Relaxing after Work

Story Info: My wife helps me after a hard day.

I’m a lucky man, I know that. Been married for twelve years, got two kids, and a job that keeps the roof over our heads and food on the table. Not to brag but I make enough working my stupid cubicle that three years ago my wife could become a stay at home mom. May not seem like much to some but in my family that’s huge.


I’m a lucky man, I know that. Been married for twelve years, got two kids, and a job that keeps the roof over our heads and food on the table. Not to brag but I make enough working my stupid cubicle that three years ago my wife could become a stay at home mom. May not seem like much to some but in my family that’s huge.

Still, on those rough days when your boss is on your ass every five minutes because someone else screwed up and now you are expected to fix everything, it helps to be reminded.

Yesterday was one of those days. It was after six in the evening when I finally pulled into the driveway. The check engine light still glowing a bright red. My wife, Kathy, had told me to get it checked out last week. I know I better get it done soon or I’ll never hear the end of it, so I just pray the damn thing starts in the morning.

I get out of the car, my knees and back popping painfully with each small movement. I tense all over when I’m stressed and my body pays me for it. It’s a struggle to make it up the walkway and into the house but I finally make it. I can hear Mark and Andi upstairs playing videogames, their cheers occasionally louder than the tv. I set my briefcase down by the door and throw my wallet and keys next to the potted orchid Kathy keeps on a table by the front window. I flop down on my brown recliner, willing myself to merge into the fabric.

Kathy steps into the room from the kitchen. Damn that is a fine woman! She just celebrated her 42nd birthday and without lying I can say she’s more beautiful now than when we met. She wears her wavy black hair, now with a couple silver streaks in it, down to her shoulder blades with one lock of hair on the left side brushed forward to frame her face. Her blue eyes sparkle in the light, especially when her nose crinkles and her lush full lips open in a smile. Best of all though is she’s a full figured woman. Never saw a reason to go after those super thin girls who might fall down in a stiff breeze. Nah, I got me a girl I can cuddle up to and stay warm with at night. Especially her tits! I try not to be one of those guys that only focus on physical features but I got to be honest, they were the first things I noticed about her when we met and they’ve only gotten better since. She was an e cup when we met but after two pregnancies and two times nursing she had grown to a double g. There wasn’t a blouse or shirt on the planet that didn’t serve to show off her breasts. I bet she’d even make a burka look good.

She asked me about my day, not really looking at me as she went about cleaning up plates and toys the kids had left lying around. I started in, trying to downplay my frustrations at first, but as the story got going I really let loose. I could feel the stress flood my body as I relived the day’s events. She finally stopped what she was doing and just looked at me as I kept going.

I finally reached the end of my story and tried to settle back into my chair, but even it felt uncomfortable now. “You really just need to relax.” She finally said.

“I’m trying but I can’t stop thinking about my stupid coworkers and dumb boss!” I couldn’t keep the anger out of my voice.

“I know what will help.” She said with a smirk. She quickly ran up the stairs and I heard her talk to the kids but couldn’t make out the words, then I heard the door to their room shut. I closed my eyes to try to just shut the world out.

“There, that’ll keep them settled for a while.” I heard her say from the stairs. There was a sultry tone to her voice that made me open my eyes to look at her. As she reached the bottom of the stair she finished unbuttoning her baby blue shirt and slowly parted it for me. She’d gone braless today. Kathy gripped a breast in each hand and slowly lifted them up to her chin, then dropped them letting them bounce all around. She repeated this a couple times, mesmerizing me with their movement as she slowly walked to me.

Once she had halved the distance between us she began kneading and shaking her left breast while she brought the right one up to her mouth. She teased her nipple with her tongue. Circling the areola and then licking her nipple. Once the nipple was nice and hard she then began sucking on it. The sex on display had me at full attention, all thoughts of work long gone. She stopped just in front of me, pulled her nipple out of her mouth with a loud pop and asked, “Would you like some?”

I just dumbly shook my head yes, there wasn’t enough blood to work my mouth too. The good thing about marriage is that she already knew the affect this would have on me. Whoever said predictability was a bad thing?

She climbed onto the recliner with me, straddling my hips, grinding against my cock as she offered me her tits. I pulled her forward into the a deep kiss, then went at her chest like a starving man attacks a burger. I kissed down her cleavage, grabbed and jiggled her tits, buried my face between them, sucked them like a vaccuum, and everything else I could imagine. She giggled and moaned as I played with her. Kathy always found her tits erotic and sensitive despite their size, though we’d never found that mythical boobgasm we’d read about online.

I started trying to get up, wanting to take this to the next stage but she ground me back into the chair then slowly got up. “Nuh uh, my poor baby is much too tired to get up and fuck. He just needs to relax and let Ms. Kathy take care of him.” And then she was on her knees. In a few quick movements she had undone my belt and had my slacks and boxers around my ankles. She spit in her hand several times and then gripped my shaft. As she worked her hand up and down it mixed with my precum till I was just a sloppy mess. Then she let go, leaned forward, and wrapped her tits around my cock.

I nearly shot off right then but some how held on as she moved her giant breasts up and down my cock. It was somehow soft and tight, like if someone made a pussy out of pillows. She kept them moving together at first, rising up till I almost came out and then dropping down so they slapped my thighs, then she began alternating their movements quickly. The right breast stroked up while the left slid down like a handjob from two different women.

“Yeah, this is what my man needs. Nothing stressful, just a nice pair of tits to help him forget all about his day. And maybe a bit of mouth.” She said then brought her tits down enough so she could wrap her lips around the head of my dick while still rubbing me with her tits.

“Oh god Kathy! You’re fucking amazing!” I yelled as I ran my hands through her silky midnight hair.

I felt the orgasm coming and groaned in pleasure as I lost the ability to speak. Kathy pulled her head back and shoved me deeper between her tits till my cock was pressed against her sternum and held her tits so tight against me it almost hurt.

“I want that load all over me! You hear me? I want my husband to shoot all over my face and tits. I want to take three showers and still find your cum on me! Empty those balls!” She encouraged, knowing how much I loved when she talked that way. Her blue eyes locked with mine as she drove against me harder, both pleading and commanding.

“Cum for me!” She shouted one last time. I couldn’t hold it in any more. I shot hard, strands of semen hitting her chin, mouth, up around her eyes. Some really ambitious shots went into her hair or missed everything completely to splash down against her tits. The spurting finally turned into a steady flow which she directed all over her mammaries until there was nothing left. I was spent and so relaxed I probably could have assumed the hardest of yoga positions without pain.

She smiled and patted my knee, “I’m going to the kitchen to get some towels.” She said and then hopped to her feet, her cum covered breasts swaying around and then turned and walked away.

“Oh, what did the mechanic say about the car?” She asked from the kitchen. Suddenly I felt stressed again.