He slowly nodded back and then placed the heat of his mouth around her whole clit. Just a little swipe across the hood. Her eyes went hungry. Expectant. Wanting, She nodded. He licked again, a little harder. Again, harder.

“Yuh. That.”

Pushed it back and forth. And again. She was bouncing with each stroke, and a little groan forced out. Fast nods. She needed more. He held her eyes and began a steady rhythm. Very firm hands on her thighs, owning her hips.

She was in that place where it was too much and not enough; in danger. Her eyes daring him to push her over the limit.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes oh yes…” Pushing into his mouth, grabbing at his hair. More less less more.”

And then she was gone, out of herself, just riding it, belly snapping hard, needing… needing….

A scream.

And then she had dragged his head against her and was using it as her personal sex tool, riding as fast and hard as she could. Gone.

He stayed with her, growing more gentle until she at last shuddered into quietness. Sighing. Smiling. Dozing. Waking up, mouth loose as an aftershock took her. Quiet again.

He dozed himself, What the hell, it had been quite a workout.

She had left her latte. He drank off the dregs. It was lukewarm, creamy and good. Then he noticed the paper collar that had been on the cup. It was flattened out and written on the brown paper still spattered with her own juices was the simple sentence in pencil.

“Tomorrow you must fuck me.”

A lovely invitation.

That night Harry called.

“Well, everything all right? Catch anybody trashing the place. I’d love to see some of those smart-ass punks in the slammer for a few days.”

“Well, Harry, somebody has been coming into the house; but you invited her to do it, you old dog. You gave her a key.”

“What? I got no hottie on the side there. Is that what some local slut told you to cover for meeting her boyfriend there?”

“Harry, Harry. This seems to be on the up and up. Gal named Nancy has stopped in now and again to water your plants. Apparently you asked her to. You don’t remember?”

“Wait, wait…. A freckle-faced teen with glasses? Damn. That was two, three years ago when I was called away on that Bulgarian thing. She’s still coming by? But I don’t have plants now….”

“Yeah, well, she has grown a bit. College kid now. Figures you wouldn’t mind if she comes here to study, now and again. Get away from her bratty brother….”

“Yeah, I remember that boy. He was a handful. But she’s not meeting up with her gang of friends there…?”

“Solo all the way. Nice gal. Tidies the place. Airs it out so it doesn’t get that musty smell…. Should I tell her to quit and mail you the key…?”

Harry was silent.

“Nah. Just tell her no parties. I’ll know. Can you do that? I’ll be there for a couple weeks after Labor Day. Thanks for checking. Hope the fish were biting…?”

“Yeah, I caught a couple. Hope to get a big one tomorrow. Thanks for the chance to be here. It has been both stimulating and restful.”

“Hey, my pleasure. Enjoy.”

“Oh, I will.”

The Old Fisherman was pretty sure Harry did not cop to what had really gone on. Harry rarely had his mind in the gutter. Still….the Old Fisherman spent the day cleaning and polishing.

The next morning he woke with a warm mouth around his cock. That was kind of a first. Oh, Sadie had nudged him awake and gone down on him almost immediately. But he had never woken from a sound sleep, dreaming of rowing for all he was worth across a huge, calm sea, chasing a mermaid flashing far ahead in the waves; to find a nearly naked woman with a hand wrapped around his member and her sweet mouth sucking away at his stiffie like it was one of those classic rainbow pops.

Nan smiled up at him from the muss of sheet around his legs.

“Please don’t pop on me. I’m sorry. I called, but you were asleep. So I came in and you were out cold. But this was pushing up and I had to see what it looked like. And when I pulled the sheet off it just popped up so big that I just had to wrap my hand around it. And that felt so good and warm that I felt I really had to put it in my mouth. So here we are.”

“And I sincerely need to pee.”

“Surely not right…?”

“No. I wouldn’t do that. But after I pee, you want to fuck me?”


“But you didn’t just want to climb on me and rock the boat until you got to Paradise Cove?”

“Hmm, I didn’t think of that. But that’s because I have this idea….”

“Tell me about it when I have emptied my bladder. We old guys….”

That doesn’t look old. It’s so…strong and fresh, even if it is a little twisty. And I like how it smells…”

“Really? Tell my more when I get back….”

“Meet me on the front porch. Don’t bother to dress….”

“O…K. It’s your party.”


When he was done pissing he went out on the porch in his boxers. Nan was sitting on the porch swing, completely starkers with her feet on a pillow. She was stroking herself lightly; and she was already quite wet.

“Come here, I want to put this on you.”

She held up a condom.

“Too early to start a family with an almost complete stranger.”

She tugged his boxers down over his semi-erect rod, ripped open the packet charmingly with her teeth, and rolled the thing neatly onto him.

“So the reason I want to be out here is I want to be like this.” She turned around and knelt on the cushion and leaned forward with her upper body on the swing. “And now I can move back and forth really easily, like this…” She pushed forward so her hips tilted away from him and then tilted back. “So kneel behind me, okay, and slip it right in. I’m so hot. That’s one reason I wanted to be outside.

“And the other…?” He asked politely as he spread her cheeks a little, placed the slick tip of his cock against the spot where a bit of cream was oozing between her lips, and pushed. She was wonderfully tight, but so wet that he just slid in deep on the first thrust. He decided to stay there; grasping her hips firmly and holding himself there; letting her heat seep through the thin condom; wishing he was in bareback, but respecting her wishes.

She was emitting these deep little moans.

“The other reason you want to be outside…?”

She couldn’t speak for a moment.

“I…want…the world…to watch.”

Something about this simple statement was a huge turnon, and the Old Fisherman felt himself swell inside her, earning a grateful ‘Oh!”

He stirred her slowly and deep, trying to touch a lot way in there. He could tell she had no idea how to hand this. It was intense, maybe a tiny bit painful; but she was not complaining, though strange little whining was coming from deep in her chest.

Then she seemed to remember her original plan, and, using the swing, slid away from him until the big head of his cock was tugging at the opening, and then, slowly, she pushed back onto him again until he was deeply inside once more.

“Whoa! That’s amazing. This was such a good idea I had. Who knew?” She echoed his thoughts as she slowly slid away again. I was an amazing sight, watching his thick, shiny purple cock slide slowly out from between the pale moons of her ass, revealing the ruddy lips wrapped around it. It was a long time since he had fucked someone so young and the sheer juiciness of her was such a treat. It was messy and noisy.

Since she was doing all the work of sliding in and out he wrapped his big fisherman’s hands around her thighs and let the fingers of both hands slide under her messy mound and stir in the slippery wetness there. This was very new to her, having her clit dandled while a thick cock was deeply reaming her.

Her body shook with the power of it, back arching like a cat in heat as she pushed back against him; the rhythm getting a little faster, the squeaking of the chains on the swing speaking their own language. And now Nan’s voice was out of her control. It was beginning to wail like the hungry cat she was imitating, a deep moan each time she ground back onto him, squeals as his fingers danced on her tender bits.

As they approach orgasm some women’s voices go high sending the spirit of tiny excited animals into the atmosphere; in others, like Nan, their voices drop low into their bellies, more like whalesong, a deep yearning for release. This fierce croon went right down the Old Fisherman’s spine. He felt his balls tighten as the old urge to impregnate came over him.

It was rare for him to let go just as his partner did. But this one, this young lover, so lost in the new feeling that filled her up, chasing that urge to swallow all the cock in her, hungry for his release, so full of the energy of life…. It was easy.

He felt her reach that magic tipping point, for a moment, still, but quivering, and then, with a big voice, crying with the power of it, he felt her let go. He matched her with a roar. Now her hips had a life of their own, demanding that he go as deep as he could, pounding hard into her. They matched rhythms perfectly, fast, hard, all the way in and all the way out.

And then the life released deep in him as he felt it let go and all flow into the amazing hot surrounding him. It poured on and on and he could feel the flexing inside her as she accepted each new dose with a grateful moan, pushing back hard against him, her own hot liquids shamelessly flowing onto his belly.

It took a long time for all the aftershocks to end.

She lay on the bench of the swing, head on her arms, breathing deeply and contentedly. She was perfectly happy to have him slowly melt inside her as he tickled her sensitive parts with his slippery fingers, holding her tight to him and enjoying the wonderful heat against his belly.

“That was….”

“It was, wasn’t it?”

“I think I got it.”

“You got it.”


“Pleasure was all mine.”

When she fell into a little doze and he had melted, he slipped away and cleaned up a bit. But he didn’t feel like putting his pants on.

He made a big breakfast of toast and fried eggs and orange juice and they ate it without getting dressed.

They swam and explored the shoreline, without getting dressed.

As evening came on he got a couple of glasses and a cool pinot noir from the kitchen and returned with her to the swing.

They sat there in the warm evening as the moon rose over the bay. He was too old and she was too young for it to be romantic. Still, they wordlessly toasted something. It is rare when two people can give each other what they want and need, and do it very well.

“So Nan, I’ll be hitting the road pretty soon. Do you think you will still come here to water the flowers?”

“Hmm, good question. Yuh. I may. It’s a good quiet place and I enjoy my ‘regular exercise’. But you helped me scratch some itches I didn’t know were even itching. So if you aren’t here I guess I need to find some other ways to….”

She was quiet, sipping her wine.

“Harry will be here after Labor Day.”

“Oh yeah?”




“Maybe I’ll get him some new plants, just to welcome him back.”


“And I’ll keep them well watered.”

“Good idea.”

“And do you think Harry will know how to fertilize them? From time to time?”

“He might. He very well might.”



“You could give me your number…. In case they don’t do well. I have a feeling you could help a girl out…in a pinch.”

He pinched her, but not too hard.

They rocked on the bench until the wine was gone.

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