Natalina Repaying Her Debt

It is so hot today. Solana’s legs are amazingly long and robust. I am watching the perspiration slide down her soft brown skin, Wanting nothing more than to nibble her plump lush lips, drinking the moisture beading on top of them.


I remember them tasting sweet. Her nipples are unique full dark circles stiff ready for me to flick with my tongue. I can see their roundness through her white cotton dress.

We stand out in the stifling heat, waiting for our mistress to approve our appearance before the customers arrive. We are classed as domestics. There are twenty-two of us facing each other in even lines. Our mistress owns us. We all have a story to tell, whether we were born here, purchased at the slave markets, or traded for goods. After the mistress checks me over, she nods her head and moves on. I look over at Solana. I can see her smile. She does this more than I do. Maybe she can see what I can’t.

I cannot get her out of my thoughts. I can even hear Solana moan’s filter through the wall from her room next to mine. Night and night again, she is picked over me by men, women, three at a time. She keeps going.

Does she enjoy them all?

I want to be all of them in between her thighs, lapping up her juices with my tongue. Why am I wasting my time thinking about her? She does not care about me. She only cares about her position, oh to be favoured by the mistress and customers.

Solana was the one who picked me to be her second for the double act. She decided that I was worthy enough. I got to share her for one night. At the same time, that fat beady sweaty pig of a man sat there commanding our positions. I could see and hear that poor girl Jilian on her knees in front of him, making her gag on his cock as he watched Solana and me scissor each other. We acted in his favour as he paid the mistress well for us to be his close personal erotic dream.

She is good; I will give her that. I am sure that Solana knows I have the biggest crush on her. I need to get better. I need to be that girl getting picked more than Solana for the double night offers. Then I can select and use her. I need to learn how to smile, be more flirtatious with the clients as they walk around fingering their goods, dancing around our emotions like a cougar chasing a rabbit.

Choosing their slut for the evening is a game to them

Look at this witch, her hands sliding roughly over her body like she is putting a spell on everyone who looks into her deep eyes. She is lifting her dress fabric with her legs so the mistress can see her slice of heaven. I have tasted her sweet tart centre and want to dive in again. Beckoning me to slide my fingers inside again, undress her slowly, push her up against a wall, bite her skin. I want her. I need her to moan for me again.

That beautiful curvey body with hips you want to grab handfuls of pulling her in towards you. Running my fingers over her body makes me tingle every time thinking about it. I am wet. Feeling my juices build between my sweaty thighs. When am I going to taste her again? I will be the piece of ass she moans for, begging me to slide my fingers back inside her dripping wet holes.

I will press her hard nipples between my lips, going from one to the other. She will be praying for me to rock hard against her pulling sweet moans out of her throat. Fuck she is sexy. I want to bend her over, rub myself all over her wet, salty skin.

Will she pick me to hold her down again? I remember last time clear as day.

Resting her head in my naked lap as I watch the mistress devour her sweet centre. Her folds are spread apart by the mistress’s fingers as she slides her tongue up and down her folds. She starts to circle her clit, moving back down, her tongue circling Solana’s entrance. I gripped her wrists so tight she struggled to move her arms as I watched her build up to orgasm. She is looking up at me with her deep dark brown eyes as I smile down at her watching her chest rise and fall quickly as she builds up to orgasm. Her arms are pulling against my grip. I watch her body convulse as her orgasm explodes into the mistress’s mouth.

She felt my juices flowing into her dark curly hair as she screamed with pleasure. Watching the mistress enjoying her dripping pussy made me lose my grip slightly as I saw her sliding her fingers in and out of Solana’s holes while still licking her clit. Our explosions continue shaking us to the core together.

I dream about these things when I have a customer awkwardly fucking me as if they are the best lover in the world. And I will never have another like them. It is the only way I can get through these gruelling days and nights one after the other.

I wonder if they ever think that maybe just maybe she is putting on a show? What do they feel after paying to fuck us, apart from relief from their apparent vice?

Uggg why was I born here? I was told my mother died whilst giving birth to me. I had never known a father. He was probably one of the clients who visited this establishment. When I was ten years old, the mistress showed me an old picture saying my mother was the lady in the picture. It was a black and white photo with frayed edges. A man was standing next to my mother. A slender body, but his face had been scratched out. I wanted to ask the mistress so many questions, but I knew she would never answer them. Can you tell me her name I asked?

The mistress looked at me, stood up and said, you already know it, Natalina. As she walked away, holding the only thing in this world that connected me to a family.

I am now twenty-four. Since that day, I never asked the mistress another question about my mother or did she know my father?.

As a child growing up, this was the only life I knew. I have never left the property. I had never used the telephone, apart from picking up the talking piece when I cleaned it. Who would I call? I sometimes listen to others conversations to figure out where they come from or wonder if they are talking with family. Who knows.

My first real lesson in life, never to pray or wish for anything as it will all stop.

It seems like a long time ago, one of my first customers, I do not recall how to say his name as he spoke funny. One of the cooks said he was from a different faraway place. The man asked for strange food they had never heard of before.

This man paid extra to sit and tell me stories about the world and his travels after he fucked me, of course. He once described a place he said he lived where the ground and trees were turned white by nature every year. I think it was called ice snow. He told me it would get so cold that people could turn blue and freeze to death if they did not wear enough clothes. The thought of this scared me. I had never heard of such a place before. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be that cold or see the ground turn white. He described different clothing and shoes people had to wear to stay warm, so they didn’t die.

A strange concept to me to have your whole body covered up. I used to ask him some stupid questions like how did people sleep all covered up like that? Did the witches do it because they were unhappy with the people?. He would laugh so hard he would spill his drink.

He came and saw me five years in a row. Then he never came again.

He was a huge man. At first, he hurt me but not in the wrong way. The first time he slid a finger inside me, I gasped and was breathing deeply. Another finger entered me one after the other into my tight hole. It was burning every time he added another one inside me. He said it was to help me get used to what was coming.

I had only been with two other men before him, and they were minor in size. Four large fingers later, and what felt like a whole night going past, sucking on my nipples, getting me to rock with him. My juices were finally flowing once I relaxed into it.

He got up, spread my legs apart. I felt his knees move to the inside of mine. He leant back slowly, pushing my knees up, looking at my slick glistening pussy. I heard him groan. I could sense this sight was pleasing him. I could feel his hard cock tracing my slippery hole. He leant forward to kiss me. I felt the tip of his erect cock try to push inside me. I shut my eyes, he told me to keep them open, so I did. He thrust forward. I could feel my hole stretching, trying to accommodate his width. He moved back and forth just through the entrance. I was staring up at the ceiling. He told me to look him in the eyes. Just as I found his bright blue eyes, he plunged his thickset cock deep inside. I screamed, rolling my head back with my body. He moved with me. Holding himself there inside me for a minute, he told me to take a breath. I had never had anything inside me this big, and it burned.

He started to move back and forth. My insides felt filled like there was no room left for anything else inside me. I watched his face. He was looking down at his cock sliding in and out of me. His pace got quicker. I was unsure what to do. Pulling out of me then rolling me over, he told me to get up on my hands and knees. I had never done this before. I felt his big hands on my small hips, pulling me back to him. He had moved off the bed and was standing behind me. I felt him enter me fast. This time I held my scream in. It felt different, like new places being explored from the inside. His balls were slapping up against me, pounding me faster and harder. I heard him moan louder with each stroke. I felt tight and sore. I was beginning to feel a build-up low in my stomach. I felt his fingers dig into me, and then with the most brutal smack against me, Sliding forwards onto the bed with him on top of me, he loudly moaned. I could feel his man seed coating my inside walls.

While under his close instruction, he showed me how to please him and other men. I was playing with my breasts while sliding my fingers around inside me, sucking my juices off them as I looked into his eyes deeply. Building up to my orgasm while he stroked his cock and blew his load all over me. The hardest lesson I learned, fitting the girth of his cock inside my mouth and swallowing down his cum. When he first started to teach me, I gagged so many times on his cock. I nearly threw up over him. It was hard to swallow at the same time as learning how to breathe.

I miss him! I wish I could go to that place with ice snow and live a different life, be a kind of other me.

I’ve heard some people say, “how people behave, Can be a way to tell if somebody likes you”. I do not understand this. All I know is my body gets sold over and over again. When will I have fucked enough to repay this debt to the mistress?. I have so much inside me, bursting to get out. But how?.