Nasty Sex With Blake’s Friends

Patty Burns, my middle-aged, sexy siren, had intimated that following our recent foray with my friend Justin, that she’d been thinking a lot about another tryst with two men.

She indicated she wanted two friends of my choosing, but that she’d fuck them without me. She did however want to video it for our pleasure later on.


“What about Jenny’s place? It’s all set up for The Ladies Lunch Club- of which you’re a founding member.”

Smiling at the thought of the well- appointed, lavish room for sex in her friend’s apartment in the city, Patty quickly agreed. This is where I’d fucked her friends so the turn-around seemed more than fair.

“I’ll have to meet with the studs you select for me Blake,” she stated with a devilish look. “I have some very nasty ideas in mind. I want to insure that these guys accept what I desire.”

“Hmmm, ok,” my mind reeled with thoughts of kinky liaisons.

“Don’t worry Blake- it’s still straight sex I have in mind.” She’d read my expression. “So, have you made your selections yet?”

“I think I’ll ask Raymond and probably Neil.” They were a couple of friends Patty had met and I knew she thought they were cute.

“Oh, I think they’ll do handsomely. Now, we need to arrange a meet so that I can entice them and give them time to stew. They’ll be so ready for our little get together- they’ll fuck like maniacs!” Patty exuded an excited, school girl radiance.

“Are you turned on baby?” I took her in my arms hoping to get inside her flowered blouse and tight tan skirt.

“You always turn me on Blake but…I’ve got some errands to run. Keep that thought and we’ll have some fun later.” Kissing my cheek she turned and walked across the living room. Her perfume hung in the air as I watched her shapely ass sashay out of the room. Pausing in the doorway she asked, “Give your friends a call?”

Raymond and Neil were both intrigued by Blake’s proposal. They’d met Patty a couple of times and knew what a knockout she was.

“Really?” was Ray’s only response as he mulled it over.

“Seriously- she wants us to fuck her?” Neil kept his voice down as we were in one of the local watering holes Patty and I visited on occasion.

“She hasn’t told me what she has in mind but whatever it is she’s agreed you two will fit the bill.

“She’s quite a woman, loves sex, and you’d be fools to turn her down!”

“What about you Blake?” Ray appeared to be accepting the idea of what I’d proposed.

“We have an agreement…here’s her number, give her a call. Don’t wait too long or she’ll ask me to find two others.”

The call had been made and Patty arranged to have the boys over to discuss the three-way.

I’d left her as she was prepping for their visit, knowing she’d look spectacular as an added lure to hook them.

Looking in the mirror after applying her make-up Patty thought, “You’ve still got it girl at forty something. These men won’t be able to say no to anything.”

Buckling the belt to her wrap around yellow dress she noted her ample cleavage on display. She hoped, knew actually, that men always wondered what might be hidden beneath her clothing. As usual, she’d picked come lovely lingerie, a white lace, push up corset with garters and matching satin panties in this case. Her tan stockings were attached to the garters but tonight’s plan was to entice these gentlemen with her bountiful rack. The rest of her womanly touches were for Blake later on. She was sure to be turned on and in need of sexual release.

Patty always enjoyed the stimulus her outfits generated for both her and Blake. A few mists of perfume and she felt ready to dazzle and cajole these unsuspecting fellows into an evening of sex and debauchery.

The doorbell rang. “They are punctual…”

The conversation was cordial as they sipped drinks and got comfortable with each other. Ray and Neil were pretty good friends, Blake being the reason they all knew each other. Patty kept the topics light and flowing. She liked Ray’s blonde, rugged appearance while Neil was taller, brown haired, with a darker complexion.

They shared stories about Blake, chuckling at Patty’s remembrance of his being young and rather uncomplicated when she babysat him. Her eyes lighted when she heard about the hair raising outdoor adventures the men had shared.

Finally, Patty broached the subject of sex. “You guys know that Blake and I have been together for a while now? He’s a wonderful lover and we have exceptional sex together. Lately I’ve had a bit of a nasty side surfacing and I want you two to satisfy my urges.” Pulling them to their feet, Patty stood between the two. She reached for Ray and gave him a long, delicious, French kiss as he embraced her bombshell body.

Neil was next, bending to receive her wet lips and tongue.

“What I want is to watch you two eat your creampies. Ever done that?”

“Thought about it,” Neil indicated.

“Nope,” was Ray’s only comment.

“Does that intrigue you boys or turn you off? It does mean having sex with me, fucking me, watching me suck you off!”

“When you put it that way…” Ray was running his hands around Patty’s body.

“There is one caveat though- I want you to share each other’s creampie. I want you to share your friend’s cum with me after licking and sucking it out of me!”

A look of shock covered the two men’s faces.

“I, a …,”was Neil’s response.

“Wow, that’s quite a request,” came from Ray.

“As a little enticement,” Patty pulled her dress from her shoulders exposing the top of her breasts bursting from the white lace of her corset. She slowly released her big, bountiful tits from the garment.

“Have a taste, boys. There’s plenty to go around- one for each of you!”

Like greedy babies the men each took a tit, licking and nibbling Patty’s exquisite bust. With an arm around each of their heads, Patty relished the attention they afforded her.

“Mmmm, you boys like big titties don’t you?”

“Blake is one lucky guy,” Neil moved in for a sloppy kiss as Ray grabbed Patty’s abandoned tit.

Coming up for air Patty administered a tongue lashing to Ray as Neil returned to her tits.

“Oh my, I’m getting wet boys. I’d love for this to continue but now is not the time. So, what do you think?” Patty stepped back, lifted the hem of her dress and gave then a little booty- shake.

“Man, I’d love to fuck you Patty Burns!”

“Thank you Ray, I think I’d like that.”

I’m game if you are Bro…” said Neil. “I mean, we’re already sharing our saliva.”

“Well, I guess,” said Ray sheepishly.

“Good! I’ve got a friend in the city with the perfect set-up and, you guys might recognize her. How does Thursday work?”

They arrived together.

“You ready for this? Asked Neil.

“Are you kidding me? All I can think about is hugging that body- and her tits…they’re amazing.”

“Well, here goes.”

Jenny Gems met them at the door wearing a silver satin blouse and tight black pencil skirt. Her blonde hair was curled in long hanging swirls and her blue eyes were accented by dark make-up.

“Gentlemen,” Jenny extended her right hand for a handshake.

“You’re…Jenny Gems,” stuttered Raymond.

“You know your classic porn stars. I’m flattered,” she kissed him on the cheek. “You must be Raymond. Patty said Neil was a tall, drink of water.”

Neil blushed. “I, I…”

“It’s ok,” Jenny kissed his cheek next. “You’re both quite handsome. Blake has chosen wisely for his girlfriend. Come in, come in.” She indicated the living room to sit and converse.

“Patty’s finishing up in the other room. You boys need to know we have cameras set up in my ‘studio’ but don’t worry, the video is for Patty and Blake- and you two of course.”

“Never thought a famous porn star, excuse me, adult actress, would ever film me!” Neil seemed exuberant.

“Hi boys!” Patty entered the living room with a flourish. She wore a spectacular long black, translucent robe offering a hint of black lace lingerie beneath. Her long dark hair was pulled up on her head in a sexy ponytail, curls falling to her back. Her dark, smoky eye make-up looked appropriately slutty, her lips were painted red. Silver earrings dangled from her earlobes. A matching necklace encircled her slender neck resting at her collarbone. Her nails matched her red lipstick and a simple bangle was displayed on her wrist.

Raymond and Neil stood as she approached.

“I think I look good in black,” her nylon covered legs poked out from the robe as she moved to them. Her black platform heels added a couple of inches to her height. “You boys agree? She gave both men a tempting kiss on the lips.

“You are a vision Patty,” said Neil, his heartbeat already increasing in anticipation.

“You look like a million bucks, added Ray. “And you smell wonderful!” Her perfume added to the allure.

Taking them by hand she commanded, “Come with me. Let’s get this party started.” Winking at Jenny she led her lovers to the bedroom.

Standing between them Patty kissed and embraced Raymond then turned to Neil repeating her preliminary act. “You’re both good kissers- I like that. Gimme a little more sugar you two…”

This time the tongue lashing lasted longer as the men moved to sandwich Patty between them.

“Got something back there for me Neil?” Patty teased. She could feel his hardness pressed against her ass. Her arms were around Raymond’s neck and his hands roamed her curvaceous body.

Neil kissed her perfumed neck.

“Care to unbuckle my robe Ray?” A silver latch held her sheer garment at the waist. Glimpses of her black lace bra enticed the boys during their make-out session.

Ray reached for the silver buckle and Neil slowly eased the robe from her shoulders.

Patty wore a black lace bra barely containing her big tits, and a pair of dainty lace panties over a matching garter belt. The lace top stockings ended at her black platform pumps.

Twirling around, she gave the guys the tour of her heavenly body. “What do you think boys? Is there enough of me for two of you?”

Neil grabbed her planting a sloppy kiss on her red lips. Ray awaited his turn, the two men running their hands lightly over her lace clad body.

“Get these shirts and pants off. I need some cock!”

Obediently the men stripped to their underwear. Patty threw a pillow on the floor in front of the bed. Kneeling between the two she looked up with baited anticipation.

Lowering Raymond, then Neil’s briefs, their rigid dicks sprang from their lairs to Patty’s face.

“Mmmm. These must be for me?” Without hesitation she took them in her hands and engulfed Ray, then Neil, then Ray, then Neil, back and forth in her red lips and mouth. Jerking them simultaneously she’d spend a little more time with each cock. She’d lick them up and down then mouth as much length as possible. She’d push the cock up and lick their length stopping to lightly suck their balls as well.

Eventually, with a slutty gleam in her eyes, she took both cocks in her mouth. The heads fit nicely but not much more of these erect soldiers. She licked between them and under the sensitive heads.

“That’s it Patty, fuck Ray with your mouth. That looks hot!” Said Neil.

A moment later, “Damn that’s so good baby. Suck my cock! Pretty good eh Ray?”

“Fuckin’ A.”

Catching her breath Patty said, “Help me up boys. I need some attention now!”

They resumed the deep tongue kissing from earlier. Ray and Neil’s hands roamed her lingerie dressed body, teasing her vaginal area both above, and inside her dainty black panties.

“Help a girl with her bra Neil?” He was kissing her neck and cupping her ass cheeks.

“With pleasure.” Neil unhooked the three clasps and slid the straps from her shoulders.

Immediately Ray grabbed her exposed tits kissing and licking her protruding nipples.

Providing access for Neil, she held their heads in her hands and arms as each man fondled and fed on her large breasts.

“Oh, that feels good boys. Raymond, would you help me with my panties then eat my pussy? Neil can watch while I suck his big dick some more…”

“We aim to please.” Raymond’s cliché rang true.

Patty lay back on the edge of the bed. Kneeling between her black stockinged legs Ray kissed her crotch through her lacy panties, pulled them to the side, and ran his tongue the length of her love nest.

Grabbing the sides of her delicate black panties, Raymond slid them down her nylon clad legs as she raised her hips before pointing her legs to the ceiling so he could remove the dainty garment.

Situating himself near her face for continued fellatio Neil insisted, “Let me smell those panties Bro.”

Raymond devoured Patty’s vagina making sure to lick and nibble every crease and fold before him. His tongue invaded her slit, circled her engorged clit, and ran up and down her womanhood.

With closed, heavily made-up eyes, Patty relished the attention below while still running her tongue around Neil’s bulbous cock head and licking his dangling balls. Neil played with Patty’s voluptuous tits, bending to kiss and lick them while she jerked his cock slowly, deliciously.

Grabbing the base of his long cock, Patty slid her mouth up and down Neil’s length pausing to voice her approval of Raymond’s feasting on her soaking wet vagina.

With her head between Neil’s knees, she licked him from below.

Neil watched his friend slurping on her pussy, her dark patch of pubic hair visible above his face. Neil reached down and tweaked her pink clit as Ray continued his gentle attack.

“Ok, let’s switch it up. I believe in equal opportunity sex. Care to go down on me Neil?”

Re-arranging themselves Neil found himself on his back with Patty straddling his head and face. Raymond knelt on the bed feeding his cock to Patty’s waiting mouth. The sound of slurping and pleasurable exhalation emanated from the trio. They found themselves in the throes of passion building towards the next step.

Neil stroked his raging hard on while kissing and poking his tongue in Patty’s soaking wet pussy.

Grabbing her ass in both hands Neil gently ran his fingers up the crack of her ass pausing to spread her cheeks and lightly tease her anus.

“Oh my god- I need to be fucked,” Patty breathed heavily. She slid down Neil’s body, her breasts in his face. “Move up a little and I’ll ride you!”

Lowering herself on his pent up manhood Patty closed her eyes and relished the deep penetration. She was wet, wanton, and so ready.

Moving from all fours to sitting upright, Patty fucked Neil and Neil fucked Patty.

She continued fellating Raymond as the heat continued to rise in the bedroom.

Ray bent forward to kiss Patty’s luscious lips, aiding her soaring pleasure.

Neil squeezed her tits and pounded her from below. “I’m getting close Patty. Roll over so I can control my orgasm better…You ready dude?”

“I guess cause I really want to get in there and fuck Patty too!”

Splayed out on the bed Patty watched Neil close his eyes and reach for the stars.

He backed out a bit as his cum sprayed her inner tissues. “Oh, oh god, oh yes,” he continued cumming for seven spurts.

“Oh Neil, baby, you looked so hot cumming for me. Now pull out and remember our deal because you’ll be cleaning me up soon…”

Switching places with Raymond, Neil watched his friend lick and suck on Patty’s snatch as his semen seeped out between her pussy lips.

GaIning a mouthful, Ray moved up and dripped some on Patty’s waiting tongue then cum kissed her. Being in position, he inserted his throbbing cock in Patty’s well fucked, cummy pussy. “Patty, you feel so good…”

“She’s well lubed for you dude,” Neil was being a little outlandish.

“Come here and let me suck your cock Neil, make sure there’s no remnants from your blast…”

The trio got back to fulfilling each other’s thirst for sex- Raymond pounding, then slowing his penetration of Patty’s gushing pussy while Neil fucked her mouth from the side. Her red painted lips aided Neil visually in remaining hard after blowing a monster load.

Patty was transformed once again to a total slut relishing her coupling with these men.

“Turn over baby, I want you doggy style,” ordered Ray.

“Kiss me first and suck my boobs. Then I will.”

Patty knelt on the edge of the bed and Raymond entered her from behind. Stroking her pussy with his hard cock he watched Neil stand on the bed and feed his long sword to Patty. Her cunt grabbed Ray’s dick and felt amazing, the rear entry angle stimulating him further.

“Ugh, Oh, Ooo,” Patty grunted her approval. “Cum for me Ray, cum for me baby. It’s your turn to make me a nasty whore!”

He’d been approaching the edge. Her encouragement brought him closer.

Lightly rubbing her exposed asshole with his thumb, she continued grunting with satisfaction.

Ray grabbed her hips from behind and increased his deep pounding of Patty’s wonderful body.

Neil sat on the bed stroking his cock and watching Patty’s face. Her darkly made-up eyes were closed, her face a thing of beauty.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Ray reached the brink and plunged over the edge in ecstasy.

“I can feel your dick spasm in me. God that’s hot. Turn around and lay down here Neil so I can drip Ray’s cum in your mouth!”

Doing as instructed, Patty hovered above him and pushed Ray’s explosion from her pussy as gravity aided her efforts.

Neil’s mouth captured globs of Ray’s bounty. Putting his mouth to her vagina he sucked more jizz from her.

With a full mouth he untangled himself and made a show of dripping Ray’s man-blast into her open mouth. They embraced and kissed, her large breasts pressed against him.

The lengthy cum kiss ended and Patty licked her lips and swallowed the remaining cum. “Oh my, that was so hot boys! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did? I’m such a perverted slut…”

“Anytime baby,” said Ray. That wasn’t bad at all!”

“I second that emotion,” added Neil as they all lay back on the bed. “I’ll fuck you anywhere, anytime Patty. You’re a one of a kind dynamo- Blake is a lucky man!”

Patty smiled devilishly. She couldn’t wait to share the video with Blake…



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