Older Woman Seeks Big Dicks

I’m over 60 years old and, for the record, I just love sucking cock. I love the feel of that dick getting harder in my mouth as I suck on it. I love feeling it against my throat.

I love it when it explodes a wad of cum down the back of my throat. I love slurping up the last drops after it pulses its last spurt. In short, I love everything about it.


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Two Cuties Rent My Apartment

Since a few years I have been renting out an apartment, with the idea that having an investment property that pays for itself was going to be a good supplement to the usual stock market investments.

The place was not a great property. The combined kitchen-living room was small, the view not great and both bedrooms where small as well.


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Younger Man And Older Woman

“Tell me again why my heels turn you on” Ana started to gently kiss her way down Simon’s body, starting with his neck, collarbones, nipples, then his stomach.

Simon moaned, enjoying the feeling of Ana’s lips, remembering last night when they had made out after coming home from dinner and she had left lipstick all over his torso.


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Tracy Plays Along

Tracy and I have a great marriage. We get along well and have three great kids. We are both in our mid-40’s and in decent shape. She is beautiful with blonde hair and great 34DD tits.

She is always the life of the party and extremely flirty. This, coupled with her tendency to wear low-cut shirts makes her popular with the men when we go out.


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Last Two People In The Office Part – 1

The clock on the wall crept closer to midnight and the third to last person in the office left the 28th floor. Courtney Evans sat at her desk reading her tenth and final brief of the night but the words were lost on her.

She only had one thing on her mind: laying on the dark mahogany desk about 10 yards away while Asher Carrington ate her out till she exploded.


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Last Two People In The Office Part – 2

“Asher I’m cumming!” She gasped and her back arched off the desk. Courtney gushed on his fingers and the desk while her toes curled. She was seeing stars as Asher continued to finger her during and after her orgasm.

When Courtney was finally lucid, she whimpered at Asher’s continued strokes. He finally slowed and withdrew his fingers. He held them up and they glistened with Courtney’s juices.


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I don’t love him Part -1

Jake had suffered his entire life with migraine headaches and sometimes they became debilitating. His last attack was over a year ago and he was thankful for each migraine-free day.

If you’ve never had a severe migraine then it might be difficult to relate but I can assure you the amount of time you suffer, and the pain level can bring on a desire for death. You just want the world to end and let you die in peace.


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I don’t love him Part -2

She was going to spend 3 days with Jared as his wife on a pretend honeymoon. It would be her first extended time alone with another man since she was married 10 years earlier.

She and Jared thought it would be romantic to pretend to be newlyweds on their honeymoon.

Also She purchased several sexy outfits, bikinis, and lingerie for their rendezvous and was devious in her planning.


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Older Guy Admires Teenage Girl

All characters in sexual situations are 18 years of age and older.

I was having a glass of water and idly gazing out of my kitchen window at my teenage neighbour, Missy, sunbathing beside my pool.

I had known this girl for ages and she had permission to use the pool whenever she wanted. She used to be a real tomboy and would follow me around like a little puppy when she was younger. Once the hormones kicked in however she developed into a real beauty. She was very precocious, very outgoing and bubbly.


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