Nude Cleaning Services

I was board one evening while half watching a bad tv show I was on Craigslist. Just looking at different services people were advertising. I came across one that caught my eye.


Topless house cleaning. All it had was an email address. Being single, after 28 years of marriage, I had left the house go a bit. Not bad, but it could use a good cleaning. I sent off an email asking for rates.

An hour later I get a reply. “I am just starting this business and have not thought about rates. What do you think is fair?”

I was thinking $100 or so but I thought I would start low and negotiate up. I replied, “How about $65.00 for two hours?”

In a few minutes I get a reply. “Sounds great! When do you want me there?”

I set it up for a week later so I could get the house looking a bit better so all she had to do was some dusting and vacuuming.

She arrived on a Friday evening. She showed up at my house at 7:00 p.m. right on time. I welcome her in. Her name was Emily. She has on blue jeans and a baggy sweater on. Her hair is pulled up in a bun. She had on thick glasses. Not a knockout by any means. From what I could tell she had big boobs. I figured that will be worth the price and then some to see and have a clean house.

I give her a tour of my house telling her to just vacuum and dust is all. We chatted while we toured the house. I found out she is married with 3 kids. Her husband thinks she is cleaning a house but doesn’t know about the topless part.

She heads upstairs with the vacuum cleaner and dust cloths. My kids have moved out and it doesn’t take long for her to do their upstairs rooms.

She comes down and starts too dust in the kitchen. This is when I mention, “I thought this was a topless cleaning service.”

“I know, just a bit nervous. You are my first customer.” Slowly she pulled off her baggy sweater. She stood in front of me with her bra on. Her sweater hid her boobs well because she was at least a DDD.

“Do you want me to take my bra off too?” She asked.

“Yes please.” I answered.

As she removed her bra her boobs spilled out. I noticed her large pink areolas starting to pucker from excitement. I love aroused nipples.

“Wow, you have amazing breasts.” I told her.

“Thank you. That was easier than I thought. Thank you for making me feel comfortable.” She said.

She continued to clean the kitchen then moved onto the family room. I noticed she kept hiking up her jeans as she didn’t have a belt on. “Instead of hiking up your jeans all the time why don’t you take them off.”

She turned and smiled at me and without hesitation she took off her jeans. She was wearing her semi sheer panties. They were sheer enough that I could tell her blonde hair matched her pussy.

We moved to my bedroom. I sat on the chase lounge chair and watched her cleaning in the bathroom then my bedroom. I loved it when she would bend over, and I could see her tits hanging down. She was a bit heavy, but man she had nice curves.

“Okay, I am done. Anything else you want me to do? We still have time left.”

“Emily, thank you. You did a great job. I do have a request. But I can’t pay you anymore. I only brought home the money I paid you.”

“Go ahead what is it?” She asked

I had found out Emily was 30 so 25 years younger than me. I felt a bit uneasy with the age difference, but I decided to ask her anyway.

I swallowed then asked her, “I hope this doesn’t creep you out with our age difference, but can I feel your boobs for a bit? I have never seen such big, beautiful boobs like that before.”

Emily smiled and answered me, “Age doesn’t bother me. You are a very handsome man. I was attracted to you when you opened the door. I would love a little attention as my husband doesn’t seem to want to touch me anymore.”

She moved over to me and sat down next to me on the chase chair.

My right arm was behind her back leaving my left hand to explore. I gently stroked the sides of her breasts and circled her nipples and watched them grow hard to eraser tip size. I gently rubbed my thumb across her hard nipples. Her breathing started to get heavier.

I started to roll her nipple between my fore finger and thumb and gently tug on them. Now her head was back, and her eyes were closed. Her breathing was getting deeper and heavier again. I started to pinch them a bit and she responded with deep moans of pleasure.

Without asking for permission my tongue found her left nipple. I sucked her tit into my mouth and held her nipple between my teeth as I flicked it with my tongue.

Her body started to twitch, and her pelvis were pumping into the air. I took my left hand from her breast and let it slide down her side and into the front of her panties. Her pussy was soaking wet.

I dipped my middle finger into her wet pussy and pulled it out. Releasing her nipple from my mouth I put my finger in my mouth to taste her lovely sex.

My hand went back to her wet pussy and my mouth continued its assault on her left breast. I teased her clit a bit then slid my finger in to rub her g spot. Her body began to shake. Pretty sure she was having an orgasm. I didn’t stop. My fingers started to go to work on her hard clit. Her pelvis was pumping up and down hard now. My right hand moved down and started to squeeze her ass.

With her panties between my hand and her ass I started to shove my middle finger into her asshole. She really seemed to enjoy that. I felt the need to kiss her. I started to kiss her neck and worked my way up until she was now kissing me back deep as our tongues met. She took her glasses off and tossed them on the floor. Reaching behind her she undid her bun and her long hair fell over the back of the chair.

We kissed deeply as rubbed her clit hard and fast. My other hand worked its way as deep as it could into her ass. Emily broke off the kiss and started to yell, “Oh fuck, oh fuck I am going to cuuuuuum?”

Emily came hard on my fingers soaking them and her panties. Taking my hand out of her panties I stood up and offered her my hand and said, “Get up. I want to taste you.”

She took my hand and I helped her up. Standing before me I noticed how pretty she was without her big glasses and her hair hanging down. “You are so pretty. You should wear your hair down all the time. Your husband doesn’t know what he is missing out on. Lay down on the edge of the bed Emily.”

“You really think I am pretty? Thank you for saying that. It means a lot to me.” She said as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

I kissed her deeply as I slowly lowered to the bed. I worked my kisses down her body. I lingered at her impressive breasts and noticed in the passion from the chase chair, I created a few hickeys on her left breast. I continued my trail down her body and finally got to her hot wet pussy where I slid her underwear off and dropped them onto the floor.

As I licked her pussy I reached up with both hands and fondled her boobs. She moaned deeply as my tongue went deep into her hot wet pussy. Occasionally I would flick her clit with my tongue causing her body to jerk.

Her juices dripped from her pussy running down the crack of her ass and onto my bedspread. I loved how she tasted, and her moaning encouraged me to continue. Sliding my left hand down I inserted two fingers into her wet pussy. I started to finger fuck her pussy while I sucked her clit into my mouth and teased it with my tongue.

I teased her ass with my thumb. Remembering how she seemed to enjoy it when I penetrated her ass through her panties. I decided to enter her ass with my thumb. She moaned with pleasure as it slid into her. I looked up at her and she was squeezing her right breast and pinching her nipple. I followed suit with her other breast.

It didn’t take long before Emily reached a body shaking orgasm.

As Emily recovered from her orgasm, I stood up and took my shirt and pants off. My cock was hard and ready to pound this young, neglected lady.

Emily’s eyes were closed and was relaxing from her recent orgasm. She was unaware that my cock was about to enter her warm wet pussy. As the head of my cock entered her, her eyes opened wide. I didn’t hesitate as in one long push I was deep inside her pussy.

She started to feebly push me away as she said, “We can’t do this. I can’t risk getting pregnant.”

“Let me just fuck you for a little bit. I will pull out before I cum.” I told her as I slowly slid my cock in and out of her pussy. Emily was enjoying it and stopped resisting me.

“My god, your cock feels so good in me. I miss having sex.”

“I am glad you came to clean my house tonight Emily. We are a good match as my cock loves your pussy.”

I enjoyed watching her big boobs bounce every time I thrust into her. She started to massage her boobs and play with her nipples as I fucked her harder and faster. Shit, I had only been fucking her for a couple of minutes and I was ready to cum.

I started to pull out and said, “Emily, I need to cum. I want to cum on your tits.”

Emily’s legs wrapped around my waist not allowing me to pull out. “Don’t pull out. Please don’t. Fuck my pussy. I want your seed deep inside me.” She begged.

That was all the encouragement I needed. In 4 hard thrust I released my seed deep inside her in three hard jets. I thought I was done cumming as I pulled out put a fourth jet released onto her stomach.

Emily slid off the bed between me and the bed and onto her knees. She quickly took my cock into her mouth and stroked my cock hard and fast. I was surprised I was able to shoot 2 more loads into her mouth. Emily was happy to swallow my cum.

I could feel my cock going soft in her mouth. Emily was not going to let that happen. She started to lick my shaft, balls and taint. She was basically worshiping my cock. It didn’t take long before she had my cock standing at full attention.

Emily got up and leaned over the bed and looked back at me and said, “Fuck me from behind.”

I could see my cum dripping from her pussy as she was bent over in front of me. My cock found her pussy easily. I started to fuck her long and slow. Emily looked back at me and said, “My pussy already enjoyed your cock. I want you to fuck my ass.”

She did not have to ask me twice. I pulled out and guided my cock to her little star. A few pushes and I was balls deep in her ass. It felt so nice and tight. I started to fuck her ass, I could see in the mirror on the bedroom door her big tits bouncing. That just added to the excitement.

Her ass could take a good pounding as I fucked her, she was fingering her pussy and clit. We were both sweating, and I was having a hard time holding onto her hips. Emily had at least to orgasms in the 20 minutes we were fucking. My balls were full, and I needed to cum.

“Oooooh fuckkkkk.” I moaned as my balls emptied my sperm into her ass. Her ass squeezed my cock draining every drop from me.

After I pulled out, she turned around and we had a brief intimate kiss. Then Emily told me she better get going. I offered her a shower, but she said she had an hour drive home and should go. She gave me her account name so we could stay in touch. I told her next time I will pay her more.

Emily said, “You don’t have to pay me anything. This was an amazing time for me.”

We said our goodbyes and she left. We chatted a few times. We talked about getting together again. Then there was no response from her. Never did get to see her again.