My Wife’s Erotic Photo Shoot Part – 2

From where I was standing, I noticed a nice sparkly dew drop of pussy juice that had come out of her excited pussy at the bottom of her lips. He noticed as well and said, that’s looks so sexy don’t move. She didn’t know what he was talking about and told her to keep her legs open.


As he’d been playing around with her all this time, touching her tits, pussy, bum etc. he then posed her and used his fingers again to open the outside of her dark tipped lips, exposing the pink soft inner lip behind, without losing the little dew drop. Wow, that was erotic, watching him do that and her letting him, she trusted what he was doing. He took a couple of posed photos of it and said, that is “gold”, I’ve never seen that before while I’ve been taking photos, you are hot, he said. That would have made Amy feel hot. He’s right, she is very sexy hot. I bet he felt like fucking her right then, and she would have let him, and I would have watched. I looked and I could see his dick was fairly stiff behind his shorts and there was a faint wet spot.

Can I suggest something he said? We looked at him, not saying “no” or anything else, just wondering what he’ll suggest and thinking about what we’d talked about, him fucking Amy, and both probably hoping it would happen. I got excited, thinking I was about to witness Amy getting licked and fucked by him and maybe I could take some photos somehow haha. I got just about everything I need, he said, it was really great and you’re a very sexy lady. I have to admit, I really enjoyed the whole shoot and I got a little excited myself even though I tried to control myself, but I failed, looking down at the swelling in his pants. We all laughed.

Anyway, enough of that he said, I have a suggestion if you want to keep going and get some more erotic photos, I’ve got a good idea that will look really great in some photos. We waited, but sort of nodded. What do you guys think about including Wei in some photos. Let me explain, I think the both of you girls, with similar bodies and hair and skin colour would be really fantastic and extremely exotic, both of you being of Chinese origin, I feel it would be extremely erotic in the right lighting. You wouldn’t have to pay for them and I’d destroy them if you didn’t want me to keep them, it’s just a thought, you decide. I wasn’t expecting that. Amy may not have been either but quickly said yes, sure, and looked happy about it and then looked at me for support, which she got with my big smile and facial expression. Don looked at me as well. I said great, your right, it will look fantastic and I’d love to watch.

He quickly left and came back with Wei. She looked happy and quickly stripped off in front of us. He was right, her and Amy’s bodies could have been twins. Amy’s nipples were nicer but the rest of Wei’s body was very nice, slim, tanned and much the same as Amy. I was very happy about this suggestion. As she climbed on the bed, I saw Wei’s pussy lips from behind, just under her bum, very much the same as Amy’s as well I thought, dark outer tipped lips, cute and kissable. While they were getting friendly with a little chat, Don said to me, Wei really likes Amy, and she actually asked me to see if it was possible to join in. Fine by me I said, I didn’t think of that, but it’s a great idea and I know Amy likes Wei, but we were expecting you to get it on with Amy instead. Don’t worry Don said, I would definitely love to and based on what you just said maybe we could all do something later. All good by me I replied.

Don set them up in different poses making sure Amy was still the centre of attention. Amy was excited about being naked, being close with another girl’s warm body frequently touching hers. Amy let Wei lay on her, lean against her, touch her, kiss some parts of her. The poses were great, some of the photos I liked were:

• On the bed with Wei snuggling up to Amy’s bum from behind with her hand holding one of Amy’s tits and showing Amy’s cute fluffy pussy hair;

• Amy and Wei, laying down looking at each other, their long hair spread out over the silk sheets, legs apart but crossing each other with their pussies in full view, slightly opened by his fingers;

• Amy and Wei on the bed, on their knees, Amy looking at the camera with Wei kissing her neck from behind, Wei’s hair covering one of Amy’s tits;

• Amy and Wei standing with Wei kissing her nipples from the side, showing Wei’s bum with her hand covering Amy’s mound, with Amy looking directly at the camera with her arm around Wei, as if being caught in the act of something naughty;

• Amy and Wei kneeling on the bed, Amy with her arms around Wei, while Wei kissed a nipple, with Amy’s head back, hair hanging down, showing she was loving it;

• both of them kneeling on the bed, their beautiful eyes looking at each, their long black beautiful hair hanging down, their seductive lips only a centimetre apart as if about too kiss, their nipples were erect and touching, there bums stuck out as if inviting some action, their pussy hair just noticeable, it was almost like them looking into a mirror (really sexy and erotic, beautiful, and my very favourite photo of them both);

• Wei’s head between Amy’s legs, pretending to kiss Amy’s pussy while Amy’s head was sideways on the pillow, hair over one shoulder, eyes closed and one hand touching her nipple, with the other hand resting gently on Wei’s hair holding her in position (Amy told me later that Wei actually did touch her with her tongue waiting for the photo, which sent shivers through her).

Once the photo of Wei between Amy’s thighs was taken, Wei couldn’t hold back and started to kiss Amy’s pussy for real, she wanted it so badly. Amy didn’t stop it from happening, she wanted it as well I assumed, she had got too horny I guess and knew it wouldn’t bother me. Don and I stopped and watched. The camera got put down as we were both enthralled at what was happening. Amy laid back on the bed, eyes closed, opened her legs and just let Wei do whatever she wanted, this was not posed any longer, this was real, this was super sexy, extremely erotic and not expected, just incredible.

Wei’s bum was exposed to us, with her pussy lips visible just below. Her lips were swollen and a little wet and open, obviously excited. Her bum hole was cute, and looked inviting. I was imagining fucking her while she was licking Amy. Then Don said, would you like to fuck Wei, she’d enjoy that. I looked at him and said, what about you. Don’t worry about me I can do that later and I’m pretty sure she like you too rather than me, because we’ve been talking about that a bit lately. I looked back at Amy, she was absolutely enjoying what was happening and so was Wei, I’m sure. Amy was building up to orgasm with Wei’s tongue licking her pussy beautifully. I thought why not, if Don is happy with that, I’m sure Amy will be, as she’s always said she’d like to watch me fucking another girl. I dropped my shorts off, moved up to Wei’s bum, touched her gently so she didn’t get a surprise. She didn’t flinch, she reached behind and pulled me in closer. My dripping dick touched her open wet pussy and with my hand I moved it up and down, rubbing it against her wet soft pink lips, parting them and letting her know she was about to be fucked from behind. Amy noticed the movements and opened her eyes to see me half naked above Wei’s body and realised what was about to happen, she smiled and closed her eyes to continue enjoying Wei’s tongue and fingers.

I applied a little pressure against her pussy, it didn’t need much, my dick glided into her easily. Wei didn’t miss a beat while licking Amy, as she knew Amy was getting close, but she did let out a little sexy squeal as if to say I like your dick inside me. It was nice, it was warm, it was juicy. I slowly fucked Wei while she was licking Amy, trying not to put her off her licking rhythm. Amy soon cum, wild and vocal, letting her sexy little noises out, while she shuddered to orgasm. Wei moved away slightly while Amy rolled to her side to rest. I was still inside Wei, but I looked back and suggested Don move up to Amy.

He got the hint, dropped his shorts and undies. His dick was hard and ready, and a little bigger than mine. Amy will enjoy this I thought, finally she gets to have him fuck her, which I’m sure she’s wanted since we started. Don moved to Amy and touched her to let her know he was with her, she rolled onto her back, opened her eyes and her legs at the same time, knowing it was him and wanting him to fuck her right now. Her pussy was still swollen and open from Wei’s attention that made her cum. She pulled him closer, grabbed his dick and guided it into her hot cum soaked pussy. I watched as it slid in, she groaned with pleasure, feeling someone else’s dick inside her, so nice. She loves me watching it happen to her and I love it happening. It is something I cannot explain.

I was getting close to cumming, Wei was playing with herself, rubbing her clitoris while I was fucking her. I was almost ready to cum and I think she was going to make herself cum at the same time. I did, shuddering as my cream burst out of my dick deep into her pussy, she made herself cum at the same time, shivering as her orgasm kept going. Don, watching us, saw this and he cum deep into Amy at the same time.

Wow, we all collapsed onto the photo shoot bed, resting on the silk sheets and pillows. It was nice and warm and cosy in the studio. We were content and happy with all that happened today including the unplanned fantastic ending.

Wei sat up first, kissed Amy on the lips and said you’re a very sexy girl, I love you, got off the bed and left. Amy was not expecting it and had no choice but to accept that kiss. It was quick but really nice to see. I don’t think Amy even minded, I certainly didn’t.

Don, got up next, his dick had softened and had slipped out of Amy’s very happy pussy, licked to cum by Wei the assistant, fucked and filled with cum by Don the photographer. I sat up next, looked across to Amy, her legs apart still, her pussy leaking with Don’s cum oozing out and down her bum crack. I leaned across and kissed her. She responded with a beautiful long hard kiss as if to say, that was great, we should do it again soon.

It was about 6:00 when Wei came back in and said, I’ve booked a table for dinner at 6:30 for us all at a really good dim sum place just up the road, our shout, are you okay with that. Amy thought for a moment and said yes, that will be nice thank you. She’ll text her mum and say we’ll be a bit later than expected.

At dinner, still with all our sex juices on us, Don told us that he’d set the camera up for a photo every 10 seconds while we were all having sex. Oh, said Wei, can you do that. Yes, he said, I just learned that and we should get some really good sexy fucking shots I hope, I’ll let you see them next time. Us three laughed but Wei had no idea what we were laughing at.

It was a great day, the photo shoot, the unexpected sex with both of them and the really nice company at dinner. I think we’ll book another session I said to Amy after. Yes, that would be nice, I’d like to do that all again she replied, that was so good. Me to, we kissed.

That night, even though we were satisfied with the sex we’d had today we still talked about our day, as we always do, whether it was about sex or anything else we did that day, especially if we had sex with someone else:

Me: Did you have a good day.

Amy: Yes, it was the best. I was a little nervous at the beginning and some of it was unexpected but I actually enjoyed it all, everything, it was fantastic and thank you for suggesting it. You were right, once it started, I did feel sexy and got very horny.

Me: What was the most exciting part for you then.

Amy: Ah, there were lots. You’re not going to believe this, but the first part that got me excited happened to be when I was getting the bikini wax.

Me: You’re kidding.

Amy: No, it was then I realised I was going to be naked in front of a stranger, exposing all my private bits to him and he’d be taken photos of me. That was when I knew I really wanted to do it, and it really, really, really, excited me.

Me: Wow, what else.

Amy: Lots, when Wei looked at my nipples, when he rubbed oil over my nipples, when he touched my pussy, when he oiled my bum and pushed his finger into my bum a little bit, when I opened my legs with my pussy in full view for him to look at and take photos, when he suggested Wei join me, when Wei’s tongue first touched my pussy, when she really started to lick my pussy, when I looked up and saw that you were about to fuck her, when I cum from Wei’s licking, when Don’s dick slid into me, in general everything that happened.

Me: Wow, I think you enjoyed it then.

Amy: Ha, what makes you think that.

Me: Haha. I’ve booked another session are you still happy to do another one then.

Amy: Sure, if it ends up like last time, I’d book every month.

Me: Sorry, we can’t afford that. But how would you feel if we made them a regular sex foursome, like we made the guy at work our regular threesome, if they agree of course.

Amy: Sure, their nice people and I really enjoyed both of them.

Me: Yes, you did. Did you notice his dick was a bit bigger than mine?

Amy: Really, no I didn’t. I was so wet it probably didn’t make any difference, but I’ll think about it next time haha.

Me: Cheeky shit. What would be your favourite photo do you think?

Amy: Not sure, I’d have to see them first.

Me: Mine will be when you and Wei were kneeling on the bed, lips really close as if about to kiss and your nipples were actually touching, that was so good, so erotic, so….., I’m going to frame it and put one on the lounge wall and one on my desk.

Amy: No your not!!!