Newlyweds have sex on stage

It was a hot night on our honeymoon in Mexico; my wife Jane and I were out for dinner after a day visiting Chichen Itza.

She was wearing a yellow summer dress, her skin had a bronze tan from all her sunbathing, and her blonde hair was even more golden in the restaurant’s lights. Sitting there, she was the picture of perfection.

The entire honeymoon I had been intoxicated by her beauty, struggling to think of much else aside from ripping her panties off and getting access to her tight pussy. Luckily Jane had willingly let me savage her daily, but it had dawned on perhaps she was using me, specifically my tongue and cock. Anyhow, I’m getting ahead of myself.

We finished dinner and thanked the waiter, but, not wanting the evening to end just then, I asked if he knew somewhere we could go for a late-night drink.

He said he knew the perfect place with a smile and wrote directions down on a napkin. On leaving the restaurant, we took a bit of a “shortcut” but finally found the doorway to the club underneath a glowing red neon sign.

Having paid our entrance fee, which included a couple of drinks, we found a comfy spot at the bar. The free drink turned out to be a green cocktail made from local tequila, fruit juice, and “special” herbs.

It had a slightly medicinal taste but was nonetheless pleasant. As the drinks slid down, we talked to the bar staff, explaining it was our honeymoon and how much we were enjoying Mexico.

The club was filling up, but people seemed to congregate at the door to a second room just off the main bar. Deciding to explore what was going on, we followed people in and saw it was an auditorium with a small stage and a sizeable red curtain.

The room could hold about 50 people, but it had already filled up, and there were only two spare seats right at the front by the stage. Looking at Jane, I nervously smile, grab her hand and lead her to the front.

Eventually, the red curtains slide back, revealing a couch with a woman and a man kissing. A voice on the microphone announces the couple as being Carlito and Lola.

The woman, Lola, stands up and lets her dress slip from her shoulders. She reveals her pert breasts and athletic body. Carlito has also stripped down. His chest and shoulders are like a bodybuilder; his legs are like tree trunks, and his arms are like steel. In just his briefs, his cock is barely by the thin cotton.

Kneeling in front of Carlito, Lola fishes his cock out and begins to suck it. Soon hard, his cock had become thick, long, with a single prominent vein pulsing along the length.

Lola has her hand wrapped around the base with at least a few inches still showing and is sloppily kissing the large purple head. I look at Jane to say maybe we should go, but she stares in awe at what is happening.

Carlito wraps his hand in Lola’s brunette hair and growls as she begins fluttering her tongue on the underside of his cock while applying some form of lube and massaging his balls. Standing to her feet, she kisses him, and he lifts her into the air.

She wraps her legs around him and reaches down for the huge cock. She moves the head to the entrance of her pussy and slowly lowers it onto him.

They don’t rush. He works her up and down, letting her take inch by inch of his cock until she is impaled on the monster. They don’t move for a moment, and we can see they are just enjoying being together.

A drum beat begins behind the stage; slowly, he matches its pace gliding the woman up and down his cock. With her arms wrapped around his neck, she holds on as his muscles flex, and he begins to sweat.

We can see his cock sliding in and out, and the smell of sex has reached us, but it’s the rhythmic sound of his huge balls slapping her ass that is hypnotic. The drum beat has increased, and sweat and bodily fluids are dripping from the pair as they keep time.

Lola stares into Carlito’s eyes, whispers something to him, and they begin moving to a new position, now lying over the arm of the couch. Carlito places himself between Lola’s spread legs and slides in his cock. After not much time, Lola raises her head back and cries out in orgasm, but Carlito mercilessly continues pumping until we see his balls suddenly tighten.

We can see blast after blast going down his cock into Lola’s stretched pussy. We see cum squeeze out and drip onto the couch even before he stops. Then finally, to be in no doubt, as he pulls out, a river of cum escapes flooding the sofa, much to the crowd’s enjoyment. Bowing, the two depart the stage, and the curtain falls.

Our jaws are hanging aghast; I’ve never seen anything like it, but the drinks are now taking effect, and as I lean across and kiss Jane, she kisses back hard, pushing her tongue into my mouth.

It seems like we’re about to explode with lust, and when one of the barmaids arrives with two more drinks, she grabs her arm and asks if there is somewhere private, we can go. The barmaid nods and leads us through a side door.


We find ourselves now on stage behind the red curtain. In the middle of the stage, the couch has been replaced by a circular bed. The barmaid whispers to one of the stagehands and then turns to us, pointing at the bed.

This wasn’t what we were thinking, but whether it was the drinks, the heat from the night, or what we had just watched, we walked over to the bed. As we begin kissing each other and pulling our clothes off, we hear the crowd being told they have a special treat tonight, and with that, the curtain raises.

The stage lights are hot, and we can hear the crowd. Jane stands facing the audience as I kiss her neck and squeeze her breasts. We still have our underwear on, she in a white bra and thong, me in some boxers. As I kiss her neck and collarbone, she pushes back against me, feeling the outline of my hard cock.

My tongue is licking her neck and ears, I undo Jane’s bra and then my hands reach for her thong. The material is transparent where her juices have seeped through, and the blonde hair of her landing strip has darkened. I grab the sides of her thong and peel it off her wet pussy; feeling the cool air hit her pussy she shivers.

Now standing nude, the crowd can see her beautiful tan lines that created small white triangles over her breasts and pussy. Jane’s pink nipples are erect, and I can see she has goosebumps on her arms.

The whistles and cheers grab her attention. Looking past the stage lights, she can see the front row where people are staring back. Knowing they are staring at her nakedness both excites and scares her.

Jane’s breathing is hard, and she is as sexually excited as I’ve ever seen her. She turns, asks me to sit on the bed, then confidently struts to the edge of the stage.

Leaning over the lights, she takes a drink right out of a patron’s hand in the front row. Gulping it down, she throws her head back, stretching her body out, so everyone can see her beautiful breasts, tight abs, and taut muscles. (For Real – My wife is fucking hot, I’m a fortunate guy.)

She finishes the glass and raises it to the air with cheers. Turning back to me with her blonde hair flowing behind her and hips swaying, she almost runs over and attacks me. Pushing me back onto the bed, she climbs up my body and lowers her pussy onto my face.

I can’t explain how much I love licking her pussy. Whether it’s licking the freckle on her labia, teasing her clit with the tip of my tongue, or long laps of her pussy, it is guaranteed to have my cock rock hard.

Doing my best from this less than optimal position, I begin lapping up and down in long strokes, she leans back to give me better access, and I raise my hands to play with her nipples. After a few minutes, we change position, so I am on top.

I lick my fingers and slowly slide one straight in. I know she will be wet, but she is soaking, and I quickly add a second; she moans, so I add a third, stretching her slightly and making her feel full. Little does she know what will happen shortly.

I get into a rhythm of licking her clit and pushing my fingers into her pussy. I can feel her pussy tightening and then releasing. The crowd watches with dry mouths. Jane reaches down and impatiently pushes my boxers off, exposing my penis.

Whatever was in those drinks has me rock hard with pre-cum running down from the head and pooling on my balls. She slowly jacks me, pulling back my foreskin and letting precum collect on her hand. She raises her hand to her mouth, and her tongue slowly licks my juices off in one motion.

I slide my fingers from her pussy, putting one hand under her bum and the other above her head for leverage. I love to start fucking my wife by holding her pussy in place, almost on a plate, for me to fuck in long strokes.

I alternate thrusting in with grinding against her clit. She is panting, and as I pull back she raises her hips to meet my downwards thrusts. Everyone can hear the wet sounds of our fucking. The sounds of her soaking pussy echo around the room.

She can feel the eyes of the men in the crowd, and every groan she hears gives her pleasure, knowing the person came imagining fucking her.

She is close, but as though reading her mind, Lola rushes out from the side of the stage with a rabbit vibrator. Lost in the moment, Jane grabs it and pushes it against her clit. I lean back and slowly move backward and forwards, rubbing my cock against her g-spot. One issue, I am close to myself and am desperately squeezing down to stop from cumming.

At that moment, Carlito returns, standing beside Jane’s head with his hard cock twitching, its shadow covering most of her face.

Again almost on autopilot, Jane’s hand reaches up and grabs the huge cock by the base. I see the engagement ring sparkle as she wraps her hand around it and pulls it to her mouth.

She sucks his giant cock head into her mouth, her cheeks hollow initially and then pushed out by the invading cock. The brown freckle on her cheek is dancing as the cock rubs against the inside of her mouth.

By now, I have stopped my thrusting; in fact, I’m grimacing at how close I am. But I get no sympathy with Jane pulling Carlito’s cock out from her mouth and ordering, “keep fucking me, John or Carlito will.” Shocked, I am momentarily distracted as Lola kisses me and tells me not to worry. She then leans down and whispers in Jane’s ear. Jane groans around the cock in her mouth at whatever she is told and nods her head.

This stimulation is too much for me, and I begin to cum, filling her pussy. I continue to pump my cock in and out. Jane stops sucking the huge cock, “John, you came already!”


As I come down from my high, Lola is already pushing me back, causing my cock to pop loudly out of Jane’s pussy. Without missing a beat, she pushes me onto the bed, so I lie beside my wife. Lola smears a new lube on my cock, which tingles but seems to bring my cock back to life.

She leans over me while beginning to rub my cock head at the entrance of her pussy. Her breasts graze my chest as she whispers, “You’re going to cum like never before but not before Carlito turns your wife out. He’ll leave an itch deep inside her that you’ll never be able to scratch.”

Suddenly I look over at Jane, but her eyes are staring at Carlito, who is now between her legs and whose enormous cock is swinging towards her pussy.

The adonis looks at her with pure lust, his muscles shining in the light, and his cock must be at least 3 inches bigger than mine. I start to say, “Jane do you think…” but she is already reaching down and lining up his cock.

As he pushes forward slowly, she breathes out deeply as he enters her. My cum, her juices, and the salvia she deposited while sucking him provide enough lube to let his vast cock slip into her pussy with ease.

Simultaneously as Jane’s pussy is being conquered by this stranger’s cock, Lola descends, squeezing her pussy onto my tingling cock. And so, the pair steadily begin to fuck us.

Focusing on the tits seductively swinging in front of me, I go to lick them, but Lola pushes my head back and presses it to the side, hissing, “Watch! Watch as she forgets you are even here.” With that, I’m forced to see as Jane’s chest begins to rise and fall in pleasure from another man.

She is squeezing Carlito’s massive arms as he drives his whole cock deep into her. Once again, I can hear the familiar sound of a set of huge balls slapping in time to a beat, but this time Jane is the woman being fucked, and those balls are slapping my wife’s arse.

Carlito begins to go easy on her, only pulling out half his cock, but it’s still so much. Jane is lost in lust, feeling Carlito’s back and squeezing his tight bum, desperately trying to pull him even more into her. Suddenly, like a shot going off, her back arches, and with a loud groan, she orgasms.

Her knuckles go white as she grips his arms. Her head goes back, and her breath seems caught as she goes rigid, but he doesn’t stop, and then a second groan escapes her lips that reverberates around the room.

Jane goes limp, covered in a sheen of sweat, her breasts shaking, her abs tensing, and her pussy squeezing around his cock.

He pauses to slowly lift her legs over his arms while still firmly deep inside her. The crowd loudly cheers, Jane has barely come down from her orgasm, but she starts to pant and groan uncontrollably. She can’t believe the effect Carlito is having on her. I am watching in wonder with my own cock buried in Lola.

Finally, Jane looks over at me. Her cheeks are flushed, her body is glowing, and her pupils are dilated. She is trying to say something, maybe “I love you”, maybe “so good”, but I definitely see “sorry” on her lips before she gives up trying to speak, and her eyes roll back. The only sound that can be heard are the grunts of fucking and the next orgasm from Jane.

After 10 minutes of this display, I wake from my delirium and decide I need to reassert some dominance. Jane is my wife! So pushing Lola off me, I get to my knees and move my cock towards Jane’s mouth.

Compared to the beast ravaging her, I now seem small, but that comes with advantages. Jane swirls her tongue around my cock and hears my groans intermix with those from Carlito between her legs. She then snakes her hand under my balls while pulling me deeper into her mouth and begins to massage my taint.

Jane feels how swollen it is and knows I must be brewing a huge load. In a loving moment, she pauses and, with a twinkle in her eye, asks, “Hubby, where do you want to dump that big load you’re storing up for me?” Lost in the sensation, I mumble, “In your mouth.” With that, she begins to bob up and down on my cock until she is deep throating me. Triumphantly she feels my cock swell, and with my balls resting on her chin, I unload down her throat.

Exhausted, I collapse, and having made me just cum for a second time, Jane turns her attention back to the man who has unlocked a sexual pleasure she didn’t know possible.

She still has the absolute concentration of everybody, but as my orgasm fades, I realize she is on a mission to make Carlito cum. Pushing him back, she sits on him and takes control, grinding herself on his huge swollen cock.

she begins rising and falling at a pace that forces the air out of her as she bangs down on his cock. The crowd can see a woman possessed.

Her pussy is getting sore, her clit is engorged, and her lips are stretched, but she’s determined and again goes for the classic balls squeeze while demanding, “I’m going to fuck your huge cock until you fill this married pussy up.”

Grabbing him by the shoulders, she squeezes her pussy around his cock as she tries to milk him. Every sinew of muscle is straining as she desperately pumps Carlito. She wants to make him cum to be in charge of this huge cock, but it is a pointless battle.

Carlito decides he has had enough fun with this blonde beauty, grabs hold of her bum, and stands up. At that moment, Jane realizes she will never be more than a personal fuck toy for him. He effortlessly pumps her up and down his cock.

Repeating the early act, she is no more an active participant than Lola was. She can hear the slap of his balls, she even winches as he bottoms out in her, but things are starting to get cloudly. Jane can feel an intense tension simultaneously in her brain and body as her final orgasm grows from deep.

As it explodes across her body, she goes limp in Carlito’s arms; her head falls back, and her legs twitch without control. Jane 100% went to the shadowland with the most incredible orgasm of her life.

Afterward, Jane told me she remembers feeling rope after rope climb up his cock hit the back of her pussy, but the reality was very different.

Carlito was not finished when Jane passed out. He continued to use her, turning to the crowd to roar as he showed his dominance.

Spinning her round, he displayed her to the crowd showing how Jane’s abs bulged as he buried himself repeatedly. Eventually, he felt his balls contract and dropped Jane next to Lola and me. Then with two final pumps, he pointed his cock at the bed and covered us all in a river of cum.

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