate flesh, kissed and finally sucked on her clit.

He lowered himself and slid his tongue inside her, heard her moan as well as felt her hands in his hair. It wasn’t long before she came in his mouth. He moved up and gently parted her legs wider for him, nestled himself between her legs and slowly inched his hard length inside of her.

He lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist trying to bury himself deeper into her moist center. He pulled back and pushed back in, each time thrusting harder into her; they were moving as one & started thrusting faster than he intended but she whispered for him to keep it up, that it felt good, that she didn’t want this to end.

He wasn’t going to stop, not now and definitely not ever he thought. She was his; he was going to make sure of it. Her muscles started tightening and he realized he had slowed as he came over and over inside of her. Damn it, he hadn’t worn protection, ah shit,

loved her and he wanted her, needed her and if a child came into the picture he was going to love the child; his child, their child. He told her and she said she loved him and they would let whatever happen happen. Chanelle hadn’t fallen pregnant but was married three months later to Brian who cherished her like she was a precious jewel that he didn’t want to lose.