Remember This Samantha

Samantha and Sue took the boat to the lake for a day of water fun and culminating with an evening cruise on the lake. Tubing, sunning and swimming, they just had fun on the lake today. Having been on the water all day they decided to have an evening meal on the lake and a romantic lake cruise.


After finishing the meal, they lay on the deck; gazing at the stars, laughing, talking, and so enjoying each other’s company as a cool summer breeze engulfed their warm bodies. Samantha wore her side tie bikini bottoms and a thin floral print blouse held closed by three buttons. Sue chose to remain in her bikini and let the summer breeze kiss her body. Sipping wine, talking, and gazing at the stars, they immersed themselves in the ambience of romance that the summer evening promised them.

Sue ran her fingers along Samantha’s face, gazed into her eyes, and gave her a lingering passionate kiss that stirred Samantha to the core of her being. She embraced Sue, pulled her close, and felt the warmth of her body. They relished the warmth and intimacy of the embrace, and the evening fell still as they hugged.

The sky was clear, the water calm, in the distance a marker light from another boat shined, and it remained static. Perhaps it was the boat of other lovers and they were partaking in the romance of that summer evening. The evening breeze has fallen still; the only sounds they heard were the sounds of lovers, making their own music.

They kissed and tenderly held each other, being captivated by the diamonds sprinkled in the sky; they enjoyed the lover’s solitude. It was a scene for all the lovers to enjoy.

Sue caressed Samantha’s breasts through her sheer floral blouse. Samantha, tired from the busy day, cherished the placid ministrations of her lover’s touch. Sue felt the fullness of her breasts and the erection of her long nipples as she touched them. Samantha moaned softly and the summer night air echoed with it. Then Sue kissed Samantha’s ear and trailed kisses down her long smooth neck. Her hand cupped Samantha’s breast and shifted the three buttons that concealed her full saucy breasts. Sue’s nimble fingers unbuttoned her blouse in a while. Her hands deftly moved and laid Samantha’s bust bare to be osculated by the warm summer breeze that resumed drifting over the open water and the star struck lovers of the lake.

Sue kissed her bare breasts, caressing them lovingly. The tickling effect on her nipples evoked a pleasing sensation into her vitals; it ignited a fire in her loins. Her labia were full and the bright pink lips pressed together desiring… needing a lover’s touch. Sue was intent of fulfilling Samantha’s desires. She played with her jeweled belly button piercing, and her hand roamed over to the waist band of her bikini bottom. A hand, Sue’s hand, eased under it feeling the warm skin as it glided to the top of her slit.

Sue touched Samantha’s slit; it was damp. And so, she squirmed as Sue’s hand withdrew from her bikini bottom. Sue placed her fingers on the bow tie at her hip, untying it quickly. Then she repeated the action on its counterpart. Undoing the bows, Sue gently laid the material between Samantha’s thighs letting her lover perceptible to her. Samantha slightly raised her hips to assist Sue for removing her bikini bottoms from under her ass.

Samantha lowered her butt and splayed her legs. The moonlight waltzed on her vulva and revealed her labia, pink and engorged under her tan. There were no tan lines on her body. The labia minora looked dark and protruding within the confines of labia majora. They resembled the lace on the cups of a delicate bra. Drops of dew on her petals glistened in the moonlight and beckoned Sue to revel into her enchanting treat.

Sue stood, released the ties of her string bikini, let the two-piece material fall on the deck, and pushed them to the side with her foot. Standing naked before her lover, she ran hands over her body and presented herself to Samantha.

Samantha drank in the beautiful scenario. She savored the lines and curves of Sue’s lithe body. Her small breasts silhouetted by the moonlight. The erect nipples and the sensuous fullness of her bust were enticing. Her lines tapered to the flair of her hips and down her slender thighs. She caressed her mound, taking in the beauty of her lover.

Sue scooped a single drop of Samantha’s feminine dew from her petals and pressed it to her lips. Samantha’s tongue darted out to retrieve the scrumptious treasure and rolled the drop on her lips, before drawing it inside her hot mouth and relishing her love juice. Sue smiled and kissed her. They shared her nectar as their lips locked together.

Samantha’s legs spread wide, waiting, anticipating and longing for the touch of her lover. Sue fulfilled her lover’s desire as she stroked her engorged lips.

Samantha’s eyes closed and she moaned softly “Mmm…”

Sue knelt between her legs and parted her labia. Her pussy was smooth and bare, save a small landing strip just above her slit. It was the style, either that or completely bare. Samantha liked a little hair there to remind all that she was a woman, not a little girl.

Sue felt Samantha tense a little as she started to enter her hot pussy with her digit. Her lips open and her alluring eyes closed. Samantha was waiting for more. Sue rubbed her hard clit, and she jumped at her touch. Her clit hard, elongated and very pink as it peeped from its hood. Her clit gleamed with honeyed secretions. Samantha’s shrieks pierced through the quiet that lay on the water, as Sue toyed with her body.

It was at this point that Sue slipped her fingers into Samantha’s wet cunt, finger-fucking her. Samantha heaved her hips to her manual thrusts. The fingers rocked deep into her cunt and she ground the invasive fingers with each violent stroke. The lust pulsated through her hot pussy. A pussy, which was swollen and wet from her secretions, propelled her to the precipice of her climax. She tried to hold back, but failed. Sue’s fingers danced in her cunt, drawing Samantha into an abyss of pleasure that she had no desire to escape.

Her crotch fevered and saturated with her lover’s nectars, Sue removed her fingers from Samantha. She then situated her pussy onto Samantha’s and instigated a slow methodical grind on her cunt, mixing their juices together. Sue increased her gyrations and soon their secretions dripped down. Sue was the first to reach her climax. A violent body stiffening, toe-curling climax that consumed her. She moaned loudly, releasing her passion and letting her clammy box be filled with honey.

Samantha, delayed in her climax, made Sue to induce her release. Shortly afterward, she exploded releasing a torrent of her girl-cum. It oozed out of her pussy as they made love sensuously with the warm summer breeze caressing their bodies. They collapsed in intimacy, arms embracing, lips caressing, and murmuring like a couple of doves.

The boat gently rocked as the water broke on the bow, rocking the lovers in a blissful renewing sleep under the stars of balmy summer eve. All that could be heard in the remote Paramour Cove was the distant cry of a lonely loon searching for its mate.