New Friends At Beach Vacation Part – 2

“Maybe next time, we ask her boyfriend to watch!” “Haha, tied to a chair!” Jerry laughs and takes another hit.

Julie slides up on you, straddling you. She cups your tits, squeezing them, Pinching your nipples between her fingers. You gasp as she twirls your nipples. She leans over you, her hair in your face. She kisses your cheek, nibbles on your ear, and let’s her tongue drift from your ear to the nape of your neck.


You pull Julie to you, leaning up kissing her lips. Julie opens her mouth and your tongues dart in and out. She sucks on your tongue and bits your lower lip. Julie reaches for the headboard and pulls herself up further on you. She slowly slides her pussy against you. Julie looks over to Jerry and I.

“I love this bitch between my legs!” Julie typically prefers a hard cock between her legs, but for that special women she has reconsidered. She grinds her pussy on your nipples. Sliding from one the other. You squeeze your tits getting your nipples pointy. Julie slides on one and then the other. Julie moans as she feels your fingers rub her pussy lips. I can see Julie is really enjoying this. She slides faster on your tits. You reach under her, rubbing her as she slides. Julie moans, “Stick that finger in me bitch!” You slide one finger, and Julie almost cums. She arches her back and thrusts forward on you. She grabs your hand and forces a second into her pussy. Julie bucks back and forth, “Fuck bitch, come on, finger fuck me!” “You can do better than that!” I look at Jerry. “fuck these two, are fucking hot!” Jerry is pulling on his limp cock wishing he could get hard. Julie looks down at you frustrated.

“Fuck bitch, come on get me off!”

“Maybe your tongue can do a better job!” You look up at Julie, “Um, I’ve never ever.”

You’ve never tasted pussy!” Julie askes.

I stand to get a better view. “Well bitch, you’re in for a treat, Julie’s pussy is the best I’ve had. You won’t taste any better!”

Julie pulls herself up to your face. “ok, bitch stick that tongue out!”

You hesitantly stick your tongue out. Julie slides up on your face. She slowly slides across your tongue. Julie slowly slides up and down on your tongue. She holds herself up so your tongue just lightly touches her.

“You enjoying my nectar bitch. I feel it running out of me!”

You try to squirm out from under her, “I don’t think I want to do this!”

Julie looks at you between her thighs, “haha, sorry bitch, now that we’ve started, I need to finish!”

I look over to jerry, “Go out and get the bungee cords out of the saddle bags!”

Jerry slips into shorts and is out to the bikes and back in a minute, “Jerry strap this bitches legs to the bedpost, I’ll do her arms!”

You realize what’s about to happen and struggle but it’s too late, Jerry has your legs strapped and helps me with your arms. We have you spread eagle on the bed. Julie has a wide grin on her face as I tell her, “ride this bitch, I want to see her covered with your creamy nectar!”

I look at you, grab your throat and squeeze making you wheeze, “fuck, you better get my girlfriend off bitch!” “Now work that tongue!”

Julie slides back up on your face, she squeezes your face between her thighs, you have trouble breathing as she puts her weight on you.

“Stick that tongue out slut and she’ll ease up on you!’

Your tongue slides out from between your lips. Julie slides up and down. She leans back and pinches her own nipples and works faster. She reaches between her thighs and spread her lips wide for you.

“Come on, tongue fuck me, dig deep in me!” You extend your tongue as Julie presses hard down on you. Julie’s lips cover your mouth.

“That’s a good slut, don’t you dare stop now.”

Jerry sitting on the edger of the bed notices your glistening pussy.

“I think this bitch protests too much, this bitch’s pussy is dripping!”

Jerry forces his middle finger into you. It slips right in. He forces a second and then a third. Your moaning and begin to dig into Julie’s pussy. Julie grabs your head and holds you still as she grinds. She leans back and slides her ass up on your tongue. You don’t hesitate and immediately dig for Julie’s tight asshole. Julie pulls her ass cheeks apart and sits back on your chest. Forcing her ass in to your face. You swirl your tongue around that tight hole.

Julie grins, “for not ever doing this, she’s a natural!”

Julie moans and continues to grind on you. Jerry’s three finger deep in your pussy. Your juices dripping off his hand. I look at Jerry. “Don’t let his bitch cum again until Julie creams her!”

Jerry slows, just gliding a single finger around your wet puffy lips. You try to push against Jerry’s hand, you’re moans and whimpering muffled between Julie’s cheeks. Julie’s leans forward again. Placing her pussy squarely on your tongue. She glides back and forth on you. Your face covered with Julie’s nectar. Your tongue working harder and harder.

I node to Jerry, “release her arms!”

Jerry pulls on the bungee corks releasing the hooks. You immediately reach under Julie. You dig your fingers into her pussy. Pull her wide open. Julie’s puffy swollen lips dangle, you suck them into your mouth, pulling. Julie moans, leaning back playing with her tits, pinching her nipples. Julie bucks harder and harder, sliding up on your face. You nose slips between Julie’s pussy lips. She grinds hard on you. Your hands reach up, you wrap your arms around her thighs holding her tight to your face. Julie slides from her ass to her pussy on your face. Your tongue trying to get every drop. Julie gets quiet as she grinds harder into you. She’s getting close. She lets her entire weight rest on your face as she starts to quiver and shake. I reach over and grab Julie by the throat. I know all of Julies’ buttons. This was all she needed. She sits up slightly as she starts. Her dripping pussy starts to spasm. Her dangling lips just off your mouth. You look at that pulsing cunt, and beg for Julie’s cream.

“Please cum on this slut.” “I need all your sweet nectar all over her face!” “I want this bitch to swallow every drop of you!”

Julie can’t hold back any longer, she throws her pussy onto your lips and explodes. Her pussy gushing, covering your tongue, you wildly try to catch ever drop with your tongue!

Julie falls on you, sweat dripping off her. Her pussy still trickling. Julie wraps her arms around you and slides over you grinding her nipples in you. Your nipples meet and get immediately hard. Julie leans up on you to lick and suck her nipples. Jerry’s still fingering you, his fingers coated in your thick creamy nectar. Julie rolls off you and joins me on the other bed. She lies next to me, I wrap my arm around her as she wiggles her ass against my cock.

“Mmmm, Julie you smell wonderful!”

The aroma of her and your cum, the sweat, the scent of sex is intoxicating. I kiss the nape of Julie’s neck as she leans back. We both watch as Jerry continues fingering your cunt. You lay back breathing heavy. You look up at Jerry,

“Please fuck me!” “I need that thick cock in my pussy!” “The entire time I was sucking you I wanted that fat cock stretching my cunt!”

You reach for Jerry’s cock and start stroking him. Jerry reaches down and unhooks the bungees holding your legs. You smile as you feel Jerry grow in your hand. Jerry is so thick that you can’t wrap your hand around him. You slide over and pull Jerry up on the bed. Jerry lays back and you straddle him. Spiting on your hand you squeeze Jerry as tight as you can and jerk him faster. Jerry wraps his huge hands around your hips and glides you over his firm cock. Facing him you slide up and down on his cock. Your pussy lips spread and wrap around his cock. You lean over and suck on Jerry’s nipples, he cringes as you bite him.

“You fucking hot bitch, come on fuck me you slut!”

You lean up on your knees as you reach around and guide jerry’s cock to your pussy. You lean back and try to force that huge cock in your cunt. You push harder as the tip of his cock enters you. You gasp as you feel that fat cock stretch you. Your swollen pussy lips strain to wrap around that cock. Jerry pushes you down on him. You try to pull away, you’re afraid Jerry is going to tear you. Jerry has a good a hold and forces you down.

Julie relaxing on the other bed with me, “Relax Molly, you’ll love that fat cock in you!”

Jerry forces you down on his cock, his balls tight to your ass. His balls force that butt plug deeper in you.

“Oh my god!”” “You’re hurting me!”

Jerry slaps your tits, “look bitch, fuck me or I will hurt you!”

He grabs your throat, “Move bitch, fuck me!”

You slowly rock back and forth on him. You feel this cock pushing against the butt plug. You find that sensation extremely erotic. His cock moving that plug is making your wetter. You moan and try to move so his cock moves that plug. You start sliding up and down on his shaft. You lean forward, your tits hang to Jerry’s mouth. He sucks your hard nipples into his mouth. Biting and pulling on your nipples. You rock faster and harder, your pussy is soaked now. Jerry’s cock slides more easily. Your thick cream covers his cock. Every time you slide on his cock that plug stretches your ass even more.

“I love your cock in me!” “Fuck me, fuck me harder!”

Jerry grabs you and forces you up and down on his cock. He moves you like a rag doll on his cock! You lean on Jerry, sweat rolling off you, your hair a tangled mess.

“Fuck me harder!” You scream.

You scream as Jerry’s balls push hard against that plug. You bouncing on Jerry now. Jerry’s beer can cock disappears in your pussy. You go faster throwing your head back. You beg for Jerry’s cum, “Cum in me, I want to feel that warm cum fill me.” “I want it dripping down my thighs.”

Your tits bounce as you work Jerry’s cock. Jerry’s getting close. He thrust forward to meet you. The sound of your bodies slamming into each other is making me hard. Jerry arches his back and meet your pussy and explodes inside you! He thrusts harder, and again. You feel his warm cum in your pussy and begin to cum. You gush your nectar all over Jerry’s balls. Jerry keeps thrusting into you as you collapse on he, your body twitching as his cock falls out of you and his cum seeps out of that gapping pussy. Julie and I have enjoyed the show. I reach over packing another bowl.

“I think it might be time we meet the boyfriend!”

You roll off Jerry as he slides up on the bed. I hand Jerry the pipe. He draws on the pipe,

This bitch is one great fuck.”

I nod, “Ha, we enjoyed the show!”

Jerry grabs your ass checking the plug. The jeweled plug still tight where it belongs. Jerry gives it a little tug and a spin. You moan, reaching and pulling your cheeks apart. You push the plug in tight yourself as your gapping cunt leaks more of jerry’s cum. Your pussy red and raw, your lips stretched and dangle as you slide up on all fours. Jerry reaches sliding a finger in your cunt, you moan and back into his finger and spread your ass cheeks further.

“Fuck this bitch wants fucked again Mark!”

Jerry laughs, “haha, only if we have a broom stick. I’m done.” “My cock is not getting up for anything!”

I glance at my limp cock, “I’m done too.”

Julie stands, sits behind you, glides her finger around the plug in your ass and feels the drips of Jerry’s cum flowing from your pussy. Julie kisses your ass glances over to me, “Mark, your cum is still in that sweet ass, I’d love to lick that out of her!” “Let me get one of my toys out!”

I light a cigarette, sit on the chair, you still kneeling on the bed ass in the air begging to be fuck! Julie has a 10 inch dildo in her hand as she walks over.

“No, leave that plug, I want her walking around with it for a while.”

I reach down and pick up your beach wrap from the floor, throw it on the bed, “here bitch, time for you to go!” “Time you head back to your condo, but we want to see you and your boyfriend on the beach later!”

You pick up your wrap, “But my boyfriend?” “I don’t think…”

I interrupt “That’s right bitch, you don’t think!” “This afternoon bring your boyfriend to the beach!’ Staring at the floor, “Yes, I’ll bring my boyfriend.”

Jerry slaps your ass, “That’s a good little slut!’

You stand naked, Jerry’s cum dribbles down your thighs, your hair a tangled mess, faint bruises on your ass and tits. Still staring at the floor you ask, “can I get cleaned up?”

“Hell no, walk to your condo like that, and don’t you dare tie your wrap!” “Everyone needs to see what you are!” Standing I open the door.

Later that afternoon

What a great day for the beach, not a cloud in the sky, warm gulf breeze and the gentle waves. A perfect day. Jerry and I have plopped ourselves in low beach chairs. Jerry is wearing a pair of black trucks with a cut off tee shirt. I’m wearing the same blue pair of trucks from this morning, shirtless. Julie’s laying on a beach blanket on your back. She’s wearing a shear black g-string bikini bottom with a fishnet top. The g string bottoms have slipped between her freshly shaven but still swollen pussy lips and with her nipples popping through the fishnet top. Jerry and I watch every guy walking past take a look and then a second. Very few will point her out to their wives or girlfriends. They all walk silently past. I love showing her off; her perfectly tanned body is a thing of beauty. If they only knew she’d suck and swallow any man, short, fat, tall, or skinny, and fuck the ones I approve. Jerry and I are enjoying a beer when you walk up. You’re wearing a new red one piece high on the hip bathing suits but with the same floppy hat and the familiar beach wrap. I stand and wrap my arm around your waist.

“Hi Molly, we’ve been wondering where you’ve been.”

Stammering, “Well, I couldn’t find my swimsuit, and had to go the beach shop to buy this.”

I pull you close to me; slip my hand behind you and between your ass cheeks. I press my finger firmly to the plug you still have in your ass.

“You enjoying that plug in your ass!”

You squirm, straighten up and back away, “and, I had to wait for Michael to leave. I didn’t want him seeing me like this.”

Jerry stands up, “Like what, you’re just our slut, no need to hide it!”

You look up, “here comes Michael now.”

We watch this tallish guy, dark hair, with a small gut walk up to us. Typical golfer’s tan, arms and face tan the rest pale white. Michael sticks his hand out, “Hi I’m Michael, Molly told me she met some new people.”

“Hi, I’m Mark, this big guy with the beer is Jerry, and that’s Julie on the beach towel”

I watch as he glances at Julie but don’t seem the slightest bit interested in her attire. We all sit in lounge chairs, you and Julie sit on the beach blanket together. Julie puts some lotion on your and then you do her. I find it hard to keep my trend of thought watching you two caress each other.

We start talking about what we all do for a living, the best places for dinner on the island, and the beauty of the island. Before too long we’re like old friends. I chug the last of my beer, Jerry’s been playing with his empty beer bottle for some time. I stand up.

“hey, who needs a drink?” “I’ll go up and get us all one.” “Hey, instead of me dragging all these drinks back, let’s head up to our condo.” “We can sit on the patio and see the gulf from there.”

Jerry jumps up, “let’s go, I’m thirsty.”

Michael looks to you; you glance to me, and then Julie. You look at Michael, “Yea ok, that could be fun.”

We all head up to the condo. I open the door, we all walk in, I close and lock the door behind us. I head to the bar.

“Mike want can I get you?”

It’s Michael.”

“Oh, sorry.”

Jerry heads to the frig, “beers cold, everyone want a beer?”

I nod, “yea Jerry, get everyone a beer.”

We sit in the living room looking out to the gulf. Michael relaxes next to you, “yea this is a great view.”

I nod to Julie, “but you haven’t seen anything yet!’

Julie excuses herself and heads to the bath. We all sit chatting about the view when we hear the bathroom door open. Julie walks out with her beach wrap hanging on her arm and nothing else” Michael’s mouth drops open! He looks at me,

“What’s this!’

I look at you, you glance away, “Mike, Julie is a girl that likes to be comfortable!”

Julie heads straight for Michael, shear beach wrap on her arms, hips swaying, her firm tits, barely move as she struts straight for him. Michael can’t take his eyes off her perky nipples and her freshly shaved pussy. Julie grabs Michael’s hand and moves it to her tits. She slide his hand from one then the other. Her nipples hard as she move his between her thighs. She pushes his fingers tight to her pussy. Michael’s middle finger slips between Julie’s pussy lips and feels that pussy getting wet. Michael goes to stand and grabs your wrist.

“We have to go!” and yanks you off the couch.

Julie heads to you and grabs your arm, pulling you from Michael. Michael stands stunned as Julie pulls you close to her. She leans into you, kissing you. Your mouth opens as Julie’s tongue slips between your lips. Julie pulls your shoulder straps down, pulling your suit down around your waist. Julie leans over and sucks on your nipples pulling them with her teeth. Michael notices the bruises and bite marks on your tits.

“Molly, what happened to you, what the fuck are those marks on you!”

I stand up as Jerry heads for the door.

“Look Michael we learned a few things this morning!” “We’re just going to help you out, we don’t think you realize what you have here!”

Michael moves toward Julie and you. I glance at Jerry and he grabs him. Michael struggles, but is no match for Jerry.

“Jerry, sit him in the chair and I’ll get the bungees!”

Jerry forces him to sit as I strap his arms behind him and each leg to a chair leg. Michael rocks the chair back and forth. “Stop this madness, Molly get over here and release me!”

You stand next to Julie, glance at me as you caress Julie tits. Michael gets louder and begins shouting for help. I pull your bikini bottoms out of my pocket from this morning and toss them to Jerry.

“Jerry silence that fucker!”

Jerry stuffs your crusty bikini bottoms in Michaels mouth. I look at Michael.

“Look you bastard, I understand you don’t appreciate a good pussy.” “Maybe you’ll develop a taste for Molly’s cum sucking on those bikini bottoms!”

Michael’s eyes widen as he begins to understand what happened this morning. I glance to Julie. She leaves your arm and struts to Michael. Julie sits on his lap and rubs her tits on his face. Julie looks over to me,

“I wish I could get his tongue!”

I tell her, “maybe later.”

I walk over to you and caressing your tits as I stick my tongue down your throat! Julie kneels in front of Michael and pulls his trucks down to his knees. Jerry stands behind Michael and warns him,

“Fucking resist and the only way you’ll leave here is on a stretcher!”

I pull you tight to me, your nipples tight to my chest. I pull your suite down and you step out of it. I reach behind and slap your ass. I can tell from the expression on Michael’s face he’s surprised by all the marks on you. All the teeth and scratch marks on your back and the large purplish bruises on your ass. My tongue probes deeper in your mouth as I reach around slap your ass again, harder this time. You moan in pain and delight. I dig my hands under you and separate your tight cheeks, I watch Michael closely as I force you to stoop over exposing the jeweled butt plug in your ass. Michael’s eye brows raise and he struggles against his restraints. Jerry pulls him by his hair.

“Relax asshole, remember what it told you!”

I pull on the butt plug, get it about half out. You feel that tight ass stretch and squirm and sway. I look down at you as I slide it back in pushing it hard in your ass.

“My bitch like her little toy, and my cum it’s holding in you!”


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