Plus-size girl gets fucked by the new kid at school

Preface: **Lindsey is just your average plus-size American teenager: the boys don’t notice her and she’s grown more than comfortable with that. In her senior year of high school, a new boy, Charlie, enrolls in school and they end up having a few classes together.

He’s cute, but she doesn’t think much of him, as most boys her age tend to actively ignore “the fat chick.” However, he ends up asking her to be his partner for a history project.

She invites him over to her house to work on it together, not expecting anything more than schoolwork and textbooks, but he has something else in mind.**

(Both characters are 18)

I unlock the door and announce, “Hey, Mom. I brought Charlie over to work on the history project,” but no response comes.

I shrug. “She must be out with my brother.” I start to take off my shoes and socks and he does the same. “We can go upstairs to my bedroom to work. I have a desk in there.” He seems slightly pleased by that statement, but I don’t think much of it.

As we climb the stairs, I try to make small talk. “So how do you like Cleveland so far?” I ask. “Making any good friends?”

He just responds, “Yeah, some. But there’s still some other people I want to get to know.” I don’t know how to answer back, but we luckily reach my door so I don’t have to think of anything more.

We enter and I go to sit at the desk and pull out our schoolwork, but he plops himself on my bed. I frown a little; I’m not exactly thrilled with some random guy messing up my perfectly made sheets, but he just pats the spot next to him and says “It’s more comfy over here,” so I reluctantly go to join him. As I start flipping through the textbook, he interrupts me.

“I’m surprised your mom lets you have boys up here alone.” I’m confused by the statement, but answer earnestly.

“In all honesty, it hasn’t been a problem because it hasn’t really happened.”

He glances sideways at me, “Oh, but what about your boyfriend.”

I start to get frustrated. I’m sure he’s doing that shitty popular boy thing and making fun of me and I can’t stand to be made a fool of. “Oh yeah, all the boys are just lining up around the block to take me on a date,” I retort sarcastically.

“I was serious,” he says. “Don’t you have a boyfriend or something?”

Now I start to really get angry. I should’ve known better than to assume any handsome boy would be nice to someone like me. I start to get up and tell him off, “No, obviously I don’t. And you know, it’s really shi-” but before I get the chance to finish my sentence, he pulls me back down to the bed and kisses me.

I break away instantly. “What are you doing?!” I practically scream at him. He just smiles with a mischievous glint in his eye.

“I’m kissing you. I thought that was pretty self-explanatory.” His smart-ass candor catches me off-guard.

“Well, no… I guess I understood that…” I stammer out as my brain short circuits. “But why are y-” I start to ask as he leans in and starts to kiss me on the neck, effectively shutting me up.

“I- I- I-” I stutter, but he responds between kisses on my neck and clavicle.

“I mean, when one of the prettiest girls in school with easily the nicest pair of tits tells you she doesn’t have a boyfriend, you take that opportunity.”

My head is reeling and I can feel my face flush up. I’m so confused that I can’t think of anything to say. I just breath heavily, as a boy I assumed wouldn’t give me the time of day essentially admits that he wants to fuck me. ME. My brain can’t even seem to comprehend what that word means at the moment. He starts to move around my body with his mouth and I feel overwhelmed and practically seasick. As he starts to kiss my arm up and down, I moan out, “Please, don’t.”

To my relief, he stops. He stares me deep in the eyes and grabs my chin as he says, “I only want this if you do. So I’m going to ask you this once: what do you want me to do?”

I shake my head quickly. “I’m sorry, but I don’t want whatever this is. Can you please leave?”

I worry what he will do or if he’ll get mad, but he only looks at me longingly and a little sadly as he gets up from my bed and simply states, “Alright then.”

And I’m relieved for a moment. But his declaration stirs something deeper in me and I sit there already missing his warmth and passion. I’m not the girl that guys think twice about and I would never just jump into bed with someone I barely know. Yet this feeling of desire for him, for his eyes, for his arms, for his lips, is palpably there. It’s new and alien to me, and I feel so nauseous and excited at the thought of him touching me more. I can’t look at him, but as I hear him open my door, I croak out, “Come back.” I can hear his smile as he closes the door again.

In what feels like a second, he’s pressed against my back with his hands firmly cupped on the underside of my breasts. I don’t know how to feel; every alarm in my body is ringing. I feel guilty for wanting to be touched in this way, embarrassed at the thought of someone looking at the body that I myself could barely acknowledge, excited at the possibility of being wanted, but most of all, I feel hunger. Hunger for a desire so deeply repressed I thought I didn’t even have it. In that moment, I want him to love me and touch me and – I can’t believe I’m saying this – fuck me.

“One last time: what do you want me to do?” he breathes into my ear.

And for the first time, I turn my head to look deep into those steady eyes and respond, “I want you to do whatever you want.” The open invitation turns his expression into a wicked and lustful smile.

He unhooks my bra and begins to fondle me while kissing my neck. I’m overwhelmed at all the new sensations, and every kiss and touch sends a shockwave through my body. His fingers begin to lower, but instead of brushing over my belly, he takes his time to caress every roll and inch of my skin. Something about this makes me feel deeply safe, even through all the panic and excitement. And then suddenly, he’s at my underwear.

I can feel him trace the outline of my granny panties and a wave of embarrassment rushes over me. I’m wearing something normal and unsexy, and even though I had no way of knowing that this would happen, I desperately wish I had worn something more befitting of him. He feels my body tense up and moves away from me.

I’m worried I’ve ruined the moment and he’s going to leave, but instead he moves to face me and removes his shirt to reveal a lean and slightly muscular build. He’s legitimately glistening – not sweating like us regular people – and for a second I’m convinced that this is all an elaborate dream and I’m about to wake up, but then he leans in and starts kissing me on the mouth, more fevered than earlier.

It’s strange and at first I keep my lips closed, but I can feel him exploring my mouth and so I open up and we enter this little tongue dance that feels so foreign, but good. I close my eyes and as we get into the rhythm of it, I feel him start to lift up my shirt. I allow him to do so, but he doesn’t touch my bra. He pulls back, and I open my eyes as he drinks in my presence. I want to impress him, so I remove my bra myself.

To be honest, I never thought I had the best boobs – they were always more saggy than the other girls my age – but when I reveal them he groans happily to himself and I’m filled with pride. Instantly my brain scolds me for feeling pride for such a stupid thing – “You’re an independent woman! Who cares what some guy thinks?” – but then he starts to kiss the top of them, and the shame evaporates as the hunger reappears.

He pushes me down on the bed and unbuckles his pants, but leaves his underwear on. As I prop myself up, I can see the outline of his penis enlarged and pushing against every inch of the fabric. He catches me staring and gives me his little half smile and asks, “So should I give you a full show?” I can’t summon words, I only nod, so he pulls off his boxers to reveal it. It’s so strange, but sexy, and I can’t help it as my eyes widen. He seems more pleased by this as he asks, “So is this the biggest one you’ve seen?”

I’ve only watched porn on a handful of occasions, and I was too overwhelmed by it to really absorb or enjoy anything. But I also feel strange about letting him know of my inadequate knowledge. Without meaning too, I say, “This is the only one I’ve seen in person,” and that seems to delight him even more.

He pushes me back down again and starts kissing me as he plays with the top of my pants. I wiggle to let him push them down more easily. Then all I have between me and this boy is my little panties. He starts to play around my crotch but through the underwear. I can’t help but let out a moan and his wicked glint returns. He whispers in my ear, “Oh, so you like that then. Do you want more?” and I nod in response. His fingers slide underneath the fabric and into me. I’ve tried to play with myself before, but it’s never felt anything like this. He starts off slow in a circular pattern, and as I begin to pant more and more, he goes faster and faster and it feels unreal. My senses start to go and all I can focus on is breathing and that feeling, and just as I’m about to come to the top, he stops.

I look almost hurt as pulls his fingers out, but he just laughs at my expression. “I can’t let you finish too quickly. I’m not done with you yet.” He spits in my hand, but before I get a chance to react, he guides it along his shaft. I’ve never touched a penis before and I’m shocked with how girthy and textured it is. I start to rub it on my own and he lets out a low moan in my ear and the hunger comes back in full force. Suddenly, I feel in control and powerful and sexy, so I continue to stroke him faster and faster as he gets louder and louder until he pulls my hand off. “Jesus I don’t know where you learned that, but I could just watch you and those tits bounce for hours.”

I’m again deeply proud of myself for making him feel this way. For allowing myself to be desirable to such an exquisite man. But he interrupts my self-congratulation as he pulls a condom out of his jeans pocket. “Oh my god,” I think, “this is it.” He looks me up and down for a minute and then roughly pulls my underwear off. For a moment we’re just naked staring at each other and fantasizing about what comes next. I surprise myself as I loudly declare, “Well, are you just going to stand there all day or you going to fuck me?”

I think I catch him off-guard as well, but he quickly recovers and rips open the condom wrapper with his teeth. I watch him push the latex up his shaft and a wicked smile matching his own peers across my face. He pulls me to the edge of the bed and grabs a fistful of my hair so my back arches and my boobs are right in his face. And then he does it. He enters me.

It’s tight at first and I feel my muscles clench up. I try to tell myself to relax, but he just holds it for what feels like an eternity and I gain familiarity with the sensation and then he starts to go deeper. It’s honestly a bit tender and I feel like I’m going to burst. Then suddenly, he’s pushed all the way up against me and again holds it. He’s kissing my neck and my breasts as one hand still holds my hair and the other is cradled against my lower back. He can see that I’m adjusting and still getting used to the feeling of being so unbelievably full with his cock and he grins again. Sultrily, he whispers in my ear, “Guess you weren’t expecting that” and it’s all I can do to earnestly nod as my body is processing. He begins to move back and forth and I shudder and moan a little. This turns him on more. “I’m not stopping until you scream.”

I bite my lip a little, since I feel so awkward being sexy. It’s completely foreign to me and I just feel like a fool in comparison to all of the girls I’m sure he’s fucked before that were most definitely prettier and more experienced.

He sees me going into my shell and pulls my hair back again. The mild jolt of pain brings me back. “I said I want to hear you.”

“What do you want me to say?” I ask him.

He just laughs and says “Just give it a minute. You’ll know what to do.” He lets go of my hair and pulls out. I’m disappointed but then he barks at me “Flip over” and I’m confused, but trust that he knows what he’s doing. He grabs my hips and buries himself deep in me, this time with no regard for my well-being. He starts to go faster and faster and he grunts “Oh fuck, look at all that ass.”

I’m so wrapped up in this and I just want him to go deeper and harder, so I look back and coyly say “Really? I can barely feel you.”

His face is shocked at first, but he realizes what I’m asking for and licks his lip. “Oh I’m going to make you regret that” and starts to dig his hands into my side and really plow into me. I’m bouncing and every inch of me is pulsating with pleasure.

I can’t help but breath out “Oh fuck me” and I feel like I’m going to cry in the best way possible. He pushes my head down and leans against my body, trying to practically merge our bodies together. He’s running his other hand up and down every inch of my skin and it feels like light is going to shoot out of my pores. I want to thank him in some way and show him that I’m worthy of all the effort he’s giving me. “Stop” I say, but I don’t think he hears me. I practically yell “Stop!” the second time and it startles him out of his pleasure.

“Is everything o-” he starts to ask, but I just look back at him.

I grin as I proudly declare, “It’s my turn.” I order him to sit on the bed and he looks so taken aback that he lets go and does just that. He’s not sure where this is going, but I can tell he’s excited. I drink in his presence and his throbbing cock is too irresistible to not touch. I start to move my hand down the shaft and he closes his eyes, but then I climb on top of his lap and thrust his penis into me again. I begin to grind and grip while he cups his hands around my butt.

I suddenly become self-conscious as I realize my voluptuous frame might be hurting him so I ask, “Is that alright?” He responds by sucking on my tits and I take that as the ok to start bouncing up and down harder and faster. This position feels different, but equally incredible, and he and I moan loudly at the same time, which just turns us both on more. “I want you to never leave this pussy,” I whisper into his ear and that invitation makes him practically feral.

He pushes me onto my back, but stays moving in me the entire time. “I want you to start playing with yourself”, he says, which catches me off-guard. “Do it, touch your fucking clit,” he barks out. “I’m going to cum and when I do I own this fucking pussy.”

His aggression is both startling and exhilarating, so I retort “Only if I’m the only one allowed to make you cum.”

He smiles as he pants heavily and says “Why would I need anyone else besides you?” This validation pushes any doubt out of my mind and I eagerly trust what he says and begin to rub myself like he did earlier. I can’t help but almost shriek in pleasure; although I’ve never experienced this before, my body instinctively knows what’s coming. My excitement causes him to explode in me, and as I feel his hot load fill up the condom, he barely manages to grunt out “I’ve never fucked anyone as good as you.” All of that together makes me truly orgasm for the first time in my life and I let out a primal scream from the depth of my soul.

His body drops on top of mine and we both just lay there panting, him still inside of me. After what feels like a millennia, we look at each other again and he kisses me in such a warm way that seems different from the hunger the both of us displayed just moments earlier. I feel different, and while he pulls out and starts to clean up and get dressed, I almost have the desire to just stay naked the rest of my life. An homage to the great Aphrodite, of sorts. He looks at me again and says “So are you ready to start the project?” I’m so shocked that I must look like a fish with my mouth gaping open.

“I didn’t come here to fuck you,” he laughs. “Well, I should say, I didn’t come here just to do that. There’s more than one reason I chose you as my partner.” Something in that seems so silly. This man has just made me into a woman, and yet the first thought on his mind is some high school history project. Post-sex, everything else from before seems trivial. I can’t help but laugh back, so he sits back on the bed and pushes back my hair as he leans in for another kiss.

As we pull away, I get up to put on my clothes, but he draws me in and whispers in my ear, “I meant what I said about owning that pussy.” He reaches down to caress the outside of it, “It’s only for me.”

I look back at him and respond, “And I meant what I said. Your beautiful little cock only has one home then.”

“Little?” He says as he feigns being offended, “it seemed to get the job done just fine.”

I smile back, “You could say that” and I lean in again for a kiss.

After a moment he breaks us apart and pulls back to say, “Ok, you seriously have to put on some clothes or I’m not going to be able to stop myself from doing that all again, and I really do want to pass this class.”

“Oh don’t worry,” I say as I finally get up to get dressed, “You lucked out with me. I offer both beauty and brains.”

Part of me can’t believe that I actually am being so suave, but I look back as I make sure to give him a bit of show getting my clothes on and he whistles, “You can say that again.”

Finally, I’m dressed and we both sit down at my desk, as he pulls out our textbook. “Ok, so I’m thinking we do a presentation on the Mayans.”

He looks to me for approval and I offer a big smile, “I was thinking the same thing.” And then we simply get to work, both of us hungry for all that will come next by being together.

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