New Slaveboy Gets A Tryout

There are four street lights in the parking lot of the abandoned Kmart store on the east side of town. You are to stand underneath the southwest most street light. You will be wearing blue jeans, a white shirt, sunglasses and a baseball cap pulled low over your eyes.


You will carry a brown bag which contains 25 feet of quarter inch cord, three dildos of increasing size, a cock ring, three punishment implements, a pair of black mesh panties, a pairs of red satin panties and three sex toys of your own choosing.

Keep your gaze focused down. We will be watching you and if you pass our inspection we will come pick you up. When the car pulls up in front of you, you will get in the rear passenger door and then crouch down into the foot space of the backseat with your head touching the floor facing down. You are to remain in that position for the duration of the drive of approximately five minutes. No talking.

When we arrive you will hear the garage door go down and then we will open the car door for you. You are to climb out of the car keeping your gaze to the floor. You will see a square marked on the floor. You are to stand in the square and remove your hat, glasses, shoes and socks, your pants and your shirt. Leave your underwear on. Your underwear will consist of a white cotton T-shirt and a blue thong. Fold your clothes neatly and leave them on the table provided for that purpose. We will be watching you closely. If you pass our scrutiny at this point you will be allowed to enter the house.

Inside the house, rule number one is that you are never to have your head higher than Brewster’s head unless you are engaging in a sex act that requires it or following specific orders. For that reason, once you enter the house you should drop to all fours and remain that way unless instructed otherwise.

Before I waste my time further, do you to agree to these rules as they are stated so far?

In the center of the main room, you will find a small rug. Crawl to the rug and sit quietly until you are instructed. When you are told to look up you will see us sitting on the couch.

B. will be wearing a multicolored robe over his nakedness. He will be barefoot and if you have done correctly so far and aroused him, the tip of his erection may be visible through the opening in his robe. N will be dressed in a black mesh body suit. Her pussy hair will be escaping in all directions from the crotchless opening. You won’t be able to see it though because she will also be wearing ten strategically placed scarves. It will be up to you to earn the right to remove these scarves one at a time by fulfilling tasks that are set for you. Her left breast and nipple will be exposed however.

If B is pleased, he may grant you permission to crawl over and kiss the tip of his penis. Be sure and ask permission and then thank him afterwards. B shall be referred to as “Master.”

Master, may i have the pleasure of kissing the tip of your beautiful erection?

Thank you, Sir.

If Master is pleased he will grant Naughtia permission to have you kiss her nipple if she so desires.

IF she so desires, you will follow the same request and thank procedure. Refer to her as Mistress Emma.

Return to your rug.

If you have done well and are still a candidate, then it will be time to prepare your body properly.

You will remove the rest of your clothes and follow the Mistress (crawling and carrying the red panties in your mouth) to the large bathroom. Just because N loves assplay does not mean she likes shit so it is time for your enema. N will administer the first one, instructing you in proper procedure. In order to accomplish this she will have to lubricate your entrance. Remain quiet and still as she loosens you until a fingertip slips in and out easily.

You will give the second enema to yourself under N’s careful observation. After the evacuation is complete, you will shower. THROUGHLY.

Dry yourself properly and crawl to your rug.

Now it is time for a through inspection and documentation of your body. We will photograph every inch of you. The top of your head, the bottom of you feet with the toes opened, inside your mouth, the crotch and the spread buttocks. We will get several pics of your clean scrubbed anus. If you have done well, we may take turns kissing it and gently tracing the wrinkled ridges with a fingertip. Remain quiet and still as we enjoy your butthole.

Return to your rug upon instruction.

If you have done well and your body is deemed acceptable, you may be granted permission to remove one of N’s scarves. N will then tie the scarf around your cock and ballsack.

“Dance” B may command you. I hope you are not shy. Have you ever danced naked for the pleasure of another? Close your eyes. Take advantage of the permission to have your head higher than Master’s. Sway your hips and feel your meat slapping against your thighs. Move with the music. Feel your sack swinging. Slowly turn and see in your mind’s eye Master and Naughtia taking in the sight of your swaying ass. Bend over and display your hole and meat. Touch your hole. Turn around and dance closer. Hopefully you have a nice erection going. Dance slowly up to B’s face and shake your stiffy erotically. Touch his cheek with your penis tip. Bring it to his lips for a kiss. Grant N the same favor.

When B claps his hands return to your rug.

Either you have done well and will be granted favors or you have done poorly and will be deemed in need of punishment. This will be impact punishment although other types of negative encouragement may be in your future if you meet standards and choose to continue in your training.

Some have a problem with corporeal punishment. They fear the sting. They are humiliated to have another behind them observing their posterior go from white to a glowing red blush. They are unable to transcend the pain and enter the sensation. This relationship may not be for them. You are free to leave at any time. If you are willing to learn though, we will be patient as we progress along this part of the journey.

For instance, in the beginning we will use a warmup procedure of gentle to increasingly sharp hand spanks to give the nerve endings a period of adjustment.

Perhaps N will press her asshole against your nose as a distraction while Master educates your buttocks.

A well received spanking will be rewarded. You will cum over time to appreciate the reward/punishment system that we employ.

There are any number of favors that might be granted to you. On the first visit, however, if you are deemed worthy. You will be tied to a chair, naked, plug inserted (N will insert it for you), with your right hand free and a tube of lubricant close by and allowed to stroke off while we fuck in front of you. First date, that’s all you get.

Then you thank us, crawl to the garage, get dressed and return to the backseat floor of the car. You will be dropped off at the Kmart parking lot under the southwest street light.

Do you agree?