Pregnant Pause

I moan as he nips at the nape of my neck, the playful pain of his teeth on the sensitive skin sends an erotic jolt through my body. I writhe against him as I am straddled on his lap, I can feel his arousal as he holds me to him, his hands roaming across my ever expanding belly.


This was one of those rare days when Keith and I both had off. We work hard, he as an accountant, myself as a receptionist at the local ER, we’ve not seen each other much since I found out I was pregnant. Both taking extra shifts where we could. We hadn’t tried getting pregnant, it just kind of happened. A date night, too much merlot for me, a lack of condoms for him and as the song says, I made his pull out game weak. So here we were, six months into being shocked, scared, and over the moon. Working ourselves to the bone to cover all the expenses we could till our schedules finally synched up and we have this lazy Tuesday together.

Keith had got up early this morning and made breakfast which we had eaten in a comfortable silence as we watched the morning news. Eggs, turkey sausage, biscuits and my one half cup of coffee which assured I was no longer a functioning adult in the mornings. After he finished eating he gave me a quick peck on the cheek and headed out to the gym. Normally I would have gone with him, we enjoyed working out together, but the doctor said I needed to stop working to lose weight and start putting some on.

I don’t know how much bigger the doc thinks I need to get. At my normal 5’9 and 120 lbs I was already considered a big girl. Now I didn’t even want to step on a scale. All the clothes I’d worn before, the tight fitting jeans, the low cut gauzy blouses that barely contained my nicely round c-cup breasts in the cute bras, or those lovely little strapless dresses that would make Keith and everyone else look at me with desire, all now safely tucked away in my closet. Now it was a sundress for every day of the week as my round and full breasts had grown out to a long and ponderous size somewhere between a d and an e, my belly looked like I had swallowed a beach ball and my backside had grown till my thighs touched and I felt myself jiggle when I walked. All this and still underweight? So while Keith went to stay fit, I had a second helping of eggs and felt sorry for myself.

I was never much of an indoor person, so after too much breakfast I went for a walk around our block. Just trying to clear my head. There was so much to do still. The baby’s room was all done as far as painting and furniture, but it still felt a bit sterile. We needed toys and mobiles and all kinds of stuff so it felt like a baby’s room and not like a showroom for expecting parents. Then there were all the hospital fees and the birthing classes and the list just went on and on.

I stopped and just leaned back against a large gnarled oak, enjoying the cool shade on the warm day. The bark was rough against my skin but not unpleasant. I just watched the clouds through the leaves, trying to empty my mind of all the troubles ahead. Focusing on the problems wouldn’t help Keith or I or the baby.

My smart watch chirped that I had a text. Pulling myself away from my daydreaming, I read it. Keith was worried. He’d been home from the gym for an hour, it was almost noon. My short walk had turned into three hours from home. I sent a text back that I was fine and would be home soon. Slowly pushed away from the comfy tree and meandered back home.

Keith was sitting on the couch in just a white t-shirt and black athletic pants watching an episode of his latest sci-fi obsession. I started to walk past him when he suddenly grabbed my wrist and pulled me down to him on the couch. I shrieked in surprise and fear as I went off balance, but he caught me easily and guided me onto his lap.

“You’ve got to watch this show with me Vee, you’ll love it.” He whispered into my ear. I didn’t really want to but it felt nice being curled up in his lap and my legs were tired after my outing. It ended up being not too bad. The dialog was witty and the beautiful people were flirty and Keith was massaging my shoulders and back. Neither of us had apparently cleaned up after our exercise and I was low key just enjoying the musky scent of my man.

At the start of the second episode is when his hands began to wander. He was massaging my shoulderblades and then his hands went around my sides and brushed against my breasts. The touch was so brief it may have been an accident. His hands moved back to working my lower back, digging into the tight muscles. I moaned and squirmed against him as those now overworked and too tight muscles finally started to relax. His right hand moved around me over my belly, feeling the tight skin underneath the fabric of the sundress and then I felt something I hadn’t expected. Keith was getting hard.

Here I was, feeling like I was big as a house, and just giving me a simple massage was giving him an erection? I looked up at the screen expecting some steamy love scene behind the dialogue, but no, just regular exposition. That was when his left hand joined his right in feeling over my belly that was holding the manifestation of our physical love and I felt his teeth on the nape of my neck. He pulled me closer against him, grinding his cock against my plump ass. He kissed down to where my neck meets my collarbone, I arched my neck to give him better access, as his hands came up to cup my massive breasts. I had been lazy and gone braless this morning and while just letting them relax and breathe had felt good, him taking their weight off my poor back was almost enough to give me an orgasm right then. He lifted one in each hand, crushing them into me as he kept kissing my neck and grinding against me. He groped and jiggled them through the thin fabric, drawing moans from me as he worked the sensitive flesh.

When he felt my nipples harden, he trapped each one between his thumb and forefinger and just lightly squeezed. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I let out a scream of pure, rapturous lust. His right hand let go of my breast and traveled over my belly, his left hand kept up it’s assault now moving back and forth between my two large girls. I yelped in shock as well as joy as I felt him start to hike up my dress. I craned my neck around and we found each other’s mouths as he finally got the thin fabric up over my hips to rest on the bulge of my belly. His warm hand sent fire against my skin as our tongues intwined. I was the aggressive kisser, wanting to completely claim my man’s mouth. He gladly gave up as he concentrated on his right hand rolling my damp panties to sit nicely against my thigh. I broke our kiss and gasped as my most sensitive spot was now open to the cool air of the room. He took this opportunity to bring his right hand up and shove his first two fingers into my mouth. I was shocked at first, but I was eager for what I knew would come next so I closed my mouth around those two digits and sucked and slobbered over them as he ground against me, his hard cock working it’s way into the cleavage of my ass.

“My God you are so hot!” he gasped into my ear as we ground against each other. I moaned my thanks as I tried to deepthroat his fingers. Without warning he pulled out of my mouth and I watched as his hand drifted down below my large belly. Sight was replaced with the feel of him traveling through the course ringlets of my pubic hair, till he found my hood barely containing my erect clit. When those fingers, wet with my saliva, slid around that bit of flesh, I let out a scream from my very core.

He gently rolled that sensitive bundle of nerves between his wet digits as his mouth now claimed mine. I was helpless as I just felt my pleasure building inside of me, my body was just awash in heat and passion. I wrapped an arm over him so I could hold his face in my hands as we kissed. There was so much I wanted to say but his ministrations on my clit made my thoughts a jumbled mess. We broke our kiss and just rested our foreheads against each other, small, incoherent noises escaping my mouth as my eyes closed tightly and then the whole world exploded into starlight.

My body trembled against him as I had my first orgasm in who knew how long. I shot one hand down to grip his wrist to pull it away, everything just too sensitive for him to keep going as I shook like I was in hypothermia. He pulled me closer to him, kissing my forehead and telling me I was beautiful, that he loved me more every day, that he couldn’t wait for me to give birth so he could make me a mom again.

When I recovered he moved me over to sit on the couch and I pulled him to me, kissing him hard. I couldn’t believe he was still fully clothed. I broke our kiss and pulled his shirt off of him, the old t-shirt stretched and tore as it tried to cling to him. Instead of taking off his pants and mounting me like I anticipated, he slid down my body kissing my throat, licking between my breasts all the way down to my navel, then his face disappeared behind my prominent belly.

“What?” was all I was able to say before I felt his lips softly embrace my clit. He gently sucked on that erect bundle of nerves and I didn’t feel I was in my body any more. I reached down and ran my fingers through his curly hair, using it to pull him against me as I bucked against his face. He let go of my clit as I moved wildly, my movements less than graceful in my state, but he must be keeping his tongue out cause I can feel it on my labia lips, around the hood of my clit and on my clit itself as I fuck myself against his face. I feel his fingers of each of his hands come up and gently yet firmly pinch my prominent lips as his tongue now dives into my core. I’m grunting incoherently as he licks my deep pink. My eyes are closed so tight as my sense of touch overwhelms the rest of my senses. I’m so close, my body is quaking with need. I pull up on his hair, directing him back to my nub. He complies easily and the electricity of that touch sends my body into convulsions. I can’t breathe as my hips come off the couch as I try to simultaneously increase contact and pull away. My left hand has the couch cushion in a death grip and my breasts are flopping around in an obscene manner as one wave of pleasure after another crashes over me.

He pulls away and curls up with me as I tremble and gasp for breath. He watches the sheer animal delight that is in my eyes as he holds my shaking form against him. His hands caress my body and again he’s whispering how much he loves me and delights in my body. As I slowly come back to myself I can still feel how much he likes my body, his rock hard cock is against my thigh, still confined by his athletic pants. I snake a hand inside and grip him lightly, just letting my fingers play along that tender shaft. It’s his turn to moan.

“Can I fuck you?” he asks in a deep voice. The thought of any more sensations from my pussy is just too much so I shake my head no at him, but with a playful smile on my face. He’s been such a good boy getting me off, I want to return the favor.

“No, but you can fuck my tits.” I say in my sexiest tone of voice. I reach up and grab them, squeezing them together, offering the two massive mammaries to him. Normally I hate the word tits, but after my two orgasms I’m feeling the wanton slut enough to use the term.

His face brightens and his head dives down to suck on my left nipple while he desperately tries to free himself from the last of his fabric prison. When he pulls away to try to climb over me, I take the opportunity to spit down my cleavage, already wet with a fine sheen of sweat. He growls as he watches that trail of saliva crawl down the path he’ll take. He is so hard I know he won’t last long and I find myself wanting him to spray me with his hot cum. To have the seed that made me pregnant all over my breasts, neck and face. I say this to him as he places his cock between my breasts and I don’t even have to do anything as he gathers up my breast flesh and presses it around his shaft until he disappears. He’s pistoning himself in and out of my cleavage. It’s an erotic thrill watching him buck against me, feeling his hard, veiny shaft against my breasts and sternum, his ass rocking back against the bulge of my belly.

“Oh yes! Fuck those big tits! Squeeze them harder, use my body to make you cum! I want your seed on me, please give it to me, give me what I want baby, I’ll be such a good girl for you if you give me just this one little thing!” I tease and he’s desperately trying to keep it going, to make this last longer but wanting that release. He’s looking at me, his wife, the mother of his child, his sexual toy. I know what will make him cum.

“I need that load in my mouth!” I shout at him. In a frenzy he’s crawling up me further until the head of his dick is against my lips, I can feel him twitch as he’s just on the edge. I open slightly and let my lips glide over him just enough to get the mushroom head inside and play my tongue over it. He grunts as I grip his shaft and stroke quickly while I suck and lick him like a lollipop. Now it’s my turn to hang on for dear life as he reaches down and grabs my hair as he spasms and I can feel his jizz travel up his shaft in my fingers before it explodes into my mouth. It’s hot and salty and there’s so much of it, but I’m a good slut and I don’t spill a drop. He pulls away from me but I make sure his eyes are deadlocked on mine as I begin to swallow him down.

He curls up against me and we kiss long and deep, there’s love in his eyes as he finally breaks the kiss and moves behind me, his hand cradling my stomach as we silently turn our attention back to the tv.