My First Wildest sex

Hi friends, I am a lady of 34, working in a software firm in Bangalore.

I am going to tell you about my wildest sex experience that happened 6 Months back, I cannot say it as Extra-Marital affair as I had sex with him only 2 times and the guy left the company I am presently working and we have not been in contact with each other for the past 4 months.


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My Divorced Sister

Hi, I am Riyaz and I am from a small city in India. In our caste there’s a system where a woman cannot remarry if she gets divorced and if her husband dies, she can marry. As this incident happened in this story.


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My Cuckold Experience

Hi friends, I won’t call myself a Cuck, however my experience has been a different one.

Open to thoughts and experiments, I was looking for a wife who is open too. We dated for a while. And in between, I came to know she was more experienced than me. This is something she looks like, just that she’s dusky and has a ripped body with abs. We are fitness trainers, so you can guess the physique.


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Fucked MILF in a Kitty Party

Hi friends, I am Pranay and I am 21.

So the incident happened on Dec 2020. I finally got the paid version of a sexting or dating website and started looking for new girls and women to satisfy.

I locked the age group at 30-60 and loaded the search results. Days passed and nothing happened.


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Fucked for job

This is the incident in my life, which I could not forget till date, I still remember very well what happened to me and how it happened? Because this was my first sex experience, which I did with a non-male. By the way, I never thought that I would ever have sex with anyone other than my husband and this was my first fuck, so I felt very strange.


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Fucked by Three

Friends, I am your true prostitute and bitch Anju, today I am going to tell you my true story which is an incident that happened to me, I was always very fond of having sex


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