Older Guy Admires Teenage Girl

All characters in sexual situations are 18 years of age and older.

I was having a glass of water and idly gazing out of my kitchen window at my teenage neighbour, Missy, sunbathing beside my pool.

I had known this girl for ages and she had permission to use the pool whenever she wanted. She used to be a real tomboy and would follow me around like a little puppy when she was younger. Once the hormones kicked in however she developed into a real beauty. She was very precocious, very outgoing and bubbly.


She always seemed happy to see me and be in my company, even as she grew older. She was also a very touchy feely person. More than once I had felt myself start to harden as she gave me tight hug and peck on the cheek as a greeting or goodbye. The feel of that slim, hard body was on occasion a bit too much.

She also appeared to be very popular with the boys. She always dressed to impress, or in this case undressed to impress.

Today, as seemed to have become her habit, she was topless. No tan lines on her chest. She had also rolled down the already small bikini bottom so that the rise of her pussy mound could clearly be seen.

I watched her sunbathe whenever I could. More than once I had jerked off into the sink imagining I was between those thighs.

While she had just had her birthday and was now legal, I was a bit more than twice her age so regretted that fucking her would never happen.

I went back to my study and tried concentrating on work but couldn’t get the latest image of her out of my mind. Finally I gave in. I pulled up my favourite old guys fucking barely legal girls site on the PC and pulled my hardening cock out of my shorts.

I was concentrating on a very good video of an old guy with a pretty good sized cock stroking it in and out of a girl’s wide open pussy. I massaged the head of my cock with my fingers.

My concentration was suddenly broken.

“Oh sorry.”

I looked up to see Missy’s head poking through the doorway.

“I wanted to ask if I could have a soft drink.”

Fortunately my cock and hands were hidden under the desk but I knew I had a very surprised look on my face.

“You OK?” She enquired, concerned.

Before I could stop her, she came around to the side of the desk to check on me. I had a choice to either allow her to see what was on the screen or take my hands off my cock and release it to her view. I kept my cock hidden.

“MisterPeter, that is very naughty.” She said, catching what was on the screen.

Her parents had originally insisted that she call me Mr Jones but she preferred to call me Peter. Over the years this had morphed into MisterPeter. Her parents thought it was cute so allowed it.

While the sound of the video was turned low, unfortunately, just as Missy started looking at the screen the girl in the video came to a screaming, shuddering orgasm, completely over the top as pornos do.

She grinned, “You like them young, MisterPeter?”

She half turned and perched her bottom on the edge of the desk right beside me. Her legs were open just enough to allow me a glimpse of her pussy straining against the thin material of her bikini bottoms.

“I know you watch me when I am sunbathing. Did you know that?”

“No,” I managed to say.

“I like teasing guys, particularly older guys. They get so hot and bothered when they see some tit or I flash my undies.”

She gave me a wicked grin.

“You don’t know that when you are not home I swim and sunbake naked, do you?”

“No I didn’t know.”

‘Damn,’ I thought. What a missed opportunity.

I was still stuck with my hands and lower body hidden under the desk. The image of her naked didn’t help to make my cock go down.

Then the realisation struck her.

“Were you jerking off when I came in?”

“You dirty old man,” she laughed.

“Show me.”

I just looked at her, surprised she would be so bold. I knew from conversations with her parents that they encouraged openness about sexual things but this seemed to be going a bit far.

“Come on show me your dick. You have seen my tits so fair’s fair.”

“Yes I have seen your tits but you show everyone your tits.”

I thought I would take a chance seeing she was being so brazen.

“What will you show me in return?” I managed to say.

She pretended to think about it.

“I can flash you my pussy.”



“You go first.”

“No, you go first. After all you have seen my tits.”

With that I pushed my chair out from under the desk and released my hands. My hard cock sprang upward.

“Wow, it’s so big.”

“Really, how many cocks have you seen?”

“My brother flashes his all the time and tries to get me to touch it. He thinks he’s funny. I think he is gross.”

“I’ve accidently seen my dad’s cock a couple of times. Never hard like that though.”

“There used to be a dirty old man who flashed me a couple of times on the way home from school but he got arrested.”

“What about boyfriends?” I thought the conversation was taking an interesting turn.

“I’ve seen a couple. Mostly it has been dark when we have been making out so I haven’t actually seen them.”

“They make me put my hand on it and stroke it.”

“They want me to suck them but when I do they cum so damn quickly. Just when things are getting interesting.”

She sounded quite disappointed.

“Well, that’s young boys for you. That’s why older guys are better.”

She was looking very interested in my cock as it bobbed in the breeze, so to speak.

“Can I touch it?”

“Go ahead, but you haven’t shown me your pussy yet.”

She just grinned, opened her legs a little to give me a better view as her thigh gap opened up and reached down and grasped my cock.

The feeling was electric. She slowly stroked my shaft.

“You’re circumcised. None of the others I have seen or touched have been circumcised. I think I prefer it.”

She giggled.

“I love the way it jerks when I rub my fingers across the head.”

So did I.

“Bare pussy remember.”

She stood and did a very exaggerated striptease pulling her bikini completely off. She stood in front of me legs slightly apart.

She was completely bare with a nice wide thigh gap. I could see her prominent pussy mound, puffed up outer lips with inner lips protruding. Just the way I liked it.

She looked at me, pouting, “Well?”

“You are truly beautiful.”

And she was. Tall and slim, very perky boobs, with nipples that were now hard and that thigh gap that I couldn’t tear my eyes away from.

“Thank you.”

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her.

“You have touched me. Now I think it is my turn to touch you.”

She swung my chair around and got down on her knees between my legs.

“In a moment. There is something I want to do first.”

With that she slowly sank her mouth down onto my cock.

This girl definitely knew how to suck cock. Lots of suction and lots of tongue around my cock head. No wonder her boyfriends came so fast.

She came up for air.

“It is definitely the biggest I have had. None of the others has filled my mouth like that and I much prefer circumcised. Your cock head is so smooth.”

As much as I wanted to touch her, her cock sucking was just too good for me to stop her.

Eventually she stopped, looked up at me with a big grin.

“All my boyfriends would have cum by now. You must be right about older men.”

I reached under her armpits and lifted her up.

“My turn. Let’s go somewhere much more comfortable.”

I led her to the spare bedroom and she lay down on her back, legs spread.

She gave me a look that was a combination of a challenge and vulnerability. Most women are unsure of how a new man will accept their exposed pussy and she seemed to be no exception.

It was one of the best looking pussy’s I had seen.

I looked her up and down then straight in the eye.

“You are beautiful.”

I crawled down between her legs and gently spread them wide. I should have taken it slower but I couldn’t help myself. My tongue immediately started stroking her slit.

I soon tasted her lubrication seeping out. My tongue went deeper and licked from her entrance to her clit and back again.

She soon put her hands behind my head and held my face to her clit as I licked and gently nibbled on it.

Slowly I inserted my middle finger into her pussy searching for her G spot. She tensed up when I did so, which I thought was a little strange given the number of boyfriends she had been with, but quickly relaxed as I found the spot.

The combination of my tongue massaging her clit and finger massaging her G spot soon got the muscle spasms started.

Her whole body tensed, clamping my head firmly between her thighs, she shuddered then stiffened in what I could see was a mind blowing orgasm.

She fell back breathing heavily.

“Wow, I have never cum that hard. I almost screamed.”

“Scream away. I don’t mind.”

I was unsure what to do next. I desperately wanted to fuck her but didn’t want to push too hard.

I moved up on all fours until my cock was touching her pussy lips. I reached down and rubbed it from clit to entrance.

She linked her hands behind my head and pulled me close.

“Yes, come on. My mum put me on the pill on my birthday so you can cum in me.”

She raised her hips to accept me as I pushed forward.

I normally don’t have any difficulty finding a woman’s entrance but found it a bit difficult sliding in.

I looked down at her and she seemed to be wincing in pain as I finally slid all the way in.

She was so tight and hot, despite the wetness.

“Wait, just wait a moment until my pussy adjusts.”

A thought struck me.

“Are you a virgin?”

She looked up at me and grinned.

“I was until 30 seconds ago.”

Oh shit.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Why did you think I wasn’t? I am not a slut.”

“I’ve done lots of making out but have never gone all the way. The most I’ve let a boy do is rub my pussy and clit to make me cum.”

“I’ve almost gone all the way a couple of times but the boys always came too fast.”

“You treated me so nicely and made me so wet and cum so hard that I wanted you to be the first.”

With that she started slowly thrusting against me massaging my shaft inside her.

“Take it slow until I get used to it.”

“OK you take control and tell me what you want.”

Slowly her movements gained speed and strength.

Our bodies were soon slapping together.

“Oh yes. That’s it. Fuck me hard and fast. I never knew it would feel this good.”

As soon as she started repeating ‘fuck me hard and fast’ I lost it and with one final deep thrust, my balls emptied deep inside her.

My softening cock slid out of her and I lay down beside her, catching my breath.

“That was incredible.”

“Thank you.”

I lay on my side, up on one elbow just admiring the beauty who I had just fucked lying beside me.

She seemed totally unselfconscious. Eyes closed, arms and legs spread in complete relaxation, tits perky even when on her back and pussy mould still prominent.

“I am one lucky bastard to have not only fucked her but having been the first,” I thought to myself.

We lay there for some minutes.

“I better go. My dad will be expecting me home.”

“This will have to stay between us. Your dad would kill me.”

“Of course, silly. Who will I fuck if you are dead?” as she leaned down and gave me a big smile and a quick kiss on the lips.

As she stood up she reached down to feel my cum leaking out of her pussy.

“Um, I like feeling your cum drip out of me.”

She dressed and as she left the room, I grinned at her,

“Come again and sunbathe anytime.”

“I’ll be doing more than sunbathing,” she grinned back as she left the room.