Our Maid Danny

Our Maid Danny

Hi friends, I am going to tell you about an incident that happened in my life.

So there are three members in our home: me, my elder brother and my mom.

She left my father because he was a slut and caught having an affair with his own secretary.


I was 19, so we shifted to another city and my mom joined a college for teaching so we all are having fun but she has to go out for seminars and other functions which are out of the city.

I had to be tried to short list the post but trust me if you read it till the end you will defiantly enjoy it. This is a true event that had happened to me.

Now let’s come to the story. Actually, this is not a story, it is an experience of my life.

So she hired a female servant (Danny) for preparing food for afternoon and doing some of the household work.

When I was in college I didn’t meet her because she left the house before I came back home. After time went on, my mother was also very beautiful so I fulfilled her needs also and had too Much fun with her.

So I got knowledge of sex with the help of my mom. I did sex with my mom on her will.

After one month, she had a seminar of 2–3 days, so she told the maid that she will remain with them in the house for 2–3 days and those 2–3 days were weekend days and I had weekend holidays.

So on Friday morning she rang the doorbell, and I went to open normally putting on headphones and listening to music but when she entered after sometime when she was busy with her work I looked at her and she had a perfect body and she was 23. At my first guess.

Now naughty things kept on my mind. Then I started becoming familiar with her.

I also helped her in the household as I like her company and with this she started talking with me frankly.

And now my brother came from school, and we eat our lunch. She started eating lunch but not setting with us then I got a chance and asked her to join us and eat with us. She came without hesitating.

Then we eat our lunch and in the night the biggest problem was that how we would sleep because our house has few rooms then she said that she will sleep in the hall but I denied and told her to sleep in the room and I will sleep on the couch near my bed. So we three are in a single room.

After setting the bed she got into the changing room and dressed at night and she slept next to my elder brother. Late at night around 1 AM I woke up to drink water and when I came back I could clearly see her black panties. I had taken some photos.

And I got a boner but I sleep because I was scared that she will wake up. Then I slept, but that night I felt a distinct satisfaction and when I woke up I saw that my dick had cum in my boxers and there was a spot of wetness. I thought I must have a night fall.

After some time, my brother left for school and now we were alone at home and I started doing my project after helping her. Then she came to me and said she is going to the market to get some vegetables and some kitchen stuff so she changed her clothes and went to the Market.

Then I went near her bag in search of her panty and bra. I got her used panty and her panty was wet with her cum.

For the first time I saw a wet panty. I had seen many used panty of my mom but not wet. I was really horny, and I got a clue that she was also feeling horny.

Then I put that back in her bag at went again to my room. When she was near to the home, suddenly the rain started heavily and her clothes were wet. I saw when she reached home.

So I asked her to take a shower. She was soaked and because of that I could see her ass clearly from that trouser.

After some time she didn’t come out from the bathroom, I asked her that all is fine there. Then she replied she has no dress to wear as she washed them and her all dresses were wet.

So I called on my mom’s phone and she explained the situation to me and my mom said to me, “Give her your clothes from her cupboard.” I replied, “Ok.”

Then I found a white shirt and a tight trouser and I thought I could see her ass again because she would look fabulous in it. I gave it to her, and she wore it and came out of the room.

Her hair was wet, and she was shivering and sneezing. I told her to sit in the quilt and I will make a cup of tea.

She nodded yes.

After drinking tea, she thanked me and told me she was a very sweet guy. She never met a person like me and asked me if we could become friends. I replied, “I am your friend Danny” with a smile and she also gave a smile.

Then our relation was going to next step. Then she takes a sleep.

After eating dinner, I know she will go to a changing room, so I put my phone there and hide it. After eating dinner, she went there and changed.

When I watched that video, I came to know that she was not wearing any bra or panties when she removed clothes.

Then I went there and took the trousers and shirt and smelled it.

Hmm, it was amazing I don’t know how you people judge me but I can’t resist myself and with that trouser and shirt I decide to to jerk in the hall as they were sleeping then I went into the room and found my phone was on (screen was on) and the video was paused then I think I forgot to take off it but here is the main twist.

Then i went to the hall and start watching that video and smelling that used trouser and started rubbing my dick and it become hard. When I was in the middle of that, she suddenly came in front of me and I hid. I thought she may be asleep then she asked me “what are you doing here?”

I was terrified, and my breathing was not normal. She said “come on and go to sleep.”

I said “I’m watching a movie” in a confused manner she replied “movie?”

Me: “Yes it is about to finish.”

Danny: “After finishing the movie, come and sleep.”

Me: “Ok you go i will come.”

Then II went because she ruined everything. I opened the door of the room slowly and I saw she was sitting on the bed with the lights on. I asked her “Is everything fine?”

She said “yes I don’t want to sleep.”

Then I gave her a book, and I asked to read it for the time being. She said, “No, I have my phone, I am reading a story.”

I said “ok I’m sleeping.”

After some time, I listened to a noise, then I slowly opened my eyes. II found lights were off and after a while I was in sleep, not in deep sleep but in sleep.

Then after a while I feel that someone is touching my feet and shaking my leg. It seems to be Danny. I did nothing. After some time, she put her hand on my lap. I was confused.

I was wearing boxers, so she put her hand inside it and touched my balls I was feeling very fine but I didn’t react because I was feeling very well her hands gave me a pleasure then she hold my dick and start rubbing it slowly and with her another hand she was rubbing her pussy and start moaning I can’t control myself so I hold her arm and she was terrified. At that point.

And I wake up and put my hand on her mouth and grab her hand and took her to outside the room. Then I told her she was doing amazing and with no hesitation I said, “can we have some fun.”

At that point she was very excited and asked “where?”

I reply “in the hall.”

Then I took my phone and went there.

Before having fun, I told her I have made a video of her in changing room and I showed that to her and feel sorry.

Then she replied, “I knew you had put your phone there.”

I was surprised, and she told me that on first night she also played with my dick at night because I had watched your boner when we were talking at very first time and you were staring at my ass.

Then I kissed her and deleted that video and said “I don’t need this because I have found the real treasure”, then she held my dick and started sucking it then I removed her clothes in dim light and grabbed her boobs and she started moaning.

She told me it was her first time someone was grabbing my boobs and then I sucked her pussy and she started riding on.

It for the first time I had sex with the same age group and felt that tightness in her pussy because I had done with my mom so many times but her pussy was not tight like her.

She said in a low voice that “it is big and we had fun tonight”. I asked her to take one photo to keep it as a memory.

She agreed but said “not my face.”

We did 10 rounds and both of us was covered with a lot of cums and I told her to not wash and sleep on me by putting my dick inside her then we sleep naked and in the morning when I removed my dick from inside her she could feel thrilled because it was stuck in it and glued and she said “this night is will never be forgettable night and after that we had done very fun whenever we both are alone at home.