New Friends At Beach Vacation Part – 3

Michael’s eyes widen, his face turn red, he’s wrestling with his restraints. Jerry grabs him by the throat.

“Look you mother fucker, it doesn’t bother me one bit to fuck you up, you better just sit still and enjoy this, maybe you can learn something.” “We’re all just having a little fun, Haha, except maybe you right now!”


I bite your neck as my fingers play with the plug and slide through your wet pussy lips. Julie reaches between Michael’s thighs and pulls his cock out. He’s average size, small head and very hairy. Julie is not a fan of hairy men, that’s why she keeps Jerry and I well-manicured. She strokes his cock, working him harder and faster to no avail. His cock just lays there. Jerry slaps Michael across the back of the head,

“If you want to have any fun at all, you better get yourself hard!”

Julie leans in and suck the tip of his cock, twirling the tip with her tongue. She sucks his cock into her mouth trying to suck hard, nothing. Jerry looks over to me,

“Mark, I think we found the problem, this fucker doesn’t like girls!”

I motion to Julie, “Julie, come over here and help me with our bitch.” “See needs our full attention!”

Julie stands and walks over. I still have you bent over with my fingers sliding between your pussy lips, That pussy is so smooth and silky. Julie leans over you, rubbing her tits on your back, she runs her fingernails from your shoulders to your ass. You moan as she digs her nails into you. She kneels down at your ass, separates your cheeks and slides her fingers around your plug. She slips her fingers under the plug and starts to pull on it. She sees my cum seep past and then pushes it back hard making you gasp.

“My bitch likes that tight fit!”

Julie spread your ass wide and licks the droplets of cum that seeped out. She looks up at me and smiles.

“Mark, you taste delicious out of this whore’s ass!”

I slip out of my trunks, my cock throbbing. I slap your face with my cock

“Whore, you like daddy’s cock, don’t you?”

You look up at me nodding, “yes daddy, I love your cock!”

“Open your mouth bitch, show Michael how much you love daddy’s cock!”

You lean over sucking the tip. Precum starts to seep, you catch it with the tip of your tongue. Julie reaches under you and spreads your pussy lips with her fingers as she continues to run her tongue around your plug. Your pussy is dripping as she slides a finger in your swollen cunt!

You look up at me, “Please daddy fuck your whore’s mouth!”

I reach down, holding your head between my hands; I slowly slide my cock down your throat, you gag on me.

“Come on bitch, there’s more!”

You grab my thighs as I slide my cock balls deep into you. I look over to Michael, his eyes wide, your bikini bottoms still stuffed in his mouth, drool dripping over chin. I just smile as I start fucking your whore mouth. You can’t catch your breath as I fuck you harder and harder driving your ass into Julie’s face. She leans under you sucking on your pussy lips, your sweet juice covers her face. Julie looks up at me.

“Mark, I need that cum in her ass!”

Julie slips her finger under the plug and slowly pull, you squirm and sway. I look at Julie.

“Our bitch likes her ass stretched!”

Julie smiles as she twists and works the plug in and out before pulling it out. Tiny droplets seeps out of your gapping ass. Julie runs her tongue around your raw hole. My cum runs down your thighs. Julie traces every drop with her tongue. I’m fucking your mouth harder and faster, drool dripping off your chin. I notice Michael’s head dropping.

“Jerry make that shit watch this, this is how you use a whore!”

Jerry grabs him by his hair pulling is head up! I grab you by your hair, pulling you up to look at me.

“Show Michael how you lick daddy’s cock like a lollipop bitch!” “Don’t you love daddy’s cock bitch!”

You look up at me, your face covered with sweat and drool.

“Yes daddy, I do, please feed your bitch!”

“Suck my balls bitch and jerk daddy’s cock!”

You wrap your fingers around my cock and jerk me hard. You suck both balls into your mouth. Julie is digging into your pussy with her tongue, sucking and pulling on your dangling lips. I look down at you.

“Don’t you cum before me bitch!”

You jerk me harder and harder, I can feel it building. I lean back and start to spurt. First shot into your face, I jam my cock back into your mouth as I cum again and again!

“Suck me bitch, get every drop!”

You slurp and suck every drop of me. You start bucking as Julie is digging deeper and harder in you. You arch your back as you cum. You squirt all over Julie, covering her with your creamy nectar. Your juices running down your thighs. I pull my cock out of your mouth. Your face covered with my cum. Julie looks up at me and I nod. She crawls over and holding your face in her hands she licks my cum off you. She runs her fingers across your lips, sticks her fingers in your mouth, you suck her finger. Julie presses her lips to your mouth. You get a taste of our mixed cum! You hold Julie’s face as you dig your tongue down her throat. I look over to Michael.

“This is how you fuck whores!”

Jerry’s watching the entire time has slipped out of his trunks. He’s pulling his cock hard. His cock fills his huge hand. I look over to him.

“Jerry hold on, don’t waste that, help me with Molly!”

We pick you up, each holding a leg. We walk you over to Michael. Your pussy swollen and red, your sloppy cunt dripping.

“Let’s see if we can get a raise out of this asshole.”

We hold you up to Michael’s face. I pull your bikini bottoms out of his mouth. He looks up.

“Wait, what are you doing?”

We slide you against his face, grinding your pussy into him.

“Lick this bitch, taste this premium cunt!”

Michael tries to pull away. Julie stands behind him forcing his face tight to you. Your wet pussy grinds into him. You start to moan. I reach over and slap Michael.

“Come on fucker, lick this pussy!”

Julie reaches between his thighs and begins to stroke his limp cock. I look at jerry.

“This fucker isn’t going to get hard!”

We put you down. I look over to Julie.

“Julie, suck Jerry, get Jerry rock hard!”

Julie leans over and wraps her mouth around Jerry. Her lips stretched getting around that thick cock. She works his cock in and out of her mouth. Julie drools all over that huge cock. Jerry’s cock is rock hard in no time. I stand behind Michael, holding his head tight. I glance at Jerry.

“Fuck this asshole’s mouth!”

Jerry smiles and walks in close. He slaps his cock on Michael’s face. I lean over to his ear.

“Look you motherfucker we can do this the easy way, or the hard way!”

Michael opens his mouth and Jerry slides his cock in. Jerry grabs Michaels hair, looks him in the eye.

“You’re going to me my bitch!”

Jerry forces his cock in, Michael starts to gag. Julie walks behind Jerry and reaches between his cheeks. Jerry enjoy a finger in his ass. Julie slowly forces her middle finger into Jerry. Jerry works his cock faster and harder into Michael. Jerry’s getting close.

“Come on Jerry, fuck this asshole!”

Julie’s finger is fucking Jerry’s ass. Jerry looks up to the ceiling and leans into Michael as he cums! Jerry explodes, filling Michaels mouth. I notice Michael has a hard on. Little streams of cum dripping over his cock. Jerry’s cum drips off his chin and on Michael’s hard cock. I look at you and Julie.

“Fuck, this bastard came!” “Molly, no wonder he couldn’t ring your bell!”

Jerry smears his cum all over Michaels face with his cock. I grab Molly and Julie by the hand and we head for the couch. I pack a bowl, light it up and pass it. We enjoy the ocean view as I finger you and Julie.

“Untie the fucker Jerry!”

Jerry unhooks the bungees and Michael sits limp in the chair. I look at Michael.

“Look you motherfucker, you keep your mouth shut about this.” “You may not have noticed my closed circuit camera system when you arrived but I’ve recorded all of this.” “If you don’t want to be called out as a gay bitch on the golf circuit, I’d advise keeping your mouth shut.”

I glance at you.

“And Molly you’re with us from now on!” “You’re moving in here!”

Julie smiles and snuggles in next to you and caress your pussy. Glancing at Michael again.

“And asshole, we know about you now, so don’t fuck with me!” “We’ll stop by later and pick up Molly’s stuff.” “Molly you won’t mind riding behind Jerry on his motorcycle will you?”

Jerry releases the bungee cords holding Michael. Jerry grabs his arm and shows him to the door as he struggles to pull up his trunks. Jerry opens the door and shoves him out.

You, me, and Julie are sitting on the sofa. Jerry grabs a few smokes and lights them. He hands them around as we slip our beers enjoying the gulf view.

I stand and grab you and Julie’s hand, “I think it might be time we all get in the shower, cleaned up and head back to the beach!” “Jerry, you going to join us?”

“No, I’m going to keep and eye on this asshole Michael!” “I’ll catch up with you later!”


The End