Newly Met Girl’s Fantasy

Hi, I am 24 years old and this incident happened last year.

I met this girl at a local café. I was there with my friends and she was with hers. She was sitting across the table and was facing me. Our eyes met a few times and then after some time she gave a slight smile.


This was a huge confidence boost for me. She was fair, extremely pretty, had a mole on the left side of her chin and her boobs were 36C and 23 years old, which I got to know later when she told me she had a stunning figure.

After some time,. She left with her friends after giving a last smile. I was disappointed as I did not want her to leave. After like 5 minutes her friend came back minutes, she walked up to me and said that my friend is quite interested in talking to you. Here’s her number, you can call her.

I was happy again, and I messaged her at night. It all started with normal conversations. We got to know each other better. We talked about interests and hobbies and stuff. Then we started talking every night, and we became superb friends. After talking for like a week, we became very comfortable with each other and we used to exchange our naughty thoughts with each other. She told me about her fantasies, her kinks, what she liked and stuff. But she was a virgin. She wanted to try a lot of things, but never really got a chance.

One night, I called her at midnight. We were talking normally when she suddenly told me she was feeling really horny. She had just finished watching some porn.

I started getting hard, and I asked her to describe what was happening. Wow, just to hear her horny voice and the way she was explaining how the girl in the video was getting fucked in the ass and swallowing cum was amazing. I was rock hard. I couldn’t control it and I told her “I would like to fulfil all her fuck fantasies.”

We talked about it for a while and made a plan to meet on the weekend. My parents were going out that weekend for a wedding, so I knew I would be alone.

On Saturday evening, I went to the place where we were going to meet. There she was waiting in a black dress, bright eyes, fair skin and the prettiest smile that I had ever seen.

I had liked her a lot, and she did too. But tonight’s motive was something else. We went out for dinner where she had wine and had a great time with me. At around 11, we reached home. I made her comfortable, showed her around and asked her if she wanted to watch a movie, to which she agreed.

We were sitting on the bed with a laptop watching a movie. We were really close to each other. We were talking and laughing also and I suddenly kissed her cheek; she looked at me and smiled, which was a green signal. Both of us were just waiting impatiently to get intimate.

I gripped her hand and kissed her again and I didn’t stop this time I kissed her again and again. From her cheeks, I went toward her lip and gave a slight peck on the lips. She cracked her lips, and I sucked her lower lip.

We started kissing passionately. Sucking each other’s lips, biting it, our tongues swirling together. I could taste her sweet saliva. She was so perfect. She sucked my tongue nicely.

Suddenly, she stopped and asked me to spit in her mouth. She held my face and opened her mouth. I spat all that I had in my mouth into hers. She moaned and swallowed it. It was so fucking hot. Then she asked me to open my mouth, and she filled my mouth with her delicious spit. It was sweet and yummy and a lot. I happily drank the whole thing.

She was still in her dress, which was till her thighs. I pulled her towards me and we kissed for some time. I was running my hands all over her body. Her back, her waist, her round ass and her naked thighs. I was squeezing her butt on top of her dress and fondling her thighs, and she was moaning into my mouth, which was very sexy.

I pulled up her dress, revealing her ass. She did not mind it at all. I was holding her butt; it was fully cupped in my hands. Her ass cheeks were so soft and bouncy.

I took my time squeezing it and fondling it; I played with it for some time and then ran my fingers over her ass crack. She removed my shirt and went down to kiss my neck. She was biting it and running her tongue all over my neck. Her pussy area was rubbing against my dick over my jeans and I’m sure she could feel the hardness. She took my nipple in her mouth and sucked it and circled her tongue around it and played with the other one.

She kissed me and licked me all over my stomach and my waist while squeezing my dick over my jeans. I made her sit up on the bed and removed her dress. Her body was smooth and slim with the perfect curves to hold on to while fucking. She was wearing a pink bra and a black panty.

I unhooked her bra and watched those 36C melons fall out of it. Instantly, I took one in my hand and the other in my mouth. Her nipples were pink and I could smell her wonderful perfume. I bit them slightly and pinched them and played with them for a while.

I came up, and we kissed even more deeply, our spits drooling down our chin onto each other’s laps and on her boobs. Her ass was just amazing, and I wanted to lick it really badly. But she was like a mind reader and she asked me if I would eat her ass… to which I smiled and made her lie down on her stomach, her ass facing me. I got my face near her black panty and sniffed the sweaty aroma of her buttocks. I pulled down her panty with my teeth and I could feel the heat emerging from her ass on my face. I removed her panties.

In front of me was a view worth dying for. First, there was moonlight and then there was this ass of hers covered with that moonlight. I started kissing her inner thighs. She moaned a bit and asked me to lick it. I was sliding my tongue all over her thighs and moving up towards her butt. I squeezed it and played with it in every way.

I made her bend in doggy style to get easy access to her asshole. She was kneeling in front of me with her legs open.

I went close, stuck my nose slightly in her crack, and took in the aroma of her sweaty asshole. I pushed my face a little deeper and stayed there for 5 minutes just breathing and taking in the aroma of this amazing sweat filled ass. She liked it, she was moaning at this and then she whispered, “baby I want you to lick butthole, please taste it”.

I pulled my face out, held her cheeks and pulled them apart, revealing her tight little light brown asshole. It was a wonderful sight. It was in perfect shape and tight and I knew that fucking it will be amazing. I stuck my tongue out and started rimming her hole. Circling my tongue around it, kissing the center. I could also taste her salty sweat, which made me hornier. She was just loving it, moaning and saying “yes lick it harder ahhh um yeah baby”.

Her butthole was delicious. She held my head with one hand and pushed it more toward her ass and pushed her ass towards my face. My face had disappeared into her crack and by now my tongue was everywhere on her asshole and the insides of her crack. I was trying to force my tongue into her hole, but it was tight. With every push of my tongue, she moaned louder and louder. My tongue slithered inside her asshole.

I placed my middle finger on her hole and pushed it inside slowly slowly; it was not very hard as her ass was wet with my spit and her sweat. She moaned a bit in pain. She had nothing to enter her ass before. I fucked her ass with my finger for some time and then licked it again. After fingering my tongue, I could reach into the depths of her ass and taste my girl even more.

After some more sucking of her asshole, I got my face out of there and asked her to suck my dick, as I wanted to fuck her ass. We got into 69 position and she started taking my cock in her mouth wildly, while I was sucking her asshole. It was an amazing feeling.

I put a finger in her ass again, and then slowly another one followed. She was moaning in pain with my dick in her mouth. I could feel the vibration of her moan on my cock, which was now dripping with her sweet saliva. I finally got three fingers in her ass and she was in tears, but did not resist. I kept the fingers there for some time to loosen her ass for my dick. Her juice was dripping out of her pussy, right into my mouth.

I got my fingers out and asked her to bend over so I could enter her ass. Both of us were super excited at this point. I spat a bit more on her ass and placed my dick on it. I slowly pushed it in. She moaned and I could see tears rolling down her cheeks.

I went deeper and deeper. Fucking her shit hole slowly at first, then I escalated my thrusts. After some time, I was banging her ass like she was my bitch. She was screaming in pain and pleasure. She was loving it. I told her I was going to cum and asked her where she wanted it. She told me “baby, I want to enjoy you cum, fill my ass”.

Hearing this, I came so hard on her asshole. I ejaculated deep into her butt. I stayed there for some time. Both of us were panting heavily. My head was resting on her back. Our sweaty bodies are sticking to each other. My hands were cupping her boobs, and I was kissing her back.

The moment I pulled my dick out, her asshole let some of my cum out. She got up and went to the washroom to clean her ass. She came back and straight away took my dick in her mouth and cleaned what was left on it.

We hugged tightly and talked for a while. Then she slept on me. Made herself comfortable on my back and I could feel her pussy hair on my ass. Her pussy was not very hairy. If I could make out that, it had been a while since she had shaved.

This was one of the best nights I had ever experienced, as it was with one of the prettiest girls I had ever met, and she turned out to be so fucking kinky.

After that night, I used to fuck her many times when we got the chance.