Paying Guests in Lockdown

Hi, I am 34years old man. I used to live alone. During the lockdown, lockdown, I was feeling so depressed, so I rent my house as a paying guest.

After a few days, during the lockdown, a single mother and her 22-year-old daughter, together with her sister 24, moved in with me. The mother works at a nightclub as a ‘mama san’ and her daughter and sister work as a dance girl at the same joint.


They moved in with me and I offered to put all of them on my payroll and they didn’t need to pay for lodging, either. They only needed to pay for food, but I usually took care of that.

They all were so attractive that even I can’t remove my eyes from their boobs and butt.

After a week, they were now settled with me. The entire day we watched tv, played games and talked about each other only, because of the lockdown their work also stopped.

One day, I was going to take a bath but someone was inside and I heard a slow moan from inside. I got an erection. I stood there for some time and thought about the voices of my 22-year-old daughters.

I masturbated there and lost all my cum in my underwear and left.

But I didn’t know that her mother saw my 6inches long dick.

After a while, I bathed, and then we had lunch. Then, I was watching tv. So, all 3 came to me and the mother sat one side and one side the sister and the daughter had no space.

So, the mother told her while smiling to sit on my lap.

She did as her mother said.

I was watching a soft porn movie that I didn’t change.

After a few minutes, a hot erotic scene came, and I was surrounded by 3hot ladies with big butts with bulkier boobs. I was filling with lust.

I was getting harder, the daughter said “uncle, it’s pricking something in my ass?”

I said “nothing is here.”

She stood up and pointed a finger at my dick and said, “what is this inside? Is it pricking? Let me see.”

She suddenly pulled on my pants with my underwear. My fully erected cock was standing in front of 3 lusty bitches.

The daughter said “wow! Mom.”

Now she started licking my cock, and I was enjoying the blowjob.

We all got naked and started our group sex.

I fucked all of them, licked their pussy, and fucked their ass.

Now, I was surrounded by 3 attractive women every day and I really had a great time trying out stuff with them. The dirtiest was when I creampied all 3 of them and had them do a cumswap among themselves before swallowing my cum.

It was just crazy as I felt like I had the longest ejaculation ever because I had to ejaculate twice to fill all 3 girls, but it felt good and seeing all 3 girls cumswap feels quite arousing.

Best part of all when we all went into the shower. I had 3 of them rotating to take unique positions every 10–15 mins. So I would fuck the daughter while her mother sucks my balls while the sister makes out with me. It felt good seeing a new face but with the similar features as we make out. We were in the shower for two hours before I slid the door open, got them kneeling side-by-side, head tilted, mouth open as I ejaculated my cum into each of their mouth and watched as they swallowed.

Freakiest was when they tied me up with cable ties to the bed and all 3 of them took turns riding me in unique positions till I ejaculated. I ejaculated about 4 times before I couldn’t do it anymore. I felt a little more relieved after they cut me loose. I enjoyed it but was a little worried it might go sideways.

After that I didn’t know when I gone in deep sleep, I woke up in next morning 9o’clock, I saw all three ladies were sleeping besides me naked.

I woken up them and then I got into the bathroom for pee and then we prepared breakfast naked and ate on dining table. We were fully naked.

One girl from the two’s went inside the dining table and trying to suck my dick as we see in porn movies, she was sucking my cock while I was eating breakfast.

I was enjoying and my cock was now fully in form to fuck.

So, I grabbed the girl from under table and layed down on dining table and started fucking her while her mother and sister were watching her and eating breakfast.

I performed with others also.

I used to fuck them every time, everywhere and we stay naked at home.

They all live with me after lockdown and I enjoy their ride every day.